have to hop off now. got to get ready for the Boston show. i'll come back super soon when i have more time. thanx for the love. Rt

hey guys! I'm looking forward to answering any questions you may have about my current tour, new album, life, whatnot and anything else you come up with. ask away!

my new album is up for pre-order: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-great-unknown/id1009547767?app=itunes tour: http://www.robthomasmusic.com/tour/current-tour-dates

connect with me on social media! facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robthomas twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisrobthomas instagram: https://instagram.com/thisisrobthomas youtube: https://youtube.com/robthomas google+: https://plus.google.com/+robthomas soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thisisrobthomas website: http://robthomasmusic.com

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Sumidiotdude198 karma

Hey Rob, in the summer how often do people come up to you and say "Man, it's a hot one"?

thisisrobthomas152 karma

more often than i could have imagined

DAN991199118 karma

Was your appearance on its always sunny in Philadelphia the greatest moment of your career?

thisisrobthomas126 karma

totally one of them. greatest show ever!!

yaktaur77 karma

How smooth do you feel on a day to day basis?

thisisrobthomas103 karma

like, a 7?

tarynnjanine52 karma

Hey, Rob! I'm stoked you're doing this AMA. I have two questions. 1) Would you ever be down to do a 10 year anniversary tour for 'Yourself or Someone Like You'? 2) Have you found the absolutely fantastic Facebook group dedicated to your smash hit "Smooth" with Santana? We would love nothing more than to have you join us // shout us out in some way, shape, or form! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ManItsAHotOne/

thisisrobthomas58 karma

first, it's been 20 years since ysosly. second, i have!!

beverlyrevelry47 karma

Hi, Rob! How is Mari doing? As a person with a neurological condition (MS), I've been watching closely for updates and praying for the best for you and your family! <3

thisisrobthomas52 karma

she is doing ok. we are working it out and hopefully have her all better soon. thanx.

sinningsaint9341 karma

Rob, thanks for doing an AMA! I have to ask: does your mom still have the 3AMMOM license plate I heard about? Or I guess did she ever have it in the first place? That's 100% something my own mom would do.

thisisrobthomas74 karma

my mom passed away but yes, she had that plate. really embarrassing to ride around in.

mthorz37 karma

Did you make it real or did you you forget about it?

thisisrobthomas31 karma

still trying to decide.

the3ysmen27 karma

What's in store for the 20th anniversary of Matchbox's first record?

Also shameless plug for /r/matchboxtwenty

thisisrobthomas23 karma

still working that out. will dig in after i get this album out.

babylecy19 karma

What is your favourite matchbox twenty song to perform live?

thisisrobthomas29 karma

english town

Peter_Venkman_117 karma

If you could fly or be invisible what would you choose?

thisisrobthomas24 karma

fly. totally fly.

silvana_614 karma

Do you remember when you first heard yourself on the radio? Where were you and what went through your mind?

thisisrobthomas27 karma

we were in a van going to dallas when we heard long day for the first time

lvest14 karma

Hey, Rob, thanks for all the great music. I love the song Ever the Same. Can you describe how you write a song like that?

thisisrobthomas27 karma

i think good songs come to you. you're not really responsible. you hear a melody in your head and you just feel thankful it came.

HoldingMyHalo14 karma

Rob, will you record a Real Word '15?

thisisrobthomas26 karma

and a push '18

scherb10 karma

Hey Rob! What's your favorite food? And what's your favorite city to perform in??

thisisrobthomas81 karma

my favorite food is anywhere in australia. favorite place to play is pizza.

Headhoncha8 karma

What do you like most? Drama, crime, or romantic comedy?

thisisrobthomas25 karma

stupid comedies.

angmar28058 karma

Hey Rob! Huge fan! I follow you on Facebook and see that you're really active with animal rescue efforts, how did you get so involved with that?

thisisrobthomas12 karma

when i met mari we both realized we shared that so she started Sidewalk Angels foundation.

murrnation6 karma

What's the strangest encounter you've ever had with a fan?

thisisrobthomas7 karma

strange is always relative.

Im__Bruce_Wayne__AMA6 karma

How do you feel this album differs from your previous work? What was the creative process like?

thisisrobthomas12 karma

i did cowriting with people and worked with multiple producers. that was really different.

Wilibine6 karma

Hey Rob! Thank you for all of your music man, I'm only 19 but it's still gotten me through a lot of tough times, my whole family and I love your work.

Questions! What animal foundations would you suggest donating to? I love my pets and animals so much, and seeing that you do too, I was wondering if you have any charity suggestions.

Also, what was the inspiration behind Fire on the Mountain?

Also also, if you ever want really good pasta, my family and I would love to cook some for you!

Thanks again, and my family and I have been praying for Mari!

thisisrobthomas15 karma

find a good no kill shelter to donate to. fire on the mountain was based on a dave eggers book called what is the what. thanx.

darrellspivey6 karma

Who you is?

thisisrobthomas16 karma

i is me.

gargamelsh5 karma

Do you have a favorite type of peanut butter?

thisisrobthomas30 karma


GabrielaBlush4 karma

Favorite icecream flavor and why? ♡

thisisrobthomas18 karma

chocolate. because, chocolate.

dread54 karma

Are you still doing your show at Mohegan Sun? Glad to hear about Mari!

thisisrobthomas9 karma

it's on!

pfelon3 karma

Hi Rob! I spent many weeks of the summer of 2000 listening to MB20 while taking hacks at the batting cages in my hometown, so for that weird reason I always associate your music with baseball.

Do you follow baseball at all? Any favorite teams or players?

thisisrobthomas4 karma

i really only follow tennis. but as a nyer i have to side with the yankees.

duke_of_normandy3 karma

Hi Rob:

Thanks for doing this. I will lead with the obligatory fan remark. I’ve been to 6 concerts in my entire life (I’m mid-30s) and 4 of them have been Rob Thomas. I think you put on an excellent show, even when sick! They’re high energy and very fun.

How much prep work goes into your shows and what has been your most favorite venue to play?

PS. Best wishes to Mari!

thisisrobthomas5 karma

we rehearse like crazy until it becomes second nature. i really love playing the vineyards in australia

Jamieb803 karma

Hey Rob what is your favorite Matchbox 20 album ? Why?

thisisrobthomas6 karma

i really like more than you think you are. just feel like we started to find ourselves then.

avsfan963 karma

What are your thoughts about Nickelback? Do you think they deserve more respect than they get?

thisisrobthomas11 karma

i think they do what they do really well and are good guys.

jllangley763 karma

What was your inspiration or story behind Her Diamonds?

thisisrobthomas12 karma

i wrote that about my wife going through some health issues.

thealienprincess3 karma

Hi Rob! Big fan here, looking forward to seeing you at the Atlanta show this month! Thanks for doing this! I've seen you quite a few times, and my question is, how do you go out on stage each night and give so much of yourself to the crowd, and then turn around and do it again the next night? It seems like it would be exhausting.

thisisrobthomas8 karma

even when you're tired the crowd gives you life.

framk203 karma

Any words on your experience in Matchbox Twenty?

thisisrobthomas9 karma

some of the greatest times in my life. looking forward to more.

mrseanjc3 karma

What is your least favourite colour?

thisisrobthomas37 karma

baby shit green.

babylecy3 karma

Hi Rob! I've always wondered, why does Paul play drums during Back 2 Good in live shows but guitar on all other songs?

thisisrobthomas11 karma

paul was our drummer for 12 years before switching to guitar.

Jokerang2 karma

Who's your favorite person to collaborate with?

thisisrobthomas6 karma

too hard. so many talents out there. but willie nelson tops them all so far

kwoly2 karma

Rob, what were you like in high school? Were you popular or picked on? Or did you kind of just sail through nice and easy?

thisisrobthomas7 karma

i kind of jumped from clique to clique

the3ysmen2 karma

How many b-sides were recorded for the new album? Or what is the process that decides what is makes the album and what becomes a b-side?

thisisrobthomas6 karma

i think there are 5 or 6? i just pick the 12 or 13 i like the best. no big science.

GillyBear772 karma

Mari's fave track off of your new album?

thisisrobthomas4 karma

mari loves great unknown too.

hagadagagirl2 karma

u periscoped a song in the SUV in NYC what was it? Great song will it b on the new album?

thisisrobthomas5 karma

it was a b side called ALL THE BEST THINGS

mrskharrison2 karma

Hi Rob, Sam, and Ollie!

Huge Fan! Can't wait to see you when you come to Memphis. My question is:

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday?

thisisrobthomas4 karma

on the couch watching a movie. sweats.

Tatsy022 karma

Hey Rob!!! I saw your song of the day today was Coleman Hell. How did you hear about him? And what are the chances you guys could colab on a song together? (That would be pure heaven for me haha)

thisisrobthomas3 karma

i heard it on ALT NATION

Mary_Grilli2 karma

How do you think the world will end?

thisisrobthomas6 karma

not with a bang but with a whisper

Mary_Grilli2 karma

Favorite song you’ve played live off the great unknown so far?

thisisrobthomas5 karma

i like wind it up.

Neverminde2 karma

Hey, Rob! Do you have a favorite Rolling Stones song?

thisisrobthomas11 karma

the one mick sings.

GillyBear772 karma

Which pup is more dominant?

thisisrobthomas7 karma

samy runs everyone!!

Papasimmons2 karma

Funniest moment during a live show?

thisisrobthomas6 karma

i fell off the stage once. and fountains of wayne had triumph the insult dog roast us. that was fun.

jerryyorke2 karma

Do you think you said the word "damn" enough in YOSLY?

thisisrobthomas10 karma

i think i honestly could have got one more in if i tried real hard.

rm20142 karma

Hi Rob, fellow Rob here, thanks for being an awesome Rob. Quick question: Have you ever heard Carlos Santana speak, and if so, what was the best thing he ever said to you?

thisisrobthomas9 karma

carlos is one giant giving tree of knowledge.

Momofkecary2 karma

Rob- I told my daughter I would only get a tattoo if you signed my body- she does not believe me- can you make this a reality?

thisisrobthomas14 karma

mari and i have a rule that only she can have that.

CAsInColin2 karma

Are you considering another acoustic tour? Your show at DPAC was probably the best concert I've been to. Best of luck to you and Mari, and thanks for taking the time to do this!

thisisrobthomas3 karma

i will probably always do that.

Roedan2 karma

Do you ever play Dear Joan live?

thisisrobthomas2 karma

some times.

mcveighp2 karma

What advice would you give a new artist today? Something you think is massively useful career advice.



thisisrobthomas3 karma

i think you just have to do it because you love it. whether you have success or not.

Punkidive2 karma

Hey Rob! I've been a fan for so long. I remember being 14 year old girl hiding in my room and calling all of the local radio stations to request "Push" and "Long day". Matchbox Twenty has always been my favorite band and you guys are all awesome. You really got me through some tough times growing up with your lyrics , they help with my anxiety and it feels like your stealing the feelings and thoughts from my brain. thank you for that :).

My sister and I went and saw you at Universal Studios Mardi Gras with the band couple of years ago and it was magical, seriously LOL ! I actually walked out of the bathroom and you were doing an interview with extra, I got your autograph on a tiny red ticket but I could barely speak. I Have also followed your solo stuff and enjoy it . I went last year and saw you play acoustic down in Orlandos hard rock. I was wondering, do you suffer from severe anxiety? A lot of your lyrics, especially from Matchbox Twenty really hit home and I've been curious.

If so your a brave guy for hopping up on stage and throwing yourself into it. I wish you the best, keep doing what you do, and praying for Mari. Also, our dog Doctor says hi to Samy! He's a larger pom as well lol. :)


thisisrobthomas9 karma

i really do. for some reason i feel safe on stage. but in crowds or on red carpets and things i feel like i'm going to have a panic attack.

PhoenixOrBust2 karma

Hey Rob.

Would you ever consider another intimate style show like Storytellers or the like where it's low key, and really feels human?

Long time fan, raised on your music. Wishing Mari the best, and can't wait to come see you!

thisisrobthomas6 karma

i would love to record one of those to make an acoustic album.


How is your "Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa" doing?

thisisrobthomas3 karma


meloishere2 karma

Hi Rob, I've been a fan for years. If you could be any emoji which one would you be?

thisisrobthomas6 karma

the little poop one.

liverpoolrob2 karma

Who's rob Thomas? What do you do?

thisisrobthomas10 karma

basically i have seen a million faces and rocked most of them.

STrangersideofME2 karma

What is you favorite song right now?

thisisrobthomas14 karma

Budapest by George Ezra

GillyBear772 karma

What inspired the great unknown song?

thisisrobthomas7 karma

i wrote it about my wife and how strong she is.

Kat4Cats1 karma

Hey, Rob! I just joined reddit to ask you this. :) I am a huge fan... I've met you a few times & I have personal experience that you are one of the best people ever! My question is this: what do you do with all of the gifts/notes/weird things that fans give you during m&g's or hand to you onstage? I have always wondered! If you keep it all, you must have literal TONS of stuff.

thisisrobthomas3 karma

things that people make that look like they took a lot of time on i keep in my studio.