Hi Reddit! I'm Denis Villeneuve, Director of the upcoming thriller Sicario, which is out in UK cinemas on the 8th October. I've also directed film including Enemy and Prisoners. Ask Me Anything!

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THANK YOU everyone for the fantastic questions and hope you enjoyed my answers. Sicario is out in UK cinemas on the 8th October. Thank you again! :)

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Trionout125 karma

Hey Denis, huge fan here.

What's the biggest challenge in directing a Blade Runner sequel? Also, how is Roger Deakin's hair in real life?

Thanks for doing this!

DVilleneuveSicario111 karma

The biggest challenge would be to get in someone else's dream and to make it my own. I am big fan of Roger and his haircut!

And no problem - it's my pleasure :)

snuffuser94 karma

Just between you and me, could you tell me what the spiders were about in Enemy?

DVilleneuveSicario169 karma

I won't answer that question! You can find the answer in the movie!

GreedE60 karma

Your films cover a lot of dark themes and subjects. What do you find fascinating about these subjects that you keep returning to them?

Also, thought Sicario was great. Any challenges shooting the night vision scenes?

DVilleneuveSicario82 karma

It's very demanding to approach dark themes and I do not intend to do this all my life. But as it occurs I was inspired by stories that are quite dark - movies for me are a way to digest reality. And reality is sometimes not always that colourful...!

nucky_johnson49 karma

Hey Denis, do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers? How did you get started?

DVilleneuveSicario86 karma

Grab a camera - go outside and shoot reality! I started doing my own documentaries being my own cinematographer - that is the best way to learn

courtiebabe42038 karma

What was it about Sicario that drew you to it as a director?

DVilleneuveSicario50 karma

It was the screenplay which was very powerful and I felt it was talking about teams that I had approached in my previous work. Also it was for me a cinematic technical challenge which I felt I was ready to do with this film. I was dreaming to find an action movie which would be meaningful for a long time

JCM8332 karma

Hey Dennis! I'm a huge fan of Prisoners and Enemy. What's it like working with Jake Gyllenhaal on set? Thanks!

DVilleneuveSicario68 karma

Jake is very inspiring. Always looking for a new way to express emotions. He is one of my favourite actors working today and I would absolutely love to work with him again

white_water32 karma

I was really impressed with the thermal-images and the night vision-scenes in Sicario, how did you and Deakins get the idea to shoot those scenes like that?

even though Sicario technically isn't an "action movie" it definitely has the most action scenes from your filmography, were there any films that inspired you on how the pull off those action scenes?

DVilleneuveSicario46 karma

The idea was to shoot the movie with an immersive point of view. We decided - Roger & I to use a real thermal camera and real night vision system in order to create that immersive feeling, to be as authentic as possible. My main inspiration for the action sequence was the Seventh Samuri from Akira Kurosawa

geojones9026 karma

Sicario is the second time you've worked with Roger Deakins as your cinematographer and you'll be working with him again on the Blade Runner sequel. What attracts you both to working with one another (aside from the fact he's the best DoP in the biz, of course)?

DVilleneuveSicario37 karma

Strangely - it works between Roger & I. It's like two very different animals that are able to communicate together but the thing is that the both of us are very story driven an want to approach cinematic language that is driven by simplicity. And you're right - he is the best :-)

treatyoself-201120 karma

Have you been to the movies this year? What are your favorite films of 2015 so far?

DVilleneuveSicario51 karma

The sad reality of film making is that sometimes you just don't have time to go to the cinema. I have tons of films to catch up on....Wild Tales, Youth, Lobster and Anomolisa. MacBeth, The Martian, Steve Jobs, Room, Carole.

Daggaroth19 karma

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of directing a movie?

DVilleneuveSicario55 karma

The most rewarding part is I feel as a Director that I am more a channel for other artists to express themselves than being a dictator and controlling everything

GamingTatertot15 karma

Hey Denis! Thanks for this AMA, I absolutely love Prisoners...great film so good job on that!

  • What is it like on the sets of your films like Prisoners and Sicario?

  • What films and directors have inspired you?

  • Who are some people you would love to work with?

Also good luck with Blade Runner 2, I'm sure you'll do great!

DVilleneuveSicario18 karma

Thank you for your kind words! :) - On both sets there was an equilibrium of concentration & relaxed atmosphere - For Sicario as mentioned previously I was inspired by Akira Kurosawa. I've been influenced a lot by French-Canadian Cinematographer & Director Michel Brault. Also I'm a massive Bergman, Kubrick fan - I'm very eclectic about my taste - there's too many people to be mentioned in one answer!

Samie115 karma

Hello Denis, big fan of yours. When can we expect Story of Your Life to come out? Oh and on Blade Runner 2 you're going to knock it out of the park.

DVilleneuveSicario23 karma

Thank you for your kind words! Story of your Life is set for release in Fall 2016

JohnWad14 karma

Would you mind talking a little bit about Jeffrey Donovans role in Sicario? Really liked him in Burn Notice!

DVilleneuveSicario28 karma

I decided to give Jeffrey a more important role in the movie than was written because I was so inspired by him

JCM8312 karma

Hey Dennis! I'm a huge fan of prisoners. What's your interpretation of the ending, does Loki actually hear Keller and save him? Thanks!

DVilleneuveSicario57 karma

It was always clear for me that he would find him...

DVilleneuveSicario42 karma

(I hope...!)

Arg43219 karma

Hello dennis! Congrats on your work, i have just seen enemy and prisoners and loved them so planning to go see sicario when it premiers in argentina

Whats the movie you are most proud of?

DVilleneuveSicario29 karma

So far I think Sicario has to be the one I am the most proud of.