THANKS to all of you for hanging out with us, we had a blast doing this! We appreciate all of you amazing fans and your support, and hope you're enjoying our new album "V"! If you haven't picked up the record yet, grab it now from any of the outlet links below. Until next time! -Mark, Chris, Travis, and J.C.

BIO: Hey everyone, this is Chris Letchford, Travis LeVrier, Mark Michell and J.C. Bryant, aka Scale the Summit! We'll be answering your questions from 2pm-4pm EST! Ask us about our brand new album "V" (released worldwide last Friday) OR any burning question you have!

Watch our brand new music video here:

"V" is available now at the following locations: iTunes: Amazon: BandCamp: Prosthetic webshop (CD + Vinyl Bundles):

We're also giving away a Strandberg Boden OS guitar! Find out how to enter here (US residents only):


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Fetterov21 karma

I loved all of the "Jeff, did you get that?" posts over the summer. Who is Jeff, anyway, and why can't he seem to get that? Thanks for the laughs and, more importantly, all of your great tunes.

STS_Official11 karma

Appreciate it! Jeff was our FOH engineer/tour manager, who also served as the recording engineer for ‘V’

HumbleHominid11 karma

Loved you guys since carving desert canyons. Any plans on coming to Montana? I've misses seeing you all in concert since moving out here.

STS_Official6 karma

Don't think we've played there in years, but we always return places. Hope to be back (or near)! -Mark

OneOfFail9 karma

Thanks for the AMA! I really love you guys, your music is incredibly amazing! Anyways, my question is there any way for there to be a collab or at least a cover with/of Animals As Leaders?

STS_Official12 karma

Tell AAL that we would love to tour together. We are all for it, but....

JoshuaBanks9 karma

How has the song writing changed from album to album? I know Chris has stated he does most of it on the older albums.

Has Travis /Mark/Pat/JC chipped in on the writing process more on the last 2 albums?

And any plans on slowing down on making music?

STS_Official11 karma

I still handle writing all the guitars and organizing the songs. Mark and JC wrote all their own parts, besides Marks bass solo in "Oort Cloud", he asked for help with ideas so I wrote him a little jingle there haha. We wont be slowing down. Right now its around one album every 2 years, that seems like an eternity by the time its released! -Chris

ClownsSuck8 karma

Yo boys, big fan. Who are some of your favorite instrumental acts at the moment? Cheers.

STS_Official10 karma

Jimmy Herring, Guthrie Trapp, Chon, Exivious, AAL, The Cancer Conspicery. -Trav

STS_Official9 karma

If we're talking relatively new artists, I'd say Tigran Hamasyan or Avishai Cohen.


fillipeano8 karma

I've been following you guys since the days of Myspace! I remember talking to you guys about how cool it would be if you played with Dream Theater and Prog nation... Then a few months later you guys got booked to play! I'm glad you guys are where you are at now. I think I've seen you guys live about 7 or 8 times now. Going along those lines, where do you see yourselves individually, and the band, in the next few months? The next year? Five years?

...Still waiting for the next Tetrafusion release as well ;)

STS_Official10 karma

Very cool man! I remember talking to Chris on MySpace in 2007 before I joined while Tetrafusion was active. Funny full circle it is.

Future for us...keeping busy, keeping productive, always looking to do new side endeavors whether its teaching-related, clinics, solo material, and just enjoying being surrounded by music in any way possible.

The next Tetrafusion album is written, but doubtfully will ever come to fruition. One of the members moved to China. -Mark

ilikeguitarsandsuch7 karma

Loving the new album! What pushed you to the decision to give the lead guitar a more raw and gritty tone on V?

STS_Official11 karma

It wasnt really a plan to change it, it just naturally happened on its own. We grow as players and as musicians so our tastes change I guess, leading to a naturally evolving sound. -Chris

Xoandir7 karma

Was wondering what is your process to create your music?

STS_Official9 karma

The writing process begins with Chris, then the rest of us pitch in and collaborate on parts.


anbu5187 karma

What do you guys think of CHON? And would you guys want to tour with them?

STS_Official13 karma

-I think they’re great! Killer players, and a bunch of good dudes. We’d definitely like to tour with them! -Trav

desertcanyons6 karma

Hey guys, loved STS since Monument and I'm digging the new album. My question is what are you guys' fave songs from each album so far, and why? Thanks!

STS_Official4 karma

J.C. M-Holding Thunder CDC-Great Plains C-Black Hills MIG-Atlas Novus V-Pontus

Mark: M-Rode in on Horseback CDC-Glacial Planet C-Black Hills MIG-Olive Tree V-tie between Pontus/Oort Cloud

Travis: M-Shaping the Clouds, Holding Thunder CDC - Age of the Tide, Giants C- Secret Earth, Black Hills MIG-Atlas Novus, Narrow Salient V-Soria Moria, Pontus, Golden Bird

anomynous16 karma

Since it's an ask me anything, why is Pat no longer with the band? (no offense J.C., you're a beast)

STS_Official8 karma

When it came time to start drum tracking for "V", we were on a strict deadline and Pat was unable to start tracking for a variety of reasons, and overall wasn't really into it all at the time, so we had to part ways and move on at that time, and feel it was best for all in retrospect. Pat's a killer drummer and killer guy, no hard feelings personally. -Mark

Uverdig5 karma

So, Chris, how is the Vegan diet going? What got you started on it and are any of the other members Veggie/Vegan?

Love your music, can't wait to give V a spin!

STS_Official5 karma

Its going great. 7 Months strong now. I went Vegan for more health reasons than just "save the animals". I had yet to meet a healthy Vegan years before, thats kind of what didnt really help me look into it as much as all they ate were processed carbs, which of course is not healthy. People need to do more research to make it healthy as any type of diet can be bad for you. -Chris

xJDRx5 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing the AMA! My girlfriend and I are huge fans. My question for you is:

Has there been an "Oh shit, we made it!" moment for you all? And if so, what was it?

STS_Official6 karma

Every once in awhile you stop, look up, and feel great about how things are progressing with the band, but it's instantly eclipsed by the drive to keep pushing and keep growing. Complacency usually equals mental plateau, and we never want that! -Mark

STS_Official5 karma

Its always going to be a building process, as you can always want more. I just wanted to get to the point of playing guitar for a living and I got to that point years ago. The "made it" term usually means making millions, being a rock star, I dont think we are there yet haha... but I couldn't be happier doing what we are doing, I have made it in my eyes! -Chris

carpentron5 karma

Hey guys. Any or all of you can answer this question.

I am aware of Chris's Lightbox stuff and I know he's heading off on a solo Country music tour, but would all of you ever consider collaborating on an all acoustic instrumental project? I'm talking 12 string guitars, acoustic bass, maybe some auxiliary percussion... crazy idea I know. Thought I'd ask.

Edit: Also, I know that the natural world is a big influence for you guys. Have any of you ever visited Alaska, or plan on it?

STS_Official4 karma

Never say never, it's a cool and very do-able idea someday!

My wife's dad lives in Anchorage, and we've been there snow skiing a few years back. Mind-blowing scenery and overall atmosphere. Hope to go back! -Mark

empirelord5 karma

J.C. in all of your play through videos your cymbals are touching. Why is this? Also are your glasses real?

STS_Official14 karma

I like my cymbals low, big, and loose, which means sometimes they hit together. It's just about getting them in a comfortable place, and it's not like it has any real impact on the sound. Never really planned on that being a thing, but it seems to upset a lot of people.


JoshuaBanks3 karma

Follow up about your cymbals JC:

what's that one cymbal with all of those little (splash?) cymbals on top that I've seen in the STS videos with you?

STS_Official3 karma

Hmm. Can you take a screenshot and show me which one you're talking about? -J.C.

JoshuaBanks3 karma

The circled one obvs. I just saw the play throughs for V where I didn't notice it.

STS_Official6 karma

Ah, that one. That's a Meinl 12/14" X-treme stack with some ching rings thrown on top. Meinl has done a fantastic job of providing me with all the sounds I need for Scale The Summit. My setup has been changing a bit to accommodate the drum parts for existing STS material.

JoshuaBanks5 karma

Ah, interesting. First time I've seen a cymbal of that design. I assumed it was some Frankenstein invention. Cool stuff!

STS_Official7 karma

Assuming you're a drummer, you should definitely check out some of their stuff. Meinl opened my eyes to a wide array of sounds I feel like I've been searching for since I first started developing my voice as a drummer. There's not a cymbal company out there with a wider selection.

Prospaceman4 karma

Chris, what is that beautiful guitar you're playing in the Blue Sun video? Also, you guys are major inspiration for me just starting to learn guitar; have you got any tips to guide me on my adventure to prog metal?

STS_Official9 karma

Its an Altius "Discoverer 7". Very affordable model! Write music in 6/4 hah. -Chris

adlauren4 karma

What's your favorite place in Houston for live shows/local music?

STS_Official4 karma

Fitzgerald's has always been a good spot to see shows! I've seen countless great ones there over the years. -Travis

sayleekelf4 karma

Travis, why did you thank Big Bend National Park in the album credits?

STS_Official5 karma

I take at least one or two camping/backpacking trips out to Big Bend every year. It's a really amazing place, and it's something I look forward to all year. If you ever get the chance to visit it yourself I highly reccomend it! -Travis

JoshPawelczyk4 karma

Are any of you guys Zelda fans? If so, what's you favorite game?

STS_Official6 karma

Ocarina of Time, close second Majora's Mask, because I beat Majora with just the Bunny Hood and a shield. Felt badass at the time. -Mark

lawlsmagawls3 karma

Hey Chris! Do you plan on releasing any other solo material and are there any other styles you'd like to approach? Loved light box and can't wait to hear V!

STS_Official4 karma

Yes. I have a new project called "islnds", its a mix of all acoustic guitar with electronic stuff, piano, synth, all kinds of sounds. Probably release it next summer. Featuring a couple of guest vocalists as well! Thanks for the interest. -Chris

Schtiv3 karma

Fan from Toronto here. I've seen every Toronto STS show since 2009. What do you feel are the differences between a large show like the 2009 progressive nation dream theater tour and the smaller venue ones since then?

STS_Official3 karma

Both types of shows are awesome, but a packed standing room has a lot more energy. The Dream Theater tour was amazing and the crowds really loved us, but its hard to get the vibe when the first row is sitting 40 feet away ha. -Chris

hustlemebitch3 karma

Will you be bringing the outfits from Stolas out on tour?

STS_Official7 karma

What outfits? That's just how we look.

franken8r3 karma

Hey guys, I'm a big fan and I loved the new record! I have a question for Chris. I've seen that you like to work out and eat healthy. Do you think these activities transpire into your music and the way you write? Thanks, and have a great day :)

STS_Official5 karma

I think its helped a lot with endurance with some of the more shred dominant songs we have. I feel 30 times better eating a healthy diet, so I bet its helping me think more clearly when writing now! -Chris

eoNcs3 karma

What ages did you guys start playing your instruments? Im 18 with no experience but I would love to pick up a guitar and play something by you guys one day.

STS_Official3 karma

I started when I was 5. Haven't stopped since. - J.C.

STS_Official3 karma

I started around 13 on guitar, but I played bass a year before that and Saxophone for 5 years prior to that. So music all my life. -Chris

STS_Official2 karma

I started playing at age 14 -Travis

Capsarge3 karma

If you were furries, what would your spirit animals be?

STS_Official6 karma

probably something like an emu -J.C.

STS_Official3 karma

A Platypus -Travis

STS_Official3 karma

llama - Mark

SandvoldTheMan3 karma

Chris (Well, everyone), who are some of your favorite jazz artists? If you could each pick a must listen jazz album, what would it be?

STS_Official4 karma

I've been huge into Tigran Hamasyan's 'Mockroot'. Probably my album of the year. Such a fresh approach to jazz. Fantastic songwriting and drumming. Was first introduced to Tigran's work alongside Mark Guiliana, playing with Dhafer Youssef. Also a big fan of Avishai Cohen (bass), especially the albums featuring Mark Guiliana. Mark Guiliana's solo albums are great, as well as his work with Brad Mehldau. I have to say, I spend more time listening to jazz these days than any other genre. There's just so much great, new material being consistently put out.

I'm also really into a lot of the classic artists. Tony Williams is huge for me. I like his Lifetime records, as well as all the records he did with Miles. Just recently got into the VSOP albums, which are quickly becoming some of my favorites. Really into all the classic Art Blakey Jazz Messengers' stuff and anything Elvin played on. These guys were the building blocks of a lot of my early years as a drummer. I could go on forever, haha. -J.C.

STS_Official2 karma

Definitely "Front Page" by Bireli Lagrene like Chris mentioned. That's easily my fav Jazz album ever. -Travis

STS_Official3 karma

Tony Grey "Chasing Shadows" or Bireli Lagrene "Front Page" band with Dennis Chambers. -Chris

Bakkenjh3 karma

My question is… Have any of you ever witnessed a UFO?

STS_Official4 karma

I haven't, but im always looking now that I live out in middle of nowhere. -chris

JoshPawelczyk2 karma

Hey guys, this is question is for anybody. I'm in a band, and we independently released our first album this summer through CDBaby. I noticed you guys went through The Orchard's distribution service. Was there any reason to have chosen The Orchard as opposed to a different distribution service? Thanks!

STS_Official2 karma

I'm actually unaware of who distributes our albums, as it's all handled by our label! At the end of the day, they all work the same though. -Mark

djmonize132 karma

For Chris/Travis/Mark: Is there any particular reason that you guys only write stuff in standard tuning? Saves on bring around guitars? No need for switching on stage? Creative reasons?

STS_Official12 karma

There are 12 musical notes total, changing the tuning doesn't really offer new sounds as it only shifts the location of the note. -Chris

Endymion862 karma

Thoughts on other instrumental progressive bands, like Explosions in the Sky?

STS_Official3 karma

Cool stuff. I went through a big post-rock phase a while back. Pretty sure I've got some Explosions in the Sky in my library. Still go back and listen to GY!BE and Mogwai on a fairly regular basis.


JoshPawelczyk2 karma

This is a question for Chris and/or Travis. While at Musicians Institute, what style of guitar did you study?

STS_Official3 karma

I studied all styles. I took country guitar, latin guitar, and all the technique classes. I didnt want to waste my time in the metal classes since I had already been playing metal for 7 years. I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone to push me to be a more well rounded musician. Country guitar was sooooo hard! -Chris

Duar972 karma

Any plans for an Europe tour? If so please include Portugal!

STS_Official2 karma

Hopefully early 2016, keep an eye out! -Mark

Sizzlesazzle2 karma

If you could go on tour with any band in history who would you pick?

STS_Official3 karma

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Just to play to those huge crowds back in the prog music's glory days of excess.


antoniocolorado2 karma

There are 3 questions, directed to Chris, Mark and Travis and a lot of "I'm not worthy, you are the best!" comments. Hahaha!! Actually, I just bought all your albums on Itunes. All of them are GREAT and V is GREAT!!!! All of the fans and "not yet fans"...GO BUY ALL OF THEM!!!! I just want to ask 3 questions and maybe say a couple of things (here's hoping you can take constructive criticism and still LOVE THIS FAN WHO LOVES YOUR MUSIC): 1) If there's a less than a split second in Colossal from The Collective where the sound just drops at the minute and second 2:16 from Itunes. If it's there all the time and it's on everyone's download or maybe just on mine? I guess you'll have to check that out. I'm pretty sure you haven't noticed 2) I love your music, believe me I do; it transports me, makes me fly...You have become one of my favorite bands in such a short amount of time!!!! THANKS!!!! Just wondering if you could add more pronounced guitar melodies on your next album? There are some GREAT melodies in your albums, especially on V (The end of the GOLDEN BIRD has a beautiful melody but short and not more than 4 notes (DAAA DAAA DAAA DAAAAAA) but they are not that pronounced as in "longer with more notes" melodies. If I'm not explaining myself completely please ask me...Besides that...Never get a vocalist, love your soundscapes...Love it when you go up and down in intensity...Like a ROLLERCOASTER!!! Bands that play their music like that are the best ones!!!! Because they show peace and beautiful chaos...When you just have one or the other, then it becomes boring!!!! Oh and this one's for Michell, 3) This is more of a comment but MAYBE I'M WRONG. Love your bass playing (and Bryant love your drum playing). The only thing I noticed is that MIchell, you could go more your own way on the bass...Like go nuts and play your own direction NOT ALL THE TIME, but in spaces. It seems you're most of the time following...Don't get me wrong!!!! YOU really KICK ASS on V...YOU HAVE A LOT OF GREAT MOMENTS LIKE IN PONTUS EUXINUS, TRAPPED IN ICE, BLUE SUN, KESTREL, and OORT CLOUD especially OORT CLOUD and BLUE SUN, that's what I'm talking about (Perfect!)...But sometimes go nuts like Greg Lake or Squier. A bit more freedom on your part and it would be perfect. The bass is just beautiful when once in a while it goes out of the others way to become the loner...where you're not following ANYONE but you're your own man. Maybe I've missed some parts and maybe you guys do have to follow the patterns...I guess maybe I have to listen to it more times. Don't know if you feel me. Still love your playing YOU KICK ASS...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE V!!!!!! LOOK YOU'RE PERFECT AND I TOOK THE TIME TO TELL YOU HOW GREAT YOU ARE AND MAYBE SOME THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN IN THE FUTURE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC!!!!! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! HEHEHE...

STS_Official2 karma

Appreciate that. There's never a pre-conceived goal for any song, we just write what feels most natural and what we like, and every album represents where we are as musicians. Instrumental music can easily get over-the-top, but we find more fulfillment focusing on songs before technicality, and always strive for a healthy blend of both. Thanks for the feedback though! -Mark

TifosiMW2 karma

Sup guys! Long time STS fan since I found out about you guys via Rock Band (The Great Plains DLC). Do you guys have plans to get any of the newer music into Rock Band 4?

STS_Official2 karma

I hope we can, but it depends if they reach out to us. -Chris

OZONE_TempuS2 karma

Hey Mark, I have a theory question for you: What scale or chord is your solo in The Oort Cloud based off of? I got a pretty big Rush vibe from it, loving the new album!

STS_Official3 karma

Thanks man. It's really just based around the A Blues scale, mainly pentatonic to keep the country-ish vibe. Tonality sort of alternates between A Major Pentatonic and A Blues Scale, sort of gives it some chromaticism and bebop type sound when I listen to it. -Mark

amongstravens2 karma

What's it like seeing the instrumental scene blow up?

STS_Official3 karma

We're proud to have been a part of it.

migrod12 karma

Chris or Travis: Thoughts on the Strandberg vs the Kiesel Vader?

STS_Official2 karma

I havent had a chance to play one of the Vaders yet. -chris

ilipah2 karma

Hey guys, a question for Chris - is there an interpolation of another StS song at about the 2:00-2:05 mark in "Trapped in Ice?" Sounds like a familiar riff but can't remember from where.

Love the new album.

STS_Official3 karma

I dont think so. Will have to think about that one for a while. -Chris

TifosiMW2 karma

Sup guys! Long time fan since I found out about you via Rock Band (The Great Plains was DLC in the game). Do you have plans to get any of your music in the new Rock Band 4 games? Love you guys!

STS_Official2 karma

Hopefully again, that'd be sick! -Mark

Hallucinogenocide2 karma

Would you guys consider collaborating with a keyboardist to produce a Scale the Summit single featuring synths?

STS_Official2 karma

Definitely if we met the right player. -Chris

metalhead19992 karma

This question is for all of you: What was your first piece of gear and do you still own and use it?

STS_Official3 karma

Cheap, candy-apple red P-Bass knock-off (Galveston brand) for $75 from a pawn shop started it all for me. Sitting across the room from me now! I sold it years ago, then that person sold it so someone else, and I was afraid of it getting too far away, so I went and bought it back. Glad I did. -Mark

STS_Official3 karma

1982 Charvel, my first guitar. I still have it! -Chris

ToastedCupcake2 karma

Love the album guys, been a fan since Monument. What made you guys decide to change the bass tone up for V? I've always enjoyed Big Lefty's playing, and it seems as if it's more prominent than ever on this album.

STS_Official2 karma

Using Warwick Thumb basses is largely responsible for the bass presence. These instruments are notorious for their low-mid presence, and I feel this works best in a band with two guitars to really cut through. It's actually tone-matched to the Migration sessions, so it is very similar overall! -Mark

Mrtnwlkr2 karma

How long have yous been playing your instruments for? The new album is awesome!

STS_Official4 karma

19 years. - J.C.

STS_Official3 karma

17 years. -Chris

STS_Official2 karma

16 years -Travis

STS_Official3 karma

11 years. -Mark

MSUspartans7772 karma

Want to say that "V" is amazing! I am a long time guitar player and I discovered your music by finding your playthroughs on youtube! My girlfriend showed me them.

My question is that will you do a playthrough for every song on "V"?

Also the new one was sweet. Also I'm the guy who's always tagging you guys on instagram haha, sorry!

STS_Official3 karma

Ha, yeah I recognized your name from Instagram. We see everything so keep tagging us.

Yes, I'll be doing a play through for the entire record! -Chris

ctdub1 karma

Hey Y'all, to repeat what has been said at least a few times in the thread - V kicks-ass! (As does the rest of your music)

My question is, now that the album is out, will we see any local shows here in Houston soon? :)

STS_Official2 karma

We'll likely start touring again next year. So keep an eye out.

theAlecu1 karma

Do you ever feel the need to change the final form of the songs after you get together and rehearse it with a full band? You said below that Chris initially arranges the songs on his own. What do you do in this kind of situation, when a certain part doesn't have the same feel/impact you expected?

STS_Official1 karma

We change stuff from time to time, but for the most part 95% of the entire album is in the original form how I wrote it. I spend so much time arranging and editing parts, that it tends to not need to much tweaking, just the guys adding their parts. -Chris

ohdamnitsdevin1 karma

Love the new album you guys! I had some questions for Chris since I too, play the guitar.

How long did you have to practice playing until you felt like you could comfortably play anything that came into your head?

Do you think methods like the CAGED system are beneficial to achieving the ability to play on your level?

I'm currently experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain in my pinky in my fretting hand, I know I should take it easy and let it recover. Do you often get pain in your fingers? Does it come with the territory of being a guitarist?

How would you say your .Strandberg* guitar compares to all others you've played? What do you like about it most? I'm hoping to get your signature model in my hands one of these days!

Thanks for taking the time to answer! Keep on rockin' you guys!

Oh and your Great Danes are seriously the best things ever! So adorable!

STS_Official3 karma

Probably after the first 8 years of playing, but I spent around 6+ hours a day practicing during those first 8 years.

Discomfort in what way? My finger tips will sting but only when we are tracking and Im playing 9+ hours of guitar each day.

My Strandberg and all the bergs I have played are some of the best guitars I have ever played! The comfort and the playability.

Yes, Great Danes rule all! -Chris

bigdiesel171 karma

Hey guys, huge fan. Saw you guys for the first time with Dream Theater in Asheville, NC. Purchased all of your albums and been to every show you've played in NC since then.

I was curious about why you guys play Greensboro more often than not. Specifically, is there a reason you choose to play in Greensboro versus the Raleigh/Durham region?

STS_Official1 karma

Thanks man for being a long-time fan! As far as locations, there are dozens of variables that go into booking tours, and our agent handles that, we have no say-so really. There are thousands of bands touring at any given time, so it's really all about what's available and where the best offers lie. Hope to be back though! -Mark

Padre_of_Ruckus1 karma

Hey JC, how's Trotsky doing?

STS_Official2 karma

He's great. Gearing up for Halloween. That's his time of the year.

Richi_shreds1 karma

Travis and Chris, any chance on starting a lesson website like Mark?

Alot of us would be interested! Thanks!

STS_Official1 karma

It's been discussed ;-)

STS_Official1 karma

Definitely. It takes around 6 months to develop a site like that, but we are discussing it. -Chris

GlassNinja1 karma

What are you guy's hobbies during downtime?

Bonus question: What are each member's drink of choice?

Love everything you guys put out, always preorder albums. Keep rocking!

STS_Official3 karma

Never really had many hobbies, since all my time has been devoted to music for so long. I've gotten into working out and hiking/camping in the past year or two. Also plan on tinkering with cars once I have the resources.

I like sparkling water and stuff like that. Not a huge drinker, but as far as alcohol goes, just some whiskey or a cold Budweiser.


STS_Official3 karma

Camping/Backpacking/with a bit of photography. Riding the Houston bike trails. Bonus Answer: I enjoy a good craft beer, & occasionally some good whiskey. Thanks for all the support dude! -Travis

STS_Official3 karma

I shoot guns, no hunting though. Just shoot steel targets as a personal challenge.

Drink: I dont really have a favorite.

We appreciate the support! -Chris

STS_Official3 karma

Spending time with the kids and family takes up most of my time. Not sure if its a hobby, but I'm big on craft beer and the brewery culture, and my local town has had 2 new ones open, so it's been awesome. Drink of choice is any Stout or Porter craft brew, or a good DIPA. -Mark

ljdmd1 karma

You guys are truly an amazing band.
1. Personally I think the human voice is overrated, having said you ever anticipate using it in a future song? 2. How much do you guys practice? Your technical skills are among the best

STS_Official3 karma

  1. I like some singers out there but we'll never use one in STS.

  2. I really dont "practice" much anymore when it comes to guitar, I spend more of my time rehearsing songs and when the timing is write, work on new songs.

JoshPawelczyk1 karma

This is a question for anybody. For a band trying to break out of the local scene, is there a reasonable way to hop on to a tour with a larger band, or is it mainly through connections? In other words, is it out of line/frowned upon to just ask say the booking manager to join in on a tour?

STS_Official1 karma

Getting on someone's radar is from connections, but actually being logistically able to do it is purely political usually and is based on past draw numbers, whether you have a new record out, frequency of times played in a city, album sales, etc. You can buy onto tours, but to not to do that, you must be able to contribute significant draw to the tour. It's honestly tons of smaller factors too! I wouldn't say it's out of line, but be professional and have a reason to do it besides the fact that you want to. Most important thing is just to get out, play live, build a fanbase, and then merge your draw with other tours slowly. It's like starting a business. -Mark

CantBeThrownAway1 karma

This is kind of a silly question, but what is your favorite album art?

I love The Migrations the most personally.

Anyways keep on being amazing and inspirational, and have a wonderful day! :D

STS_Official3 karma

YES have some of the best album art ever. Also, Tool.


mayeloski241 karma

hello guys, I have a question for Mark, how do You have your bass set up? as low as possible? or not to low? I know some bassists have their basses set up as low as they can because it's better for slapping, so I want to know your opinion and how you have your bass set up. thanks

STS_Official1 karma

Almost as low as possible, and have a little bit of buzz every now and then! Measurements are probably 3-4/64th inch, or 1.5m/2mm action height. I try to find a good balance of low action, but high-enough action to where the strings sustain nicely! -Mark

onesonesones1 karma

Is Joe Flacco an elite QB?

STS_Official4 karma

I'm not huge into football, but I'd say Joe Flaco is a much better QB than anything we've got on the Texans currently :-/ -Trav