Hello everyone. I'm Holly Madison.

My new book, Down the Rabbit Hole is a story of curious adventures and cautionary tales from me, a Former Playboy Bunny.

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Victoria's helping me out on the phone. AMA!



Thank you for all these questions. Some of them - MANY of them - were so fun and refreshing. I appreciate your time, and I hope you check out my book, Down the Rabbit Hole.

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_tx27 karma

How much of your book was written by you?

Holly_Madison23 karma

I worked with a partner who was very talented, because I felt like I needed somebody to help me keep it very real and also give me perspective, because for so many years, I wouldn't even talk about my life at the Mansion. And there were so many things I didn't even want to think about, and kept very deep-down. But I'd definitely say I wrote most of it, because it is so personal that every word had to come from me. And I was very, very picky about everything that went into the book.

lostinlupata22 karma

Did you ever find yourself just disgusted with the men and people partying around you? I was a dancer for almost 20 years, (errr stripper is probably a more relevant term), but anyway..... I found as I went along, I grew more and more insecure and hateful and completely disgusted by the people that patronized the venue. Maybe I'm just weird, but I feel like there is this mentality of degradation hidden behind the flashing lights, sexy costumes and catchy music. I just kinda got to this point where I asked myself? Is the money even worth it anymore? Am I going crazy? Do I still love my job? I went into work one day and just couldnt even do it anymore. All I saw were the swollen fat faces of alcoholic men whose wives had divorced them for obvious reasons...... I never went back. I've had old friends/fellow dancers just look at me like I'm crazy for leaving when I did, but all I could see in my mind were horrible men with horrible intentions and I was done with "entertaining" them. I guess that makes me kind of a weirdo? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like you have a similar mind set in that regard....... Whatever the case, leaving when I did opened me up to a whole new world of awesome. Now? I'm a sound engineer, there are still hurdles, I work in a very male dominated field so it is constant competition, but I feel like my past kind of gave me the background I needed to face it head on. Would you say that your experience in the Mansion helped you become stronger?

Holly_Madison27 karma


First of all, I wanna say congratulations, it sounds like you've made some really good choices, and good for you for moving on and following your heart.

And I do feel that even the negative experiences in my past have been amazing learning experiences. And there were things I needed to learn. Because once I was young, and I thought glamour and fame were everything, and now I've seen the other side of that.

nitrohawk9117 karma

You've recently come out and voiced your distaste towards Hugh Hefner and the Playboy lifestyle.

My question is, why did you continue to live there if you were so unhappy?

Also, why would it be surprising that being one of many live-in girlfriends to an elderly man wouldn't be weird as hell?

Holly_Madison25 karma

Well, that's definitely the million dollar question, and something I get into in-depth in my book.

But my short answer is: I thought it was gonna be a very light, fun situation. Something crazy to do while I was in college.

But it was much heavier than I thought it was going to be. I got in over my head. And I was afraid to leave, because I was afraid of everyone's judgement.

I felt like people judged me very harshly. And I wasn't ready to deal with that baggage for quite some time.

anti_body17 karma

What was a typical day at the playboy mansion like?

Holly_Madison27 karma

It would depend on the day of the week, because each night was different, as far as what was planned socially.

But during the day, it was pretty quiet. Hef would go into his office and work, and we (the girls) would go run errands.

We were usually alone during the day. Bridget and I hung out sometimes, but for the most part, the girls were sick of each other and went their separate ways when they could.

Usually we wouldn't get together for dinner. It would usually be me and Bridget eating dinner with Hef (we were the only ones that cared about that kind of thing).

And at night, we would be expected to go out around 9 o'clock, I think? And those went on until 1 in the morning.

Reia200111 karma

What about all the animals? Did you guys take care of them, or was there a animal caretaker just for them?

Holly_Madison25 karma

There was a full-time zoo staff there, that took care of the animals.

I used to spend a lot of time, learning about the animals and hanging out with them, but there was a full-time zoo staff.

orangejulius16 karma

If you were starting all over - what would you want to be when you grew up?

Holly_Madison28 karma

I would want to work for Disney in some creative capacity. I'd want to be an imagineer!

BlufftonStateofmind14 karma

Is there a down side to your particular version of fame?

Holly_Madison26 karma

Hahahahahaha! YES! There absolutely is a downside, and that was one of the messages I wanted to include in my book, because when I was young, I thought fame was EVERYTHING. I thought it would make your life perfect, and was worth pursuing at every cost, and I learned that that's not true. Especially if you're famous for nothing, versus quality work, and there are a lot of haters out there. That was one of the messages I wanted to include in my book - that fame is not everything.

MuppetOSRS14 karma

If you had to choose between your tits or ass which one would you pick?

Holly_Madison28 karma

Definitely my butt, because it's real, and it's amazing.

MuppetOSRS8 karma

I really don't know who you are just googled your name and all I saw was cleavage pictures. You can only imagine the first thing popped in my mind, do you care about the image people have of you when they google your name?

Holly_Madison20 karma

I definitely care, but you can't drive yourself crazy about it, because there's only so much you can do.

DayOldTurkeySandwich13 karma

You always struck me as kind of the "mom" of the three Girls Next Door, or at least the one that seemed the most level-headed. Did you ever feel like you were the defacto group "leader" of the girls or was that just the way it looked after they edited everything down?

Holly_Madison16 karma

You know, I think Hef expected me to kind of be the "mom" or the leader of the group?

The woman who was the main girlfriend before me kind of had that role.

And I didn't really like or embrace that idea. I was never 100% comfortable with being in this group relationship, and before Bridget and Kendra came along, most of the girls were older than me, more sophisticated, more experienced, so I definitely wasn't good at being the group leader, hahaha!

So I don't think it was edited to look that way. I just think that was what was expected of me, even if I didn't really want to play that role.

Pisceswriter12313 karma

What book are you currently reading? Aside from the one you've written, what would you recommend?

Holly_Madison24 karma

Oh, I just read DARK PLACES by Gillian Flynn and that was really great, I got really invested in the characters, so I highly recommend that! And I just picked up INSIDE SCIENTOLOGY, I just started that one, but it's really interesting so far.

Holly_Madison13 karma

Someone asked... Hello, Holly! I need some new tunes, so I have a musical question. What songs would you choose as the soundtrack if you were: Destroying a house with a sledgehammer? Having awesome slow-motion sex? Taking the first bite of your favorite meal? Being chased by monsters through the night? Tasked with saving the world through the power of music?

OK, first of all, that is the MOST AMAZING question I've ever heard, hahahaha!

I think I would pick... oh my gosh... I'd probably pick Hole or something for the sledgehammer.

For the sex, I'd probably pick spa music or something.

For the first bite, I usually listen to the 1940's Pandora station when I'm in my kitchen, so big band music.

For being chased by monsters, it'd have to be something energetic, like NOFX or something.

And if I had to save the world through music... oh MAN! I probably wouldn't pick a song, because I feel like peoples' musical tastes are SO different for everybody! And no matter how good or how popular or how generic a song is, there's always somebody who hates it!

philckd12 karma

Hi Holly! Who would you say is your favorite person/friend from the Mansion or outside of it?

Holly_Madison16 karma

Mary O'Connor, Hef's secretary, was one of my favorite people. She passed away a few years ago, sadly. And Bridget is my closest friend from the Mansion days.

allyouneedisredbull11 karma

Hey Holly! I read your book in 2 days thanks for keeping me from doing any housework! Haha This is a massively girly question but what are your favourite products? You always look so lovely, am I right in thinking you are a MAC Dollymix girl?

Ps I LOVE your kitchen!

Holly_Madison12 karma

Okay, first of all, you guessed my blush RIGHT ON! That's exactly what I use!

And my other staples - I use a Sheseido Eyebrow pencil, that's definitely a must for me, and I use Coty Airspun Facepowder. Those are my top 3 for sure.

Pockystriker11 karma

Hi Holly and thanks for the AMA.

Was it easy to separate yourself from Playboy compared to others and how was DWTS?

Holly_Madison16 karma

Dancing with the Stars was an AMAZING experience. It came along at a time in my life when I felt I really needed it, and it got me through some really hard times, and it was a really glamorous, fun experience, so I'd do it again in a heartbeat. And as far as getting away from Playboy, it's much easier said than done, just because people have SUCH strong memories of "The Girls Next Door." So it's not been easy to steer people's attention towards things I've done afterwards without people wanting to talk about my past (which I've tried to avoid doing - up until now).

airforce5011 karma

if you could be an awesome character in a Mortal Kombat-type game, what would your badass fighting move be?

Holly_Madison23 karma

I always wanted to be Reptile, because he was different. So I would slash people with my tail.

Sucundrul10 karma

Hi from argentina!! Happy to speak to you How do you think your life would turn out to be if you hadnt work for playboy?

Holly_Madison11 karma

I think I would have ended up just staying in college, you know? I was in a lot of debt and things like that, but I always wanted to work for Disney and be on the creative, behind-the-scenes side of things, so I think that's where I would've gone if I hadn't gone the Playboy route.

Apfelyoghurt10 karma

How do you feel about movies like the house bunny? Did you watch it?

Holly_Madison19 karma

I actually had a part IN "The House Bunny"! We met Anna Faris - the movie was kind of her idea, she was one of the producers as well as the star, she was really sweet. I liked the movie, it was obviously inspired by "Girls Next Door."

queen_in_my_pictures7 karma

what's the coolest thing about hugh hefner, and what's the least coolest thing about him?

Holly_Madison7 karma

I think the coolest thing about him was how he treated his friends, and when he would have dinner, and movies, and have his friends over, he was always very fun and nice.

And I think the un-coolest thing was some of the things I went through in my relationship with him that are detailed in the book.

casamundo10 karma

I don't know if you seen the TED talk by Cameron Russell, describing her experiences as a model--but if so, what's your opinion about she said, and what do you think of the objectification of women in the media and how that effects masculinity, how men perceive women, and overall gender relations?

Holly_Madison14 karma

I haven't seen that TED talk, but I'll definitely look it up, it sounds interesting.

You know, we're entering this whole new era with Instagram, and with Photoshopping becoming so easy that anyone can do it at the drop of a hat, and I've always embraced glamour and femininity throughout my life, so I'm hesitant to point a finger at the industry, but it's hard to see Instagram, and you look, and all these women look BEYOND perfect, with these out-of-control proportions - and even though I know they're using the app FaceTune to re-do their proportions, it still has an effect on me, and how I feel about my body, and I just worry about the younger generation growing up and thinking that that look is normal, or that they have to change themselves so much for instagram.

It's really interesting to me. I was just talking about this with my friends the other day, and the person I was talking to was a man, and even he was saying that it was really bad for men as well as women, because what you're going to get in real life probably isn't going to look like something you'd get out of FaceTune!

mindscrambler269 karma

Do you ever think, "Ugh, this creepy ugly fan asking for my autograph saw a naked picture of me, I'm not cool with that"?

Holly_Madison23 karma

No, I don't really think of that. Because the naked pictures are so heavily-posed, and well-lit, and you're wearing body makeup, so it's almost not like being naked? It doesn't really feel like me.

Frajer8 karma

Were you friends with the other bunnies?

Holly_Madison8 karma

Yeah, we made a lot of friends over the years, with the Playmates who would come and stay at the house, while shooting their pictorials. A lot of em were really nice girls, so yeah, we made a lot of friends over the years.

Sarbear19878 karma

Hi Holly! I'm a huge fan and I really have to tell you how much I loved your book! I couldn't put it down!

I noticed though that you really didn't get too into your family's reaction to your being one of Hef's girlfriends/ his "number one."

Did it cause any strain on your relationship with your family? Are you closer to them now that you're no longer affiliated with Playboy?

Holly_Madison14 karma

It didn't cause strain. Mainly because I was never really forthcoming with them about any of the aspects of the relationship that they might've been uncomfortable with.

I didn't really talk about it, you know, some of the things I was uncomfortable with, they aren't things I'd talk to my parents about. But I kind of got the feeling, when Girlfriends would have their parents visit the Mansion, I kind of got the impression that parents thought their daughters were staying there while they were modeling?

My relationship with my family is in a good place now.

I_dont_like_you_much8 karma

Was Kendra's laugh that annoying or did the cameras make it seem that bad?

Holly_Madison16 karma

Hahaha! Well, I'm not one to talk about annoying laughs, but it kind of became a trademark thing. But I can't really talk, my laugh is just as bad!

AppleTreeMan8 karma

What do you think was the most surprising thing about living at the Playboy Mansion?

Holly_Madison20 karma

Oh my gosh, I don't know where to start!

I think one of the things that was really surprising (that was a positive thing) was how nice the staff was. The staff was SO friendly, so down to earth and down home. That was something that I didn't get to include in my book, that there was a lot of intimidating things about the mansion, but the staff was always really nice.

And there's a lot of weird stuff, too.

NoahHaders7 karma

And there's a lot of weird stuff, too.

ok... story please!

wintermuteTA7 karma

OP please deliver! Weird is interesting.

Pisceswriter1235 karma

I second this!

Holly_Madison17 karma

I remember one thing we were heavily discouraged from doing was chewing gum in public.

Hef didn't like it. I think he thought it made us look cheap, which would only be the tip of the iceberg, but for some reason the gum thing wasn't cool.

Pint_Of_Blood8 karma

What is a cool thing you can tell us about the house not a lot of people know? Is there really an Elvis Room? Did John Lennon really put a cigarette out on a Matisse?

Holly_Madison9 karma


The room you're thinking of - it's not called "The Elvis Room," they call it "The Van Room," because it looks like the back of a 1970's van. It has like a mattress floor, and mirrored walls and ceilings, and these old 70's looking pillows.

And there's a Matisse sketch that was hanging in one of the halls, and they replaced the glass, but you can still the smudge where he put his cigarette out.

realfurphy7 karma

What's the weirdest request you've gotten from a fan?

Holly_Madison13 karma

Um... I've had a couple people ask me to autograph them on their arm, so they can get a tattoo?

And I do it, but only if they swear they won't get the tattoo - because if they did, it would be tragic!

realfurphy4 karma

I'm surprised by that! I would assume that you have had creepy fans ask weirder requests due to your history with Playboy...

Holly_Madison18 karma

People are pretty normal. I don't really run into anybody with strange requests.

I remember one time after my show in Vegas, a girl was like "Can I grab your boobs?" And I was like "Of course not!"

People think that if you present yourself in a certain way, then you never have a choice in how you're presented from then on.

That's usually advice I give somebody - once you pose nude for anything, ONCE, people will assume you'll get naked for anything, anywhere, anytime.

So that's definitely something to keep in mind before you make that decision.

mathijs917 karma

What's the biggest lesson you've learned from Hugh?

Holly_Madison12 karma

From Hugh?

Um...I mean, aside from any personal lessons I learned about myself from being there, I would say that I learned how to edit. And that helped me a lot doing my book, ironically! Because sometimes he'd be working on projects, and if he needed extra secretary help, he'd hand it over to me, so I learned to look through something, seeing inconsistencies, how to make it better, things like that.

aguyfrominternet6 karma

How do you feel when you pose nude in front of others?

Holly_Madison12 karma

I don't remember feeling very self-conscious, because at the time, Bridget and Kendra were there too, so I wasn't the only one, so that kind of took some of the pressure off. I always think it's a little more nerve-wracking that you think it's going to be, because you're worried about every possible flaw, or you're worried about showing too much. But overall, I have a pretty European attitude about nudity!

BrodyApproved6 karma

The Girls Next Door was pretty neato.
What does your ideal breakfast consist of?

Holly_Madison7 karma


I always got coffee, and a bagel, usually.

anditwaslove6 karma

Holly! I loved The Girls Next Door! What advice would you give to a wannabe bunny? Not me, haha. But would you advise her to go for it? What would you warn her about? Hope you and Rainbow are well!

Holly_Madison6 karma

Thank you!

I would say definitely read my book.

And if there's anything you can gain from that, awesome.

I would say definitely don't get lost in that world. But from what I understand, the way the magazine operates now is a little bit different from when I was there. And I think they find their girls in a more legitimate way - at least, that's what I hear, through modeling agencies and similar things.

aguyfrominternet6 karma

As an author, how do you feel when people make grammar mistakes?

Holly_Madison16 karma


Um, I try not to judge, because it's easy to make typos, and I certainly am never perfect the first time around.

But I do laugh when somebody writes something mean to me on social media, yet makes a glaring grammatical error.

Vintage6266 karma

Holly I LOVED the book and read it in a day. My question is, if you went back to school to get a degree, would you and what would you major in? Also if you could live in ONE Disney ride, which would it be? xoxo

Holly_Madison11 karma

Oh my gosh!


Probably... I thought about going back and majoring in Political Science, because I wanted to be the major of Las Vegas one day!

And The Haunted Mansion, definitely! That's my favorite ride!

And it's funny you ask it - when my husband and I were looking for a house in Las Vegas, we were having trouble finding one we liked, and eventually we did, but we thought about - we considered building a house for a while, and my plan was to build one that looked exactly like the Haunted Mansion!

TheSwellFellow6 karma

Would you rather fight one Hugh Hefner sized duck or 100 duck sized Hugh Hefner's?

Holly_Madison12 karma

The little tiny Hugh Hefners sound beyond creepy, so I'll take the duck.

omgnotanotherone6 karma

what's the craziest thing you ever saw at the Playboy mansion?

P.S. I love you

Holly_Madison7 karma

Hahaha! Thank you!

The craziest thing I ever saw... that is a hard one... anytime anybody asks that, I always think about an empty grotto, because I was always waiting to see something REALLY insane in the grotto, because you hear so many stories.

But when we would go to the parties, we were always expected to sit at Hef's table, by the dance floor, and not really leave, so when I would go and look in the grotto, it would either be at the very BEGINNING of the party, or during the day, so there wasn't much going on.

So when people ask me the "craziest" thing I've ever seen - that's what I think of.

I know that crazy things happen - I've heard about it - but I never got to see it.


Did the Mentalist ever get mad at you shooting him with a paintball gun?

Holly_Madison5 karma

No, I don't think so?

Holly_Madison5 karma

I mean, I hope so!

aguyfrominternet5 karma

What's your thought on Sherlyn Chopra posing for Playboy?

Holly_Madison8 karma

I don't know much about her, but she's really pretty.

KarenSanDiego4 karma

Hi Holly, Will you be scheduling more book signings?

Holly_Madison7 karma

I think so! I'm going to Europe for a few weeks, but I'm pretty sure they'll schedule more for me when I get back.

anti_body4 karma

i've noticed you've said "we were expected"- or basically, there was a certain behavior expected of you. who expected it? just heff or? who told you what was expected?

and did they tell you flat out "during parties, sit next to heff" or was more like they told you "if i were you, i wouldn't leave heff's table or else...."?

Holly_Madison7 karma

Definitely Hef expected it.

And we were made aware of what was expected through various ways, you know. Those are all gone into detail in the book.

When I joined the group, it was just very clear that you did it. Because no one did leave the table. And all the girls, if they were going to sneak off somewhere, they'd say "If anybody asks, I just went to the bathroom." It was implied that we weren't supposed to be cavorting around the party, talking to people - we had to play hostess.

RoyisOurBoy4 karma

I have two questions for you:

  • What is your favorite Disney movie that released recently?

  • What are some of your favorite tv shows at the moment

Thank you

Holly_Madison7 karma

Definitely FROZEN.

I looove the character Elsa.

And it's such a quality movie. Rainbow wants to watch it over and over again, and every time I see it, I don't get tired of it, it's so well-done!

I really loved MAD MEN, which ended recently. And I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones.

Sisiwakanamaru4 karma

  • What are some of your favorite things to do with your daughter?

  • What is your favorite dessert?

Thank you

Holly_Madison9 karma

We loooove to play with princess dolls, we have chickens at our house, so we love to go visit the chickens, and I think my favorite thing is just reading her stories.

OH! My favorite dessert is anything chocolate. Like, I love the 25-layer chocolate cake they have at Striphouse. It's so good.

aguyfrominternet4 karma

How did you decide on the name Rainbow for your daughter?

Holly_Madison5 karma

There was a girl at my school named Rainbow, when I was going to school in Oregon, and I loved that name - I thought it was the prettiest Hippie name ever!

And I hadn't thought about it for years, but when I was pregnant with Rainbow, it popped into my head as the perfect choice.

[deleted]4 karma


Holly_Madison8 karma

No, I stopped talking with a lot of Playboy people years ago, and I'm not really interested in rekindling that part of my life. And no, I didn't get Peacock Visitation, but I'm sure they are well taken care of!

SebasTheBass4 karma

Did you ever help Hugh Hefner with his scrap booking?

Holly_Madison7 karma

I never helped him with his scrapbooking, but Bridget and I were VERY into scrapbooking as well. We got a lot of pictures while we lived there, and sometimes we'd spend every sunday in the winter doing NOTHING but scrapbooking. So I have a TON to look back on!

aguyfrominternet3 karma

How did you feel when you started at Playboy?

Holly_Madison4 karma

I went through kind of a rollercoaster of emotions.

I was excited to be there, because I thought it was a really glamorous lifestyle.

But I was definitely intimidated too, because almost immediately I felt like I'd gotten in over my head, I was intimidated by some of the girls, I didn't know who to trust.

So it's hard to pick one emotion. It was kind of a whirlwind at that time.

aadityaksin3 karma

What advice would you give to someone who wants to date a playboy model or bunny?

Holly_Madison6 karma

I would say: keep an open mind, and get to know that person, because the women are all very different. You can't really make generalizations, so it's hard to give advice, really!

Downundermonkey3 karma

Does it annoy you at all that people always ask about your Playboy days and not where your life is going now?

Holly_Madison6 karma

I understand it, because it's a very oddball, interesting situation? And hopefully my book can answer people's questions, so I don't have to talk about it as much in the future.

vedder443 karma

What 5 things would you do (physically) if you were a guy for a day?

Holly_Madison6 karma


Climb a tree.

I'd just do anything I can't usually reach, or don't have the strength to do!

SkiingPowPow3 karma

From my sister who is a huge fan: Hi Holly! First of all I wanted to say I'm a big fan, I love how honest and true you are. I used to watch your reality tv show, and I was wondering how Josh Strickland is doing. Why is this relevant you may ask? Well, I'm doing a production of Tarzan and I remember he got cast as Tarzan in the broadway production. So, I wish you the best for you and your family :) lots of love, a fan from argentina (wow you're loved all across the world, do you realize that?)

Holly_Madison4 karma

Aww, thank you!

Josh is doing amazing. He is currently in a show, singing in Las Vegas. And he just got married a few months ago, they just bought a house, so his life is kind of perfect!

dalingtini3 karma

Seriously, who wins in the ultimate physical fight between Catwoman and Joker and how? No weapons, of course

Holly_Madison4 karma

I like to believe in Catwoman.

I feel like the Joker, if you really got your paws on him, would rot - he looks like he has rotten skin!

wintermuteTA3 karma

What is your favorite Mexican food Restaurant in Las Vegas?

What is your favorite Grocery Store in Las Vegas?

Have you seen Claire Sinclair's "Pin Up" show? (if yes, what did you think of it?)

Have you met Frankie Moreno (the musician, not the cross-dresser)?

What time do you usually go to bed?

What are you currently binging on via Netflix?

I saw you at the South Point movie theater once. You are amazingly far prettier in real life than in pictures. Thank you for doing this AMA.

Holly_Madison5 karma

Oh man! I don't really have a favorite. I used to eat at Dos Caminos at the Palazzo, and then it went away.

I go to Whole Foods. I'm "one of those."

Yes! It's very cute. She's adorable in it. And I've seen it a handful of times.

HAHAHAH! I have met him in passing.

I usually go to be around 1 AM.

I'm not really binging on anything right now? I've been really busy with the book tour. I've kinda been touring away.

And thank you!

Chicky386722 karma

I know you here your beautiful all the time and yes you are! Did you go back to do it yourself hair or do you go to salon?

Holly_Madison6 karma

I go to the salon to have my hair colored, but I always style it myself.

RustyDarkstar762 karma

Aren't you from Alaska?

Holly_Madison4 karma

Yes, I lived in Alaska from when I was 3 to when I was 10.

And then we moved to Oregon.

aguyfrominternet2 karma

Would you be writing more books?

Holly_Madison5 karma

Yes! I want to start writing a second book very soon.

I haven't decided how much fiction versus non-fiction it'll be, but it will be based on my years as a single lady in Las Vegas, and it will be (sort of) the anti-dating advice book.

Chicky386722 karma

Hey it's Karen from Twitter...how did you meet ashley M. and how long have you've been friends? I've never asked her. :) she's so sweet!

Holly_Madison4 karma

OH MY GOSH, we've been friends for a really long time. I think we met at a party in LA, and yeah, she's really nice.

garkyi2 karma

Whats the best "America's Funniest Home Videos" accident you've seen on set?

Holly_Madison4 karma

Um... I don't think there was one?

I feel like when those accidents happen, that's when you're like Shit! That's when the cameras weren't on!

Murphy's law!

thelastmanbear2 karma

What was the turning point for you to want to go a different direction with your life?

Holly_Madison4 karma

There were a lot of things that affected it. I think the show came along, after I'd been living there for 4 years, and the TV show really gave me a shot of confidence. They gave me a job at Playboy, because they thought it would be interesting for the show, and having a new skill to learn, a full-time job, really helped my confidence as well. But I really think what made me want to go in a different direction was when Bridget and Kendra were getting ready to leave, and I was going to be the only one there, and that's when I realized it wasn't what I wanted anymore.

Pisceswriter1232 karma

You mentioned you have an account on Pandora. How many stations do you have? and which one is your favorite?

On mine I've reached 99. Although I'm usually listening to Genesis.

Holly_Madison4 karma

My whole family uses it, so there's quite a few on there, but I usually listen to the Disney station for Rainbow, or the 1940's station, so I usually listen to that while I'm cooking.


Can you please describe Hugh Hefner's manhood in 5 or less words?

Holly_Madison7 karma

I'll never tell!

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NoMoBluepill-46 karma

How can you seriously refer to yourself as "author and tv personality" and not "nude model" or "pornographic actress"?

Holly_Madison35 karma

Well, first of all, I've never been a pornographic actress, and second of all, I haven't done nude modeling for a long time, it's not how I define myself, and it's not who I am now.