I played Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, won Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, and I am the new host of America's Funniest Home Videos! Catch the 26th season every Sunday at 7/6c on ABC.



EDIT: Thank you everyone for your awesome questions! Hope to do this again with you someday!

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Half_Past_Five520 karma

Do you keep regular contact with Will Smith?

If yes, can you deactivate Jaden's twitter account for his own good?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA465 karma


Hwight_Doward248 karma

What's not unusual?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA498 karma

To be loved by anyone.

ericnichols1999224 karma

Have you ever walked around with Ritz crackers and called yourself "Ritz-Carlton"?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA245 karma

No, but what a great idea!

lmanders32204 karma

Was James Avery really as awesome as I think that he was?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA463 karma

Better than you thought he was. Most people don't know this, but he played my Dad on 3 different TV shows. So he was truly a second dad to me.

maddogtherobot199 karma

Hey Alfonso! What was it like to do this Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson? How many people auditioned for the part? Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA226 karma

I loved doing the Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson. To work with the greatest entertainer in history was truly an honor. I don't believe people auditioned for the part. I worked with the director and choreographer before and they asked me to do the commercial.

frehsprints144 karma

Hi Alfonso!

Who would win in a no-holds-barred fight to the death amongst AFV hosts? You, Tom, or Bob? (Let's all ignore that Daisy Fuentes and whathisface era).

Standard Thunderdome rules apply.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA282 karma

Clearly, I would win the fight to the Death with Tom and Bob because I'm the youngest. I probably have the most energy. Plus, I do Brazilian Jiu jitsu and I box, so it might give me an edge.

hacker536116 karma

You created the Carlton yourself? Sorry if I've been in a cave too long but I never knew that. The more you know...

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA278 karma

The Carlton Dance was created on the show simply as the dance that the character wanted to do. It was inspired by Courtney Cox in the Bruce Springsteen video "Dancing in the Dark" and Eddie Murphy's white man dance in his stand-up video, Raw. I took that inspiration and added my own twist to it.

stoopid_dummy223 karma

I can Carlton like nobody's business. Thanks for the education. You're a legend in your own time.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA403 karma

A little more over the top with the arms.

lmanders32113 karma

Can you tell us an example of a completely inappropriate time that a stranger has demanded that you dance for them?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA161 karma

See the urinal answer

longrodvonhuttendong106 karma

Hello Alfonso,

Fist just wanted to show that i have one of those shirts with your face on it. It was a weird find but everybody i show it to loves it.

As for a question, did ABC have you prepare for AFV by having you watch videos online like "funny fail complilations" or others videos like that? Or is that something you did on your own to get adjusted to what type of videos you would be looking at for the show. Thanks if you can answer.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA86 karma

ABC didn't have me do anything to prepare. As with any job I prepare for I will do all the research I can to be ready. As for AFV, I watched numerous shows with Tom as the host and many funny packages to know how the voiceovers play into the comedy of the videos.

dayofthedead20485 karma

Hi Alfonso,

I’m a big fan, thanks for doing this AMA! I have three questions.

You once told a story how an excited fan punched you in the face and you then kicked his ass, what other hilarious fan meetings stick out in your mind?

What do you think Carlton Banks greatest moment was in Fresh Prince?

Finally, are you a fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and if so who’s your favorite character?


AlfonsoRibeiroAMA232 karma

That one is still the best, but I have been asked to do the Carlton Dance at a urinal before, so yeah... that's pretty good.

Carlton Banks greatest moment was an improv scene where Carlton ran around all the sets and through the studio audience when he thought Will had killed Lisa.

Lastly, I do not watch Game of Thrones, so no favorite characters.

defendors8681 karma

Hi!!! Big fan! Anyway, it's only a matter of time before Disney calls you up and asks you to be a Marvel movie. My question is would you be a hero, sidekick, or villain? And who would play your nemesis?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA140 karma

Disney listen to this question! I'll do ANY of them, but I'm feeling Jonah Hill might be a good nemesis.

defendors8686 karma

Alfonso talked to me. He has shaken hands with Will Smith. I now can say Will Smith and I are best friends.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA124 karma

Two degrees of separation. Wait... since we didn't actually meet, let's add another degree.

2Schwifty2Quit54 karma

Will you answer this question?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA147 karma


Professa33353 karma

The carlton dance has over time become more and more incorporated into pop culture. About a week ago, Bungie the makers of Destiny introduced new emotes in the game, and one is the Carlton dance. Did you have any involvment with that? Do you play Destiny, or any other games for that matter?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA158 karma

I just heard about Destiny, I don't play it. But why don't you send them a message that I'm looking for them so I can get paid.

The_one_true_Daniel50 karma

Wow! I never catch these things in time! First of all: Big fan. I started watching F.P when I was just a little tot. I really love your acting style. So much light you bring to your roles. Awesome your hosting AFV I will definitely start watching again now. Any who enough gushing: My question: You always seem to be in such great shape. As a fellow exerciser I was wondering what your workout routine or diet consists of? Thank you for your time and your contributions to the world of cinema!


AlfonsoRibeiroAMA57 karma

I try to get on the elliptical 4-5 times a week first thing in the morning and will do abs and push-ups.

lmi641 karma

Hey, Alfonso! Thanks for doing this AMA! What was the hardest part of doing Dancing with the Stars?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA73 karma

The hardest part was in the 14 weeks on the show I only had 2 days off. It is incredibly brutal on your body especially if you didn't come in in great shape.


AlfonsoRibeiroAMA73 karma

No, unfortunately, our paths haven't crossed again. But seriously, how cool is he?!

ishaar2138 karma

Hey Alfonso. Thanks for doing this AMA.

From your many episodes on Fresh Prince, any particular episodes that hit close to home? Giving you a special emotional connection through the script that made you connect in ways other scripts did not?

And I remember watching Will Smith on his interview with Graham Norton saying that you suggested to him to keep "Will" as his name for the show so that people wouldn't call him anything otherwise. Do you regret keeping "Carlton" as your name for the show? And would you rather have had another name?

Do you have a favorite "AFV?"

Thanks again. Fresh Prince is easily one of of my favorite shows of all time.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA95 karma

I did tell Will to make sure that he used his name as the character name. But he was pretty much his character so it made sense for him to have that name. Whereas Carlton was so far from who I was that long term it would've hurt me since I didn't identify with the character in my personal life.

Viazon35 karma

Hi Alfonso. Thanks for doing. Before I get to my question there is something I'd like to say.

A little while back, I was going through a bad time in my life. For reasons I won't go into now. I remember this one day. It was a Friday. It was the end of a crappy day, at the end of a crappy week, which at that point had been a particularly crappy month. I finished work late that day and couldn't wait to just get home a chill. Like every Friday night, I tune into The Graham Norton show. My decision on whether or not I will continue watching usually depends on the guests. This particular show had Will Smith and Bradley Cooper. So, I thought, this should be good, and continued watching. Then this happened. I was not expecting to see anything like that. It was possibly the greatest thing I had ever seen and it was genuinely the first time I had felt any sense of happiness in a long time. I just wanted to say thank you for doing that. It created a memory I will never ever forget. And on top of that, thank you for just being a huge part of my childhood. I remember coming home from school and tuning into The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It was on every day and watched it every single time. Thank you for all of the hilarious moments you gave us on the show.

As for my question, I wanted to ask if you know the situation with Will Smith's dad? There is this picture going around on the internet from the scene where Uncle Phil is giving him a hug after his dad walked out on him again. It says that the reason he gave such a convincing performance in that episode was because it mirrors the relationship with his actual father, who walked out on him. Now that seems like the typical sort of thing that gets spread around on Facebook that everyone automatically believes because they are gullible. Is there any truth to that, or does he in fact have a good relationship with his father and the good performance he gave in that episode was simply down to the fact that he is an extremely talented actor?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA100 karma

No, Will Smith has a great relationship with his dad. So, none of this is true. He just did a great job with that scene. Thanks for asking!

nomadbishop34 karma

What kind of future do you think AFV has in this age of youtube and streaming video?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA110 karma

No matter how many videos you find online, there's nothing better than sitting on the couch with your whole family laughing together. That' why AFV will be around a while.

0fsysadmin34 karma

Hello Alfonso, loved your portrayal of Carlton :)

Just curious as to why Tom Bergeron was replaced anyways? He seemed very emotional and shook up about it.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA69 karma

Not really sure he was emotional or shook up being that he decided to step down as the host, but we're going to laugh about this later.

0fsysadmin29 karma

Oh, OK, well then, i'll see myself out.

Congrats on the job :)

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA71 karma

Love you brother.

ktung88834 karma

Hey Alfonso!

Thanks for doing this AMA. My question is, if you had the chance to play any character in a movie which movie character would you want to be? Or what's your dream role?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA98 karma

I wouldn't want to play a character that's already been done. I'd want to create something new, but been thinking about playing a serial killer. Thoughts?

AwesomeJoshua33 karma

If you got a second chance on DWTS, would you do it again? And if you weren't paired with Witney, who would you want?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA61 karma

I would do an All-Star season of DWTS, but if I didn't have Witney I would probably want Lindsey as they grew up together and dance very much the same. Plus, she was already part of team Witfonso.

Ganjodav32 karma

Do you miss doing the Fresh prince, and is there any chance it may come back in the future, it wouldn't be the same without Uncle Phil (James Avery) though? :(

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA86 karma

I don't miss doing the show, but I do miss being with the cast members and clearly the show would never be the same without James Avery, so it would not come back in the future, at least not with me.

juanjoli31 karma

Love you man! Hey, since so many people recognize you by the name of Carlton, what name would you have chosen for your character back then?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA81 karma

Dumbass. (That's the name I would've chosen. I'm not calling you a dumbass.)

AmazzonKane23 karma

Hey Alfonso, thank you for doing this. I know you've been performing for a long time, but is there another celebrity that made you starstruck when you met them?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA45 karma

The first time I met Tom Cruise. It's a great story, but it's too long.

Krobably20 karma

What is your favorite Formula One team?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA43 karma

Mercedes. Wish I was in Austin to watch the race this weekend. I think Lewis will win the title this weekend.

invisiburu18 karma

I gotta say, I miss seeing you on TV.

Would you agree that AFV will 1000% better now that you're the host?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA40 karma

What do you mean? I'm on TV right now! Watch AFV! Tell a friend! LOL

fredfenster18 karma

What is better, winning the Long Beach Grand Prix or Dancing with the Stars?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA53 karma


cyberslammer18 karma

Alfonso, how can I get a copy of your breaking and popping book? I tried to order it and the address and phone number doesn't work.

How can I learn the centipede and rap now so I can be hot with the ladies?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA31 karma

Not sure if I can help you on this one, I don't even have my copy! Go try to find old breakdancing burial grounds, you might be able to dig one up.

lmanders3217 karma

Everybody loves the Carlton dance. We all know the part where you swing your arms back and forth, but less acknowledge the part where you pump your hands to one side and shimmy/slide in the other direction. Man I love that part what's that called?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA49 karma

I would name it after you, but I don't want to deal with the lawsuit every time I use it. It's just part of the dance.

mixeao16 karma

will this season of AFV feature more nut shots?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA39 karma

Ohhh yeahhh! America keep sending! As a matter of fact, can you have your friend kick you in the nuts now and send it?

Edit: AFV

PedoHuman14 karma

How often do people ask you to dance?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA33 karma

Every day I leave my house! The only time I don't ever get asked to dance is at the house. Oh wait a minute... my son asks me to dance every day. Just not the Carlton.

Veggie713 karma

Will you be dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, what will you be dressing up as?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA64 karma

I'm really liking the Ritz-Carlton idea, but I think I'm going to be a bear.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA93 karma

My two boys are going to be a lion and a tiger, I'm the bear and my wife will have a shirt that says "Oh My!"

AlbertoRobert12 karma

Have you seen the YouTube video "The Fesh Pince of Blair"? I highly recommend you to watch it, it's very funny.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA22 karma

Post a link so we can see it.

philckd12 karma

Did you think that your character would be a hit long after Fresh Prince ended? What made you embrace that character after all these years? Fans love it!

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA23 karma

When a show ends, you think it will just go away but it has become somewhat of a cult classic. I embrace the love I get from fans because I can now connect with how much people love him.

ecdw10 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Geoffrey's or 1 Geoffrey sized duck?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA21 karma

I would fight the 1 Geoffrey sized duck. A hundred duck sized Geoffrey's might be hard to keep track of who is getting knocked out.

ajm0399 karma

Do you prefer to improvise or stick to the script?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA12 karma

With the writer in the room with me right now, we like to stick to the scripts. All kidding aside, I really do like to stick to the script and then will add my own personality to it.

RaoulDuke19 karma

Do you ever put on Tom Jones and break out a Carlton when nobody is watching?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA22 karma

Sorry, never.

ecoffstt8 karma

hey alfonso, what's the best trini thing you've learned or seen or eaten?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA15 karma

My mother's bake. But Carnival time is always the best! Looooootttt of drunk people on the side of the road.

mtncatpounces8 karma

Hi Alfonso! Have you ever gone out for a role you REALLY wanted and did not get? If so, which and why were you so interested? thanks!

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA25 karma

I went out for plenty of roles I didn't get. As an actor, you spend most of your life dealing with rejection from producers. That's the real job.

JaiOhBe7 karma

Favorite cereal?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA37 karma

Cinnamon Life

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA26 karma

Definitely a great moment on the show! Was one of my favorites early on.

HorseCode7 karma

Hi Alfonso! As the new host of AFV are you planning to keep Bergeron's style of one-liner humor when you narrate the videos? I've always found it alot more hilarious than Bob Saget's impersonations when he was host. Or do you plan on mixing it up and with your own style?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA16 karma

We definitely plan on continuing the style that Tom has made incredibly successful. Tom is my favorite host on TV, so to continue the style that I enjoy is certainly my plan. But of course, we will try to change some of the bits to fit my personality.

ARapperInCalifornia7 karma

Alfonso, one of my most earliest memories was going to a high school in Riverside California where you were supposed to play in a celebrity basketball game against the faculty of the high school. You never showed up and my family and I were disappointed. Do you remember that night, and if so, why couldn't you make it?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA27 karma

Well.... maybe someone lied to you. Just a thought.

kidhiro6 karma

Hi Alfonso I'm big fan of yours, and thanks for doing this AMA. My questions are: What is your favorite TV show to watch other than your own shows? and Who do you think is one of the top actors currently (tv or movie)?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA16 karma

My favorite TV shows (other than AFV) are Scandal, DWTS, and I'm loving the new show on Sunday night Quantico.

lmanders326 karma

Who do you think would win in a dance off? Bob Saget, or Tom Bergeron?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA16 karma

Tom would win in a dance off. With 21 season of DWTS he's had to pick up something!

LovesBigWords6 karma

Hi Alfonso! I love to tap dance, and remember you being The Tap Dance Kid.

Who were your tap teachers? You clearly know your stuff, and I've always wondered.

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA10 karma

Danny Daniels and his son, DJ, were my teachers back then. Then I worked with my buddy Rolandas Hendricks for a few more years in the 80s.

JustJJ925 karma

how much can you bench?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA38 karma

30-40 pounds.

Happy cakeday!

B-24J-Liberator3 karma

How's AFV working out? It a fun show to be a host for?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA10 karma

Such a blast to be working on an iconic show that we all loved watching for the last 25+ years!

MunificentDouglas3 karma

What do you do to wind down at the end of the day or week? Video games? Booze? Cannabis? Massage parlor happy endings? Do you have a favorite way to chill out?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA11 karma

Clearly the ones you've chosen work for you. I sit on the couch with my family and hug up on my kids.

ThePantser2 karma

Why is AFV still a thing?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA9 karma

Because people are still watching and laughing together as families.

Albert32321 karma

remember when there was a rumor that you were half dominican?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA3 karma

0% Dominican 100% Trinidadian

Duckpaste1 karma

If Hollywood didn't exist, what do you think you would be doing?

AlfonsoRibeiroAMA4 karma

Trash man. LOL