Killing time in Mexico City...


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Loreal217372 karma

How about Country Sad in NYC? How about Battery In Your Leg in NYC? How about Blue Blue Jeans in NYC? I can't make puppets or weave or anything, is that ok? Where's Damon?

iamgrahamcoxon326 karma

i love playing country sad ballad man... but i don't see a time when it will be played any time soon...

HugePilchard41 karma

In the video for Coffee and TV, when the band are playing in that basement you just put down your guitar and leave, but the band sounds just the same.

What's that about, eh?

iamgrahamcoxon60 karma

i know! this is why i don't like videos! they bear no resemblance to the truth or real life!

EuchridEucrow16 karma

Thanks for doing this, Graham! Along with Pete Townshend and Rowland S. Howard, you’re one of my biggest guitar heroes. I’ve played along to “Chemical World” and “This is a Low” more times than I can count.

I have two questions:

First, you were quoted in the mid-90s saying that you thought “Young and Lovely” was the best guitar work you had ever done with Blur. Do you still feel that way, or does something on Blur or 13 stand out more to you now?

Second, Blur recently started playing “Caravan” live, a song from Think Thank, which you weren’t involved in the recording of (except for “Battery in Your Leg”). What are the band politics of resurrecting something like that? Do you come up with a guitar part that fits the song and then approach Damon?

I loved The Magic Whip and I really hope you and Damon do more work together in the future.

iamgrahamcoxon30 karma

hi.. i have always let the other boys know that i would always be willing to play tunes form TT.. sometimes damon may wake up one day and want to try a song so we practice it in soundcheck and if it works we play it that night...

irina_frank11 karma

hi, Graham! i love your music and i'm a huge fan of blur! :) the magic whip is awesome, i've been listening to the album since you released it! and i'm interested in one thing... are you going to come to russia? i want to see you guys so much that i wanna cry :'(

iamgrahamcoxon11 karma

hi.. we went to moscow and played a festival... i would love to go ther agin but unfortunately there are no plans...

wmyk9 karma

Hi Graham, any chance of you releasing an art book? I've been a huge fan of the artwork you've done for your album covers.

iamgrahamcoxon11 karma

watch this space...

lula24889 karma

What do you think people take way too seriously?

iamgrahamcoxon22 karma

the obvious answer is themselves i think...

deetledum9 karma

Could you please share the lyrics to your part of Pyongyang?

iamgrahamcoxon21 karma

years ago when we used to be rivals our youths minds and arms were bound for our own survival.

rubbishhh7 karma

Are you looking forward to playing Hollywood Bowl???

iamgrahamcoxon10 karma

yes yes!!

ValeriaIT7 karma

Do you like Alex's cheese?? love u graham😍

iamgrahamcoxon12 karma

i do like his cheese yes....

ValeriaIT7 karma

will there be a new Blur's album?

iamgrahamcoxon44 karma

yes- its been out for a little while...

Malcolm_Nolastname6 karma

Hi Graham, massive fan of both Blur and your solo work; I've got some questions:

Are you doing another solo album?

What direction do you plan on taking for it?

Is your daughter Pepper musical?

iamgrahamcoxon11 karma

funnily enough i woke up today thinking about sound concepts...harmony, mood and rhythm...i might like to go expansive english.. a bit like if england had a huge desert is the middle-- that kinda sound.... and yes she is...

iamgrahamcoxon11 karma

hiya.. ii have a solo album sitting on hold right now with no plans to release.. one day i would like to put it out though. it was recorded at the same time as A and E

Wordswitcher5 karma

record label screwing you over, gra?

iamgrahamcoxon23 karma

wha? no.. i just didn't want to release another solo album while there was a lot of blur activity going on... now off you pop!!

blurisgood5 karma

Hello, Graham! How do you feel about your gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (I know there are more sexualities and gender identities, but this is for brevity) fans? I often wonder this about members of my favorite bands as a transgender person myself. PS, you’re a fantastic musician and The Magic Whip is awesome. Thanks so much for the great music. You’ve done really good work!

iamgrahamcoxon21 karma

i think its ears that are important! x

steamboat_cat5 karma

Hi Mr. Coxon! I am a huge huge fan, I've been listening to you with my dad since I was a little girl and I've put a Blur song on every mix cd I've ever made. What's a song that you'd put on every mixtape if you could? Thanks for doing this and for all the music over the years. Even just a hello from you would be the highlight of my dad's and my whole year!! <3 Olivia

iamgrahamcoxon12 karma

hello there.. thanks for the question.. there are so many songs i would put on every mix tape though i don't really make them! one would be "ladies of the road" by king crimson.. its pretty insane...byyye!!

deetledum5 karma

Hi, Graham :) You've said you've been writing a memoir, how's that going?

iamgrahamcoxon14 karma

well.. i have been thinking about writing short stories about my childhood..not really a memoir.. but just for fun....

DeJw975 karma

Hi Graham! It's kinda weird, but do alex's feet smell good?

iamgrahamcoxon16 karma

i don't get anywhere near those things!

missnicenspicy_5 karma

is bad cough better now Mr graham?

iamgrahamcoxon9 karma

haha... not really! thanks for your concern!!

Wordswitcher4 karma

Graham! What's your favourite album that Damon worked on that's not Blur?

iamgrahamcoxon29 karma

i really like the kids with guns song when its played live...

Agrainel4 karma

Hi Graham! It's Helen, big hi from Russia! Do you have time for drawing rn? Do you have any plans for running your own exhibition in the future?

P.S. see ya next week! ;)

iamgrahamcoxon11 karma

hiii.. i don't have much time for drawing and when i try i fall asleep while i do they never finish... i am trying to paint more at the moment when i can but i am too messy..

my0uu4 karma

Hi Graham, the first thing i wanna tell you is I'M TOO EXCITED to think about some question for you today!! In my place now it's around midnight or maybe later and i just surprised that i can wait for this >____< There's my question: What do you see yourself being when you're 70? Sorry if my q is too plain :3

iamgrahamcoxon16 karma

haha.. 70. mm.. still playing the guitar nd trying to be as good as my inspirations...probably still in ill fitting clothes...maybe living in LA with pet cactus

delestrange3 karma

In which country would you like to live if you weren't living in England?

iamgrahamcoxon8 karma

mmmmmaybe the states?? i do like england though...

orchu3 karma

led zeppelin or pink floyd?

iamgrahamcoxon26 karma

the pretty things??? expand your horizons...

shinypeach3 karma

hi graham! :) my favourite album of yours is the spinning top, would you ever do a more acoustically driven album again?

iamgrahamcoxon7 karma

yes i would..i play more acoustic guitar than electric usually... so a few things crop up that i might consider recording..

lewiky3 karma

Mr Coxon,

What is your favorite song to play on the guitar?

Also, any chance of a UK tour with Blur anytime soon? Would kill to see you guys!


iamgrahamcoxon6 karma

on accoustic guitr i really like playing bert jansch's "reynardine"..its a drop D tuning...

delestrange3 karma

Is there anything you don't like about playing live?

iamgrahamcoxon10 karma

when the sound is poor and i feel very tired.. mostly i love it.

_m_b2 karma

Hi Graham, Have you ever had mood swings? If so, what makes you feel better while you're having them? Thank you :-)

iamgrahamcoxon8 karma

well.. i might sit and play the guitar or watch tv...but not the news!!

ValeriaIT1 karma

What do you think about Mark Knopfler?

iamgrahamcoxon4 karma

i like mark a lot.. he is a great friend john is touring with him! and he likes motorbikes...