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haXona41 karma

Why do you think people "hate" security so much? I mean a lot of people really are so mean and shit to the guys and girls doing their job like you that I don't understand why, so maybe you know something.

Airport_IAMA80 karma

One part of that have to be that they are travelling and are stressed out, I know how I reacted at an airport before I started working at one. "PAX-brain" (pax=passenger) is a thing, people enter a airport and all common sense are gone.

And also I think that a lot of people think that the persons working here is the kind of people that didn't make it in to the police academy and therefor got this job to have a little bit of power. That can't be further away from the truth in my case.

PorkRollAndEggs31 karma

I'm in the US and have a friend who can't travel with his group of other friends. Why? For some reason he's been "randomly selected for extra whatever" 4/5 times we've gotten on a plane and gone somewhere. Now he has to leave on an earlier flight and come back on an earlier flight due to the "random screening" that occurs almost every time. Why is this?

Airport_IAMA27 karma

I'm not based in the US so I can't answer, sorry.

beemparthiban2 karma

Have you caught anyone carrying guns?

Airport_IAMA2 karma

Yes, someone going to a military training. We found the pistol and he was sent out to put it in his checked in bag.

Nothing exciting :(

sirlonr2 karma

Has anyone got overly aggressive or angry towards you during a check?

Airport_IAMA3 karma

Several times, also been called a racist a bunch of times. In my experience the worst people to handle at an airport are the passengers traveling Fast Track (ie business men with a "I'm better than you"-attitude") or pilots at the crew entrance.

njw902 karma

Why aren't liquids allowed through the scanner?

Airport_IAMA1 karma

Over 100ml/3.3oz? It's rules, guess they have to draw the line somewhere.

bickbastardly2 karma

How should I travel with my electronic cigarette? It's got a big funny looking battery and a little bit ~6ml of liquid. I prefer not checking bags so I don't have to wait.

Airport_IAMA2 karma

It should be ok to have on you, 6ml is nothing.

insanearcane1 karma

Have you found Oslo to have tighter/more lax security regulations than other countries' airports? In the sense of industry standards, or is there an international bar for all airports that is adhered to?

Edit: I suppose this would also go in conjunction with wondering what experiences you've had while flying out of the country.

Airport_IAMA2 karma

I feel that we're doing a good job here security wise. I know there's a scale for the whole airport and OSL is rated A. Not sure if its a international standard.

jakesowner1 karma

Once I forgot a bottle of licor in my bag when I passed the scanner and had to throw it in the trash, even thought it wasn't open.

Why is that and why I could have taken it normally if it was in my dispatched bag?

Airport_IAMA1 karma

Liquids over 100ml are not allowed, and the whole "it wasn't open" it's not hard to get a container, fill it will let's say gasoline and reseal it.

Toastwaver1 karma

Why does a sweater with no zipper stay on, while a sweater with a zipper comes off? I see this happen in lines consistently. I find it to be based on how simple it is to remove it, which is a pretty lame determinant.

Airport_IAMA2 karma

I would also think that's because it's easier to remove the one with the zipper. And also too much metal, like a zipper combined with belt and what not will set off the portal.

lilshawn1 karma

Is there any real point to restricting the amount of bullshit items such as shampoos when we should be looking for, say....short lengths of pipe? Sorry sir you can't take that can of soda, but you can take that cellphone with the highly explosive battery in it.

Airport_IAMA1 karma

For every rule there's a reason. I'm not saying it's a good reason tho.

And of course you're not allowed to bring the soda, we agents needs to drink as well you know! (JOKE!)

PurpleWomat1 karma

I want to travel with my cat but I'm reluctant because I've had worrying experiences in the past. Any tips?

Airport_IAMA2 karma

Some flights allows you to bring your cat on board in the cabin, look with your flight company. Otherwise bring a large cage, nothing makes me more sad than see a cat or dog cramped in a small cage.

moz_moz1 karma

What's the rules with pills? Will I be held up for some Tramadol or Valium?

Airport_IAMA2 karma

First off we need to know if the pills are illegal, and to be honest if you're not having a bunch of them with you there's fare worse things to worry about.

I'm not saying it's the right thing to do..but yeah.

wee_man1 karma

How does the NSA handle travelers with small amounts of marijuana?

Airport_IAMA1 karma

I would not know, not based in the US.