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pteroso1 karma

Disney parks are famous for long waits. What do you do to compensate guests for this?

didneywhurld2 karma

Well, let me preface this with a statement: Long wait times are not the fault of the company. We do everything we can to minimize wait times, including the option of fast passes, single rider lines, etc. So it really really bugs me when people ask me how I'm going to make it up to them for their long wait time, as if I had anything to do with it. Trust me, we all know the lines suck. Its up to you to be smart and get yourself a fast pass as soon as you arrive, then wait in the shorter lines until its your turn.

But. On occasion, we do compensate guests for situations that are out of the norm. For example, if Radiator Springs Racers shuts down for a long period of time, we sometimes give fast passes to the people near the front of the line so they didnt just waste two hours. And for sure to the people who are on the ride when it breaks down.

If the wait is super long in the store because of something thats our fault, we sometimes will give the guest a fast pass as an apology. I know I personally do that if the guest is really nice, and we took too long on their hat embroidery (it should take ten minutes max).

la_garenne-1 karma

Are the character actors all on cocaine?

didneywhurld7 karma

I knew a Goofy once who was an alcoholic. But not cocaine

errs-2 karma

How long have you worker there?

If its been a decent length of time (years), have you noticed the park guests getting fatter?

Is the park having to make increasing accommodations for the increase in obesity?

didneywhurld2 karma

I've only been here a few years, and I haven't noticed anything like that. If anything, though, a lot of overweight guests use ECVs (electric wheelchairs) so we have ammended the wheelchair line rules. But thats moreso due to abuse of the wheelchair convenience system.