Hey Reddit, I created AddictingGames.com way back in 2002. I sold AG but I'm still obsessed with games. Over the last decade I have played more Flash Games than anyone should. My other projects include One More Level and Free Rider HD. I am here to reminisce about Flash games and chat about gaming and everything else!



My Youtube Channel (Let's get our Flash game nostalgia on!):


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LauKungPow44 karma

How does it feel to know that AddictingGames provided entertainment to kids and teens waaay back in the hayday of flash games? Because I spent so much time on AG with my friends just goofing around

willeyag31 karma

It feels great to know how many hours of people's lives I helped waste!

Honestly, the best part for me is looking back at those games and talking about them with other people, that's why I did this AMA. I get instant nostalgia and a smile on my face when I load up Helicopter Game or Curveball.

Allikuja7 karma

I STILL love curveball

willeyag2 karma

Me too! These games will always be fun.

Chickenfoot11732 karma

How do you feel about the seeming decline of interest in flash games, now that more games are being released as paid indie games on steam?

willeyag47 karma

Platforms change, and it's true Flash is declining. But the cool thing for me is seeing developers port their Flash games to iOS or Steam and breathe new life into these franchaises.

oreesama13 karma

what percentage of the flash games belong to 18+ games/hentai game/etc?

willeyag21 karma

I never put any adult themed games on my site, but I would guess there's a LOT. Maybe 30% of overall games?

DeLuca24004 karma

What's wrong with Meet n' Fuck? /s

willeyag55 karma

A weak storyline. Meet n' Fuck 2 was were the series really got good.

drake072712 karma

what are your plans on getting into the native mobile game markets like ios and android?

willeyag9 karma

Personally I have had a few failed ventures into the mobile market, it's extremely competitive and nothing like releasing games on the web. Web games are very easy to market, you can get organic SEO boots, share them on other portals, etc. I am working on Free Rider HD with a great team and mobile is definitely in our sights. We hope to build up and leverage our existing web community to get that initial mobile boost.

Mish10611 karma

Why not go for the more grammatically correct 'addictive games'?

willeyag14 karma

A mistake on my part, blame the Canadian education system!

That always kind of bothered me too, but I think it worked out in my favour since "Addicting Games" has a nice ring to it.


Will there be an Impossible Quiz 3?

willeyag8 karma

I hope so! Slapp-me-do is a genius!

I checked his blog and it says he's working on a new game, The Impossible Dream.

oNloOKeRS_sPiriT7 karma

Is addictinggames your full-time job?

willeyag6 karma

I no longer own Addicting Games, but games are still my full-time job, yes. I am extremely lucky to get paid to do what I love.

I run OneMoreLevel.com, work on Free Rider HD with an amazing team and I just started a Youtube channel.

The_Fat_Music_Lad7 karma

I used to play games on your site all the time as a child but as games are becoming more accessible to a younger and younger audience through consoles and other devices what does the future hold for the free flash game industry?

willeyag7 karma

The future is not good for the Flash game industry.

Luckily, most of the skills and games translate really well onto other platforms. Flash games are the first true casual games, and they work extremely well on iOS. In fact, I would say most of the hit mobile games were "inspired" by Flash games.

TooBuyFor6 karma

What flash game should I be playing right now?

willeyag10 karma


It's WebGL not Flash, but extremely well made a great example of the technology we have available for web games.

Flash game:

Crusaders of the Lost Idol's on Kongregate is a really fun Idle game in beta:


MorganDJones6 karma

First of, congrats. I started frquenting AG around 2003 and never got enough of Spank The Monkey.

That said: What's your take on development packages or suits (think Flixl, Stencyl 2, etc)? Yay or nay?

Also, do you believe Unity to be the heir to the Flash? Any chances it will bring a resurgence in web based games and get a new boom going?

willeyag3 karma

Anything that makes development easier and more accessible to more people is good in my books. I haven't used Stencyl or Construct, but I've seen some great games made in them. I think you can miss some important programming fundamentals if you rely on them too much though, learn Javascript as well!

Haha, I just did a playthrough of Spank the Monkey, you may enjoy this:


After what Google did to Unity, I don't know. I think HTML5 will improve and succeed Flash.

MorganDJones3 karma

Oh god yes! Curve ball! That thing would have been rad if it ever got a LAN multiplayer.

willeyag2 karma

LAN parties were the best gaming experiences of my life, I miss those days!

haterade123455 karma

What is your most memorable moment while running addicting games?

willeyag26 karma

Getting kickbanned off Geocities Hosting for using about 1000000x my bandwidth limit on their $25 a month plan.

Also, a 3rd grade kid in Bountiful, Utah of all places wrote a report about me for his school project. He sent me a copy of it, and I still keep it up in my office.

herper4 karma

Do you have any games that my work doesn't do all in their power to keep me from? Yea, that'd be great

willeyag8 karma

Yes, try this one:


You play a game in a spreadsheet (assuming your work involves some kind of spreadsheet!).

ChocoboHnC3 karma

Hey there! Wanted to preface my questions with a little bit of praise-singing. I grew up hooked on AddictingGames (what a fitting name!) and it was always my favorite site to visit back in middle school/early high school when i was trying to procrastinate from homework. Actually, sometimes my friends and I would log on during Computer class, and then the school blacklisted the site, and then we learned how to get around the blacklist. We were obsessed! AddictingGames was definitely a big part of my childhood gaming, before I got into stuff like Starcraft and Diablo II, and even for some time after. So, I just want to thank you for contributing to the cure for my schooltime blues!

Anyway, questions:

Who made the original AddictingGames logo?

You've already answered what some of your favorite flash games were-- what were some games that gave you a headache (either because they were difficult, or because they were just bad)?

How good was Heli Attack 3, am i right?

willeyag2 karma

Heli Attack 3 was the bomb.

I made the original AG logo myself! I loaded up the site in Archive.org the other day, I can't believe how low-res I made it... you can see every pixel!

QWOP drives me insane, and everyone else, and I love it:


MyShadowHuntsMe3 karma

What is the most complex game you've ever coded and how long did it take?

willeyag4 karma

I am not a great coder. I am sort of a jack of all trades person, I can do some coding, some artwork, some design but most of my skills lie in marketing and the business side of things. Any of the games I coded myself aren't very impressive.

Free Rider, a game I conceptualized, and worked with an extremely talented developer in the UK, Pete, to develop is still technically impressive to me.

I now work with a team to take the game into the modern age, and the developers are insanely talented. You now have to think about so many more factors (different devices, authentication) and STILL keep the core game fun. I give props to anyone developing games today.

BrassDragon3 karma

In your DOS section of One More Level, will you ever add Master of Orion 2?

willeyag4 karma

I wish! MOO2 is a classic.

Sadly I can only use games that are under creative commons from Archive.org and MOO2 isn't one of them... yet!

Soviet_Russia3213 karma

Man, this is an honor. Your site was one of those sites I went on when I was just finding out what the internet had to offer. The big three were Miniclip, Addictinggames, and Arcadeprehacks.

Anyway, were you at all surprised with the collosal size that addictinggames became? How did you manage it all?

willeyag2 karma

Hey, I'm glad AG was part of your Internet experience!

I was completely surprised and not really prepared for it. Keeping the servers online was a big challenge. I would love to go back, and know what I do now, and hire a proper team and really make a proper company out of AG.

alphaProto3 karma

What is your favorite Flash game of all time?

willeyag12 karma

There are so many to choose from! I have probably logged the most time in Ninja Kiwi's Bloons series (including TD).

alphaProto6 karma

Nice, I love the BTD games.

willeyag8 karma

A few more of my favs: Age of War, Duck Life, Earn 2 Die & Puzzle Farter :)

chillvilletilt3 karma

Is there anyways that I could get back all of the time I spent on your site from grades 6-11? My grades wouldn't have been so bad if weren't for Pinch Hitter 2.

willeyag3 karma

That time is lost forever, but the memories are worth their weight in gold.

ZeeIceAge3 karma

How does it feel knowing that you helped thousands of kids avoid schoolwork and productivity with your amazing site?

willeyag4 karma

Games make people MORE productive, it's proven by science!

It is a weird feeling when I think of the actual numbers of people who played AG.

MistowBubbows3 karma

My favorite game on your site is Quest for the Crown. My question is will there ever be a sequel? I know you didn't make it but could you make it happen? I need to know what happens to the ruby emerald!


Here's a link for the best flash game ever made. http://www.onemorelevel.com/game/quest_for_the_crown P.S. There's an after the credits scene.

willeyag3 karma

It's funny you mention Quest for the Crown, I am considering doing a Let's Play video of it on my channel.

Did you know there's an official strategy guide?


Seven League Boots FTW! No idea on a sequel, maybe they are too busy working on the movie.

Rexamicum3 karma

Why won't you sell me another OneMoreLevel t-Shirt Ira?! My old one is so old and wrecked I need a new one mate!

willeyag3 karma

Haha ok. Facebook or E-mail me your address and shirt size.

I will put the new logo on it.

TKT_S2 karma

How did you decide which games went onto the site and which didn't?

willeyag4 karma

It was easy when I started, there were so few Flash games I put ALL of them on. The first version of AG was a straight up list of every Flash game I could find, even some Java games.

That changed fast though. I personally played every game and had to be more selective.

SockBasket2 karma

First I just wanted to say thanks for making my childhood amazing. The first word I learned to type without looking at the keyboard was "Games" and AG was the first website to pop-up.

I guess my question would be: How did you manage AG taking off and becoming one of the biggest flash game websites? And did you ever have any interaction with other gaming sites? (Kongregate, Miniclip, andkon etc)?

willeyag1 karma

My timing was excellent. I was one of the first sites to make a listing of all the Flash games out there. It really was just good timing and luck. I also have always kept a certain simplicity to all my designs, which I think people appreciate.

Yes, I have met a lot of the owners of the other sites including Kongregate. MiniClip is in the UK and I haven't dealt with them much. NotDoppler guys are really cool.

mosteal2 karma

If you were to create your own flash game, what would the game be about and what would be the goal of the game?

willeyag1 karma

Youtube Star Simulator.

I am fascinated by the rise of Youtube gaming celebrities like PewDiePie and JackSepticeye. I would make a game about being one.

jonab122 karma

How well are the game makers compensated?

willeyag3 karma

There's a huge spectrum. It depends on the game, genre, monetization method, publishing deal, etc.

I think there used to be more developers getting a fair piece of the pie, at least with Flash games. Nowadays on mobile it seems like 1% of the companies make 99% of the profits.

jonab121 karma

If I, a new company hypothetically launched a game would my compensation be based off plays/SEO factors?

Suppose I made a game as popular as 'Kingdom Rush'. In what figures would I expect to be paid?

willeyag1 karma

Suppose I made a game as popular as 'Kingdom Rush

Games used to make money from ads, so it would have been the more plays the more money. The big games now make money from IAP, people buying in-game items. Some developers have published their revenue numbers, I'll see if I can dig a few up for you.

mrawesomesword2 karma

In your opinion, what are the ingredients of a great flash game?

Not a question, but thanks for making a piece of my childhood.

willeyag7 karma

A solid core gameplay mechanic will win over anything else.

You can have the most simple graphics (Line Rider, Helicopter Game) and if your core gameplay loop is solid, people will enjoy it. It's all about mechanics and "feel."

Other ingredients are consistent UI, no long intros (give players an option to skip!), mute buttons (often overlooked!), a cute animal or protagonist and clear instructions.

cuberoot3285092 karma

How did you learn how to code and program?

willeyag6 karma

I taught myself. My first programming language was QBASIC, I made a game called Bomberplane and distributed it on floppy disks around my computer lab. It went "viral" (aka ended up in one other school!).

To actually learn to code I used the For Dummies Books haha

Rexamicum2 karma

How are you finding the change in the how games are created and medium in which they are used, by this I mean Flash is being used less and less due to its massive flaws and insecurities, do you have any plans to convert your website over any time soon?

willeyag2 karma

Flash is dying a slow death, there's no denying that now. But it's still installed on a LOT (hundreds of millions) of machines so it's got a few years left.

Converting the website would be easy, converting the games not so much. There are a lot fewer Flash games being released, and more HTML5 games. Although I still think Flash is better in some ways, but in a few years it won't be around.

Rexamicum2 karma

Would you not consider having the website as both flash and html games with and option to have say random flash and random html 5 to try and lure in some more hits/keep the site going for longer?

willeyag2 karma

Yes, ideally both is the way to go.

Unfortunately game websites are now also competing with the App Store, Steam, and many other platforms. I think the days of a gaming portal website are over. And if Apple and Facebook get their way, websites as we know them will fade away too.

shouldbeworking232 karma

I wanted to thank you for helping me get through the work day. If it wasn't for you and reddit, i'd kill myself. so, thank you. I guess I have to ask a question though. Favorite tv show?

willeyag2 karma

I recently binge watched Narcos on Netflix, it is amazing.

Of all time: Seinfeld & Malcom in the Middle.

Corarius2 karma

did you ever submit a game? also just wanted to say this website was my entire childhood. i lived this site until i turned about 8 or 9. This website really did get me into video games, which further propelled me to my career as a youtuber today. I just wanna say, your website probably changed my life, at least a little. (Even The Weird Games )<3

willeyag1 karma

What's your channel?

Glad I could be of service! I just got into Youtube streaming games myself and it is a lot of fun!

mrcowmr2 karma

Have you played http://tagpro.gg/?

Also do you regret selling addictinggames? I know I use to waste hours on it, but I can't even get games to load now.

willeyag3 karma

Yup, TagPro is a lot of fun. It kind of reminds me of Subspace which was ahead of it's time. I want to see more "pickup" massively multiplayer games, and more 2D ones.

Yeah in hindsight I probably should have held onto AG longer. I had no idea casual games would get so big, and with what I know today I think I could have done something really interesting with AG.

MeanBeanz961 karma

Do you understand the magnitude of how much homework I've neglected because of your website? That website is a staple of my childhood, it was so much fun!

Edit: word

willeyag2 karma

You're welcome (assuming you aren't homeless now because of neglected studies)

Soviet_bacon1 karma

What are your thoughts on Catch a Poo 2? Played it all the way back in 2004 when I was 7

willeyag1 karma

That game is shit!

x8171 karma

Oh man, I used to play AddictingGames so much a few years ago. Didn't have a question prepared so I'll have to think of one on the fly...

What does AddictingGames offer over just playing free games on Steam, or other platforms?

willeyag6 karma

Hey, thanks for being a longtime fan. I should preface (probably should have put this in the description) that I no longer own AddictingGames, I sold it in 2005. I will answer the question in regard to Flash & web games in general.

I think what separates Flash games from Steam or any other platform is the amazing community of developers. Flash games are responsible for entirely new genres of games, like Tower Defense and Idle Games. It's one of the most free, and unrestricted, development platforms in the world. There's no App Store guidelines or Steam TOS to conform to.

Why should you play them rather than Steam games? Play both! But web games are easier to hide from your boss.

[deleted]1 karma


willeyag5 karma

Idle games are games that play you:


Dial_the_9114 karma

Shoutout to /r/incremental_games!

willeyag3 karma

Great subreddit, Progress Quest is my all time favourite Idle game.

TheRooookie1 karma

Most of the time I play games on Silvergames.com and OneMoreLevel. What are your favorite gaming websites beside your websites?

willeyag1 karma

I like Kongregate and Itch.Io, and of course FreeRiderHD.com

Fidesphilio1 karma

Alchemy was extremely my shit in highschool.

Do you have a favorite game you ever hosted?

willeyag1 karma

2gud4jihad1 karma

Will there be another endless war series game? That series was fucking sick!

willeyag1 karma

I hope so! Endless War is an alltime classic.

ghtddkc1 karma

What is your favorite recent "Management" // "Tycoon" (such as Theme Hospital) game?

willeyag2 karma

I really enjoyed Fiz, Lemonade Stand but with beer!


In Flash, Tangerine Tycoon:


Jorumvar1 karma

Why did you aspire to destroy the productivity of middle-schoolers everywhere?

willeyag5 karma

How productive could middle-schoolers really be anyway? :)