Hey guys, I directed a new documentary called, ALL THINGS MUST PASS which chronicles the rise and fall of Tower Records. I wanted to explore the history and legacy of Tower Records, which began in California in 1960 and expanded nationwide, with international franchises, before going bankrupt in 2006.

It's out in theaters this Friday, October 16th. Let's talk rock n' roll, let's talk Sunset Boulevard and LA in it's hey day. Let's talk about why this is my passion project. Ask me anything!

I'll be back in 10 minutes to get started. So go ahead, I'm ready to answer anything.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/colinhanks/status/652609334417842176

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coolstorysara122 karma

As sadly underrated as the show is, what kind of atmosphere was it filming The Good Guys? While Jack may not have enjoyed all the craziness, it had to have been fun to shoot, right?

Tower_ColinHanks98 karma

The show was a hard one to shoot: long hours, lots of stunts, tough climate at times (texas in the summer is nothing to scoff at) but we did have such a fun time on that show. I have never been closer with a crew than on that show....

ImRichieDagger74 karma

Hi Colin! You were amazing in Fargo, and I always love your appearances on the Earwolf shows. I know you were just on Comedy Bang! Bang!, but do you have any plans to be on another of their podcasts soon?

Tower_ColinHanks57 karma

always love doing CBB. I'm sure another Earwolf show is in my future

TheDarkSideOfTown71 karma

ass or titties?

Tower_ColinHanks155 karma


suaveitguy40 karma

Growing up in Hollywood, did you have any observations of child stars' rises and falls?

Tower_ColinHanks111 karma

i like to say that I only grew up in LA part time. My mother lived in Sacramento, my dad in LA, so while I was in LA quite a bit going up, Sacramento is really where I am from...it's my home town. So, I knew there was more to life than...whatever the hell LA offers...

Brobeens30 karma

Hey Colin, thanks for doing this!
1. Any funny/good stories from the set of Orange County?
2. Who is going to win the Stanley Cup?
3. What was it like working on Dexter (loved your character) and what did you think of the finale?

Tower_ColinHanks38 karma

Orange County was a long time ago, but lots of good memories. Mostly of laughing at JB. As for the Kings...every other year right? Loved my time on Dexter...but after Doomsday, I needed a break

davemello8429 karma

How was your day today, Mr. Colin Hanks?

Tower_ColinHanks51 karma

long. and exhausting...but its not over yet. Could turn out to be a golden one. I'm still here. Thats a good sign

suaveitguy28 karma

Did you see Fargo transcending the film's shadow when you signed on? Comparisons to such an iconic film could have been a fatal albatross to the show, but it was barely a factor.

Tower_ColinHanks57 karma

once I read that first script, I knew it was going to something that could stand on its own, but I also knew that it was going to be up the audience if they wanted to come along for the ride. I'm glad they did. I am glad I did too

cinemelia23 karma

Was the "Early in the Morning" Mad Men scene in the script? Or did you bring up the idea of Father Gill being able to play guitar?

Tower_ColinHanks30 karma

all of it was written....in fact, they waited until my first epsiode to ask me if i even knew how to play guitar (i do) and if i can sing (in the shower and in the car)

reallygoodniceperson22 karma

As an expert on the team and the game itself, can you break down your expectations for the Pistol Shrimps this season and when will you be back on the sidelines to call more exciting pistol shrimps action?! Dire Straits.

Tower_ColinHanks29 karma

hopefully, I willo be back on the sidelines soon. As for my expectations, I expects buckets to made, fouls to be committed, and as always The Walk of Life

Buzzy2166318 karma

I haven't seen the movie yet; does Dave Grohl talk about spray painting the side of the Tower in Seattle?

Tower_ColinHanks33 karma

we spoke with him about that, but we couldnt add it to the film...there were so many stories people had, that we needed to be ruthless in our approach....those kind of stories make for great converstation over a beer...but didn't really push our narrative forward.

Bhockzer16 karma

Pancakes or waffles?

Tower_ColinHanks31 karma


zackflavored12 karma

Hello Colin, love your work!

Just watched Season 2 Ep 1 of Fargo, seems fantastic, but honestly for me didn't have that initial hook factor that Billy Bob Thornton produced for Season 1. Especially the dialogue between you two when Gus pulled him over. Chills. SOooo..

Thoughts on Season 2 Episode one? :D How was it working with BBT?

Tower_ColinHanks20 karma

give it time...i don't think you will be disappointed...i have no way of really knowing that...but i like to think they know what they are doing...BBT is great. It was our second time working together, our paths crossed on Parkland, so i knew he was an easy guy to hang out with.

charliecapen9 karma

I loved Tower records growing up and my father was a well-known DJ in San Francisco, and New York. Our music collection filled our house with tapes, reels and records. How does music make its way into your home life?

Tower_ColinHanks13 karma

i try to always have something on...even if its just in the back ground

lmi68 karma

Hey, Colin! What’s some of the best advice you ever have been given? Also, what are some of your favorite movies, and since All Things Must Pass is being released, what was the first record you bought? Thanks for doing this AMA!

Tower_ColinHanks23 karma

love what you do, cause at the end of the day no one can do it for you

MrRogersinaScubaSuit7 karma

Do you have any fun stories from working with Jack Black?

Tower_ColinHanks12 karma

too many to type out

pharmgrl6 karma

Loved your work on NCIS! (And everything else you've done) What was it like having a multiple episode story ark, where you went from the enemy to the hero?

Tower_ColinHanks14 karma

enjoyed working on that show. everyone was very kind and welcoming...

Tomtomtnt5 karma

Hello Colin Hanks. Thanks for doing this thing. Fargo, even after only one season and an episode, is what of my favorite pieces of programming ever put to the screen. So thank you for being Gus Grimly. Anyways, how do you take your tea Mr. Hanks?

Tower_ColinHanks15 karma

thanks. as I used to say in New Zealand..."White and one" aka...with milk and sugar...but then i came back to the states started taking my coffee black...and have dropped milk and sugar from the equation

liamquane5 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set?

Tower_ColinHanks15 karma

another take....and the courtesy of knowing that "we got it"...but only if thats the truth

MrsFarrell4 karma

Colin! I am SO excited for All Things Must Pass and can't wait to see it this weekend in Los Angeles. Will you be appearing at any screenings? Cuz I'll totally go to those. :)

Tower_ColinHanks12 karma

yeah, i should be around for those...dont know which ones off the top of my head but check out towerrecordsdoc.com i think we have the info up there

marineturndlegofiend4 karma


Tower_ColinHanks16 karma

you means the mets? who said i wasn't watching the mets...mets...unless they get to play the cubbies

suaveitguy4 karma

Do you remember your thoughts the first time you saw Napster? I used to collect records and movies like a fiend, now physical media seems outdated.

Tower_ColinHanks13 karma

it seemed like something you couldnt get on a mac...so i figured you needed to be a computer genius to use it...also, the speakers on computers at the time were horrible. I liked using my stereo to listen to music

margaret3lizabeth3 karma


Tower_ColinHanks13 karma

my favorite moment was watching the film with an audience the first time...hearing people react to something you have thought about for ages is a special moment. As for the final cut...there is so much that didn't make it...but these things have a way of finshing themselves on DVDS and various other outlets...and the best concert? thats tough? hopefully the next concert i go to?

liamquane3 karma

How is Elvis and Nixon coming?

Tower_ColinHanks9 karma

I hear its great. Haven't seen it yet, but I had a great time making it

Shermzilla3 karma

Would you consider ever doing any stage work? If so, is there any role that you would consider your "dream role"?

Tower_ColinHanks10 karma

ive done theater before on the west end and broadway...got my start in theater....would love to do more, just depends on the part....and if i could bring my family along

liamquane3 karma

What was it like working with Adam Bernstein?

Tower_ColinHanks5 karma

Didn't get to work with him as much as I would have liked...Gus didnt have much to do in those first two eps of Fargo. But I really liked Adam, and the work that he did for the show...and his work in general.

marceatan3 karma

Hey, Colin! I see you sporadically post about concerts you've gone or are going to on Twitter, and it seems we have fairly similar taste! What band or performer has put on your favorite show?

Tower_ColinHanks18 karma

J Roddy Walston and the Business put on one helluva show

charliecapen3 karma

Hey Colin! Loved your work on Fargo. As the dad of two kids myself, I'm wondering if the lack of a storefront has made this next generation think of art of fluid and not substantial. Anyone can create it. It can be anywhere. Do you ever feel the same way for your kids? Do you think that could have a detrimental effect?

Tower_ColinHanks26 karma

the beauty of things today is that there is NO EXCUSE not to go out and make something...anything...you want. Wanna make a little short film? You can do that. Wanna record a song? You can do that. Thats not a bad thing. I try not to think of things being better back then, or worse now...i just try to remember that its different. And while things may seem more difficult or confusing or less important...the good stuff always finds it way to those that seek it out. They just gotta put in the effort. And that is always the deciding factor: The effort. (i have no idea if that answers your question)

liamquane2 karma

What was it like working with Peter Jackson? :~)

Tower_ColinHanks8 karma

a dream...he was the best....made me very comfortable....both on set, and in new Zealand in general. would work for him again at the drop of a hat....I've been patiently waiting for another invitation. I hope one comes

liamquane2 karma

Hi Mr. Hanks Can I ask; do you have any directorial advice?

Tower_ColinHanks10 karma

faster and more instense!

liamquane2 karma

What is it like working with Kevin Spacey?

Tower_ColinHanks4 karma

a total and complete joy...so much fun to watch, but even more fun to interact with. We laughed a lot on that show.

liamquane2 karma

What is it like working with liza Johnson?

Tower_ColinHanks5 karma

I enjoyed working with her...she was very easy to talk to and very approachable. open to a lot of ideas, yet had a great understanding of what she wanted and what she need from me

liamquane1 karma

What was Oliver Stone like on set?

Tower_ColinHanks5 karma

stressed, but hyper focused. he had very little time to make that movie. I found that whole experience to very educational...he works hard and expects others to do the same, at all times...i already knew that, but it was refreshing to be reminded of it