Miami hip hop group ¡MAYDAY!, signed to Tech N9ne's Strange Music. National recording artists/touring/rappers/producers. ¡MAYDAY! is Bernz, Wrekonize, nonMS, Gianni Ca$h and Plex Luthor ;)

Currently on tour (dates - for our latest national release, Future Vintage - available now >> OR PICK IT UP AT BEST BUY :)

***Edit: Alright my people, our ride to Seattle is almost over and we're wrapping this one up. Thanks for all the questions and all the love, Future Vintage is out now! Thanks for supporting the album and we're so glad to hear you're enjoying it. This was fun, We'll do it again sometime!!!


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TheRealDudja16 karma

You guys rule!!!! My question is do you think it would be possible to make a Ces Cru/Mayday joint album?? That would be so dope!!!

mayday_music14 karma

We would love to do that at some point. Ces Cru are great guys and undeniable talents. I don't know if the world is ready for that yet though.

max_power25010 karma

What was the inspiration behind Against My Better Judgement? And will you guys be taking Future Vintage on a Canadian tour?

mayday_music13 karma

We wanted to do a love song to our vices. We all have things we can't live without at times or indulge in at an excessive frequency. Bernz came in with the title of the song first. Immediately it took us to relationship town but instead of going there (which i felt we had gone to enough already on this album) we decided to switch it up and talk about the relationship people have with their vices. For me personally it was nice to do something more serious about substance than always just being jovial about it. I wanted to let people know that it's not always fun and games and you have to respect it or it will destroy you.

We will definitely be back to Canada in the upcoming year! We had a blast on our first trip there this year and definitely plan to return!


painya6 karma

This one is for Wrek, I loved your album "The War Within," and there was a ton of great stuff in there. I loved the song "Galil," but I can't for the life of me figure out how the title relates to the song seeing as an Israeli Rifle. What was your inspiration for the title?

Ps. I was at Spokane last night and got the USB bracelet and love what was on it!

Edit: What was your favorite song to preform on the set?

mayday_music14 karma

Thanks!!! This is going to sound funny but i got the idea from Call of Duty. At the time my go to weapon in the game was the Galil and i loved the sound of the word. I consider myself to be a passive person. Never been a confrontational person. I wanted to write a song about what happend when you push the nice guy too far. Everyone has their breaking point and when you reach that, that's when you feel the need to strike or lash out. So i used the name of the rifle to liken to the feeling of letting some shots off and retaliating to being treated badly. Glad you got the bracelet my brother. I hand picked a selection of goodies from the vault for those! Thanks for coming out and supporting!

kyleking3176 karma

What's the status of your guys' chains as a band? How long is it going to take before Trav hooks you all up?

mayday_music9 karma

In all honesty i can see why we didn't get chains when we signed to the label. We were a different kind of act then all the artists on the label. There was also 6 of us. Then when i dropped my solo record it would have been awkward for me to get one and not all the band. It made practical sense to me to not have chains but while we're being honest, i'd be very happy to receive one. -Wrek

ericjtaft5 karma

What song means most to you and why? Love the music guys!

mayday_music13 karma

Currently I think we'd all agree that Shortcuts & Dead Ends means the most to us. It was a very personal record and it was a real challenge to complete but when it was finished it quickly became one of our favorite records and it's a great song to perform live. Singing that with the crowd every night is one of the current highlights of touring for us!

Thub8073 karma

Where the hell did you guys find Kap Kallous? Thanks to you guys I heard him on the Canada tour and am hooked! Much thanks and keep killin it!

mayday_music3 karma

Kap is the homie! He's been Florida family for a minute now. Lot of talent coming out of FLA for years now. We're happy to finally bring some out on the road with us!

mask5673 karma

In highs and lows is it "getting high till the sky's my low" or "getting high to disguise my lows"?

mayday_music7 karma

It's "getting high to disguise my lows" but when people started asking us the other lyric, we kind of liked that too and it totally works. So at the end of the day i like that people can sing it multiple ways. Makes the song lyric like a choose your own adventure!!

KMB313 karma

When are you coming to England?

mayday_music6 karma

February and i can't even front, I'm so excited i might pee myself right now. Been wanting to play my home country since i sung my first note! -Wrek

nickp2472 karma

I am a huge fan of ¡Mayday! and Strange Music!! You guys make some damn fine music. I'm hoping to make it to the concert on the 2nd! Now onto my question:

If you had to pick only one...what kind of Jelly would you put on your peanut butter and jelly? Grape or Strawberry? (big question, i know. take your time)

Side note: Ubi answered this a while back to...

mayday_music2 karma

haha. good question. all in unison "GRAPE!"

Techn9ne4life2 karma

Have you thought about bringing back Wrek Wednesdays? I loved the freestyles you were doing.

mayday_music2 karma

Yeah I brought them back for this album. Got 4 out currently. Going to do one last one for this series next week!

ftit9x2 karma

Are you guys ready to drink a bunch of Jack for my birthday?!?!

mayday_music2 karma

and you know this!!!!

TheOnlyZealot2 karma

Hey ¡MAYDAY! Crew. I'm really digging Future/Vintage and I just wanted to know what was your motivation to continue working on your music for all these years even when things may have gotten tough. Was it just your passion for the music or was there something else?

mayday_music3 karma

Thanks!! I'd call it our passion for the craft. Above all we've always made sure that no matter what we love what we do. When you have that foundation secure, it helps you find the strength to deal with the many obstacles between you and tomorrow.

Kwas1252 karma

Is there a chance that we wil be able to hear a june or due in june live?

mayday_music2 karma

I would absolutely love to do that. I actually rehearsed June to take out on a solo tour but i didn't feel it complimented the set at the time. But i truly hope we can add it in sometime.


tourist-o2 karma

Whats up MAYDAY! I was wondering if you guys are coming to Europe this year?

And if you guys knew which other Strange Music artists are planning a European tour any soon...

Thank you very much!

mayday_music2 karma

Not sure about everyone but for us it's looking like Feb/March!

FutureVintage2 karma

Hey guys, more recent follower of your music here, but you guys have really helped me out with high school since last year. Love the new album, by the way. My favorite track would have to be "Can't Take It With You".

Anyways, I was just wondering if there was an age limit to attend one of your shows? Thanks, guys.

mayday_music2 karma

Thanks!! Glad you're digging the new record. Some of the places we play do have age limits. Depending on the venue. Sometimes it's 18+ sometimes 21+. We try to do as many all ages shows as humanly possible though. Sadly the way this country is with Alcohol laws, it can be tough. I'd say check with the venue you want to attend first.

Notty_PriNcE2 karma

What do you have to say to the fans from India?! Have you ever thought of doing a show here?

mayday_music3 karma

Funnily enough, that was just proposed to us a month ago. We'd love to do it and are looking at logistics as we speak! Much love from ¡MAYDAY! to INDIA!!

phurgawtin2 karma

If you were to follow up with another collab album like MURSDAY, who are other Strange artists you'd like to team up with? Rittzday? Cesday? Kaliday? etc.

mayday_music7 karma

Man, all those sound amazing. I definitely think the ces mayday project would be dope seeing as we're two emcee duos.

krakenbum2 karma

Hello! Its truly awesome for you guys to do an AMA today, I have been a huge fan since you guys have been signed onto Strange Music everything that you guys had made and been featured in has been nothing short of phenomenal, so now I have a few questions for you guys

  1. “Future Vintage” , “Believers” and “Take Me To Your Leader” are phenomenal, each album had a very different sound, “Take Me To Your Leader” had a lot of a more Rock based sound than your most recent albums. “Death March” , “Hardcore Bitches” , “Due In June” and “Last Days” were some of my favorite songs off the album that was just raw with a rock band mixed with some funky ass hip-hop! I am a huge fan of “Believers” and “Future Vintage” too, but what I am asking is that is there a chance you guys would make another album similar to “Take Me To Your Leader”?
  2. Who are you guys personal favorite rappers and rock bands, growing up that influenced the sounds that you guys have recorded?
  3. Mr. Ben Miller! If somebody came up to me and asked what my personal top three best albums ever made I would say Nirvana’s “Nevermind” , FIDLAR’s self-debut album “FIDLAR” and Wrekonize’s “The War Within”. Everything off that album was pure flawless genius that not many rappers can match with your lyrical writing abilities. “Galil” will always be a song I hold close. Can we expect another solo album soon?
  4. Bernz! Where is your solo album?
  5. Out of everyone on Strange Music, who do you guys find yourselves hanging out with the most?
  6. Why the hell did you guys skip San Diego the last couple tours?

mayday_music4 karma

Thanks for the love! 1. I'm sure at some point. The thing is a lot of that rock sound came from the guitar work of Plex Luthor who hasn't been as active in the group as of late so when he comes in we get more of that. But definitely not out of the question. Just depends on where the vibe takes us. 2. Sooooo many for Wrek (Rakim, Pharaohe Monch, Andre 3000, Aesop Rock, El-p, Murs), Bernz is definitely a Q-tip and Digable Planets guy to name a few. Gianni is Beastie Boys all day! a few major influences on us to name a few. 3. Thank you so much!!! I'm in good company on that lost. Galil is one of my favorites as well. Been working on a video for that one that i hope to release before this years end. Better late than never!! I'm hoping to drop another solo album next year!! 4. It's coming. It started as an EP but the last few tracks weren't finished in time before we started cutting Future Vintage so i held it off and now i think it's developing into a full length album due sometime next year! 6.Not 100% sure. A lot of time it's not even up to us. It's more about availability and promoter demand. Hopefully we'll be out there next spring at the latest!!

madhak2 karma

What do you guys think aliens out in the universe do for fun? Do you think if they've had millions of years longer than us to evolve that they would have the technology to map the universe and be aware of our presence?

mayday_music8 karma

They probably haven't seen us for the sam reason we haven't seen them yet, We're all too busy looking down at our phones. :)

mayday_music3 karma

They probably haven't seen us for the sam reason we haven't seen them yet, We're all too busy looking down at our phones. :)

DarrenDC1 karma

Highs and Lows was probably my fav on TMTYL. I really loved Ace Hood's verse but when I looked for more like it by him, I was pretty his whole catalog. I'm wondering, did he write that rhyme or was it ghost written for him? Future/Vintage escaped me but I just saw it was released. So far it ROCKS! Thanks!!!

mayday_music2 karma

No ghostwriting on that one. I'm proud to say we've worked with all kinds of artists with all different styles and we like to think we bring out something different each time. So whereas someone may not be into Ace Hood's catalog, they can hear him on a Mayday record and enjoy his contribution. It's one of my favorite things to pull off. The weirder the pairing seems, the more we want to accomplish it.

I_Eat_Face1 karma

Hey Mayday, been listening to you guys ever since Tech signed you all - you guys are awesome!

A few questions:

1) What is the craziest thing that has happened to you (or any of Strange Music) while on tour?

2) What are your dream collaborations, as in, what artists would you like to work with the most?

3) Is there going to be another Mursday album? That was seriously one of the most fun albums to listen to as of late.

4) Is there any possibility of a Strange Music festival?

mayday_music2 karma

Appreciate that! 1 - So many tour dates it's all gets a bit fuzzy but i was recently on a bus that crashed into a building and the driver panicked and bailed on us. 2 - Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Run The Jewels, Little Dragon 3 - We'd be game for another at some point. 4 - That would be killer. If anyone could pull it off, Tech and Trav could. Not sure if they are interested in doing it though. Throwing a successful festival is no easy task.

ParametricMind1 karma

Boxers or briefs?

mayday_music2 karma

Let's go Boxer Briefs. Best of both worlds lol

bucketfucket1 karma

Wrekonize, how'd you go about "wrek"ing the mic?

mayday_music1 karma

Same way you get to Carnegie hall, Practice.

newkidon1 karma

Huge fan of everyone at Strange Music and especially yall! I love the unique styles of every artist who works there and was wondering, who were your biggest musical influences in developing your style?

mayday_music2 karma

Melting Pot Speed round (deep breath) Everyone from Led Zeppelin to A Tribe Called Quest to Pink Floyd to The Roots to Hector Lavoe to Peter Gabriel to Pharoahe Monch to D'angelo and beyond. Too many to name.

CrayonTehSanuki1 karma

Hey guys, when are you coming to New Zealand?! My roommate and i are hanging out for y'all to come down.

mayday_music2 karma

We can't wait to get over there. We're working on it for sure!

Badfishis1 karma

Y'all are a powerful force, keep up the good work, thanks for the likes, y'all are truly inspiring and keep me alive aswell as music and words.... Much love to all y'all.... Just wanted to know how can we have a revolution without words? Y'all make me think. We need people like you out there promoting what it is we are going through here and your helping with the global uprising and can't wait to see that through... tripping

mayday_music1 karma

Communication and Unified goals is a good place to start. Tough world out there but it's so easy to connect now. Easier than ever before. That's if we haven't overstimulated ourselves to death first.

Drusiph1 karma

Would you rather have 1 duck sized horse or 10 horse sized ducks?

mayday_music1 karma

1 duck sized horse. The horse sized ducks shit pile would be uncanny.

tourist-o1 karma

Any plans on another collaborative album with Murs or another artist?

mayday_music1 karma

We're always open to the idea. Going to do some solo projects first though.

Flashy691 karma

Strange pretty much give you total creative control right ?

If you signed else were do you think we'd still be listening to the same mayday we have come to know?

What do you guys think you need to take you to that next level ? You guys have hits but what do you think you need to bring you to a massive audience ?

mayday_music2 karma

Definitely. One of the best things about Strange is that very fact. Can't say with total confidence mayday would be the same without that creative control. Not 100% sure what we need but we're working on it every second of every day. Maybe more Promotional support from fans and from the industry. Or Just the right record at the right time. It's all a dice game. But we're here to keep rolling, that's for certain.

Cmac1311 karma

Does it get annoying always having to search for the upside down exclamation mark on your keyboard?

mayday_music3 karma

lol I got used to it because it's easy on macs. We've definitely cursed using it though as it hinders some people from finding us. Damn artists and their wacky ideas.

SeekTheReason1 karma

Whats up iMAYDAY! thanks for this AMA, im bumpin some Future Vintage as i type. a few questions

1 Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with for future projects?

2 What artists have inspired you all to make your particular style?

3 What styles of music would you be interested in making other than your own?

thanx again looking forward to see you guys live! Keep it Strange

mayday_music2 karma

1 - Run The Jewels, Little Dragon, Sohn 2- Too many too name! Listed a few a little bit ago though. But that list is like Bible long. 3 - Would definitely like to try some more rock ballad stuff like "Against My better Judgement" or some straight up Funk james brown type stuff.

DirkBottompants1 karma

Couple questions here

  1. Did you ever think you would be famous/popular when you were younger, say, in high school?

  2. How would you explain the come up from when you started to getting signed to strange?

  3. Not a question but I just wanted to say that you guys are great and like keep doing what you've been doing.

Edit: Also any thoughts on a Kid Ink colab track?

mayday_music1 karma

1 - Always thought about being respected/famous for music ever since we were teenagers. 2- Like a long rollercoaster ride with long stretches of just bumpy flat road. 3- Thanks

Don't think Kid Ink knows us but we'd be down.

meddiocre1 karma

are you going to come to europe? barcelona specially? we all love you from down here. Also, would you bring someone else from the strange team?

mayday_music1 karma

Hoping for Europe this upcoming year!! Been a long time in the making!! Probably just Mayday on this first run. That we know of anyway

nomore_mrniceguy1 karma

Mayday! Love you guys and your music. Haven't had a chance to hear Future Vintage yet, but I'll buy and support you guys any day.

Do you guys have any plans of making a stop for a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan? I'd be there bumping your shit without a doubt.

Keep up with the amazing music, and thank you for the great music so far!

mayday_music1 karma

We just played Lansing actually on this tour. Not hitting grand rapids this time though. Hopefully in the spring. Hope you enjoy the new album!

TVxStrange1 karma

You've had some success with having music in television and movies in the past, is that something you seek out, or is it more the tv/movie crew reaching out and asking for permission to use the tracks?

mayday_music1 karma

We try to seek it out for sure, but sometimes we luck out and someone reaches out to us. It's a tough racket though. Lot of competition!

buymybuttplug1 karma

My wife loves your shit. Especially Mortuary Mary. Any way you could give her a shout out on here? Her name is Stephanie!

mayday_music2 karma

What up Stephanie! Much love from the ¡MAYDAY! boys!

Blazejak251 karma

If you could do one song with any artist that isn't a part of Strange Music, who would it be?

Thanks for doing this, you guys are awesome. Much love from Chicago!

mayday_music2 karma

Right now i'd say Run The Jewels. Epicness would ensue

Starsy1 karma

As someone that doesn't listen to hip-hop, how would you convince me to try out your music?

mayday_music2 karma

People often tell us they listen to our music but don't really like hip hop. We're a hybrid that takes the best out of the genre and puts it in a incubator with a half dozen other ingredients for a tasty mix.

lnfluence1 karma

Any chance of a UK tour with tech?

mayday_music1 karma

That would be dope! Not as of yet.

SmittyKY1 karma

Congrats! You're names are awesome, and I wish you the best of luck. My questions are, what made him reach out to you? Did you hear from the man himself or a manager?

mayday_music1 karma

If you mean Tech, our music was introduced to him from our manager through an awesome mutual friend to Dave Weiner, the VP of strange.

KSMKxRAGEx1 karma

Will you guys be doing another show in Portland, OR? I know you guys play at Seattle tonight, Absolutely mad I missed out on seeing you guys.

I want to see a tour with Mayday, Murs, Tech N9ne/Krizz Kaliko & Ces Cru! Any plans like that?

Also, thanks for all the amazing music you put out.

mayday_music1 karma

We're actually playing Portland tomorrow at the Analog Theater!!

commander_fucknugget1 karma

Holy fuck I'm glad I caught this. I have two simple questions. 1.) Are you guys on strangulation 2?, and 2.) Who found you guys and what was the story behind that if one?

mayday_music1 karma

1 - we're currently on 2 tracks and hoping for a 3rd.

2- Our manager and the VP at Strange Dave Weiner had a mutual friend that showed him the music. He loved it and showed it to Tech, then they had us open 2 shows in Florida to see our live show and the rest is history :)

XLFrodoFeet1 karma

Hey guys! Just got to see you while you were in VA Beach on the boardwalk. Was a great show that night, too! The new album is awesome, by the way. Been on constant.

But yeah, even with the small turn out we had here, will you guys still plan to come back?

mayday_music1 karma

We'd love to. Gotta start somewhere. Time to build.

Silentyum1 karma

Hey guys, I've been a massive fan since I first heard you when you signed to Strange. Your music is inspired! Songs like "Amnesia", "Exile", "Take Me To Your Leader" & "Give You My All" have strongly influenced my past few years. I've always wanted to see you guys performing live, are there any plans for a Europe Tour?

mayday_music1 karma

Thank you! We're hearing talk of Feb/March!

Blazeja21 karma

Thanks so much for doing this AMA! I'm loving Future Vintage, but I'm already anxious for more music... what is the status on the solo albums Wrek and Bernz have planned? The War Within is great and it's really cool to see what you have to offer as individuals as well as a collective.

mayday_music1 karma

2016 is the year of solo-mayday-pa-looza! :)

El_Stina1 karma

Have you ever written lyrics that you felt got a little too personal, or maybe meant too much too you (if that makes sense) to make public?
Also, would you ever let a stranger (fan) cook you a meal while on tour? Thank you all for doing what you do! Wrek, your voice is amazing, absolutely love it!

mayday_music1 karma

Thanks so much! Definitely written some things that i didn't end up recording. Some things have just meant to be for me! And home cooked meals on the road are always welcomed! It's hard to eat good on the road so we never turn down a home cooked meal!!

strange_dominator1 karma

Favorite strange/non-strange artist to collaborate with? Who killed it on strangulation II that might surprise ppl

mayday_music1 karma

Sounds political but on Strange everyone is a true joy to work with. Non Strange we had a blast working with Del. We actually haven't heard all of Strangeulation 2 yet. That's Tech in the drivers seat on that one.

Pramalot1 karma

First and foremost, mad respect from the DC area. I've been listening to you fellas for quite some time now, and it feels so fresh and new, with so many classic components. I can't describe the feeling your music gives me.. I was curious as to what music you all listen too? What gives you all this inspiration?

mayday_music1 karma

Man, all kinds, Rock, Soul, Pop, Reggae, FUNK, Hip Hop of course. We are students of all music. Genre not important. just if it's makes us feel good!

Thecamoguy1 karma

Can you please play short cuts and dead ends, and highs and lows. Tomorrow night in Portland? Please?

mayday_music3 karma

I think that can be arranged!

ThePunisher561 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing the AMA!

My favorite songs are 'The Noose' and 'Badlands'.

My question is, what was the back story behind 'The Noose'? What happened that made it a song and was it resolved?

mayday_music2 karma

I had a friend who lost a family member to suicide and it really shook me up. Got the music for The Noose that day and wanted to make a song from the perspective of someone going through that to attempt to help give them a voice and let them know we all feel that way sometimes and they aren't the only ones.

zombiejh1 karma

First off I'm a huge fan and still play Believers weekly.

Any plans for a new solo album, Wrek? And what about Bernz?

mayday_music2 karma

Hoping for both in 2016!

Futur3Vintage1 karma

Why do you choose to attach the spoken word pieces/skits of the albums to the end of songs instead of making them separate tracks like you do on mixtapes? I'm less inclines to put those songs on playlists because the sketches disrupt the flow of music.

mayday_music2 karma

We didn't want to cloud up the cd with skits on tracks. Some people prefer it that way and some people prefer it on it's own track. We just tried it this way for this album.

Atrave1 karma

Do you guys plan on collaborating with Jarren Benton again, or anyone else from Funk Volume? I found out about you guys thanks to them, love ya'll shit keep it up

mayday_music1 karma

We would love to. Love that crew. All amazing talents. Hopefully we can have Jarren on an upcoming project of ours!

Cephas201 karma

What advice can u guys give to aa struggling artist? How much does Wreck charge for a collab?

mayday_music1 karma

This career is not easy. Focus on the craft more than the career. Do whatever you can to invest in yourself and your art and be persistent. You can contact our mgmt for feature rates. [email protected]

Scra7chy1 karma

Hi ! I love you guys and i know there's gonna be a lot of questions coming your way so ill make it quick - Poland, Wrocław. Please. Yeah, im that f*cker that sent you the thingy with "i can help with booking the club in Wroclaw just come pls" shit. So yeah, when? :(

mayday_music2 karma

(whispers) February. Don't tell anybody else though.

009InchNails1 karma

You guys killed it with Future/Vintage. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for all you do.

Are we going to see any new solo stuff soon?

mayday_music3 karma

Thanks!!! Looking like a bunch of solo material is in the works from Bernz, Wrek, and Gianni.

ftit9x1 karma

Who has the most ¡MAYDAY! related tattoos?

mayday_music1 karma

haha. C'mon Aaron I think we all know you do!

OKCisthebest1 karma

What was your first ever performance like, as in how did it feel and how did you grow from it? Thanks :)

mayday_music2 karma

My first show was at a B-boy battle in Miami. I came out on stage super amped (probably too amped). I remember yelling at the crowd for not showing enough love to my friends who performed before me. I also was heavy into the battle scene then so i remember having a line about nelly and "commercial rap" then stopping my song and putting a band-aid on my face. I was young and had a lot of anxst. I would later grow out of that and what i learned from those early shows was how to command the crowds attention because B-boys only came to those shows to dance. You had to be twice as dope to even get them to check you out. If you didn't come with it, they would just turn their backs and cypher during the performance. - Wrek

Our now manager DJ EFN used to throw warehouse parties in Miami back in the day. The first time Bernz and I performed together was at one of those parties. That's going baaaaaaaack. Crazy. I'd have to write a novel to cover all the things we've learned since then. -Plex

DEZdispenser981 karma

Thanks for doing this! I have a couple questions

1) Any talks on Mursday 2?

2) Neither you nor murs are touring in philly (which is the only place close to me) whats up with that?

3) Tech n9ne will most likely tour for strangeulation vol 2 and he went to philly for his special effects tour (couldnt see it because that day was my parents anniversary and i had a big state wide test). Will you possibly join him for that?

4) Favorite song you guys made together?

(Thanks for the signed cd. Will frame that very soon and begin creating my mancave with strangeulation vol 2 right next to it)

mayday_music3 karma

  1. Not currently but whenever it's mentioned we same the same glimmer in Murs' eyes that we see in ours. Could just be gas though.
  2. Well i can't speak for Murs but as far as Mayday is concerned, we just haven't gotten any solid offers to play there lately. We are starting to tour more extensively in that area so i'm sur eit's only a matter of time.
  3. We'd love to. Touring with Tech is like Hip Hop Summer Camp. Such a good time.
  4. Man that's a tough one. I think right now most of us say Shortcuts & Dead Ends. Thanks for the support!!

mdOGtrapLorde1 karma

Wrek, are you still in touch with the girl from the Mayday and chardonnay music video??? Shes TOOOO fine...

mayday_music2 karma

haha. Miss Kali Lynn. She's on Wild'n Out now. She's good peoples!

Steineken211 karma

I think some of your old work like the original ¡MAYDAY! Album and the Waiting Room are massively underrated. There's so much hidden in the lyrics. Is there any way I could access the lyrics to those masterpieces? In addition, where can I find more of your early work- particularly some pre-mayday Bernz projects?

P.S. can't wait to see you guys in Sacramento on sunday.

mayday_music2 karma

Very true. There's a lot of cryptic messages hidden in those early works. I believe we'll probably add more back catalog lyric pages to our mobile apps in the not too distant future! The older Bernz stuff is like lost relics, Indiana Jones is still on the hunt for that stuff too. Hopefully one of these days it will surface. See if you can hunt down the group Evolver. He was in that. They had a song called "The Proper Word' that was killer! See you in Sacramento!

boog9eman1 karma

  1. I saw someone say "you can tell "To Pimp A Butterfly" had a huge influence on Future Vintage", would you agree?

  2. Can you elaborate further on the Instagram post from last night? Is Bernz still on the tour?

mayday_music3 karma

  1. I would probably agree. We definitely spun it a bunch in the beginning of our album process. We really admired Kendricks approach to the album in the face of his commercial success.
  2. I need that app when you're not allowed to post on social media unless you take a breathalyzer test. He was on stage when that video was shot, he just wasn't in the frame. My comments on the video weren't meant to take away from anyone, i just wanted to give props to those of us out on the road right now. Sometimes being asked where an absent member is all the time gets a little monotonous. I didn't think anyone would take my comments in that way. I blame Jack Daniels.

SleeplessJack1 karma

How does it feel to be internationally known? Is Tech always involved in your music? Are you guys always involved in Tech's music?

Thanks for making awesome music guys, I'm a long-time Strange Music fan. And I think you guys are amazing, keep it up!

mayday_music3 karma

Feels amazing. It's a drug we'd definitely like some more of. When we went to Canada for the first time and saw people in Montreal singing our lyrics who didn't even speak English really, we were amazed.

We're not always involved in Tech's music and vice versa but when we get together it's always an extremely enjoyable experience. Hope to produce another full EP or even an album one day.

gimpisgawd1 karma

I guess to all of you, what is your favorite Cam'Ron album?

mayday_music1 karma

whichever one he says "Lemonhead end up dead Ice like Winnipeg Gemstone, Flinstones You could say I'm friends with Fred"

hahahaha. Nah but in all honesty, mine is still Confessions of Fire. SO much Nostalgia when i listen to that album. -Wrek

mdmakk1 karma

Hey guys I love all the music you have put out as a band and as solo musicians. It's incredibly inspirational. I wanted to know what the craziest tour experience you all have had was? Also what is it like to work with Tech? That guy seems like a blast to be around.

mayday_music2 karma

Man, tour in itself is a crazy experience. You see so much in such a small space of time day in and day out, whenever anyone asks us that question my brain turns into oatmeal blanks. I did recently have a homeless guy knock on our bus door and say "I wanna poop on your bus" though. Good times.

Tech is an amazing guy. He's like a big kid who loves his craft more than anything. He is the definition of dedicated. Just being around the guy makes you want to be a better artist. He's shown us an incredible amount of love and we're happy to return it. We continue to learn from him and we're happy to call him a friend.

NoxPrime1 karma

Hey guys, it's Nox from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thanks for showing me and the wife so much love back in July! I just have a few questions for you guys on here, to give your twitters a break, haha. FUTURE/VINTAGE is fan-fucking-tastic! We just got our pre-order in the mail yesterday, and I don't think it's leaving my car deck anytime soon.

NonMS: We still need you to sign her Fraggle Rock book!

Bernz: So... what's up with your mixtape? We've been waiting on it, and since meeting you, the wife (@tmgreena) won't shut up about you. How's your new baby? Have you found him/her some Fraggle Rock stuff, and if not, where can we send some authentic Fraggle merch?

Thanks for your time, guys, and hopefully, we'll see you next year back up here!

Stop by The Tech N9ne Subreddit, and say hi!

mayday_music1 karma

Thanks for coming out to the show and showing us love on our first trip up there!!! My mixtape turned into an EP that has now turned into an album. Hoping for somewhere around summer of next year. Amavi is amazing. Luckily facetime keeps us seeing one another when i'm out here on the road. Haven't gotten any fraggle stuff yet but DM us on twitter and we can give the PO BOX if there's something you think he should have!!! Thanks again! Love you guys -Bernz

Steve13jc1 karma

Love the new album guys! Super sick! Wrek your from the UK any chance of you and mayday coming over on tour?

mayday_music1 karma

Thanks!!! Hoping to finally bring the show across the pond in February!!!

Bobbyjoedik1 karma

Wrek, if I may, what was your geniuine thought process after MTV pulled that bullshit on you years ago ? And Bernz, will you be putting out your solo album within the next year ? Thanks guy keep up the great music !

mayday_music3 karma

MTV actually held up all of their parts of the deal. They were a joy to deal with. It was Roc-A-Fella who never contacted me about doing the single deal that was promised. I looked at their roster of signed but unreleased artists and it honestly seemed to me like a better move to just go do my own thing. So began my long journey to get to where i currently reside. In a twist of fate, Dame Dash is a Strange Music fan. I'd love to shake his hand all these years later and have a laugh about it. - Wrek

Album coming 2016 for sure my g!! -Bernz

billmofomurray1 karma

First off I'm loving this album. The title Future Vintage is a perfect description of the sound.

So with that said, was the album title created before during or after the album was finished? And why this title?

Also if you guys ever do another Mursday album please call it just that "Another Mursday".

mayday_music2 karma

Thanks!!! The title was dubbed fairly early in the process. I'd say we had about a quarter of the songs recorded before we locked in the title. "Won't Wait" and the pre order track "Blue Soul" are a couple we had before the title.

haha. Duly noted on the Mursday title. You just flooded my brain with sequel name possibilities.

LightG71 karma

Hey Wrek and Bernz! Big fan here since I heard "One Last Standing". I have 2 questions Which is your dream collabo? And what's the best advice you can give to someone who's trying to make a living of music? Greeting from Panama

mayday_music1 karma

Thanks so much! Dream collab for me personally is Run The Jewels or Little Dragon. If we could go beyond the grave, then James Brown.

Todays advice is do lots of shows and sell merch. People today seem to think the music should just be your "business card". Can't say i agree but it's hard to fight the tide. -Wrek

Buutchlol1 karma

Hey guys, big fan! Was listening to a lot of Wrekonize's stuff before I found out Mayday was a thing. What was it like getting signed to Strange Music ?

And are you planning on comming to Sweden in the future?!

mayday_music2 karma

Amazing experience! Great artists, great staff, great vibe. We've learned an incredible amount and have been blessed to introduced to such a loyal fan base. We're happy to be releasing records with them!!

Looking like we may knock on your door in Feb/March!