Hello reddit it's Randall Park and Steve Agee here to answer your questions!

You may know Randall from "Fresh Off the Boat" or "The Interview" or me (Steve) from "The Sarah Silverman Program" or "New Girl." We'd love to answer all your questions and talk about our newest horror comedy that we just released together called AMIGO UNDEAD.

We're joined by the lovely Victoria from reddit for this AMA.



RANDALL SAYS: Well, thank you so much for your questions and your support. It really means a lot to us. You guys are awesome. And check out the movie, if you can.

Thanks for the questions. This was really fun. We hope to do it again sometime. And yeah. Check out the movie!

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My_Name_Is_Pearl5 karma

Hey  Randall, loved you as Asian Jim on the office! What was your favorite part of playing Kim Jong-Un?

Steve, what's it like to work with Sarah Silverman? Any funny stories you mind sharing?

SteveAgeeHere7 karma

Uh, yeah.

Sarah's one of my best friends. I've known her for...holy shit, probably 16 years now. And it's always great to work with your friends. That's a dream scenario. As far as funny stories... when I first started hanging out with Sarah, we got really stoned once, and she came up with the brilliant idea that she wanted to repaint her car, by herself. And went to a hardware store, and bought a bunch of sandpaper, and not spray paint, but spray primer. And so we sanded maybe a quarter of her car down, and primer'd it, and got bored and stopped, so for a year or maybe more, she was driving around a really shitty car that looked like she'd just bought it off of a drug addict.

JosefOgle4 karma

Hey guys, question for each of you

Randall – how much improvising happens on Veep?

Steve – I’ve started listening to more Nerd Poker lately, so I’m wondering, does Blaine know every pop culture reference ever? I knew he was a wealth of knowledge but he continues to astound me

Thanks guys! Keep being funny!

SteveAgeeHere5 karma

Yeah, Blaine kinda has to know a lot about pop culture. He's also a writer for @midnight on Comedy Central. So yeah, he probably knows more about pop culture than most people I know.

umjammerhammy4 karma

Steve, what is it like filming @Midnight? How different is the filming process from what makes it on the air? Are there awesome jokes that we are missing? Any jokes you wished made it on air?

SteveAgeeHere5 karma

Filming @midnight is really fun. It's really quick. Most of what you see on the air is, I mean, god, how do I put this? Most of the stuff we do makes it on the air. It shoots almost all in real time. If anything doesn't make it on the air, it's because it didn't really need to be there.

toiletting3 karma

Steve, why are you my favorite @midnight contestant ever?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

Ummmm...boy. Uh, probably because you like watching idiots?

toiletting3 karma

I do stare in the mirror a lot...

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

I mean "idiot" in a good way.

"Idiot" is a term of endearment to me. Which is absolutely true.

mezzanine2243 karma

Can you guys talk about who the most hated member of the Amigo Undead cast and crew was? McCafferty

And also who was your favorite? Pluimer

Also, did either of you ever go #2 in the camper bathroom?

Randall_Park8 karma

I try to avoid going #2 in campsites, unless I really have to. So I'm pretty sure I didn't.

SteveAgeeHere4 karma

I definitely did not. I have a phobia of going #2 in public restrooms. I will hold it until it's coming out of my ears, rather than going in a public restroom.

SteveAgeeHere7 karma

I didn't hate anybody at all on the set.

However, there was the sound guy - I think he was German or Austrian - I think he was very nice, but we're shooting one scene where we just buried our friend, and i have to deliver this long monologue/ eulogy, and they wanted to do it right at sundown, so we basically had 5 minutes to do it, and I'm almost to the end of delivering my monologue, and the sound guy yells out "OH SHIT! My battery just died!"

And so then we had to do it again, and we only had one chance to do it. We only had one take after he got his battery changed. But he was very nice.

dayofthedead2043 karma

Hi Randall,

I actually made an AMA request for yourself a few months ago - is the reason why you're doing an AMA now is because of that request?

Also - what are your guys favorite movies?

Randall_Park5 karma

No, I didn't know about it. But thank you for requesting it, that is very cool of you.

My favorite movies? Oh gosh.

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

A lot of movies by John Hughes, like SIXTEEN CANDLES, WEIRD SCIENCE, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF... and since we're doing a reddit for our horror-comedy, some of my favorite horror movies are THE THING, JAWS and THE SHINING.

AJeeves093 karma

Hi Guys--What was your favorite scene to shoot in Amigo Undead?

Randall_Park5 karma

My favorite scene to shoot was in the convenience store - there's a scene where we break into a convenience store, and we basically try to catch the zombie. It's a really dumb plan that the character comes up with. And we try to catch him with Saran-Wrap. And that was really fun to shoot. And also, that's one of the scenes where Steve gets covered in blood.

That was pretty cool.

SteveAgeeHere2 karma

That same one is one of my favorites, but mostly because we were shooting at night, where it was freezing cold outside, so it was a chance to be inside and warm! The other one - we run into this old guy whose property we're out on, the actor's name is David Clennon, and he was awesome because he's this old character actor, he was in one of my favorite movies, THE THING, and he just had a lot of really great stories. It was really fun working with him, and he's just a good actor to watch for.

yeahyeahyeah5673 karma

Hey guys, is Amigo Undead the best movie ever made?

Randall_Park3 karma

No. No, it's not.

But it's damn good. And it is the best Steve Agee / Randall Park movie ever made. By far.

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

Randall and I are the next Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

umjammerhammy3 karma

Have you guys seen Kung Fury yet? What are your thoughts on it?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

I've not seen it yet.

irregularcog3 karma

Steve, favorite take out food?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

Oh man. Hehehe.

I'd say my favorite takeout, there's a Thai food place in Los Angeles called Jitlada...and it's probably my favorite Thai food place. If I'm gonna go get takeout, that's where I'll go.

Frajer3 karma

Randall - how did you deal with the Interview controversy?

Steve - what's it like working on New Girl?

SteveAgeeHere8 karma

It's great. It's one of my favorite jobs ever. The entire cast is super-nice. One of the producers, Erin O'Malley, was also an executive producer on "The Sarah Silverman Program," so it was great going into that job already knowing people there. And I already knew Jake Johnson before we did the show. So it's just a really friendly environment, and everyone's great. It's really nice. It's a great gig.

cornlucas3 karma

Steve Agee - I am a fan of Nerd Poker since ep.1 and I feel like you bring a lot to the show. I have 2 questions for you: 1.) If you could re-roll Winter what race and class would you pick? 2.) If you could re-roll Steve Agee what race and class would you pick? Thanks!

SteveAgeeHere4 karma

1.) Hahahaha! That's a REALLY hard question, because of all the guys on the Nerd Poker podcast, I know the absolute least about Dungeons & Dragons. I would actually probably just leave him as he is. I don't know enough about Dungeons & Dragons to re-roll.

2.) That's a really good question. If I could re-roll myself, I'd be Channing Tatum.

lula24882 karma

If Gordon Ramsay yelled at people for poor sexual performance, what would the insults be like?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

I've never seen Hell's Kitchen, so I don't know what his insults would be like.


lula24882 karma

What are some warning signs that you are about to have awful sex?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

One warning sign that you're about to have awful sex is that you can't get an erection.

man_mayo2 karma

Steve, who would you love to have to go against on @midnight?

SteveAgeeHere6 karma

Matt Berry, from The Might Boosh. And Rich Fulcher.

marcbrewtal2 karma

Hey guys! Steve, when are you coming back to Harmontown?

SteveAgeeHere6 karma

Probably soon? It's a lot of fun. The only problem is that they record it on Sunday nights, which is a big TV night for me. But now that Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley are over, I'll probably be there really soon.

umjammerhammy2 karma

What was it like filming Amigo Undead? Any fun stories to share?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

At one point, we shot a scene where I get covered in like... blood and bile and all sorts of weird foreign monster bodily fluids, like, head to toe. And we shot it at night, so we didn't wrap until 4 o'clock in the morning. And when we wrapped, I realized that the makeup girl had gone home early, so there was no one there onset to get me out of the blood and guts makeup. And we were shooting out there in the desert, so I had rented a hotel room. So I had to walk through the hotel lobby covered in like, blood... there was a couple there checking in or checking out, I'm not sure, and them and the clerk just stared at me as I walked through the lobby, and they didn't say anything.

And I didn't say anything either. And for a little while, I was sitting in my room, expecting the police to come banging down my door, but I guess they didn't really have a problem with it.

placeintheways2 karma

Steve Agee, I love you. What do you actually think about the taste of Tab? I went through a Tab phase myself, though I'm not sure why because I don't think that it's very good.

SteveAgeeHere4 karma

I think Tab tastes absolutely horrible.

To me it tastes like pure chemical - you are making a reference to an episode of "The Sarah Silverman Show." When we shot that episode, I think the Coca-Cola company sent us cases and cases of Tab so the rest of the season, there was Tab on-set everywhere. Nobody was drinking it.

Mjfc42 karma

What are some movies that pushed you towards becoming actors?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

For me, it wasn't movies that made me want to go into acting. It was television. More specifically, Three's Company. John Ritter was a huge idol for me. He's one of my heroes. He's one of the reasons I wanted to go into acting.

umjammerhammy2 karma

Randall, if you could make a romantic comedy film, who would you cast as the leading man and lady and what would be the scenario, where would it be set?

Randall_Park3 karma

Oh man. Leading man AND lady?

I think it would be cool to see Steve as the leading man in a romantic comedy. Because in a lot of people's minds, the first thing that does not come to mind when you see Steve is "romantic comedy."

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

If Seth Rogen can do it, I can do it.

amiaheroyet2 karma

Randall, I’ve been a fan of yours for a while, I loved Ikea Heights, Home are where the Hans Are, and those few years when you were on commercial after commercial.

You obviously have great skills that work well for sitcoms, but I thought you also would have been great on a televised sketch show, like SNL. How do you think you would have fared on this format?

Also, as a Korean-American, do you have any K-Pop favorites?

Randall_Park3 karma

I don't know. I'm not that good at impressions. I like playing characters though. Maybe there are a few I could do?

SteveAgeeHere4 karma

Says the guy who plays Kim Jong-Un.

umjammerhammy2 karma

spoiler alert Steve, since you are a Game of Thrones fan, what are your theories about the ending of the episode, especially with Jon Snow?

SteveAgeeHere2 karma

Um. I assume you mean... wow? Theories?

I don't want to give away spoilers...


My theory is that he's dead.

They killed him!

That's my theory. My theory is that he will stay dead. He is already dead in an interview that he did.

peoplelikeyou7892 karma

Hey guys! Loved Amigo Undead. Would you ever consider doing a sequel? What would happen in the sequel?

SteveAgeeHere2 karma

I mean, I would always do a sequel, just for the chance to work with Randall and all these guys again.

I really wouldn't care what happened in the sequel, as long as the weather was nice.

We shot this movie in 2 weeks. And the first week, we shot all during the day, and our first day of shooting was the beginning of a record heat wave, 110 degrees. And then as soon as we switched to shooting at night, the heatwave broke and it was freezing cold. So I wouldn't mind what happened in the movie, as long as the elements were in our favor.

lulaalt2 karma

What weird rumor about a celebrity do you actually think is true?

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

I think Marilyn Manson really did play Fred Savage's best friend on The Wonder Years.

lula24882 karma

What is the most useless superpower?

SteveAgeeHere2 karma

Oh shit. Um.

Good question.

Randall_Park2 karma

The most useless superpower.

That's a good question.

SteveAgeeHere2 karma

What's Jeremy Renner's character in the Avengers? Hawkeye?

I guess his superpower is shooting arrows?

I would say shooting arrows like Hawkeye. It's pretty pointless.

Chiefoktaktay2 karma

Guys, you mentioned Channel 101 a lot, and I gather a lot of people on this movie were involved at Channel 101. How did that change or effect things?

SteveAgeeHere2 karma

Well, it affected it in that it made the movie happen.

The writer who wrote this movie knew the entire cast and crew from Channel 101. So I don't know if this movie would have happened without Channel 101.

irregularcog1 karma

The Fresh off the Boat episode with the “success” Perms cracked me up because I as a Chinese american can absolutely relate to it and had my mother watch it when I read the description (My uncle has had his hair permed for years now, though I don’t think he admits it…there’s no reason genetically that he would have curls like that) Do you have any perm stories from your own life? Either your own or relatives?

Also Randall, do you ever get mixed up with Tim Kang from the Mentalist?

Randall_Park5 karma

Well, I mean, yeah, as a Korean-American, perms are definitely a part of our family. I never got one personally, but I do remember my cousins coming over one day, and they both had these perms. And I remember seeing it, and feeling a little jealous, but I never went through with it. And I'm really glad we didn't now, in retrospect.

And yeah! All the time. Not all the time now, but it did happen a lot.

SteveAgeeHere3 karma

And he got confused with him so much that he created a show for Channel 101 called "Baby Mentalist."