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Alright guys, that's all from us! We're heading to rehearsal for our album release shows this weekend. Thanks so much for your time! Was an absolute fucking pleasure. Pick up LONG LIVE tomorrow worldwide! See you on tour.

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adofthekirk31 karma

Hey guys! So you have been my favorite band for as far as I can remember, through thick and thin I’ve always listened to Atreyu. I have to compliment you guys on the new album, its fucking kick ass!! Masterpiece IMO.

So, question time:

1) How did you guys decide it was time to come back?

2) What are you favorite songs off of the album?

Im so excited to see you guys Saturday night!

atreyuofficial29 karma

Fuck yeah buddy! Thanks for the support, we greatly appreciate it.

  1. It just felt right. We all hit a place in our lives where we felt we needed it again. We spend a shit ton of time working on ourselves and our family lives but we felt the calling to write/perform/see y'alls dumb faces again!

  2. Porter: Reckless. Brandon: Cut off the Head. Dan: Start to Break. Travis: Start to Break. Alex: Bitter Broken Mammories

See you saturday!

DustinTiny23 karma

What was it like to tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine on the Taste of Chaos?

atreyuofficial38 karma

It was DRUNK

Jsmittytheman16 karma

You dudes are one of the bands that got me into heavier music, I have tickets to your show in Pontiac it will be my first time seeing you guys live, you guys got a bad ass set planned?

atreyuofficial72 karma

Nah, mediocre at best.

spoonerstreet2313 karma

Huge fan from Texas here. Thanks for doing this. I was introduced to you guys thanks to your appearance on the Madden soundtrack. I know that a lot of your longtime fans weren't too happy with the change of style, but it brought a lot of new fans your way. How has that criticism affected your sound for the new record, if at all? Thanks, and great show in Dallas this year.

atreyuofficial23 karma

It didn't. We write the songs we want to hear and that's it.

Porter: Funny story about Madden. We did a promotion where a fan played Madden with us on our bus. This dude was HAMMERED. Like slurring the shit outta his speech and he kept saying "What ha happened wass..." in a ridiculously over the top southern accent. I'm from the south so I know how absurd he was, ha. Anywho, travis and I had never ever played madden so even through his drunken stupor he fucking crushed us.

AntiSaint12 karma

Hey guys, I'm a huge fan! I've got a couple questions for you guys.

1) Do you think you'll be able to make it out to St. Louis any time soon?

2) I have always thought you guys had the best intros to songs. How do you guys come up with such cool riffs/licks for your intros/songs in general?

Thanks guys, I'm really looking forward to buying the record tomorrow!

atreyuofficial7 karma

We'll do our best to get there soon. Dan writes all the riffs while shitting... but he's not on the toilet.

phoenix7129311 karma

An ama I finally don't miss. You guys brought me into my love for this kind of music and I love the new album. My question is for both Dan and Travis. What inspired you guys to pick up and learn the guitar? For me, it was certainly this band and many others.

atreyuofficial30 karma

Wow, thanks!

Dan: Chicks and traveling. Travis: Traveling and chicks.

PackedWithFiber7 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing an AMA! I'm a huge fan, been listening since The Curse, and I gotta say Long Live is amazing!

Back when you guys decided to take a break, I recall seeing something about being a bit burned out from all the nonstop touring, etc. What, if any, steps or processes are you guys taking this time around to keep yourselves fresh, and keep playing music as Atreyu exciting?

atreyuofficial7 karma

It just came down to being away from our friends and family for so long. This round we're doing smaller tours for a few weeks at a time and then go home for a bit so we can refresh.

HumbleBumblebeez6 karma

You guys are an absolutely class band and deserve so much more attention!! I play guitar and have been writing songs for a long time, and now have well over 20... (working on my third album) Its all I do :) Id like to ask, as an aspiring 17 year old songwriter of melodic hardcore with nothing but a cheap guitar and practice amp, how can I make something of it like you guys did? It seems so out of reach because of the lack of money :/ Can't wait for the new release and thank you for everything you've done for me with your music! Jack

atreyuofficial6 karma

Gear doesn't matter. Write the music you feel and love and follow that.

MrFlatulence5 karma

Back when MTV2 was still cool, they used to play clips of you guys and some other metal bands in between shows. The only thing I remember is when Atreyu would come on, because I was fucking impressed as shit with some of the stuff you guys were doing. Like the song was playing and all of a sudden the guitarist fucking throws the guitar and the guitar strap makes it spin around his whole body and comes back just in time for him to keep playing. I was blown away.

So my question is, do all of you guys have neat tricks you do while you perform? Or is it just the guitarist?

atreyuofficial7 karma

Come to a show and you'll see. The answer is yes.

Tachypsychia5 karma

So glad you guys are back! Loving the new album! I moved to Japan for a few years so:

Do you have plans to tour Tokyo in the next 3 years or so? If so I'm there!

atreyuofficial10 karma

You're god damn right we do! Soon enough, hopefully in 2016.

Porter: Take a trip up to Koyasan and stay in a buddhist temple!

Orphan_Babies5 karma

Would would you "Fuck Marry Kill"?

  • Miley Cyrus

  • Michelle Bachman

  • Kim Kardashian

atreyuofficial17 karma


HerbertMenninger4 karma

What bands inspired you? And who is the next atreyu

atreyuofficial13 karma

There can only be one Highlander.

Pmansfield874 karma

First off, I wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your music and have listened to every album religiously. I have two questions for you :

1-Can you please make it further north in Wisconsin than Milwaukee/Madison?

2-Travis, if you could choose any current female rocker to do a duet with, who would it be?

atreyuofficial6 karma

1: Yeah most definitely. We'll give it a shot!

2: Lita Ford cause she shreds

emerica_093 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA guys, I've been a huge fan since Suicide Notes and have loved every album since then, including Long Live! I am also very excited to see you guys start off your Long Live tour in my hometown! Besides the questions that follow, I would like to say thank you for coming back!

  1. Alex, I really like your artwork and specially enjoy when you incorporate your songs into them. Have you always been into art/tattooing or is this a recent hobby?

  2. Mr. McKnight, what the fuck do you have hiding under that beard?

  3. I know you guys are good friends with the guys from Avenged Sevenfold, any chance or desires to go on tour with them again? I saw you guys play Taste of Chaos 2008 in Long Beach and it was the best line up, period.

  4. My all time favorite song is a Vampire's Lament from Suicide Notes. What was your inspiration for that song?

Keep shredding guys, I'll see you tomorrow! Long Live Atreyu!

atreyuofficial5 karma

We have been a fan of you since Suicide Notes as well, so stoked to finally meet you.

  1. I have been into art and more recently go back into painting and decided to start tattooing.

  2. Your mom, 3 birds nests, misc sundries, my keys, weed, and a fucking pot of gold.

  3. Yes we are and FUCK YEAH we would love to tour with them again.

  4. Alex: A dream that I had

Da_Apple_Jacks3 karma

Atreyu! :))

Brandon Saller - You are one of my idols. Can I have your autograph?

Dan - I caught one of your pics in a show in Chicago in 2008. Just wanted to tell you!

Real question - Will you record any more songs similar to "Blow"?

atreyuofficial6 karma

Brandon: Come out to a show!

Dan: Nice catch!

AveryAmb3 karma

Hey guys!! Just wanna say I'm a long time fan and I love the new record! My questions today are:

Where did you guys track the new album?

What is your current guilty pleasure song?

Can we expect any more us dates in the near future?

atreyuofficial3 karma

Nice! At 5a Studios in Valencia and Drums at the legendary Sunset Sound.

Brandon: I dont have guilty pleasures but Taylor Swift "Out of the woods"

Antillano3 karma

A huge fan from Venezuela here! any chance to come to south america? big hugh for all

atreyuofficial4 karma

We're working on it! Never been there but have always wanted to. Email our agent, Paul Ryan. Put him to work!

Rasmus0283 karma

Whitch musicians (dead or alive) would you like to collaborate with?

atreyuofficial8 karma

Porter: Trent Reznor Travis: Wesley Willis Dan: Klaus Meine Brandon: Dave Grohl Alex: Freddy Madball or Tim Armstrong

FollowTheBeam3 karma

Hey guys! First of all, the new album is a masterpiece in my opinion. I can't stop smiling since the minute I heard it! My question is can we expect more progressive stuff like "Reckless" in the future? Much love from Bulgaria!

atreyuofficial6 karma

Fuck yes! Love this comment.

We most definitely will, keep listening!

andrewlatkolik3 karma

Hey guys! I've been a diehard fan since Suicide Notes. I've loved every album you've guys have put out. Just finished listening to "Long Live" and it is seriously a masterpiece. My favourite album you guys have put out; right beside "The Curse." My question is, how did you guys find the inspiration and desire to go back to your roots and go back to a heavier, darker sound with "Long Live?" You guys have been my favourite band for years and will forever be. Much love, see you dudes in Toronto in October! I'd love to get a picture with all you guys!

atreyuofficial3 karma

We just wrote the songs that naturally came to us, like always!

GreenIsG00d3 karma

Hey guys huge fan. A Death-grip on Yesterday is in my top 10 favorite albums of all time. Kind of a generic question but I'm curious. What's your favorite song you've ever recorded and why?

atreyuofficial5 karma

Brandon: The Theft Porter: Reckless Dan: The Squeeze Travis: When I farted in the bath. I recorded it

CarlosE12342 karma

Hi, big fan! I had a question for Brandon. As a drummer, what can I do to improve at singing while drumming the way he does?

atreyuofficial8 karma

Brandon: Rub your head and pat your stomach for 30 minutes a day while bathing in pure Mercury while listening to Freddie Mercury. Other than that just don't think about it and do it

lafemme_metal862 karma

Hey guys! Been a really big fan of Atreyu since the early days and have been inspired by your music throughout the years. It was actually your set on Mayhem 2010 that inspired me to become a music journalist/photographer, and I am now freelancing for an online pub. Long Live is amazing and I'm so happy to have new Atreyu music to live my life to. My question is "If you could go back in time as a band and talk to your younger selves, what would you tell them?" Thanks for doing an AMA! :)

atreyuofficial4 karma

You may think you need two buses, you don't.

_omin0us2 karma

Hi, guys! No need to say how much I love your music! Have you thought about visiting Europe? Maybe the Balkans?

atreyuofficial3 karma

We just left Europe! Would most definitely love to make it our near the balkans. One day!

079312 karma

Atreyu! So stoked for this AMA. Been a huge fan of all your stuff for quite awhile. My brother introduced me to you guys with "Lost It" off Lead Sails and it blew my socks off.

When/why did you guys decide to regroup and put out new material? I'm listening to the new record right now cause I got the pre-order package a day early. Serious face melting material. Can't wait to see you guys live!

atreyuofficial3 karma

Thanks! We fucking love that song as well. Thanks for the support on Long Live!

_creederp2 karma

Do you guys have any plans to properly tour the UK/Europe soon?

And what are your favourite things about touring the UK?

P.S. Long Live gave me goosebumps when I listened to it for the first/second/third/most of the times

atreyuofficial3 karma

We were just there! But yes, we'll be back in the new year.

Porter: I love everything about traveling over there. The age of the cities, the food, the people.

I get bumps on my goose all the time w/ this record!

untamedlazyeye2 karma

Not counting your own, what is everyone's album of the year?

What was the mentality of the band when you started writing?

If you had to list three influences on the new album, what would they be?

atreyuofficial2 karma

Porter: Stray from the Path and The Maccabees Brandon: 21 pilots Dan: Santa Cruz Travis: Nicki Minaj Alex: Rancid

LostInTheMatrixCode2 karma

Firstly, I just want to say, I love the new album! The very first song I heard by you guys was The Crimson. You guys made me a fan in just 30 seconds and have kept me throughout the years! A few years back, you guys did a show with The Used in Sioux City, IA. It was my first time hearing you guys live and you absolutely killed it! I will be at your show in Pomona, CA at The Glass House tomorrow!! I was wondering, is any way you guys could snap a photo with me that night? Thanks for doing the AMA and best of luck with the tour guys!

atreyuofficial5 karma

Sure! We'll be walking around all day. Come say hi

oscar99092 karma

What do you guys think of Converge and have they influenced you?

atreyuofficial4 karma

Awesome band. Jacob's a brilliant artist

Atreyuxlonglive1 karma

Love the new album guys? I got VIP for the show at Irving plaza, am I allowed to bring something for you guys to sign? Can't wait for the show!

atreyuofficial3 karma

Absolutely! As long as it's not a pile of shit or a human body part, we're good.

[deleted]1 karma


atreyuofficial5 karma

Shutup Kevin.

inseighn1 karma

  1. Dan: Where is the hachimaki man?

  2. What "clicked" for you guys to go back and make an album like Long Live? (Love it btw)

  3. ARE YOU COMING TO TEXAS? (Please say yes. Houston specifically. )

Just wanted to really tell you guys thanks, first show I ever saw was you guys and you really got me into music and attending concerts, have been listening to you guys since I was in middle school(about 8 years now) and you're still #1.

atreyuofficial1 karma

  1. Dan: Ummmmm... on my head? You can buy one at the shows.

  2. Already answered above!

  3. Fuck yeah we will.

sethrox1 karma

Can't wait for the album tomorrow! I've seen you guys 3 times in Vegas now. Every time you guys go on tour, you normally come to Vegas. Why did you guys decide not to come this tour? And any possibility of coming in the near future? Would love to hear your new stuff live!

atreyuofficial2 karma

Probably by the end of the year, keep em peeled

UniquesOtherHalf1 karma

What's different now to how it was back in the day? What's the energy like in the camp?

atreyuofficial1 karma

The energy is the best it's been since the beginning.

[deleted]1 karma


atreyuofficial3 karma

Shutup Kevin.

GreenDragonAK1 karma

The show you guys did in Alaska a few years ago was hands down my favorite concert, I heard every song I wanted to hear and you all performed so well, any chance we may see Atreyu up here again?

atreyuofficial3 karma

We fucking hope so! Those shows ruled.

Heisenburgesa1 karma

Hey all! First I want to tell you how much you guys rock, my favorite band of all time and I totally wish you guys would come around the Kansas City area. I honestly don't even know what to ask since this is an AMA. I have a tattoo on my forearm with the chorus of When Two Are One. I've seen you guys several times in concert and I loved it! I was so happy that ya'll started making music again. Anyways I'll stop being awkward fan girl. Thank you all for the music and all that you do!


Do you guys plan on making anymore badass music?

Do ya'll like sports? Any one specific?

atreyuofficial3 karma

There's a new records out tomorrow!

Porter: I play Soccer 3 times a week

Infinit7771 karma

Hey guys, I have been a huge fan since Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses. I have thoroughly enjoyed every album and love how they each have their own unique sound. When you guys took your break, I couldn't find music that made me feel the way you guys did and i would constantly check in on your facebook and twitter until the day you finally started teasing us ;)

  1. Do you have plans to visit Chicago again anytime soon?
  2. How long had you guys been planning to come back before announcing?

atreyuofficial2 karma

We JUST played Chicago, twice. Like literally last weekend!

Follow our social media, we'll be back soon

alexxxpoling1 karma

Now that your back do to plan on touring and making music full time? Love the new album!

atreyuofficial2 karma

Everyone still has different projects outside the band but we're definitely touring a ton to support the record. Get out to a show when you can!

Ale_verrucht1 karma

Hi guys. I want to say that I can't stop to listen the new songs of Long Live. It's a fucking really great job... and the question is Can we someday see them in South America? Argentina loves them <3 - ~sorry for my bad english

atreyuofficial1 karma

We definitely want to!

CuddlyLiveWires1 karma

Hey guys, huge fan for about 10 years now, with so many good and hard memories associated with your music!

What band was the greatest to open for? and which band, that opened for you, rocked your minds the most?

Thank you for the music, and hope to catch you guys in South Africa at some point!

atreyuofficial2 karma

Iron Maiden! We hope to be there soon as well.

TheSixthPixel1 karma

1.) Sorry if this is a shitty question, but what's the deal with Hell or Highwater? Will Brandon ever go back to it or is there a story behind the band that I'm not aware of?

2.) For Dan, how did you get this kinda blood splatter thing you've got going on with this guitar? Is it custom painted by yourself or did someone do it for you/did you get it like that?

atreyuofficial1 karma

1: Yeah HoH will be putting out a record next year

  1. I painted it with blood, period. Wait, that sounds bad.

OstentatiousOctopus1 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing the AMA. I've been a fan for almost 8 years now and i can't wait for the new album to drop.

My questions are:

-What made you guys decide to go on hiatus after CoTD?

-What are each of your spirit animals?

-Brandon, any chance of any more Hell or Highwater?

-When are you guys coming back to Pittsburgh? We miss you here.

Congrats on the new album, i can't wait to pick it up.

atreyuofficial1 karma

  1. We just needed to hit pause and remember what life was like being stationary.

2: Brandon: Owl Travis: Duckbilled Platypus Dan: Sushi Porter: Cardinal Alex: Black Panther

  1. Fuck yes, next year

  2. Soonish. Miss you as well sugar tits

canyewknot1 karma

Hey Guys! Long time fan here from good old South Dakota!

I never really subscribe to artists on youtube, but apparently back in the day I subscribed to you guys and I absolutely FLIPPED SHIT when I saw you guys were back at it! So happy to see! :)

My question for you all- I really feel like you guys as a group had your own little genre back in the day. You were AND ARE very original with the lyrics and style that you use. I wanted to know, beings how you're all extremely talented, who are your role models (for life and music) and HOW HARD IS IT TO DRUM AND SING AT THE SAME TIME?!

atreyuofficial2 karma

We have many influences that we draw ideas from. We also try not to sound too much like anyone else so that we stay in a world of our own and not blend in with the masses.

Waldemar-Firehammer1 karma

Woah, I just stumbled on your AMA by accident. I hadn't heard anything about Atreyu in awhile, so I figured the team must have fizzled. Stoked to know you guys are still out there creating badassness through rockin' metal. You guys rock!

I guess I should ask a question: Does the band have any awesome stories about their time on the road between shows?

atreyuofficial5 karma

We played SXSW this year and our British manager showed up absolutely shitfaced and had just headbutted a pedicab driver and almost got arrested and deported. Metal.

imallergictoit1 karma

Are there any fans that stick out to you guys as best/most dedicated, and if so, where are they?

atreyuofficial5 karma

We have had some Make A Wish Foundation fans come out to our shows and it was an honor to meet each one. We also had a Wounded Warrior fan that we visited in the hospital who made a fantastic recover and attended a show fairly soon after.

zenabi3501 karma

Hey guys super excited you're back, i cant stop listening to the song 'long live' and I can't wait to get the album tomorrow, gonna blast it loud on my way to work!

As a band what is your favourite kind of biscuit?

What are your opinions on bourbon biscuits?

atreyuofficial3 karma

Sea biscuit. Chicken in a biscuit. Buttermilk. Hobnobs. KFC biscuit with honey.

PermTrouble1 karma

What's your favorite video game?

atreyuofficial7 karma

Porter: Red Dead Redemption Travis: Arkham Knight Dan: Grand theft auto vice city Brandon: Simpsons Arcade game

BryanBULLETHEAD1 karma

I have been waiting a long time for this day, as I believed I'd never have the chance to speak to you guys but just listen to all the great work you have developed and I have been listening to through various time periods in my life, bad and good, for a very long time now, so thanks for that no matter what.

Now that you're here, welcome! As I have many questions and have no idea where to begin I'll ask this one: In all of the time you guys have been on your path in a music career, what are some lessons you have guys have learned about life or just in general with all you guys have done so far in your time?

Thank you for doing this ask me anything Atreyu, I'm ready for the album! And thanks for whatever questions you answer on here.

atreyuofficial2 karma

Love this, thank you.

We only have an hour and that amount we've learned over these 16 years would take ages. Here are a few:

Don't pass out in the front lounge. Go take a shit before the bus/van leaves. Just do you and love what you do. That's the ONLY was to be amazing at anything.

JEMerc1 karma

Hey! I'm a huge fan, especially of the newer stuff. What made you decide to change your style so much?

atreyuofficial1 karma

We like to party.

Lovegun421 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing this AMA, have been a huge Atreyu fan since many years. I have two questions for you:

1) Are you planning to tour in Germany again with the new album? 2) Quite a few fans didn't enjoy the album "Congregation of the Damned" very much... What is your opinion about the album? I actually really enjoyed it and I would like to hear more of it on future concerts! :)

atreyuofficial2 karma

  1. Yeah we're hoping to be back early next year for quite a few German shows.

MerroZek1 karma

HEY GUYS!!!! Been loving your music since my brother introduced me to your earlier work back when I was in High school. Got to see you tear it up live when you toured with Chiodos a few years back, I've been patiently waiting for a second chance to watch you perform live!

My question is, what is your favorite type of venue? Do you prefer sharing a large stage with other bands, or headlining the smaller club scene but filled with your direct fan base?

Give a shout-out to my boy Brenix, I don't know anyone else who loves you guys more, he never shuts up about his love for Lead Sails Paper Anchor

atreyuofficial1 karma

Brandon: I like arenas Travis: If there's a stage, I'll rage. Porter: Club shows with decent stage room