We are alt rock band Garbage. It is the 20th anniversary of our debut album. The reissue of our record came out today and we are about to embark on our anniversary tour!

EDIT: Bye bye motherfuckers, thank you so much! go do something interesting today!

Proof 1: http://i.imgur.com/TcWTZ3X.jpg

Proof 2: https://twitter.com/garbage/status/650019306097381376

Proof 3 we're also broadcasting ourselves answering these questions live on Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1ypJdDyabBaJW

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theArnoldFans193 karma

Hi Shirley, I was a big fan of the Terminator TV series where you played a T-1000. Do you have any idea what was supposed to happen with your character if there was a 3rd season? Or what do you wish happened with your character in Season 3?

garbageofficial55 karma

I do know what would have happened yes! And it was fucking radness!!!!! Sx

PainMatrix61 karma

What's the experience of writing a song for the Bond movies like? How do they approach you? Do they just give you the title and say have it?

garbageofficial58 karma

David Arnold called me up and asked me to meet him at a local Starbucks. He sat me down and asked me outright if I wanted to sing the next Bond Theme! It was a moment!! Sx

thecountesschan60 karma

You have always played with sexuality and gender expression in you music and videos, what is your take on how acceptance of different sexuality and gender has changed from when you started in music?

garbageofficial49 karma

It has changed so much since 1995 and that makes us all so happy. In 2015 we are now talking about gender fluidity!!! EVOLUTION.

matthewmagellan37 karma

Garbage was the first concert I ever went to, in Milwaukee, WI. I also saw you play in Madison, and loved both shows.

Your first album means a great deal to me (I was in high school at the time), and I'm wondering which tracks from that album mean the most to you now, looking back 20 years?

garbageofficial46 karma

we went back and mastered the the first album this summer, and we were all surprised by how unusual it still sounds! I think my fave track is Queer! BV

garbageofficial27 karma

thanks for coming to see us live! I don't have a track that 'means the most' but recording Milk was a great experience for all of us. Late at night, lights low. We did it really fast and the atmosphere in the room was exactly what you hear in the track. Duke

andyxcandy35 karma

Will we ever hear that rumoured duet between Shirley & Marilyn Manson ? Did it even happen ?

garbageofficial51 karma

they did a duet together, but we don't think it will ever see the light of day....there were too many politics between labels at the time of the recording. BV

garbageofficial43 karma

I don't think it will ever happen. Or at least the one we recorded anyways.......but I would love to do something with him at some point. He is my brother after all and blood is thick. Thicker than water. Sx

silentalarm_30 karma

What are your thoughts on current popular alternative rock?

garbageofficial74 karma

There is always gold to be found in the midst of mud. Sx

Inthesnow729 karma

Shirley, you were my first female idol because you spoke candidly about sex, music, pain and cutting. Women like you aren't very prevalent in music anymore, we have too many Taylor swifts and "happy" singers out there. Do you think we'll see women like you in music again...ever?

garbageofficial32 karma

Oh yes ! They are all out there!!! And they are brimming over the trenches as we speak! It is time........watch out!!!!! Sx

Minnie_Mazola25 karma

I've loved Garbage since the first album, songs from it are still in my top 300 played. What's your favorite song to perform live?

garbageofficial51 karma

Top 300 huh? Is that good? Duke

garbageofficial34 karma

one of the songs I love is Bad Boyfriend...but its friggin hard, i have to follow Dave Grohl's part! BV

CyanideRush22 karma

Which of your albums did you find the most satisfying/gratifying?

garbageofficial66 karma

The first album was the most satisfying The second album was the most gratifying The third album was the most mystifying The fourth album was the most petrifying The fifth album was the most death defying -Duke

garbageofficial12 karma

Everyone was gratifying because it is always a privilege to release music .........to be a musician and get to make music every day is a dream come true!!! I don't take it for granted. Sx

jamesthegill20 karma

The b-sides on the re-release of G are great, will the same happen for the rest of the albums when their time comes? Or will the b-sides album finally happen?

garbageofficial29 karma

We might be dead by the time the 20th anniversary comes around for NotyourKind of People but I suspect we will definitely get to Version 2:0 at the very least!!! LOL Sx

garbageofficial17 karma

I agree the B Sides are some of my favorite Garbage tracks. If our time hasn't come before the next albums' times come, we will most likely release the B Sides with them! Duke

garbageofficial13 karma

hmmmm, maybe....it was a lot of work getting the Deluxe Version together for the first album...after the dust settles from this tour, we'll start thinking V2.0 BV

bathman14 karma

In retrospect how do you feel about Beautifulgarbage? I feel like it was very brave, broken hearted and possibly a bit misuderstood. It sounded like a mature band on their peak. Was really hoping to hear more songs like So like a rose and Drive you home, those wore some amazing underappreciated gems.

garbageofficial16 karma

I am very proud of that record. We took a lot of risks with it and so yeah it was misunderstood but I don't mind being misunderstood. I can live with that. Sx

swimming-bird14 karma

What's the weirdest fan experience that you've ever had?

garbageofficial69 karma

I got my fingers caught in a fan once. That was weird. And painful.

garbageofficial11 karma

Oh my god. How do I count the ways. There have been quite a few odd experiences but I tend to try not to think too much on the weird ones because they are so in the minority. Usually our fans are super cool and respectful and lovely to deal with. Sx

Juicier14 karma

Hey guys! You were my first concert 15 years ago and I'm SO excited to be at your Oakland show next week! What can we expect for the 20 Years Queer tour?

garbageofficial17 karma

Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed. That's MY motto in life. Sx

garbageofficial10 karma

every track from the album! And all the b-sides! plus a few extras!

BekBlayton13 karma

I found you guys through the popularity of Stupid Girl - in Secondary School then - but really Milk is one of my favourite! What songs mean the most to you?

garbageofficial20 karma

Milk was the first song I ever wrote in my life so I suppose that song is very special to me. Sx

SAStorms12 karma

Was there ever a moment when you thought 'Wow - this is what it feels like to have made it?'

garbageofficial28 karma

Yes when played a show in the middle of January outside in subzero temperatures for about 15 snowboarders who had no idea who we were. Duke

garbageofficial2 karma

No I have always thought instead.........WOW really?!?! This is SO not as glamorous as I thought it would be!!!

thedeaux11 karma

Who is the "mom/dad" of the group who keeps everyone else in line?

garbageofficial27 karma

Steve's the Mom and Shirley's the Dad. Duke

garbageofficial24 karma

Who the FUCK do you think!?!??! I am the motherfucking baddest,bossiest mommy in show business. Sx

pandymcfly11 karma

'As Heaven Is Wide' is a great track from the self-titled album that doesn't get a lot of rep. Do you guys think this song is under-rated? Is there a band consensus on what most the under-rated Garbage song is?

PS- Can't wait to see you guys in San Diego!

garbageofficial12 karma

Heaven is Wide is a pretty bold song of which we are very proud. We took the catholic priests to task with this song at a time nobody was willing to speak up. Sx

garbageofficial5 karma

Heaven is one of my faves too. And under rated no doubt, but it's not necessarily hit single material is it? We're rehearsing the first album music now and Fix Me Now is really fun to play. And under rated! Could have been a hit! See you in SD!

trantala200010 karma

Hey Guys! Travelling 1000 miles to see you in Toronto, have meet and greet package, hope to get some things signed for autism fundraiser. My question is: Shirley - I am a dart player and being from Scotland do you play and/or like darts? Thanks

garbageofficial6 karma

I am useless at darts. Sx

shirenu10 karma

Hey Garbage! Thanks for being the best band EVERRR!

  1. Shirley, being known as a bold speaker, how could you write the most perfect lyrics for a shy, socially awkward introvert to identify with in Silence is Golden?

  2. Has anyone in Garbage heard of the Japanese artist Sheena Ringo? I know it's random, but I always wondered if my favourite band had somehow heard of my favourite artist (even if I mostly listen to her early albums).

garbageofficial18 karma

I find it amusing that "shy" people think out spoken people are different from them. We are not. We just make a decision to connect rather than disengage. We all feel uncomfortable in social situations. Make no mistake. Extroverts just know how to hide their discomfort better. Sx

garbageofficial9 karma

We have not heard of Sheena, but we will check her out! BV

WM_Garbage9 karma

Is the urban legend about throwing poo off the roof of a castle in Austria true? If so, is it your favorite poo-related anecdote?

garbageofficial11 karma

All my poo stories tend to be TRUE but it was in Germany I think . NOT Austria. And yes I believe it might be my favorite although the cereal bowl story is pretty good too. Sx

garbageofficial3 karma

I think that happened in Iowa. It was a barn not a castle.

JforJeweller8 karma

Hi guys, looking forward to seeing you at the Brixton Academy in November!

You've recorded quite a few cover versions in your time, which one was your favourite to record/perform?

My favourite is your Record Store Day version of Because The Night with the Screaming Females.

garbageofficial9 karma

My favorite cover we have ever done is 13 by Big Star. Alex Chilton loved it too which was SUCH an honour. and a compliment Sx

garbageofficial6 karma

Can't Seem to Make you Mine!

Cirihell7 karma

What about playing 'nobody loves you' live?

garbageofficial8 karma

Love the song. Not this tour. That came later than 95. Duke

wtf707 karma

Hey guys, I've been a huge fan since the beginning and I love the new stuff that you're putting out as well.

What are you thoughts on making it 20 years in the industry? How long do you plan to keep going?

garbageofficial8 karma

I am going to keep on going until they have to drag me off stage in a hearse with my pink boa trailing behind us as we go. Sx

dragnova7 karma

Who is an artist (dead or alive) you would absolutely love to collaborate with?

garbageofficial16 karma

when I was working with Dave Grohl on Sound City, there was chance Neil Young was gonna jam with Krist and Dave, which didn't happen, BUT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME! BV

saintdane057 karma

Three Questions:

  1. I'm training to be a professional wrestler and want to use your song Blood For Poppies as my entrance theme on the independent circuit. How would I go about doing that?

  2. You did the theme for the James Bond theme. It is a noticably different style to many of your other singles. Was there any interference from Eon Productions concerning the song?

  3. Did Hideo Kojima contact you about using Not Your Kind of People for the Metal Gear Solid V Trailer?

garbageofficial5 karma

I don't know but I LOVE wrestling. Sx

nreon6 karma

where did you learn to play guitar and how long did it take you to get good?

garbageofficial12 karma

I learned guitar playing along to records in my bedroom, and hopefully one of these days I will "get good"! Thanks, Steve

fragilestories6 karma

Long time fan.. once, when I was a young man, I met a girl at one of your concerts who proceeded to seduce me in her living room while playing the piano line from "You Look So Fine". It was one of those surreal, beautiful adolescent moments.

So here's a dumb question. Some of your songs seem abstract, where some feel more intensely personal. "Soldier Through This" and "April Tenth" come to mind, both speaking to struggling relationships. (At least, that's how they've spoken to me -- and definitely helped me through failing relationships over the years).

Where are those songs written from? Is it a place of pain, of healing? Is it nostalgia? I've always wondered.

Also - as someone who no longer qualifies as a young man, what about "Witness to Your Love" - which I feel is the perfect nostalgia song. Takes me right back to being young and in love, no job, no debt, no career, no responsibility.

Anyway. I have tickets to four concerts this month, including Chicago and Brooklyn. Absolutely looking forward to them.

garbageofficial6 karma

Soldier Through This is a gem of ours that very few have heard. We wrote it at a time of great anguish for me personally. April The Tenth was also written after a friend of mine committed suicide. Thank you for hearing us. It means so much. Sx

cynicaltomorrow5 karma

What bands would you most like to do a future tour with?

garbageofficial13 karma

David Bowie Sx

GiveMeChocolateOrDie5 karma

Hey guys, love from Chile, I really hope you can come back again soon! If you could be in any horror movie/TV show/book what would it be? And what character would you like to play? Love you guys! :)

garbageofficial8 karma

The new Twin Peaks, I'd be a weirdo musician who lives in the back room at the hotel! BV

ssjmarcus19904 karma

Hi guys! Love you soo much!!

Anyway, a question, Which is your favourite video you have done and were there any video concepts for songs that didn't get made?


garbageofficial5 karma

Yes we had a concept.....for the video for Cherry Lips and it was fucking AMAZING by video director Dawn Shadforth but the record company in their infinite wisdom decided that they would reject the concept. I hope we can make it one day. It will be wicked.

thegwillis4 karma

Loving the Super Deluxe Edition of the reissue, especially the demo versions of the album tracks and the g-sides. Any plans to release similar deluxe versions of the other albums in the future? Would LOVE the same done for Version 2.0! Can't wait to see you at the Greek in LA next Thursday!

garbageofficial8 karma

I would LOVE to re-release Version 2:0. If I have my way we WILL!!! Sx

rave4raveout4 karma

Is that true that you don't like the song Deadwood? Really?? It's my favourite G track!

garbageofficial7 karma

Not sure about the others, but I love Deadwood! We need to play it live! BV

LuckyNickels4 karma

Question for Butch: what song contains your favorite drum beat of all time?

garbageofficial5 karma

too many good grooves...fave fill, snare roll on Elvis's HOUND DOG! BV

fivehundy4 karma

What do you remember about your first show at 7th Street Entry?

garbageofficial4 karma

Fear, terror, and Gwar. Steve

BeautifulRaimy4 karma

20 years is a long time. What do you think about the world. Was it more safe back then?

garbageofficial4 karma

The world has never been safe my darling...........try not to worry. It's no worse than before. You are just more aware and that is a good thing. To be aware is to be smart and to be smart increases your changes of survival. Sx

Mancitybob4 karma

How come your doing vip packages in the us? But not the UK 😢 would love to watch you guys sound check will you let me in Manchester pretty please ?? 💜💜💜

garbageofficial3 karma

Some territories it was getting hard to coordinate, but hopefully next time! BV

Jenssouza4 karma

Hey guys! The show here in Brazil was the best day of my life, and I wanna thank u a lot for beying so nice on meet and greet!

What do you think about our moment in music nowadays?

garbageofficial4 karma

We loved playing in Brazil, we hope to get back next year!

And, there are SOOOO many great new bands out there! BV

maguslod4 karma

I saw you live during the Beautiful Garbage World Tour and loved how different your sound was, a lot heavier. Is there any chance to get a live album produced?

garbageofficial8 karma

hmmm, we've recored a lot of shows over the years, we might release some live material with a DVD....but after this tour we're finishing our new album! BV

vee3333333 karma

Are you going to do a full US tour soon?

garbageofficial6 karma

Yes next year!

garbagedisco3 karma

How many more demo's exist from the back catalogue which had the lyrics totally reworked?

garbagedisco5 karma

Sub question on this, will we ever hear Happiness Pt1?

garbageofficial5 karma

We had a version of Happiness Pt 1 that we never finished... we used some snippets of Shirl's vocal from that in Pt 2 BV

garbagedisco3 karma

What's your view on fans who follow you from show to show, country to country?

garbageofficial5 karma

We have a lot of great HARDCORE fans, and love seeing familiar faces allover the world! BV

exaberri3 karma

You guys are pretty hard rock people but is there some "guilty pleasure" music you like to listen? Like Britney or something?

garbageofficial2 karma

ABBA! Steve

wielku3 karma

When can we expect some news on new album?

And I love you Shirley <3

garbageofficial5 karma

Once we are done touring our Anniversary Tour!!!!! Stay tuned. It's coming .........it's coming.......Sx

LuckyNickels3 karma

To each of the members: what band or artist most influenced you in your career/development as an artist? What is your all-time favorite album?

garbageofficial4 karma

Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie, Horses by Patti Smith, The Scream by Siouxsie and the Banshees..............the list is endless. Sx

garbageofficial4 karma

Beatles! Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band! Duke

Paranoid19983 karma

What is Garbage?

garbageofficial3 karma

Garbage is good. Garbage is garbage!

ivegotnotits3 karma

So excited to see you at your UK shows ❤️ What b side are you most looking forward to playing live? And for the new album - if you could describe it so far in three words what would they be?

garbageofficial4 karma

Subhuman! Dark, unpolished, immediate. Thanks! Steve

j2cool3 karma

Do you still think you're paranoid?

garbageofficial4 karma

It's good to be paranoid! BV

Bodysurfinyon2 karma

When a song is germinating, do lyrics or riffs come first, or if it is not that simple, could you elaborate?

garbageofficial7 karma

every song has it's own birth sometimes a phrase or lyric will start it, sometimes a groove or chord progression...there's no set way they develop. Some of the new song took 6 months to finish, a couple took 6 hours! BV

garbagedisco2 karma

Same question to each of you. If you could be in a super group for one night only who would be in that group and where would you play?

garbageofficial7 karma

John Bonham on drums, Jamie from The Kills on guitar, Bill Clinton on sax, and Elvis singing. Steve

garbageofficial7 karma

I fucking HATE super groups. They give me the creeps. Sx