Hi reddit, it's Jimmy O. Yang. I am an actor/comedian. I currently play Jian-Yang on HBO's Silicon Valley. I was also on the Always Sunny episode written by the Game of Thrones dudes. I recently popped in and had a little chat on /r/SiliconValleyHBO, you guys were awesome, so I've come back to do this full AMA! here's another shameless plug to follow me on Twitter I'll send out a Silicon Valley shirt to my favorite question.

Proof: http://imgur.com/U4tiFE3

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AboMoFo106 karma

Yes, I just have one question. Where do you burn the garbage?

FunnyAsianDude93 karma

that shall remain a mystery, like the origin of the White Walkers

thecroshow88 karma

How soon til we see an "Adventures of Erlich and Jian Yang" spin-off?

FunnyAsianDude152 karma

That would be a dream. as I said in the other chat, I hope it's called "Better Call Jian-Yang"

jamblesjumbles53 karma

I have an open room in my apartment in Palo Alto, will you come live in it?

FunnyAsianDude67 karma

rent free? fuck yea

zmuel448 karma

You performed stand-up at my college a few years back and killed it. When will you start playing the role of hot Asian girl from behind??? Congrats on the success so far.

FunnyAsianDude36 karma

Thanks! which college was it?

zmuel429 karma

Small pharmacy school in St. Louis

FunnyAsianDude65 karma

I remember that school! your school mascot was like asymptote or something very scientific

TheandreGreyjordan40 karma

Hey man, your standup slays me! That clip about the free-range chickens kills me everytime.

How was it working with the Sunny cast? I know that Charlie's mandarin was mostly gibberish, but did you slip him any suggested dialogue along the way?

FunnyAsianDude57 karma

Thanks! Charlie's a brilliant actor. When he did his "gibberish" mandarin, I think it sounded convincing to non-mandarin speakers. He would kind of go off my tone and words I just said and flip them around. The cast was amazingly talented and super nice.

arcturum34 karma

Just to be clear, you ate the fish?

FunnyAsianDude45 karma


FunnyAsianDude30 karma

This has been fun guys, I have to go and pretend I have a busy life. If you want to ask me anything else. You can always find me on Twitter

Devbuscus24 karma

according to wikipedia you worked for the Harlem Globetrotters, is that true? What was that like

FunnyAsianDude86 karma

haha, yes! They do a tour in China every year. Since I am one of the only Chinese-American comedians, they had me look at their script to see if the humor would translate to the Chinese audience. The only advice I gave them was "Hello Kitty is Japanese, not Chinese."

Flipflopflapjack20 karma

Heu Jimmy, what is the actual relationship like between Gilfoyle(Martin) and Dinesh(Kumail) outside of the show? Also what do you look forward to in season 3? P.S. Stop burning the garbage!!

FunnyAsianDude35 karma

the main 5 dudes have been friends for a long time. We were recently at a Mortal Kombat X tournament, Martin kicked my ass, and Kumail was the ultimate champion.

loltz18 karma

Hi Jimmy! I love to hate your character on Silicon Valley. Is there anyone you love to hate (other than yourself)?

FunnyAsianDude48 karma

I still think of Sharon Stone in Casino. I hated her so much because she was so good at playing that character.

RickyVIPenis17 karma

Do you expect a larger role in future seasons of the show? It seems like your role started to get bigger in season 2 and many fans (myself included) think you need more screen time.

FunnyAsianDude31 karma

thanks i certainly hope so! I'm starting to get recognized at a local bowling alley, so that feels nice

official_onti17 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this. My question is, how did you get the role? Oh and do you have any advice for an aspiring actor?

FunnyAsianDude62 karma

pretty standard audition for the part. it started as a pretty small part and it got expanded later. Advice for actors...don't have a backup plan. (disclaimer: if any of you take that advice to heart and become homeless, I am not responsible.)

SanAntonioBarracuda13 karma

whats the wierdest place youve ever woken up? Also does anyone you know of currently hate you, if so why? And finally when was the last time you cried?

FunnyAsianDude42 karma

I have woken in a bathtub, almost drowning under the shower, apparently I like to take showers when I'm blacked out. I'm sure I got some haters out there. I cried a couple times during interstellar I think, can't confirm.

bigmac3d11 karma

What do your parents think of your career choice as a comedian? Did you grow up in a stereotypical Asian family?

FunnyAsianDude25 karma

yes my parents are quite Asian. They still call standup comedy "talk shows." At first they were wary and hope that it was a phase I would snap out of. Now it's definitely better, they both watch SV. I was part of a documentary on HBO called "East of Main Street" where I talk about all that stuff

AboMoFo10 karma

But seriously you are way to funny on Silicon Valley!!!! I would love to see you in the show more. Do you think your roll as Jian Yang will be expanded in the 3rd season?

FunnyAsianDude16 karma

Thanks. I hope so, but I really don't know anything about season 3 yet

garaging10 karma

Do they ever allow the actors to contribute to the writing? Or at least do they allow any flexibility/improvising?

FunnyAsianDude21 karma

there is definitely some improvising going on. Everyone is a great improviser/actor on the show. TJ cracks me up with what he comes up with all the time. There are so many great moments, I hope some of those takes make it on the DVD.

jermyy9 karma

Hey, big fan, This is a question about Jian Yang. What prep did you do to get into character? Do you have a backstory, did you need to become more chinese, etc...

FunnyAsianDude23 karma

I do have a backstory, and I listen to Mandarin radio before I get into character. I try to think in Mandarin also, that helps with the accent and his mannerisms

dorkian_gray8 karma

Hey Jimmy, thanks for doing this AMA. Silicon Valley is pretty good at getting actual entrepreneurs to cameo - have you met any influential tech professionals through your role in the show? Are you friends with any startup founders?

FunnyAsianDude55 karma

i visited the Facebook campus last year and saw Mark Zuckerberg through a window. So I guess you can say we are buddies now

antichristreboot7 karma

Whats more dangerous, smokers or paedophiles?

FunnyAsianDude54 karma

Pedo-Smokers, they can only be defeated with Valyrian Steel

DoitfortheHoff7 karma

Is there any chance you land a part on Broad City?

FunnyAsianDude14 karma

I don't know but I am a fan of that show

042376x7 karma

With a name like "Jimmy O'Yang" has anyone ever mistaken you as Irish?

FunnyAsianDude48 karma

They could, until they see me. My real name last name is Ou Yang, a rare 2 character name in Chinese, the Ou is pronounce "Oh". I went with Jimmy O. Yang to pay homage to Homer J. Simpson.

ismellliketuna6 karma

Who are you often mistaken for when people approach you in the streets ?

FunnyAsianDude27 karma

A lot of people don't want to approach me with in fear of mistaking me for another Asian person. One time this dude thought I was Ken Jeong, and started congratulating me on my new show.

fantumn5 karma

Any chance of a Jian-Yang and Erlich tandem vision quest?

FunnyAsianDude9 karma

that would be amazing

MattRoy5 karma

Who is your favorite person to work with on Silicon Valley?

FunnyAsianDude13 karma

they are all so great, most of my scenes have been with TJ so far and he is just the best.

posable4 karma

How'd you get started doing stand up? Did you just start going to an open mic night?

FunnyAsianDude18 karma

Yes, open mics, every night. My first few open mics were at the Haha comedy club in North Hollywood. I had to pay $5 for 5 minutes of stage time in front of 5 indifferent comics. I still perform there these days.

Epirubicin4 karma

Who is your greatest inspiration?

FunnyAsianDude18 karma

great question. As far as comedy, I am a huge fan of Dave Chappelle, his standup and the Chappelle show had great influence in me. Also George Lopez, he has been such a voice for his community.

MCKapur4 karma

Hey! I love Silicon Valley, and the Jian Yang / Erlich scenes are the funniest. Question: Will Jian Yang assume a larger role in the following seasons? It seems the episode dedicated to his pitch was out of place and foreshadowing that.

FunnyAsianDude5 karma

thanks. I really don't know what's going to happen in season 3 yet, I hope there's more of jian yang/erlich, I always love those shoot days. We always have a blast

KingKonginHongKong4 karma

Are you the guy with the dragon tattoo on your dick? or is it he doppelgänger?

FunnyAsianDude13 karma

yes that's me. For those who don't know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8f0TK0wSCk

KingKonginHongKong3 karma

Is the dragon tatted on just one side of the side or is it tatted around the whole schlong?

FunnyAsianDude21 karma

that depends on the stage of erection

042376x4 karma

What is the funniest bit you've seen in a stand up act that still makes you laugh?

FunnyAsianDude13 karma

In George Lopez's special "why you cryin" when he did the bit "there's a pain in my shest and I can't breaf"

liamquane3 karma

Hi Mr. Yang. What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~) Thanks

FunnyAsianDude7 karma

I think a good director instills confidence in an actor. And has a clear idea of what the scene is trying to convey

042376x3 karma

what was the last thing that made you laugh until it hurt/you cried or peed your pants?

FunnyAsianDude24 karma

"I'm Tyrone, And I'm here to fuck somebody's wife, Long Dick Style"

kevin_tran3 karma

Favourite thing to do on your spare time?

FunnyAsianDude14 karma

I binge on pug pictures on instagram

elkakey3 karma

What's the weirdest thing T.J has said on set? Also, any plans for new startups via Jian-Yang?

I am a huge fan of the show, one of the best on tv right now IMO.

FunnyAsianDude7 karma

TJ turned us onto Paul Lynde, the coolest dude on Hollywood Square

thecroshow3 karma

What's the best hangover cure?

FunnyAsianDude9 karma

I'm big on gatorade, my buddy recently told me Alker-Seltzer works wonders

RedskinsAreBestSkins3 karma

How do you feel about being cast in a stereotypical Chinese role? I know a lot of actors tend not to go for roles that just poke fun at their race. Was it just too good of an opportunity to pass up (working with Mike Judge and on an HBO show) or do you not have a problem with it?

FunnyAsianDude32 karma

I don't think this is a "stereotypical Chinese role". Just because he has an accent, there are a lot of people in real life who have accents, and I try to portray it as real as possible. My job is to be funny as a comedian and comedic actor. I can relate to the character because I was an immigrant myself, just 10 years ago, I was a lost foreign kid like Jian Yang.

ashhhhhhhhhhh3 karma

You are hysterical on Silicon Valley thanks for making me chuckle.Why aren't we married?

FunnyAsianDude16 karma

I am working on my commitment issues.

ombx2 karma

So, I'm gonna ask the same question I did at your at your last AMA at /r/siliconvalleyhbo ...Reddit was mentioned at the last episode..Whose idea at the show to mention Reddit?

And also a nice satire you folks pulled by mentioning in the wrong order.
(I'm asking you again because I never got a reply)

FunnyAsianDude5 karma

i don't know, but i found it hilarious since I've been browsing reddit for a while now

mckuy2 karma

Do you do a thing, like skate or sew bookbags or somthing? Somthing specific to you.

FunnyAsianDude4 karma

When I was in college, I did a little down hill long boarding. Before I got into comedy, I used to make beats, Hip Hop, I thought I was gangsta AF

mckuy1 karma

(╯°□°)╯ Dude collab

mckuy0 karma

Im curious, did anyone ever cop a beat?

FunnyAsianDude2 karma

yes i used to sell them

JumperCables182 karma

Hey Jimmy! How do you see Jian-Yang's character progress in the next season of Silicon Valley? Will he have a larger role in any aspects?

FunnyAsianDude7 karma

Maybe he'll learn how to ride a dragon, then everyday would be a special occasion

Mombutt_long_and_low2 karma

What was the last special occasion you celebrated with a cigarette?

FunnyAsianDude12 karma

I don't usually smoke cigs, but I was in Burbank, it's illegal to smoke there, so I lit one up

1NSTINCT2 karma

Hey Jimmy, How is working with T.J. Miller? He seems quite strange while doing interviews, is he actually like that normally?

FunnyAsianDude5 karma

Tj is one of the most fun scene partners Ive had. Absolutely hilarious and great improviser. Cool dude too

Thermohaline2 karma

Are you sometimes afraid to get typecast as the "hot asian chick"?

FunnyAsianDude10 karma

Lucy Liu beat me out for Charlie's Angels.

ItsKelberTime2 karma

If you could have your pick of upcoming movies and tv-series to star in, which would you choose?

PS: Do you like peanut butter?

FunnyAsianDude11 karma

I would love to work on some Apatow projects, big fan of his work. As far as TV shows, Game of Thrones if possible or Fresh off the Boat, I can relate to that show, being an immigrant.

I love peanut butter jelly sandwiches

RagsyBoy2 karma

If you could be cast for a small part on Game of Thrones, what's your character's backstory?

FunnyAsianDude8 karma

exact same story with Jian Yang, just substitute China with Westoros

bigmac3d1 karma

  • Who do you think is going to be on the Iron Throne at the end?

  • If you were to play a character on GoT who would it be?

FunnyAsianDude5 karma

I haven't read the books, so no spoilers, just prediction. I think it's going to be Daenery's Dragons vs. the White Walkers, and Daenerys will prevail and take the Iron Throne. I haven't really seen an Asian on Game of Thrones, I would love to play a whitewalker

bigmac3d4 karma

Thanks for answering. The show is mostly caught up with book, everyone is speculating now :)

There's one Asian red priest in the show and I believe one of the Sand Snakes is half Asian.

FunnyAsianDude7 karma

sweet, I might have a shot at Dorne

NorbitGorbit0 karma

if you improvise enough material that ends up on the shows, do they give you writer's credit or more money?

FunnyAsianDude7 karma

dont think so, Robin WIlliams didnt get a writing credit for "good morning vietnam."