Redman is one of the most off-the-wall, beloved, and enduring rappers of the '90s and 2000s.

Born Reginald Noble in Newark, NJ, he made his initial impact on EPMD's 1990 album "Business as Usual" and stepped out as a solo artist with 1992's "Whut? Thee Album," one of the year's best debuts, rap or otherwise. He blended reggae and funk influences with topical commentary and displayed a terse though fluid vocal style that was sometimes satirical, sometimes silly, and always tough -- an approach that rarely wavered throughout the remainder of his career.

Each of Redman's successive releases during the '90s, including "Dare Iz a Darkside" (1994), "Muddy Waters" (1996), and "Doc's da Name" (1999), went gold in the U.S.

He was also established as a member of the EPMD-led Def Squad (initially known as the Hit Squad), which put together "El Niño" (another gold-seller) in 1998. "Blackout!," issued a year later, solidified a longtime partnership with Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man. The duo went on to star in the 2001 movie "How High," a comedy made for weed smokers, as well as a short-lived television show (Method & Red) that aired nine episodes on Fox in 2004.

Redman released two solo albums, "Malpractice" (2001) and "Red Gone Wild" (2007) during the first decade of the 2000s, and he did close it out with Method Man via "Blackout! 2" (2009). The MC's seventh solo album, "Reggie," appeared in 2010.

Redman is getting ready to release his latest album, "Mudface," in the middle of November and he recently directed the video for the first single, "DOPEMAN."

"Mudface" is just a taste of what's to come. "Muddy Waters 2" is slated to drop in 2016.

Official "DOPEMAN" video -

Animal Robot’s viral video for “Dopeman” -

Preorder for Mudface -


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dankivorasauradactyl175 karma

Redman, I have a hilarious picture of you when I used to work at Magic Mountain having a good time with a hilarious face on the Xtreme rollercoaster. It was back in August 2004. You were also with a friend. Mind if I share it?

Redman1010127 karma

Let's see it

dankivorasauradactyl246 karma

Here you go! I was ready to sneak out and give you a a copy for free without that wack $14.95 markup, maybe bust out a blunt in the hideout spot near Viper, but the boss man was around and minimum wage paid the bills. :(

Redman1010152 karma


onlyhereforfantasy79 karma

Why wasn't Da Rockwilder longer? I always have to play it three times in a row to get my fix.

Redman101093 karma

Me, Rockwilder and Meth have a funny story about that. Not funny ha-ha. Our stories don't match up. They say I'm the reason it's not longer.

We did a longer version, but the shit wasn't bumping like the short version. It was better shorter, it just gave off that impact like you just said.

Like it was my fault the song was short...everyone asks me that, Im like NAH, we all agreed on that shit!

honeyduckling165 karma

One of my favorite movies is How High. You and Meth are hilarious. What scene was your favorite? Is there going to be a How High 2 anytime soon?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Redman1010131 karma

Yes, there is going to be a How High 2. My favorite scene in the movie has to be the party scene... where everybody was dressed up as the nuns and shit....

Vodicka65 karma

I just want to say that after dissolvation of Czechoslovakia you become icon of culture for many people with debut album. My question is, do you sometime in starry night contemplate impact on other cultures from your personal music and think “wow, this is deep” with endless of possibilities how minuscule things can be of influence majeur to other people?

Redman1010132 karma

Yes, yes I do. I also accept the fact that my job was to help other cultures understand our culture. I look at hip hop as a tool for a universal language. I would say the 90s era, was a pivitol time for hip hop... as it brought people together. As I was crafting my craft, I thought about people in Czechoslovakia, London, LA... all of it.

Vrockfrenchy44 karma

Have you and Method Man ever vacationed together? If so, where?

Redman1010262 karma

Hell no! Da fuck is wrong with you? We vacation with our families!

After the road, we don't want to see each other.

__ghostpants38 karma

You replaced that shower curtain yet?

Redman101075 karma

No. Shit still hangs. The curtain rings ain't worn out. It isn't moldy or anything.

LLCoolMarlo29 karma

Btw, the remodel was nice. My mom loved what you did with the kitchen.

Redman101052 karma

Nice! Someone agrees!

WGBWooWGBW30 karma

Where's How High part 2? I'm serious, that was a funny movie. Let's do it again.

Redman101058 karma

It's being worked on / written. Hopefully by this time next year, we'll be gearing up to shoot.

sabordogg30 karma

If you could battle one rapper, who would you wanna battle?

Redman101084 karma

I would battle, but would NEVER battle KRS-one. He's my mentor.

LLCoolMarlo28 karma

Aside from Hip-Hop, what's your favorite music genre? Please don't answer 'everything'. lol

Redman101054 karma

I would say R&B, easy listening, easy rock, classics / oldies... from Marvin to Manhattan Transfer.... or Enigma.

Homeyjosey28 karma

What are your favorite 4 bars from you and anyone else?

Redman101075 karma

One of my favorite bars is from GZA - Label:

Who thought he saw me on 4th & Broadway But I was out on the island, bombing MC's all day

and for me... shit... uhhhhh.... fuck.....

I have PLENTY of my own lines I like... but check out BARS on the new record MUDFACE.

the bars is:

Like OJ, let me take a stab at it. / In hell, like Asthmatics / The chiropractor, Redman, I'm back at it / Sawed off, by the bed, it's a craftmatic / The size of a Subway sandwich. Ask Jared.

TheAdderallAdmiral27 karma

How many grams of sour diesel do you go through daily?

Also I learned how to roll a blunt from your video on youtube back in high school and that shit changed my life

Redman101046 karma

I can do an ounce a day, depends what kind of work mood I'm in.

mystic_wanderer25 karma

When people look back on your career what's the one track you want them to remember?

Redman101063 karma

Uhhh, shit...... ! ? ummmmm..... fuck...... one track? good fucking question....

I'd go with Time For Some Action. That was the starting peak of my career... it took off. I was a fan of Cypress Hill, and just so happens I used a sample from Cypress Hill for my first big one. Everyone from the east coast wanted to know who they were, and I had them on my record.

niggeranusafro24 karma

What's the craziest thing that happened to you in North Jersey? I'm from queens and got robbed in Jersey City when I was about 17 while asking a kid to buy me a Dutch, it's rough out there.

Redman101047 karma

Hell, I don't know.... being shot at, nights at the strip clubs... wild west shoot outs and shit. and this was just like 5 years ago.

Suicide_King91020 karma

Whats your favorite strain?

Redman101056 karma

Sativa... XJ 13. Granddaddy Purple. Sour Diesel. Blue Dream.

anti_body18 karma

Redman, what were your thoughts on keith murray's performances during the battle against fredro starr?

Redman101026 karma


brandondp9418 karma

What do you think about concentrates? Do you still not like edibles?

Redman101033 karma

No edibles.

Concentrates.... maybe a dab here or there.

LLCoolMarlo18 karma

Is there anything that would make Redman stop smoking weed?

Redman101075 karma

If Jesus told me to stop smoking weed right now, told me my health depended about it, I'd do it... but I'd have to make sure he was serious about it... make sure he was sure about it beforehand.

boygeniusla17 karma

you once claimed you weighed 190 lbs, but 234 lbs when packing heat. 44 lbs of fo-fo's. true story?

Redman101044 karma

Yeah. Do the math.

Mondo_Video16 karma

Are you single, married, or divorced? Asking for a friend, of course.

Redman101034 karma

All of the above.

QuickStop2316 karma

Do you still walk around with the hooked up Motorola flip on your hip?

Redman101026 karma

That's old school. We moved onto the iPhone

LLCoolMarlo16 karma

What are you watching on TV these days?

Redman101048 karma

Shit, I've been watching Narcos.

I watch a lot of old movies.... I stayed up on the new movies.... I am on a Jurassic Park fan.... but mostly Happy Gilmore, Bachelor Party.... as far as reality TV/nowaday TV... Love & Hip Hop. EAST COAST and Atlanta.

FriedDodos15 karma

What's your favorite cereal?

Redman101038 karma

Frosted Flakes. It's classic. Ice cold milk and a bowl of flakes.... one cube of ice in that milk too.

NephilimGiant14 karma

Who has your vote in this upcoming presidential election?

Redman1010106 karma


ShitOfTheseus13 karma

There is a youtube video of you telling a hilarious story about being cattle-prodded by some random jackass at a concert in the late 90s when you were on acid.

Did you feel that experimenting with LSD affected your music or creativity in any way?

Redman101021 karma

It actually kind of bettered it... i was in my learning process.

RhinestonesAndReptar12 karma

Who are your favorite up and coming artists/ rappers right now?

Redman101032 karma

I like MCs that are already out.

Kazzie from my hood. I fuck with J Roc, Schoolboy Q, Gunplay from MMG. Joey Bada$$. Che Grand.

1kewldude11 karma

Red - what's up diggy doc!? You ever play video games? What's your favorite game of all time?

Redman101080 karma

Yes absolutely. Favorite game of all time is Doom.

noisensured10 karma

what's the story of the turkish flag in the dorm room at how high? any reasons it was there, or just a coincidence?

Redman101018 karma

coincidence. that's art department stuff

crawdogginit10 karma

What's been your favorite moment on a movie set?

Redman101032 karma

It has to be on the set of How High. I've only done two major movies.

It was crazy being on scene for Seed of Chucky... seeing how they work all them dolls and shit. They had mad wires and shit in their backs making them work.

As for How High - it was the most memorable - and greatest learning expereience as far as having fun on the set. Why? I learned from How High - is that any project with a team / personalities.... hair, makeup, lunch lady, etc. If everyone has respect for each other, it's all good. Everyone on the set for How High was respectful. We all went to bed looking forward to being on set the following morning. From the lowest job to the director. We had so much fun on set during the day.

team_buddhism10 karma

Beginning of the Dopeman video is soooooo friggin funny.... Who came up with that idea?

Redman101031 karma


chubbie_chuck9 karma

What's your craziest groupie story? Thanks for doing this, I appreciate he time

Redman101025 karma

Aw shit... I forgot them all. Seeing groupies tear down hotel pictures in the lobby and shit... fighting.. nothing too exciting... that I would want to get into.

Momma_Coprocessor9 karma

Time, time, for some, time, for some questions.
You still have that George Foreman grill?

Redman101013 karma

Nah, I threw that away. It broke.

walfredo_primavera8 karma

As a musician who spans from the times of "platinum status" albums, and the good 'ol days of Sam Goody etc, what is your take on streaming services like Spotify and the like? Have you seen a shift with the way record companies/"the studio system" have been in that time span? Finally, where is hip-hop at right now, in your estimation? A lot has changed, obviously. I'm more of a backpacker myself, and really maybe got into Wu-Tang but ultimately branched out and started listening to RJD2, Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock etc. Was Saul Williams right?

Redman101034 karma

When you accept a new technology, you'll have some pros and cons. Streaming helps new artists to get seen, to get exposed, when nobody is listening. It's part of the new wave to connect with people. In the 90's, it was video music box, and instores... like sam goody, selling actually records, shaking people's hands... thanking folks for buying the music.... Now, more people can reach you, but it's less personal. The more technology expands, the more we as artists have to adapt.

Hip Hop is always going to be at a good place. It's at a flow. It's not at it's greatest, but it's not sunk. It's allowed people from my culture to get out there and get a job, do something, even without college or whatever. It allows someone with talent to still start a business.

Vrockfrenchy8 karma

What's the first song you wrote for Mudface?

Redman101012 karma

Aw shit... it all came together at once.

Jwa2nd8 karma

Will Mudface be released on vinyl/cd ? Real excited for the new album!

Redman101013 karma

You can get it on CD here:

Pasian_The_GOD8 karma

You still roll Phillies or move on to better blunts yet?

Redman101022 karma

I stopped Phillies in '96/'97.

Geodud37 karma

How do you like your eggs? Besides fertilized. "Redman for president!"

Redman101014 karma

Egg whites... fried flat. Well done.

LLCoolMarlo7 karma

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Redman101018 karma

Heartbreak Hotel by the Jacksons or Joy Repitition by Prince. I could listen to that constantly.

bitsybitsy6 karma

Red, it was truly one of the best experiences and with so many memories ... Question, have you put on another seersucker suit since ?

Redman10106 karma

Absolutely not.

brandondp941 karma

How much weed do you smoke per day about?

Redman10104 karma

Already answered this

[deleted]1 karma


Redman101011 karma

Mmmmmhhmmmm..... I have a GREAT ability to detect bullshit before it comes. I can tell by the first word a person says if they're full of shit.