Reddit! I'm Prof, finally here to do an AMA really appreciate the support on my last video. My album "Liability" has taken 3 years to make, and I have put my heart and soul into it. Literally blood, sweat and tears and surgeries and fights. Huge life sacrifices. I hope you love it, check it out here

I'll be back up in here at 3pm EST to answer your questions!

Here is my proof! ||

edit: just finished! that was a mahfuckin SLICE. please be a GEE and go cop my new record. Liability.

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Dave_Cool_Yay21 karma

Have you ever released a song that you later wished you didn't? Any songs you wish you would have done better/never?

Btw, you put on one of the best live performances out there. Loving Liability.

profstophouse24 karma

i DO put on one of the best live performances, dont i?

edit: if you regret a song youve put out, youll get locked up over making new ones. my SUPER old shit sucks, but what u expect?

KatieWphoto7 karma

Will you please answer this one, Prof?

profstophouse13 karma

kind of maybe

CowboyEli18 karma

Hey Prof, Big Fan since listening to you five years back on the swim team. Your music is the best to underage drink to. I'll be down at 5th element this afternoon for the signing.

My question is would you rather fight a Slug sized slug or one hundred slug sized Slugs?

profstophouse17 karma

swim team? pics or that shit didnt happen. speedos?

SolomonGrundy16 karma

Totally digging the new album man, Bar Breaker is my shit. Any chance of a proper collaboration with Aesop Rock? How stoked at you for the Rhymesayers 20th anniversary show?

profstophouse16 karma

yeah man, id collab w that dude in an instant. someone tell him i got a crush.

ceruleansensei16 karma

Last Halloween you went to my friend's party in Madison & broke her bed doing a somersault, do you feel bad?

profstophouse29 karma

she should be happy i wasnt fucking nobody on that damn bed!

gampo-ish16 karma

How many times have you had to take Fundo to Planned Parenthood?

profstophouse26 karma

believe it or not, ive never taken him to plan parenthood. i just make sure he takes "the day after pill" every morning. he hasn't gotten pregnant yet!

oldfilmjanitor16 karma

Hey prof thanks for doing this.

As a fan of everything rhymesayers put out I look forward to listening to the album.

I have heard bar breaker and loved it. For new fans like myself where should I start to get a better appreciation of your music?

profstophouse23 karma

Shit, …. start at my new record.

I see people arguing about who I am, and what my style is, and it gets pretty hectic sometimes because my songs can be so different. My shit that dropped today, (liability) covers about all the shit I do up to this point. If you listen to that whole record through, you’ll get me about figured out. If you listened to “True Love” and “Apeshit” back to back you would be confused as FUUUCK.

brewda13 karma

Been listening since since Prof & Rahz, Liability is by far your best. Growing up in Minneapolis who influenced you the most in the hip hop scene? What/who kept you going when times were rough?

profstophouse12 karma

Thanks gampo, and yes, times have been rough. The thing that keeps me going is my competitiveness. Im the Micheal Jordan of wanting to be the shit, so seeing other acts rise over the years keeps me nice and angry and motivated. BANG BANG.

puffinsclimb11 karma

Do you remember a girl that sat next to you in a St Paul doctors office two years ago? Well that girl is me, I'm still a full time patient but that hasn't stopped me from seeing every show you've put together in Minneapolis. I'll never forget sitting next to you (high as fuck I might add) waiting for PT- it was a horribly painful day for me that was instantly flipped into the best day I've had in the four years that I've been stuck in doctor's offices. Your strength and drive to get better has been an inspiration to me personally. Anyways thank you again for making my day..even though you said you didn't like seeing a fan in that place.. I loved it. Much love to ya Gampo!

profstophouse16 karma

THAT WAS CRAZY! i remember that. i was going through some shit too. trying to over come a nasty back surgery. i thought that shit would never get better, i was in constant pain. KEEP WORKING girl! it does get better if you work hard on your body.

KatieWphoto10 karma

PROF! As a fan from 2008 when you handed out free CD's at the Atmosphere "Gold" Tour, how's the song writing process changing for you? Everything you've written previously has had essentially no rules, is that still the case?

profstophouse11 karma

FUCK RULES!!! they boring as hell

KatieWphoto4 karma

Nice, stay true. You know you're sexy af, right?

profstophouse9 karma

actually, im getting more ugly by the second

Coleture9 karma

When you were in Columbia, MO last fall you said you'd take my mom out on a date but nothing happened.

You got something against my mom?

profstophouse28 karma

the only thing wrong with your mom is she didnt tell you what happened.

minne_snow_ta_n_ice8 karma

Huge, long time fan! So I have a couple questions.

1-what is one of the most memorable things a fan has told you about your performance/music/shows

2-prof outdoors was insane this year. Any plans to do something bigger after this release?

Thanks and keep Killin it!

profstophouse8 karma

  1. fans saying that my music got them through some shit, or an abusive relationship, ... that goes straight to the heart. i also visited an 18 year old fan as he died. that kind of shit really puts things into perspective, and gets me focused.

  2. you'll just have to STAY TUNED i guess!

Mojammer8 karma

Aside from your Rhymesayers family what the best album from the last year or two?

If Donald Trump asked you to be his VP would you do it?

Are you still gonna do a KVP every couple years or so?

And what's the last movie you went to the theater to watch?

profstophouse10 karma

i would def be donald trumps vice pres. when he gets murkered my el chapo, i got some good ideas.

thedauisrising7 karma

   Has it always been a dream of yours to attend a party on Saturday in northrup with free fulton beer, a number of attractive women, a strict dress code of underwear/sweatpants  and body shots being done with reckless abandonment?

Ishmaelistheway3 karma

I so hope this is one of his dreams. Any chance this party is tomorrow?

profstophouse8 karma

This party is TONIGHT! 6pm free show and instore performance at 5th element. mpls bout to be jumpin!

gampo-ish7 karma

Your live performances are always insane. What's the craziest shit you've ever seen happen at one of your shows?

profstophouse17 karma

Ive jumped into a bunch of fights, crowd surfed on a raft, walked on the crowd in a big ass ball, seen people get taken away in gurneys, signed a bunch of pregnent bellies… nothing is really new to me. BUT that shit never gets old either.

come see for yourself:

RaincoatCanine5 karma

PROF do you ever get writers block? How do you get the words flowing again if your in a rut? Can't wait to see you in Seattle!

profstophouse11 karma

if i get writers block, i dont write. i only write when im on fire.

animatedhockeyfan5 karma

Hey Prof, big fan. Loved your set in Vancouver when you opened for Murs, you rocked the hell outta the crowd. Leads me to my question though, has your ability to steal the show lead to any animosity between your fellow performers?

Best of luck brother, hope to see you this side of the border again soon

profstophouse9 karma

I am no longer in contact with any rapper

cnh9955 karma

I've been a fan of yours for a few years, thanks for doing this.

How did you get the name Prof? I've heard it isn't short for professor, so what does it mean or where did it come from?

profstophouse12 karma

it really aint shit for shit, it just sounded right, and people started calling me that.

but go DEEPER and find it was a basketball nickname i got. short for prophecy, but heads just said prof. so prof. the name sucks for rap. if i had time to go back, id choose something better like "action bronson" or some shit.

Mrkingman5 karma

Prof, how old are you?!

profstophouse11 karma

your NEVER supposed to ask a woman his age!

gampo-ish4 karma

What is the best lyric you've ever written?

profstophouse14 karma

Right now im feeling the new one

"bitches know im running trains... No hobo"

brewda9 karma

"Been with your baby mama motherf*cker, cute daughter"

profstophouse9 karma

i kinda like this one.

trap_queen4 karma

What's the first thing you'll do when you become president?

(Other than ride an elephant around the south side and eat some pussy for lunch, that is)

profstophouse12 karma


our presidents are bought sales men, pushing billionaires shit

THEN we can focus on global warming.

JustinKosar3 karma

If I buy you a beer, will you hang out with me?

profstophouse5 karma


PViering13 karma

Also, what's the story behind Gampo?

profstophouse14 karma

lil tibetan homie we used to hang out with for a couple summers in middle school. dude was the craziest mother fucker, and he didnt do it for attention. he disappeared, and we all started calling each other gampo when we did crazy shit. you should do the same

RenobMan3 karma

Lopsided boobs or lopsided ass? Pick one.

profstophouse14 karma

I dont think there can be such thing as a lopsided ass, right? she would just be walking around in circles...

ive had some SUPER lopsided titties in highscool. shit was like an A cup and a C cup. so like, b cup average tho

imnotjake3 karma

HUGE FAN. I first saw you perform with Grieves in San Luis Obispo a few years back, and I've seen you and DJ Fundo a few times after because of that performance! My only question: What do I have to do to get in one of your videos?

profstophouse6 karma

you gotta work your way up and down the fluff line for that. it aint easy...

Hideous-Chud3 karma

If you could collab with anyone, live or dead, who would it be?

profstophouse4 karma

bob ross

gampo-ish3 karma

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what is your costume?

profstophouse12 karma

PITBULL. all i need to do is put on a belt and sunglasses

grievesface3 karma

So, did you drive John Stamos into an alcohol stupor tragically resulting in his recent DUI charge?

profstophouse11 karma

you mean "VICTORIOUSLY resulting in his recent DUI charge" ???

Dfresh233 karma

Hey Prof. 2 questions. How did you get involved with Rhymesayers? Also, what's the best way for me to purchase your music? I feel like if I buy from Google or iTunes you don't see the money. Thanks dude!

profstophouse4 karma

I see ok money if you buy the record from those places.

just buying over streaming is a good look for us

huffmanm163 karma

Hey Prof have you ever met another artist who was surprised to find you were from Minneapolis/Minnesota? Why were they surprised?

Also yo I'm Tryna smoke with you tonight after the show/signing. Hmu brotha.

profstophouse9 karma

nope. mafuckers recognize MN is real now

fantasygod7773 karma

Best venue in MN?

profstophouse20 karma

your moms bed

KandT152 karma

What was your favorite part of writing this album? What was the hardest part?

profstophouse5 karma

My favorite part of writing the album was listening to songs the next day. LOVE THAT SHIT!

Hardest part was life getting in the way. I talk about some of that shit in the tail end of the record.


Hey Prof thanks for the hot dog dude! I know Slug used to paint in the twin cities, have you ever been a part of the graffiti scene here?

profstophouse8 karma

Very much so. Most of my arrests came from that. that was a grip ago tho

HipHopDeadHead2 karma

Hey Prof, ordered the pre sale vinyl package yesterday after listening to the album streaming. Good stuff, keep it up. Now my question, so my girlfriend and I saw you perform at Gabe's in Iowa City last year, I was just wondering why you didn't stand up for us when the security guy made us put out our joint?!? (we were rolling at that show and danced our hearts out) See you at the Target Center!

profstophouse10 karma

hahaha you think im sort of rapper/policemen? i probably didnt even see that shit.

learn to smoke weed up your ass

euratowel2 karma

What up Prof!

What words of advice could you give to someone who wants to make it in this world?

profstophouse9 karma

learn how to suck dick, this life is awful

ganjaguy232 karma

So I saw you in Mankato two years ago, but now I live in Duluth. Hype me and tell me why I should come see you again October 29th?! I got a picture with you last time what else do I need!

profstophouse6 karma

you hype ME!!!

Llama_Oh_Llama2 karma

PROF! Just worked out to your new album. Shits dope.

Favorite project from rhymesayers?

profstophouse10 karma

  1. liability
  2. liability
  3. liability
  4. liability
  5. dylan

gampo-ish2 karma

Describe your favorite sandwich?

profstophouse8 karma

blowjob sandwich

hippynoize2 karma

What's Aesop like in real life? Is he as weird as he claims in his music?

profstophouse10 karma

haha yup. polite too. overall stand up bro. hes sturdy.

RocknessLobster2 karma

Why didn't you call me back after the threesome? we were gonna get crepes together motherfucker

profstophouse8 karma

i got a call late night for a tacobell run. duty calls

KyfeHeartsword2 karma


If you were stuck on a desert island and for some odd reason only had a 1990's Walkman with unlimited battery life, what three CD albums would you have with you to listen until you were spotted and rescued years later?

profstophouse5 karma

the bad plus- give

dr dre- the chronic 2001

ok, ive spent WAAAY to much time thinking about this question, hahah on to the next. i'll come back for this if i find time today.

musicguy6512 karma

Prof, I've been listening to your shit for years! Keep doing what you are doing, I love where it's going!

It seems like every person I talk to in Minneapolis has at least heard of you if not really enjoys your music. How much do you think the culture in the Twin Cities played/plays into that? Do you think that you could have done the same thing in other markets?

profstophouse4 karma

i really dont know that there is a mpls sound. i think there is a mpls work ethic, but the sounds are getting very broad. its the internet breh. i would have made the same music anywhere. if my same homes were there.

i mean, shit, if i grew up in a bum fuck town down south, i might make country music. i dont fucking know haha

cahoy0072 karma

Hey Prof! I've seen you live a bunch of times and you always put on a great show, so thanks for that. Here's a question for you. About how much Jameson do you drink per month? Also, any embarrassing stories about DJ Fundo? Keep killing it, King Gampo!

profstophouse8 karma

he just woke up in a living room in NYC with his lil micro penis in his hand. we woke hime up, so we had some time there to have fun.

i edited that, or some shit. .. however yall like to do that

Not2BeEftWith2 karma

When you coming back to Maryland???

profstophouse12 karma

i lost my passport, so its going to be a while before i make it back to canada

Mitch5672 karma

So what actually happened with your back? I've heard it referenced a few times before Liability. But then you mention it again in Preference.

Was it from partying too hard? Bizarre gardening accident? Scooping Ice cream?

profstophouse19 karma

i miss judged your moms weight