Hi reddit, it's Kevin Farley here to answer your questions. Today is the release of the documentary "I Am Chris Farley", which you can check out on iTunes VOD, or on good old fashioned DVD or Blu-ray.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/mpUWHTr.jpg

EDIT: I'm hanging out with the AMA team here in NYC, but I'm doing the typing. - Kevin

EDIT: 12:30ET - I'm going to eat some lunch, so a member of the AMA team is going to type for me while I enjoy my (hopefully) delicious chicken cobb salad.

EDIT: 2:07PM ET - Thanks everyone, it's been fun!

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NJFiend1852 karma

Hello Kevin!

This is really strange, but I think have about two dozen personal photographs that were owned by Chris or someone very close to him. They were found by a friend of mine at a thrift store in Brooklyn. I have been saving them for years for an opportunity to return them to someone in Chris Farley's family.

I kinda forgot about them, but all the recent interest in the documentary made me think of them again and made me determined to get them back in the hands of his family. I looked you up and I saw this AMA!

Alot of them are very sweet pics of Chris on vacation, chris at Woodstock 94, Chris at Christmas, Chris and your father at the beach, etc. Please send me a direct message if you want my information so I can send scans or the originals to you. I also sent a message to your brother Tom on twitter, but I am not sure if he checks regularly: https://twitter.com/madfarley/status/629729459868930048

I don't really have a question, except I have had these photos for years and I always wondered who they belonged to originally. Would you be willing to guess and maybe ease some of my curiosity?

Here is a photo from the collection: http://imgur.com/gallery/Te2mAPJ

Thank you so much for doing this AMA! Lot's of love to you and your family!

EDIT: Imgur was being weird, but I also uploaded this nice pic of Chris and your Dad: http://imgur.com/gallery/yf6ymWZ

EDIT 2: I sent a similar message to your brother, Tom, on twitter and he responded. I am sending him scans now.

kevfarls1094 karma

Oh wow, thank you. My family would love that picture. I'll message you.

Thank you!

man_mayo477 karma

2Gether on MTV was a guilty pleasure of mine. I always feel like it's an underrated parody show. What was it like on the set and why do you think it had trouble reaching a larger audience?

kevfarls295 karma

I loved 2gether, and hope we can make more music one day. It was totally underrated.

irregularcog200 karma

I consider U + Me = Us legitimately as good as any Nsync or Backstreet Boys song. I don't know how much that counts coming from a guy

kevfarls138 karma

"Sister' is a VERY underrated song.

irregularcog329 karma

What period of life do you think Chris was most at peace?

kevfarls606 karma

Probably while shooting Tommy Boy.

jambocroop242 karma

When is the 2ge+her reunion happening? Or should I just give up hope?

kevfarls150 karma

Ask Noah Bastian.

lsmucker219 karma

Kevin, the scene where Bob Saget cries while talking about Chris in "I am Chris Farley" is pretty intense. Was he the only one to shed a tear during the interviews? Why was the scene chosen and not re-edited?

kevfarls248 karma

I think a lot of people were emotional when they talked to us about Chris, we just choose Bob because of that particular thing he said.

voyageofariel191 karma

What did you think of the audio recordings of Chris' recording sessions for Shrek that were released this week? Had you heard them before?

kevfarls234 karma

I had never heard them before, but I thought they were fascinating.

suaveitguy150 karma

"The Chris Farley Show" was a terrific read. It was hard to believe the giant career ups and downs and struggle with addiction all took place inside a few years.
How much of a roller coaster did it feel like at the time?

kevfarls139 karma

It was an intense period in the 90's. Very hard, and very exiting at the same time.

suaveitguy141 karma

How often do you see Norm Macdonald these days? what were the best things he ended up teaching you about standup?

kevfarls194 karma

He is the best at learning to relax and let a joke breath.

abnorml1129 karma

Your most fond memory of Chris?

kevfarls392 karma

His energy. I miss him every single day. I don't have one single memory.

I have a million.

cincodelavan116 karma

What was working on Joe Dirt like? How often do you talk to Spade?

kevfarls202 karma

I golf with Spade once a month, and Joe Dirt was blast. The scene I had..I had to stick a tampon up my butt, but I didn't actually do it. But it was fun.

courtiebabe420104 karma

How do you feel about the documentary as whole? Do you think it does Chris justice, and are you happy with how his life was portrayed?

kevfarls121 karma

I love the Doc.

suaveitguy98 karma

Who is your second favorite SNL cast member ever?

kevfarls187 karma

Will Ferrell

pinata_penis_pump287 karma

Did you go to the '84 Bounce Off at Laguna Beach?

kevfarls114 karma

Yes, that was my one line in Black Sheep, which I will forever be known for.

suaveitguy71 karma

Did you lose a lot of mutual friends when you lost Chris?

kevfarls126 karma

No. I remain close with everyone.

voyageofariel63 karma

Loved the film; watched it last night and it was wonderful. Do you recall the last time you spoke with Chris on the phone or in person before his passing? Did he talk about any projects he was really excited to be working on?

kevfarls84 karma

He was working on a movie about Fatty Arbuckle.

suaveitguy56 karma

Written by David Mamet of all people.

kevfarls74 karma

Yes, it would have been a fantastic film.

voyageofariel48 karma

He did a great job with his emotional scenes in Tommy Boy. I would have loved to have seen where this project went.

kevfarls75 karma

Yeah, he had great range and could have easily made the transition from comedy to drama.

lesterquinn60 karma

Hi Kevin! I'm a fan of your work. My question is, what was it like being in 2ge+her!?!?! And when can we see another reunion for MTV!!! "Baby, I know you were wrong, but I forgive you"

But it all realness, that was probably my most favorite movie/show to watch on MTV ever. I saw you opening for David Spade 2 years back, loved your set. I was completely starstruck seeing you.

kevfarls64 karma

You'll have to ask MTV about a reunion, but being in 2gether was one of the most exciting things in my life.

Sonikburn59 karma

First of all, I loved the documentary. Chris seemed like a truly genuine person and great guy all around, and you did a great job capturing his kind-hearted nature throughout the special. Anyways, here is my question.

How hard is it for you to hear about Chris' passing, and how do you cope with it? Obviously death it a part of life, but many people cope best with privacy and having time to heal. I'd imagine that privacy and time to heal doesn't exist when your sibling is a Hollywood star, and you're forced to relive it on a daily basis. I've always wondered how this impacts the family left behind.

kevfarls109 karma

I will admit, that is difficult, but I try to accept the way things are the best I can. The fact is he is a public figure, and the fact is he died a very public death. I can't get away from that, therefore I try to accept it and deal with it the best I can.

foamyWalrus58 karma

Could you beat Norm Macdonald in an arm wrestling contest?

kevfarls87 karma

yes for sure

Risawarner53 karma

Any advice for someone who wants to move to Chicago and take classes at Second City?

kevfarls95 karma

do it.

kevfarls117 karma

Chicago is the best place to learn, because you don't have the eye of NY or LA. You don't have the film or the TV industry, or broadway. It's smaller, you can learn. You can make mistakes.

tdewolfe45 karma

Can we get drinks at the edgewater again soon?

kevfarls43 karma

Sure, why not?

ImRichieDagger45 karma

Hi Kevin! I'm really looking forward to the documentary. Was it difficult for you working on this and hearing everyone recount their stories of Chris?

kevfarls63 karma

It was difficult but nice to hear them say such nice things.

suaveitguy44 karma

If you were to choose one: Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, or SCTV?

kevfarls73 karma


That's a good question. I think SCTV. Groundbreaking. They were groundbreaking. SCTV.

suaveitguy38 karma

Your father's influence of Chris' life and appetites was written about clearly in "The Chris Farley Show." How frustrating was his influence? Did you have any bitterness that he wouldn't push Chris to get help with the rest of the family? I guess my question is, can you describe the complexities of his influence and how your feelings have evolved?

kevfarls65 karma

Chris loved my Dad, and Dad helped Chris the best he could. It was a tragic ending, but I am looking back in fondness for both men. They did the best they could.

foamyWalrus33 karma

Do you make it back to Madison much these days?

kevfarls107 karma

I was just there. We showed the movie to my mom, and yesterday the mayor declared it "Chris Farley Day"

krazypenguin33 karma

Favorite place to grab a beer in Madison?

kevfarls51 karma

Willow's Tavern.

345879031 karma

Who is your all-time favorite pro wrestler?

kevfarls86 karma

Andre the giant. Although I loved Rowdy Roddy Piper.

suaveitguy31 karma

To Appomattox looks intense. Is it going to be something like Band of Brothers for the US Civil War? Where is it at in its production?

kevfarls42 karma

I'm hoping it'll be shooting next year.

Parabola700125 karma

Heard a old stern show episode with you and norm on it. Any crazy stories about you and Norm Mcdonald?

kevfarls43 karma

Norm is the funniest person in the world.

suaveitguy20 karma

Can you pull back the curtain a bit? What is he like day to day? I get the sense he is a bit of a hermit?

kevfarls39 karma

He loves golf.... a lot...

Spazgasim25 karma

First of all I just wanted to say I grew up watching your brother on SNL and then later on in his movie career. I loved everything he's ever done and he seemed like such a genuine and loving man. I was heart broken when he passed away and I'm sorry for you and your family's loss.

I've seen your standup skits before and I think they are hysterical and I thought your work on curb your enthusiasm was fantastic. You carried that same energy your brother loved to share with the world.

My question for you is what was it like working with Larry David? Can we expect to see you in more shows or movies in the future?

kevfarls43 karma

I loved working with Larry. I worked with him on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I'd love to work with him again, he's a genius at everything he does.

Imusade23 karma

Any sequels coming to Paranormal Movie?

kevfarls51 karma

Good question! You saw that? You're the only one who saw it. I think we're one and done on that one, but I had fun making it.

_korbendallas_21 karma


What actor(s)/comedian(s) would you most like to work with (that you haven't already)?

kevfarls63 karma

Louis C.K. and Will Ferrell. I like their styles, I like their sense of humor.

suaveitguy19 karma

You are a pretty well employed actor, several jobs a year. In general, what is the lifestyle of someone in your position like? You aren't private jets and mansions I guess, but what would someone entering the profession expect to find if they were lucky enough to reach your level of success?

kevfarls44 karma

rejection and ridicule. Just kidding. I love what I do, and would do anything else.

GlennsPencil13 karma

Hey Kevin,

Will you be at Iowa vs Wisconsin football this year at Camp Randall? If so, can I grab a beer with you?

kevfarls23 karma

I'll try to make it home for one game, that might be it.

redditguy00112 karma

What's the best advice you have ever received?

kevfarls25 karma

Best piece of advice? I don't know. I think just keep a sense of humor about everything, including yourself. Don't take yourself too seriously.

SaeberTheDude11 karma

Hi Kevin!

1: Were you aware of Chris's addiction which led to his death?

2: What was it like on the set of "The Waterboy"?

3: Any new projects that you're exited to share or work on?

Thats really it, Keep at it man!

kevfarls31 karma

I was aware and tried to help. Waterboy was fun and sad because it was just after chris passed. I am working on a movie called "Frat Pack"

native99911 karma

I saw the documentary "I Am Chris Farley" last night. Did you always want to be an actor/comedian before Chris's death? How did his career influence yours?

kevfarls27 karma

I have been acting twenty years, and still love it. Chris inspired me.

freekobe08329 karma

Hi Kevin! I am a fan of yours and obviously Chris'. If he were around today, how do you think his career would be going? Is there a comparison to someone's career you can make? Do you think he would have eventually tried some more serious stuff, or just stayed in the goofy, child-like roles? (And I don't mean that an an insult, just referencing Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, etc.)

kevfarls27 karma

He would have made a serious movie or TV show.

Landrin2019 karma

What is the biggest "oh shit I really fucked up" moment of your life?

kevfarls30 karma

Hmm, I can't think of one, but my publicist said her biggest "oh shit" moment is when her mom caught her peeing on the of her house after a dave matthews concert.

I don't know if I can top that.

xtrakrispie8 karma

What's your favorite breakfast food?

kevfarls16 karma

Eggs, over easy.

Frajer8 karma

What was it like working on 2gether?

kevfarls20 karma

2gether forever! Loved it

Ejaz-7 karma

What's the most humorous Hollywood movie according to you, sir? That you've watched.

kevfarls22 karma


Recently..I just watched Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. I really liked it.

Of all time? I think I liked "Sideways", it's an awesome movie.

suaveitguy7 karma

Any anecdotes about Richard Farnsworth you could share? What was it about him that translated so much emotion to the screen, with such a subtle style?

kevfarls10 karma

Fantastic actor,and person. Loved him.

Benn_The_Human6 karma

Hey, Kev. My favorite thing you did was 2+gether. A brilliant satire. If you did it today, what would it look like?

kevfarls28 karma

Older, creakier and way creepier

Benn_The_Human7 karma

HA! Meaning. what would the music look like? Who is most ripe for parody

kevfarls23 karma

One Direction. If I could play Harry Styles.

kevinjdavid5 karma

How is Norm doing?

kevfarls16 karma

Norm's fine. Still watching golf.

suaveitguy5 karma

Can you describe the reception to An American Carol? What was it like to be a part of that film and that great cast?

kevfarls15 karma

I loved working with David Zucker. He's a genius.

suaveitguy5 karma

Who are your favorite standups? Do you listen to WTF? Any favorite episodes there?

kevfarls15 karma

I don't listen to WTF a lot, but i like Norm Macdonald, I like David Spade, and Big Jay Oakerson.

2f4usteel4 karma

Hey Kevin, I'm huge fan of you and Chris!

Coming to the question,

  1. What's your motto in life?

  2. What's your favorite pizza topping?


kevfarls14 karma

Motto: Keep moving Pizza: Pepperoni

thesouthpaw174 karma

So I heard you ran into Howard Stern's Sour Shoes...Would you ever interview at Howard Stern, and what did you think of him?

kevfarls8 karma

I did, at the green room at Howard Stern. I love Howard Stern and would interview him in a minute!

voyageofariel4 karma

Are there any special features on the DVD copy of "I Am Chris Farley" that you can tell us about? Maybe some interview clips that didn't make it into the final film?

kevfarls4 karma

Yeah, there's some great extra stories and interviews on the DVD.

billingforaliving3 karma

Sorry for the loss of your brother Mr. Farley . He was one of kind. Is there any talking about about a movie on the life of your bro? Would you have any part with it? I think that would be a great bio movie like " the doors".

kevfarls5 karma

3458790-2 karma

I heard that you're a Republican. What are the three most important issues to you that have led you to identify as a Republican?

kevfarls26 karma

I am not a republican. I have grown to look at politics as disgusting, and too bought and paid for. I don't like politics.