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Ask me anything. And watch Uncommon Sense premiering tonight 11PM on MTV2.

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Update: Thank You for joining me on this AMA. Had to put in a hour now I gotta go do some other press shit for the show. Please tune into #Uncommon Sense" tonight at 11PM on MTV2!!!

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lakeshowko10 karma

Yoooo... Can I get a drop, though?

Charlamagne_Tha_God12 karma

Sure. If you want to get shot.

timelf9 karma

On a past episode of Brilliant Idiots, you talked about a conversation you had with a girl who worked on the show Finding Bigfoot, do you plan on having her on the podcast?

Charlamagne_Tha_God18 karma

Oh shit I need to. She told me they would see Sasquatch all the time and I believe her. According to her Bigfoot loves weed and bbq.

Perky_Bellsprout5 karma

Did you really bleach? ;)

Charlamagne_Tha_God6 karma

Yes several times a week.

ventio4 karma

how did you so freely call budden a scum bag on donkey of the day? don't you feel weird acting cool with these dudes in person but then shittin on them when you need more content? between you and the rumor report the show is turning into a lukewarm TMZ. why not report on the culture the way other networks won't?

Charlamagne_Tha_God13 karma

Nigga please. I keep telling y'all I don't discriminate If I think somebody says dumb shit I'm going to address it. If Budden was there I would address it to him the same way I do everything else. He's entitled to his opinion about things and i'm entitled to mine I thought was he did was lame and when you say report on the culture we are. What you want me to talk about Budden's album? Oh yeah he doesn't have anything out yet. Think smarter kid.

alwaysagudtime4 karma

Who's your favorite white artist? Robin Thicke doesn't count.

Charlamagne_Tha_God10 karma

Katy Perry.

justnclrk4 karma

would you send dick pics to a tranny to promote uncommon sense?

Charlamagne_Tha_God3 karma

Me sending dick pics to a tranny would make no sense. That's the show I would be promoting if I did that No Sense.

assanalystashil4 karma

Will you and Janelle Monae ever be a celebrity couple?

Charlamagne_Tha_God5 karma

I love her. She's incredible. What makes you say that?

lakeshowko3 karma

Much love and respect for this AMA. Regular downloader of The Brilliant Idiots, and even though I'm not from the East coast, huge fan of The Breakfast Club and DOTD.

Couple of Q's: - I know you often point to working for Wendy Williams as the start of your career, but where did you begin to truly think, "Damn, I have a voice, and people need to here this shit"? - Did you ever have a back-up plan in case it didn't work out in the entertainment industry? Should people have a back-up plan to their future goals/dreams, or is that for p*ssies? - On the Brilliant Idiots, race has been an issue for a looooong time... But it's usually black-and-white talk you and Schulzy are on. Does America really not give a shit about other minorities that much (latinos, Asians, etc.) or do we all have to wait our turn?

Charlamagne_Tha_God5 karma

Wendy wasn't the start of my career. I started off as an intern in 1998 in Charleston SC at Z 93 Jamz. Yes you should always have many plans I don't like to call them back up plans many plans and yes it amazes me how America has created the narrative of black and white and like nobody else.

fordswine3 karma

You've tweeted about how companies pay you to promote certain products and bash on others. Care to elaborate?

Charlamagne_Tha_God3 karma

That was actually me being sarcastic. Since people always say you must get paid to promote anything I talk about nowadays I said no I get paid to say how wack shit is but it was sarcasm.

czht3 karma

lenard, whats going on with revolt? 50 got something to do with that?

Charlamagne_Tha_God3 karma

50? Last time I checked that was Diddy network so Nah.

imloose3 karma

Have you ever been nervous going into an interview...if so with who?

Charlamagne_Tha_God4 karma

Never get nervous for interviews. I enjoy talking to people. Asking if I get nervous for interviews is like asking if I get nervous to speak to new people I run into in everyday life.

ClonedCloak3 karma

Hey Charlamagne just wanted to let you know that you inspire me daily.

When can we expect some more details about your book?

Much love from Canada.

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

Book coming soon. Finalizing deal now

brooklynboii2583 karma

You said earlier to Big Sean this year that he was in the second tier of rappers with Big Krit. Do you still think that's true?

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

When I say second tier I don't mean skill wise. Sean can hang with anybody I mean as far as fame I guess Sean's profile has gone up over the past year tho.

roxthefox013 karma

Do you have a favorite episode of The Read?

I love the relationship between you and Kid Fury and Crissle. It's so supportive and hilarious. I'm excited to watch Uncommon Sense tonight.

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

I listen to every episode of The Read. Can't really pinpoint a favorite episode maybe when Cris went in on Stevie J. I'm huge fans of Kid Fury and Crissle. I fuck with people who aren't afraid to be themselves and who give zero fucks about what you think about what they think that's why I love those two.

kempisdead2 karma

If you hadn't gotten the internship at the radio station when you first started, what would your next move have been?

Charlamagne_Tha_God3 karma

Great question and I honestly don't know. I'm not into hypotheticals. I'm doing what i'm meant to be doing.

somtee2 karma

Do you think Andrew Schulz has problems understanding the plight of the black man, he always metions that New York is a melting point but he seems to not accept there is white privilege?

Charlamagne_Tha_God5 karma

White people in general have a problem understanding the plight of the black man. People in general have a problem understanding the plight of the black man. They don't experience the constant paranoia we do well at least for me I have to worry about cops, other brothers, haters, only a blackman understands what it is to be a blackman.

timelf2 karma

Did you ever find out if it really was Elon Musk you had a conversation with? And what do you think about the idea of vacuum transportation?

Charlamagne_Tha_God9 karma

I would use vacuum transportation a couple of years after it's on the market. Let everybody else die first until they get it right. Don't know if that was Elon Musk. Lot of white guys look the same to me.

omrtlf2 karma

Have you been to Moncks Corner or Goose Creek since the shooting in Charleston?

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

I was in Moncks Corner and Charleston all last week for 8 days and Columbia i'm always home. I don't feel the need to announce my whereabouts when I'm home kicking it. Or anywhere kicking it for that matter.

Youngpudding2 karma

Do you find that the more successful you've become, the more people that you used to be cool with have become salty towards you?

Charlamagne_Tha_God5 karma

Nope all my friends have been my friends for years and they roll with me. Anybody that's salty with me probably wasn't my true friend to begin with.

timelf2 karma

You’ve said that Killa Mike and Ghostface are in your top 5 rappers, who else is on that list? And what was it like meeting those guys the first time, were you starstruck?

Charlamagne_Tha_God6 karma

Killa Mike, Ghostface, Nas, Jay Z, T.I., Jeezy. No I wasn't star struck because I met T.I., Jeezy, and Killa Mike before they were stars and none of them have changed at all. Only met Nas once asked him to host a mixtape for me he curved me, when I met Ghost I was drunk and we rapped his record "Wildflower" together outside of a nightclub and Hov is the coolest dude in the room at all times. Easiest person to talk to in the world you nervous around him something is wrong with you.

timelf1 karma

Do you still feel that takeover was better ether?

Charlamagne_Tha_God4 karma

Yep. Without question.

m-torr1 karma

Hey Charlamagne, I'm a big fan of your work on Breakfast Club as well as your Vlad TV interviews. My question is: when giving your opinion, do you ever worry or think you've went to far? For example, you killed Joe Budden on Donkey Of The Day earlier this week. It was definitely deserved, but does doing that sort of thing have any negative consequences? Good luck with Uncommon Sense and #staywoke

PS: Why does everyone call Joe Budden Joe Buddens?

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

How did I kill him? I didn't say anything about Budden that wasn't already out there so technically he killed himself. DOn't throw stones when you live in a glass house right?

somtee1 karma

It seems like Hot 97 takes this 'beef' much more seriously than you guys at Power, do you have relationships with anyone over there?

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

Nessa and Titi Torres. Went to high school with Titi that's family and Nessa used to work at Iheart and still works at MTV with me that's family too. I don't even know who else is over there.

buick221 karma

Was the Ed Sheeran interview one of your favorite thus far? Dude seems like a cool and down to earth dude.

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

Hell yeah I want to do a buddy comedy with Ed Sheeran. A movie think it would some funny shit.

timelf1 karma

You recently interviewed Jay Electronica, why do you think it is taking him so long to release an album? And favorite Jay Electronica song?

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

I have never interviewed Jay Electronica. Don't know what The God is waiting on to drop his music when the time is right I'm sure he will.

timelf1 karma

I've heard you bring up the books The Secret and The Four Agreements, what other books/authors do you recommend?

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, Niggas to Gods by Akil, Power of Intention by Wayne W. Dyer

igwe4191 karma

Why are you supporting Hillary for president? Forget novelty, how about someone that's talking about doing things for working people and not multi-national corporations like Bernie Sanders? Also, I'm curious about whether you've ever watched The Young Turks?

Charlamagne_Tha_God0 karma

I'm not supporting anyone at this present moment I need to see a clear cut plan for police reform from some candidate and I need a president that admits racism exist and this country needs to do something about it.

SistahFuriosa1 karma

Were you initially scared when you heard diddy would become your boss? Did he ever forgive you for slandering his concubine Cassie?

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

Diddy is not my boss. Not even close, in no way shape or form. Revolt and I heart have a partnership it's a difference.

Awayithrough1 karma

Do you regret some of things you've done like the whole Mayweather thing? Don't you ever worry about future consequences or maybe it could stop you working with certain people or it may effect your future opportunities?

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

In life you gotta learn to live with regrets. I don't worry about it tho and I told y'all a long time ago i'm a man of the people not a man of the industry.

timelf1 karma

Who do you got on Cotto vs. Canelo?

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

Canelo all day.

buttfaggot1 karma

Lightskins sayin you been slanderin them?

Charlamagne_Tha_God8 karma

The will be alright tell them to stop acting like beige babies.

timelf1 karma

How did you the first season of Daredevil? What other shows are you watching?

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

Loved it. Season two going to be crazier with Punisher, Bullseye, Elektra. Right now trying to finish OITNB season 3 haven't had time to watch and i'm watching Power.

HiBills1 karma

Hey. Charlamagne! I'm a big fan and was curious as to how you got yourself involved in radio and comedy. I'm moving to LA for school and would like to pursue something similar. How did you get started and what advice to you have for someone that would like to get involved in radio?

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

I don't do comedy but radio started as intern. Are you majoring in mass communications if so get an internship at the local radio station out there. Keep God first, Stay Humble, Keep Working.

moe_williams1 karma

You recently gave the donkey of the day to the "Sausage Haters" and sort of praised Lil Mama for it. Do you plan on having her on the breakfast show once again ?

Charlamagne_Tha_God1 karma

If she wants too. Sure.

timelf1 karma

Favorite album of 2015?

Charlamagne_Tha_God2 karma

Tink. #THinkTink that album and it's not even out yet.

timelf1 karma

Who do you think Mayweather should fight next? Khan or Thurman?

Charlamagne_Tha_God4 karma

I don't think Mayweather wants any of those problems

iamlouierocks0 karma

Congrats on #UncommonSense my bredren! How long before you shoot you shot at FOX?

Charlamagne_Tha_God0 karma

Lol. What show at Fox? I don't know what you talking about. Lol but Uncommon Sense premieres tonight 11PM On MTV2