Zombie killer, songwriter, theatre nerd.

Hi everybody! Emily Kinney here! My new LP "This is War" came out on Friday. Really looking forward to answering your questions!

proof https://twitter.com/emmykinney/status/651073866605965312


Edit: Thanks so much for your questions. I had a blast. Hope you'll check out my album here : http://smarturl.it/EKThisIsWar And follow me on twitter/instagram: @emmykinney

Hope to do this again soon....have a great week!!! xoxoxo

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bwrobel1225 karma

Thanks for doing this Emily!

Very sad to see you leave the Walking Dead, but I adored you on The Flash.

My question is, any plans for a season 2 appearance on the Flash?

emmykinney25 karma

I hope so!!!

christypayne20817 karma

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you miss working with Norman?

emmykinney49 karma

100 billion!! duh!!! I miss everyone on that show sooo much!

xx-rapunzel-xx16 karma

Hi! I have a question, you don't have to answer it if it makes you uncomfortable: I don't watch Masters of Sex, but I heard about your role and that you were completely nude in a scene. I was kinda surprised you'd play role like that! What made you take on that role? How did your family, friends, etc. react to that? Would you do something like that again in the future?

emmykinney65 karma

Nudity doesn't really bother me if it seems to further the story line. I understand that nudity makes some people uncomfortable, but personally, I don't see nudity as being all that big of deal. I find violence on tv, guns, war, etc a lot more upsetting and jarring than sexy stuff or nudity to be honest. I took the Masters of Sex role cause it is a fucking great tv show and the writing was amazing.

ratchedly7 karma

Hello! I love your music, the new album is aces. Have you considered doing a covers album? I love your spin on "Hold On" and "Struggling Man," so I'd love to hear what you did with other artists.

emmykinney14 karma

Thanks soooooo much!!! I'm glad you dig the album. I like the idea of doing covers.....but recording songs can be costly and time consuming and at this point as an artist, I find that I feel most satisfied performing and recording my own songs, my own words, especially if I have limited time and resources...Although I am def not opposed to covers....and have ideas!!! And I have plans to do some covers in the future.....!!! keep posted please....:)

chaoticspearit6 karma

Hi Emily!

Your new album is amazing, it's been on repeat since the moment it was released! I think my favorite songs are "Molly" and "Weapons."

Where do you pull inspiration from when writing songs? And when you're writing and having a bit of a creative block, how do you pull yourself out of it?

emmykinney13 karma

When I'm having a block I go for walk. I guess that's why a lot of my songs end up talking about walking around the city. haha. I pull inspiration from my romantic relationships...that kind of romantic love is a bit of mystery to me so it's fun to write about figuring it out and learning. I like to write about my surroundings.

jccheung986 karma

I'm a big fan of yours Emily! Loving the new album a lot. I really hope that you'll come up to Toronto for a show one day soon.

My question is, is your song "In" really a tongue-in-cheek reference about a stalker? The lyrics can be interpreted as being really dark. :P

emmykinney13 karma

In is not about a stalker, but rather a boy I kept breaking up with and getting back together.....Kind of like, once I let him into my heart I couldn't get him out even if things were not so good anymore.

Afrothunderzx6 karma

Hi Emily Kinney, I have 3 questions:

  1. What is your favorite on-screen and off-screen memory from The Walking Dead?

  2. Where you able to get a lot of song writing done during the filming of TWD, or did you get it done during the off-seasons?

  3. I know you have probably heard this a lot since last season, but would you consider recording your version of “Struggling Man”?

Thanks for doing an AMA

emmykinney14 karma

I do have plans to record Strugglin Man.....more info on that project in the weeks to come.

mrolivator5 karma

Hi Emily. Overall, what made you want to do acting and music?

emmykinney12 karma

Cause its just what I feel an inner pull to do. It's guided almost every decision I've ever made. I can't explain it, its just the thing I'm supposed to be doing. Also, putting on costumes and being in plays and singing songs is just fucking fun.

dimkaluv5 karma

Hi Emily! I love your new album! Btw when you sing Berkeley's Breathing you remind me of the Little Mermaid. Now that the album is out, will you be performing Crash and Burn or Weapons at any of your shows? Can't wait to see you in Houston!

emmykinney10 karma

Yeah I'll be performing those on the tour in November, but I wanted a few songs to be surprises on the record. And everybody Youtube's stuff at shows, so I just wanted a few to be completely new for people downloading the album. Also Crash and Burn was a song I wrote when I was having a very hard time so finding a way to perform it live has been really difficult to me.....I will figure something out though!!

Hidan2134 karma

Hey Emily, I met you last January and attended your concert in SF, and it was such an amazing experience! My question is, as someone looking into acting and starting from basically no where, where should I start? I've been in play productions before in my city, but I'm personally more interested in getting into television or film. Any advice would be great. :)

Also I'm a huge fairy fan too; I have a Tinkerbell key-chain and a Tinkerbell belt which I wear everyday.

emmykinney10 karma

Yesss!!! cool you area fairy world fan hahah..... Each person's acting career is super unique....so I find it difficult to give people specific advice. I would say though if you want to act find a way to do it as much as possible even if it is just community theatre and get as good as you can. If you want acting to pay your bills, I think there is a better chance of that happening in cities where they hire actors to be in tv and in plays and that is cities like NYC or LA...So the first step would be to move to one of those cities and start going to open calls and learn as much as you can from those....Also, it can take a long time to get to the point where acting can pay your bills....but if you are going to act no matter what anyway than I guess its worth the wait. Also, learn from others but don't compare/judge your career to anyone else's, no one is like you.

Tytee4me4 karma

First off, my wife and I love your Expired Love album and listen to it non stop (today is our anniversary) :) we saw you live in Nashville and are very excited about your new album (which congrats on btw).

My question is, as a long time "around the house" musician, I really want to get serious. What is your advice on an artist starting out?

Thank you for your time!

emmykinney8 karma

Book a show for yourself, ready or not, and do it. Book a show anywhere, coffee shop, whatever...Don't cancel if you get busy. And then you will get a buzz and then you will do the next one. And then you will get better and better and you will get more ideas and more things will fall into place.

MiaColucci384 karma

Hi Emily, I have a few questions for you: What is your biggest dream? Did you miss working with your friends on The Walking Dead? What is your favorite food? What movie that you don't have seen yet will you choose if you could watch it with your friends or family tonight? Thank you so much!! :)

emmykinney23 karma

My biggest dream is to make movies and music that connect with people and make them feel not a lone and like our little human lives are worth it or at least, fun and noticed and understood. My other big dream is to find a life partner/fall madly in love.

hehyih4 karma

Hi Emily! Loved you on TWD. I just learned that Hayley is your bassist, we went to Berklee together! I had no idea you guys were in a band together now so that was a really pleasant surprise to see you 2 together in pictures. Very cool! My question is what do you miss most about being on the show and how has your life changed now that you're focusing more on your music career? Keep up the great work!

emmykinney8 karma

Music is a lot more work because I'm the producer/boss/performer/writer/etc. I miss the Walking Dead, but it has been fun to do other projects.

Viazon4 karma

Hi Emily! I have two questions if you don't mind.

  1. Who is currently your favourite character on The Walking Dead?
  2. You are older than me, but if people ever saw us walking down the street together, I would probably get mistaken for your Uncle or something. So where do you keep your fountain of youth and can I use it?

emmykinney14 karma

My fav Walking Dead characters are Daryl and Carol.

reedusroxx4 karma

First off, I've been a massive fan of your music and career for a long time now, there are really no words to describe just how much of an inspiration you are to me! Thank you for that and for doing this AMA! I've always preferred listening to/watching your live performances(like via YouTube), especially since you performed so many songs long before you released them officially. I personally love that it's like listening to the same track in two different ways, but I was wondering what made you speed up Berkeley's Breathing, Michael, and Never Leave L.A. for the LP? Also, is there any particular reason you decided to split Berkeley's Breathing and Michael into two tracks, even though you always perform them together? Last question I have is are there any plans to release a studio version of Jonathan, Same Mistakes, and/or Lost and Found? Thank you again! I hope you have fun doing this AMA!

emmykinney5 karma

Whoa thanks so much for begin a fan ....that's a lot of questions....sometimes you make decisions in a studio and then you go to perform live and they change and the songs translate a bit different live so you want to perform them different from the studio version. So that's what happen, so they changed a bit for the live show. Berkley and Michael go together but I also think they stand alone as individual songs. some day I will make a studio version of Jonathan, Same Msitakes, and Lost and Found.....they didn't fit in with this album and Jonathan and Same Mistake I wrote after I was pretty much done recording this album, I just found them to work well within my stage show and communicate some messages I wanted out into the world.

emmykinney183 karma

What happened with 'Con Man'?

emmykinney4 karma

I couldn't do Con Man because the dates changed and the new dates conflicted with my tour!!! I love everyone involved in that project tho for sure!!!

JohnMonster03 karma

Hi Emily! I think you're awesome! Can you tell me what is your favorite Starbucks coffee? And your favorite candy?? Thank you for everything! <3

emmykinney9 karma

I like the americanos at Starbucks or some places have the clover coffee and then I like getting a clover coffee. My fav candy is sour patch kids but I'm taking a break from candy....right after I'm done with this pack of Reeses pieces. I have to tame my wild ways.

turtleshell4123 karma

Hello Emily, just wondering if you still have the turtle shell?

emmykinney9 karma


m0nkeyd00dle2 karma

Hi Emily!

Will be bringing my "just turned 13 y/o son' to Walker Stalker Con Atlanta in a few short weeks to meet you and the rest of the cast as well as attending your Friday night concert! 1) Can you wish Mason a Happy Birthday? 2) What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

emmykinney12 karma

Happy Birthday Mason!!!!,.....I would tell my 13 year old self to not care what other people think and to always do your best, but don't stress about doing your best if that makes any sense. Also, high school is only 4 years of your entire life and its really not as important at defining who you are as you think right now. There's still a lot more life after that. Practice the things your are good at more. Don't watch reality tv.

beautyguru4542 karma

Hi Emily, big fan! If you had to choose: manicures or pedicures?

emmykinney7 karma

pedicures because my manis always get messed up playing the guitar anyway. ha

ameliapond112 karma

Hi Emily! I don't watch The Walking Dead but I'm listening to your album right now and I'm in love! Also I watched The Flash this morning and you were in it :) my question is : Why should i watch The Walking Dead?

emmykinney10 karma

Thanks so much!! I'm glad you dig the tunes!! You should watch the Walking Dead cause all of the coolest people are on that show and it will help you be prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse!!

ladylazarus922 karma

Hi, Emily! I know you started out in theatre, so what advice do you have for someone who wants to get more involved in theatre?

emmykinney7 karma

most towns have a community theatre, audition for the next show!! Or drive to the city that has one!! Or if your city doesn't, maybe you should start one!!! Or at the least plan a cabaret night with your other theatre-loving friends.

ikilledthebalrog2 karma

Are you looking forward to the zombie cruise in January? What was your reaction when you were approached for that? Thanks! You're awesome!

emmykinney7 karma

I'm both excited and scared for the zombie cruise in Jan.

ikilledthebalrog1 karma

Hi Emily, you have such a lovely voice! If a duplicitously evil genie gave you the choice between being exclusively an actor or exclusively a singer, which would you choose?

emmykinney7 karma

nope can't choose. ha.