With the way things have been with Comcast lately, I'm very interested to see how they'd answer some of our questions

  • With the recent leak of documents concerning data caps not being about congestion, do you still have a valid reason as to why they should be implemented?

  • What are Comcast plans to combat the growing competition of Google Fiber?

  • What exactly qualifies as a potential trial/test market in Comcast eyes?

  • When will fiber become more accessible to residential customers?

  • A lot of customers (incl myself) have found the data meters to be extremely inaccurate. How does Comcast plan on improving this function

Edit: The amount of people in this thread saying things like "Why did you even bother trying" is ridiculous. It's just a simple request post. Might as well try.

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GearsPoweredFool2 karma

What's the reasoning for the locations for the caps?

Majinferno5 karma

They said it was to help congestion, but recent document leaks prove otherwise.


[circlejerk intensifies]

Majinferno6 karma

Not really a circle Jerk. Legitimate anti consumer tendencies.

majik6551 karma

I'm curious who or how has the data meters been shown to be extremely inaccurate knowing that upload AND download data counts towards the cap? Are there metering applications? I am only asking because I want to watch this on my system (not capped currently)...

As stupid as comcast is, I just do not want to believe they are stupid enough to have data measurements that are inaccurate. It is asking for a lawsuit (of course I suppose comcast is always asking for a lawsuit).

Majinferno3 karma

Some people haven't even been home and get flagged for passing their limits. Others clearly know their usage isn't past 300 and still get flagged.

I don't think it's that their stupid enough to have inaccurate meters. They're just ballsy enough to charge non-technical customers even when they haven't gone over it. Especially if you're using a 3rd party router.

Check r/Comcast for more info

lowstrife0 karma

Oh, you are asking the questions we all already know the answers to.

Majinferno4 karma

Feel free to ask questions of your own. The question I made were just pitched in as a starting point.