My name is Greg Cipes and I'm a voice actor on Teen Titans Go! as well as Michelangelo from the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show. I'd love to start involving myself with the community and fans of the shows. I'm here to answer any questions you may have regarding the shows, voice acting, my dogs or anything else!

I'm also starting a weekly live-stream ( where I do live commentary on Teen Titans Go! and watch with my fans amongst other fun activities. I'll also be able answer questions live on my streams in case I don't get a chance to answer your question here!


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streamstroller74 karma

Do you ever find yourself annoying? Because I would just like to say a friendly, "Fuck you!" from my husband, who has banned your show from our house in the morning ( waffles waffles WAFFLES ) and a thank you from me for making my kids laugh.

greg_cipes111 karma

Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles Waffles waffles waffles waffles

Lynac56 karma

Do you prefer the original Teen Titans or the newest iteration? Also, what's your favorite line to say as Beast Boy?

greg_cipes99 karma

I love both shows for different reason each has such a uniqueness to them, and my favorite line to is saying "Hey momma" in Teen Titans Go

topramen6942 karma

Cipes! I'm Mark. Worked as an intern on set for Simon Says with you up in Norcal. Dunno if you remember me. Hope you are well.

Are there any voice actors you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to work with but haven't had the chance to.

And secondly, do you think your outspoken stance on animal cruelty, war, etc. Has negatively affected your career?

Peace and love brother.

greg_cipes38 karma

Hey Bro, I still remember the Quaker church we had the group meditation. It was a great time.

Since a lot of A-list celebrities are getting in the game I would love to work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and I think they would like working with me. It would be cool to have them on a feature animation film. Any thing is possible, the list can go on.

The VA I would have loved to work with Robin Williams, he inspired me more than any other VA ever has.

No not at all. If anything it has boosted my career. Most people I know think like me and prefer a world less violent and more peace full for all beings. Thats why I'm working on my own charity Peace,love and animals. It will be a shelter for all animals, orphan kids and elderly folks to bring them all together.

kbb449141 karma

Not sure if you can share this, but is there any chance of the original teen titans being further developed upon/re-released?

That aside, Teen Titans Go is pure hilarity and brilliance. As a long time teen titans fan I thoroughly enjoy it. Where do the writers get most of their inspiration for the material, and do any of the actors ever contribute to content for the episodes?

greg_cipes56 karma

I think anything is possible with this franchise. Warner Bros and Cartoon Network knows what they are doing.

I wish i could take more credit with the ideas but the writing team are mad geniuses . Sometimes the WE get to add in put on our characters. I wrote the hit song "Fade Away" that Beast Boy sings to Terra, in TTG! Season 1 episode 40 "Be Mine"

ohnodopey37 karma

I have 4 girls (3 old enough to watch TTG). They all LOVE BEAST BOY!. Kayeln, Talya, and Leina~ Could you send a shout out to them from Beast Boy somehow?

greg_cipes83 karma

Don't worry I got ya Mama, it's always great to have a family come together for a show

TurtleAnimaniac33 karma

Hey Greg! Beast Boy is and has always been my favorite Teen Titan. Anyway, how did you come across meditation? I would like to learn more about it. Thanks :)

greg_cipes26 karma

Beast Boy says thanks. I learned meditation from my father. I started with transcendental meditation, and have now explored many many styles of meditation. One of my favorite meditation teachers is Osho. He has a lot of videos online that you can watch, and just listening to him is a meditation.

PonderingPotato23 karma

Hey Greg, big fan! I have three questions, actually.

1.) What's your favorite episode of Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go? 2.) What's your funniest memory on a set, whether it be live action or voice acting? 3.) Is there a second Cipes and the People album in the works? I loved Conscious Revolution.

Thanks for the AMA! Also, happy birthday!

greg_cipes30 karma

  1. my favorite episode of TT was the Mad Mod episodes i love working with Malcon McDowell TTG!- When Beast Boy sang to Terra. I'm a hopeless romantic.
  2. The funniest thing happened at the Annie Awards. The cast of TMNT was presenting and Jason Biggs pulled down my pants in front of 10,000 people.
  3. Yes, I'll post a new never before released song today on my Greg Cipes Soundcloud. I'll be posting more songs. Stay tune!

LaMalaLobo15 karma

Happy birthday, BB! Here's a question one must always ask a VA, Do you enjoy acting as a hero or a villain more?

greg_cipes18 karma

I relate more to the odd ball characters. They are more like me, a bit weird and off. Not like a traditional hero or villain.

pr1nc355P0w3rfu110 karma

Did you ever read the comics for Teen Titans? If so did it change your view of the character?

greg_cipes11 karma

After I booked the role I began going back and reading the comics. Growing up, I was deeply into Superman, Spiderman, Venom, and of course Ninja Turtle comics.

VioletSeeker7 karma

How many black belt do you have and what in?

greg_cipes10 karma

I have a black belt in kempo karate, I attended East West academy for 14 years. Then later trained in LA with the great wall style which encompasses the most ancient forms of martial arts; including monkey style, and empty force. Which is literally moving people without touching them.

Tucana667 karma

When you do voice over work, how do you "get in the zone"? What kind of preparation work do you do? (Mindset, throat, etc.)

Any projects coming up that you want us to know about?

greg_cipes12 karma

Most importantly I stay healthy, to keep my voice healthy. I eat right, I surf and swim multiple times a day. The best thing I found that helps me is being a gluten free vegan.

I'm doing a new show with "Swampy" mash co-creator of Phineas & Ferb for Disney (can't say the shows name), working with the crew at disney will be great. I've been writing some music for Teen Titan Go, for some future episodes, and possibly an album. I'm also putting together an album for Mikey for TMNT. Also making my own documentaries for various personal projects. I'm creating some brand new content for my Greg Cipes YouTube channel (so Keep an eye out)

phantomliger6 karma

What would be your favorite animal to tirn into if you had Beast Boy's powers?

Also, what has been your favorite project you have worked on and why?

greg_cipes9 karma

I would love to be a dog or cat, but I love animals and it would be incredible to walk the Earth as every animal, as a vegan. My favorite project that's a tough one to pin down, because I love all the work that I've been able to be a part of. Of course though Beast Boy is my favorite because he was my first.

steel_toed_sloth5 karma

my friends really hate your voice for some reason (i do not). Anyway, i was wondering if you could make a clip of yourself saying, "whats up fools", so that i can go up behind them and play it and freak them out? thanks

greg_cipes9 karma

I got ya brotha,

C3POh5 karma

Hey Greg! And Happy Birthday BB! You and Beast Boy have a lot in common. Would you say the development of Beast Boy over the years was the result of your personality coming out, or has Beast Boy had an influence on you? Also, Your IG account is the best! Always makes me smile. Keep doing what you're doing!

greg_cipes5 karma

Warner Bros and Cartoon Network gave me a lot of freedom for Beast Boy with his personality and characteristics.

bb has influenced me as I him. We are very similar beings, expect he is a lot cute than me.

TheChosenHalfBlood5 karma

I have no idea who you are but happy birthday! What kind of cake are you having?

greg_cipes9 karma

organic raw vegan burrito with a candle on it. I'm on a sugar fast. I love sweets so much!

Frajer4 karma

Do you consider yourself a party dude?

greg_cipes5 karma

Yes I consider myself a party animal. I really enjoy life, and am constantly consciously celebrating it, so you could say my whole life is a party.

mmmAuntJemima4 karma

What's the best reaction you've gotten from anybody who's been able to recognize your voice?

greg_cipes11 karma

Oddly enough I find that children and adults have recognized my voice. It always brightens me up when the adult recognizes me first. It's always great to see the double take on their faces.

2Schwifty2Quit3 karma

What does it take to become a voice actor? I always enjoyed doing tons and tons of voices and people always tell me to go pro. I have no want to do this I just have always been curious.

greg_cipes3 karma

What it takes to become a VA is being able to live differently through other lives. Then being able to live through and shape your character, is what makes the best VA. It starts first with learning the craft of acting, then you move from there.

Kee333 karma

if you could be any animal for the rest of your life what animal would you be?

greg_cipes4 karma

In a recent past life I was dolphin living in the Bahamas, but sometimes I now pray to be a bird of some kind in my next life. I'm thinking... a seagull.

SubterraneanHero3 karma

Did you work alongside the old TMNT actors (aside from Rob, of course) during crossover material in TMNT or were you guys in the studio on separate days? If you worked together, what was it like?


greg_cipes8 karma

We all recorded together as we do now. Also with any ensemble cast for a show I prefer working and reacting with the whole cast. We bond as friends and just get to have a blast together in the studio.

It was such a cool experience working with the voice masters themselves, but it was working with my childhood turtles from the 80's show. That show really influenced a lot in my life

Gregcipesfan3 karma

Hey Greg, HUGE FAN. I have a crazy amount of questions but I'll try to keep it short and sweet (how tall are you you look short?) I love twentyfourseven but I can't find it anywhere online. Can you point a brother in the right direction? Finally, what was it like working with all those Gregs? And an encore question, what is your proudest moment from twentyfourseven? Thanks!

greg_cipes4 karma

I'm quite tall for a fairy hobbit mix. Yeah I'll try and post some of the episodes that I have, keep an eye on my youtube channel. It was pretty wild with a flock of Gregs. My proudest moment was when I got to show people how to bless their water on international television.

Aquabugs3 karma

Hey pal. Beast Boy was one of my favorite super heroes growing up in that era with the action block and when Justice League was still around. Two questions!

What do you think of Beast Boy's diet? What happened to Terra?

greg_cipes2 karma

It's the same as my diet other than I am a raw food vegan. BB can't stay away from pizza.

She hung out with the wrong dude.

greg_cipes3 karma

Hey all I'm stepping into a recording session for a bit, I will be back to answer all your question. Keep the questions rolling in.

greg_cipes3 karma

Alright all I had blast answering all of your questions . Let me know you think if I did some more I of these. Hit me up on Twitter with #morecipesama

Luizalopes_222 karma

Greg, is that your real voice (The one that appeared in the Cartoon Network video)? It's very weird to listen to you with that voice, even though it's a really cool voice hahahaha Kisses and love. Happy birthday for Beast Boy!

greg_cipes1 karma

They are all my real voice :D

baileyroshau2 karma

Hi Greg! I'm Bailey. :) I've always wanted to hear you say my name cause I absolutely love your voice plus you're pretty cute too. However I like your pets too. How many do you have and do you plan on adopting more? :)

greg_cipes4 karma

I have 2 dogs, and a cat, and I would love to adopt hundreds of animals, and definitely plan to.

aizenthewander1 karma

Happy birthday , what's your advice to lost accents when doing voice acting will this also help a baritone learn to sing well?

greg_cipes1 karma

Practice, practice, practice. Also learning embodying the heritage of the accent, really understanding the culture. Like for instance my Australian accent is much stronger because I've been there, my English accent slips more into Australian because of this.

Anything that exercises your voice will ultimately help with your singing. Work those vocal chords, but don't strain them. Learn exercises for your vocal chords, it will do wonders.

TokinTigger1 karma

How long have you been vegan?

How old is WingmanG? He's so cute!!

greg_cipes3 karma

Oddly enough I became a vegan after watch the movie "City Slickers" and my older brother Shawn was a big influence., he is vegetarian.

My Guru Wingman is an internal being as old as the earth.

Luizalopes_221 karma

Hey Greg! What's your favorite version of Beast Boy: The TTG, the TT (original series) or the comics one? Kisses from Brazil

greg_cipes1 karma

Anything Beast Boy rocks. I really enjoy the visuals and comedic writing of TTG.

greg_cipes1 karma

I have been too busy recently to watch Teen Titans Go! So tomorrow I will be doing a live stream watching of the episodes airing tomorrow! I'll post the times as soon as I can! Join me at

Im_not_Ron1 karma

How'd you get into voice acting??

greg_cipes2 karma

I started doing a lot of acting in theater, it was just my calling. When I was younger I would also do funny voices, and mess with truckers over a CB radio, and some prank calls with voices. When I was branching out in acting career, I went to the Teen Titans audition, and as fate would have. I became Beast boy. Then everything moved from there, just how life works sometimes.

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TheObbdall1 karma

Hello Greg! Nice to see you getting involved with the community.. :) Something I'm very curious about actually.. How long did it take you to really break into the world of voice acting? ~Also, for a double whammy~ Was it something that you had always seen yourself doing? I'm always curious of these questions when I meet a VA.

greg_cipes3 karma

I started Voice Acting as little boy. I would mess with truck drivers on a CB radio doing funny voices.

I grew up in Disney World Florida. I've been there 1000 times. The Disney cartoons really inspired me to be a voice actor, especially Mickey Mouse.

CookieBaBa1 karma

Did you or any of the Teen Titans voice actors disagree at first with the format and synopsis of Teen Titans Go?

greg_cipes2 karma

No we were all very happy and excited, to hear that Teen Titans was coming back. It was also very fun and exciting to see it more comedy based. I get to really express myself as Beast Boy.

treyrascal1 karma

I have one more question [if you have time] because I got your album a year ago and love it so much I wish there were more. But what influenced you with your music and what are your favorite bands or songs?

greg_cipes1 karma

I love music too, I'm throwing a big jam at my house tonight. My musical influences are Bob Marley, Rage Against the Machine, The Doors, and The Grateful Dead.

Might have some musical surprises coming up this year

baileyroshau1 karma

I have a couple other question for you. Do you have a favorite voice to do? Also there is a video saying you have a deeper voice so is your voice different than in most of your videos? It confused me lol.

greg_cipes1 karma

I don't have a favorite, but I do mostly enjoy my more humorous roles, I get to be the clown I really am. Haha I'm glad you glad you like my deep "real" voice.

kaiju-taxi1 karma

Wow, never thought I'd be able to ask you something, I'm a pretty big fan! I'd like to be a voice actor myself one day. So, were you a fan of TMNT before doing the voice of Michelangelo? What was your reaction when you found out you'd be voicing a ninja turtle?

greg_cipes1 karma

Hi nice to talk to you, thanks for the love. Definitely follow your dreams, and do what you love. I've always been a big TMNT fan, and to be able to be in this new generation of TMNT is incredible. Especially for following it for as long as I did.

thearkham_knight1 karma

Greg, what are some tips for becoming a vegan?

greg_cipes2 karma

Don't eat wheat or dairy, and your a vegan... hahahaha. You'll be healthier happier in doing so. It's a lifestyle choice.

Francesca07141 karma

Hi Beast Boy! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! 😄😄 and my question is, what is your favourite Teen Titans GO episode you have done so far? Also do you enjoy playing your part as Beast Boy?

greg_cipes1 karma

Thank you for the wish. My favorite TTG! episode is "Be Mine". It's when I sing to Terra "Fade Away".

simo22121 karma

Hi Greg, I'm Simon, dunno if you remember me, but we met last year in Melbourne, Australia, when you were a guest at a comic convention called Armageddon, and told you I play music. Hope you are doing well. Out of all the characters you've played, which one resonates with you the most and you feel like you could relate to? And a very happy birthday to you

greg_cipes1 karma

Of course I remember you. how could I forget anything from Armageddon! Currently I find that all of the roles I'm playing right now I resonate with, each character is a different aspect of myself. Iron Fist is my meditative side, Beast Boy is my funny side, and Mikey is my martial artist side.

BuckOHare1 karma

When there's trouble, do you know who to call?

greg_cipes2 karma

Ghostbusters!!! I ain't fraid of no ghost!

roymcm1 karma

How sweet was the head fruit?

greg_cipes2 karma

Beyond words bro, beyond words.

treyrascal1 karma

I was really into the Animorphs book series growing up and recently remembered how they needed to wear skintight clothing in order to morph into animals properly. Does Beast Boy's outfit have anything to do with that?

greg_cipes3 karma

Yeah it's a special DNA cloth that gets absorbed back into his cellular structure as he transforms. It was created by his father who made it possible for BB to transform. At least that's what I picture haha

envyxd0 karma

Can you do a voiceover of what beast boy would sound like cursing?

greg_cipes2 karma

Simply put .... no, sorry haha.

envyxd0 karma

Not much of a question?

You look extremely handsome with your hair cut short. Happy Birthday, and thank you for playing Beast Boy over the years!

greg_cipes2 karma

That's very kind. Thank you, Thank you.

-Peace, Love and animals.