Hey guys, I'm UFC strawweight Rose Namajunas. I'm out in Germany for the strawweight title fight this Saturday, Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Penne this Saturday night.

It's the first ever title fight on UFC Fight Pass so make sure you check it out: http://www.ufc.tv

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/VyD9kbs.jpg

Ask Me Anything! :-)

edit: Thanks for asking questions guys! Gotta go for now but check out the fights this Saturday on Fight Pass

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WolfyBa64 karma

So far, who has hit you the hardest?

rosenamajunas160 karma

Melvin Guillard

billberge39 karma

If you didn't get involved in MMA what would you be doing with your life?

rosenamajunas109 karma

Growing stuff probably

billberge34 karma

Legal stuff?

rosenamajunas176 karma

I live in denver everything is legal!

Fachow38 karma

What is the best date you have ever had with Pat "HD" Barry?

rosenamajunas44 karma


supermanflies32 karma

Who do you think will JJ or Penne? Surely it's the champ all the way right?

rosenamajunas37 karma

JJ I think but Penne's jiujistu is very dangerous

cwissypie31 karma

What do you think the main reason was for your loss to Carla Esparza, if you fought her again what would you do differently now that you have hands on experience with how she fights?

rosenamajunas65 karma

Lots of things no structure, wasn't ready, bad game plan, panicked because of lack of experience, and very burnt out and emotionally exhausted etc.

magicdeathtaco28 karma

What's the hardest thing about being a UFC fighter?

rosenamajunas45 karma

Being away from home

one_Dwigt25 karma

Hey, Rose.

This past the year PEDs have become a hot topic in MMA. Usually it's mostly focused on the men's side, but how big of a role do you think PEDs play in the women's side? Any thoughts on how the UFC's new anti-doping policy will affect this when it starts in September?

Thanks for stopping by and doing this AMA. You're welcome over at /r/MMA anytime. Also, I love the silly stuff you and Pat get up to. Say hi to Pat for us and tell him to stop by /r/MMA, too!

rosenamajunas22 karma

I dont know how it would affect women any different but I like the new policy a lot

Deka14523 karma

Thoughts on the Reebok deal and how it affects female fighters?

rosenamajunas40 karma

There are pros and cons and female fighters haven't had the opportunity to fight in the ufc as long as males so by default we will get paid less on average than men but the pros are more for the greater good

PutYourLilHandInMine21 karma

What would be your best piece of advice to a young aspiring fighter?

Also good luck with whoever you end up fighting next! Big fan of both you and Pat!

rosenamajunas51 karma

Be smart, give yourself value, dont be desperate, be patient, and have a back up plan, partying is lame

mere_iguana17 karma

Thug Rose!

Who was your biggest influence to get into MMA? And who ya got, Aldo or MacGregor?

rosenamajunas31 karma


Homeyjosey14 karma

Whats your favorite striking combination?

rosenamajunas74 karma

Jab Jab Jab

Bung_Master13 karma

What's the weirdest thing Pat's done when he thought no one was looking?

rosenamajunas24 karma

Fed the goat

SuckaFreeBaust13 karma

Besides yourself, who do you think has the best chance of dethroning Joanna?

rosenamajunas22 karma

Claudia I'm not familiar with many of the other talent coming up but there's always some new stud coming up

MisterBarty12 karma

In your opinion, what's the most important "traditional" martial art to have a strong background in in order to become a successful MMA fighter? For example, boxing, muay thai, wrestling etc.

rosenamajunas18 karma

I have a love for all martial arts its not one above all but I am becoming very fond of boxing as of lately

Brighty1711 karma

How do you think fighters can reduce the frequency that they sustain injuries? Do most fighters train in a smart way?

Just lost the Bobby Green/Al Iaquinta fight!

rosenamajunas28 karma

MAke more money so you dont have to take fights out of desperation

rfernung10 karma

How's it like living with Pat Barry? What's the best prank you guys have pulled on each other? Also what would be your gameplan to dethrone Jedrzejczyk?

rosenamajunas15 karma

its great mostly sometimes he drives me nuts though! Changing my style to work against anyone not just JJ

e1padrino10 karma

it´s the first time you are in germany?what´s your impression about the country? and are you at the pre party tomorrow?

rosenamajunas10 karma

ive been at the airport here many times but first time visiting, its cool I haven't seen much yet its very european as expected not sure about the party

Balfe10 karma

What was the biggest challenge of living in the TUF house? Was living there exactly like you had imagined, or different to how you assumed it would be?

rosenamajunas18 karma

being away from home not being able to talk to loved ones. It was way more fun and less of a headache than I thought

MexicanBookClub9 karma

How long before the first person gets caught when the new drug testing begins?

rosenamajunas25 karma

I dont think it will be long

Brighty178 karma

How can the fighters improve their situation as a whole group in terms of better pay, image rights, etc? Will it have to be forming a union/association to be able to collectively bargain? I admire all combat sports athletes immensely, can never be paid enough to punch and get punched for our entertaintainment.

rosenamajunas11 karma

Declare your value but be valuable! (don't be desperate and accept crumbs if you think you deserve more) but yes a union would be great i think

bboeker298 karma

Do you expect to be rebooked with Ansaroff or do you think you'll be receiving a new opponent?

Thanks Rose!

rosenamajunas9 karma

dont know yet

DH1458 karma

What do you believe the UFC or the fans need to do to increase the interest in women's fights? I think more fans have come around to it, but in my experience, the more casual fans tend to look down on women's mma.

rosenamajunas31 karma

Be patient womens fighting has only begun

beastrace8 karma

How do you think the fight between Claudia Gadelha and newly signed Jessica Aguilar will go?

rosenamajunas17 karma

Might be boring but Claudia i think will win

BallsJesus7 karma

After a quick browse, all of these questions are directly related to your MMA career or MMA in general...rightfully so. What I want to know is, what do you enjoy doing BESIDES MMA and training? Long walks on the beach and poetry? Watching horror movies? Skydiving? Video games? Baking? What does "Thug Rose" enjoy doing outside of the ring?

rosenamajunas22 karma

hikes, hanging with my dogs! reading as of lately, listening to music

Footstompshonie7 karma

What do you think of the new suspensions for PED use? Mike Richman of Bellator was caught using steroids under the new policy and was suspended 2-years which in my mind is almost a career ender at that point.

rosenamajunas16 karma

I think its great! Mike Richman was a former teammate of mine and friend it sucks for him and hope he can come back from that but i dont condone steroid use if you're gonna be competing esp in fighting.

Protect-6 karma

Did you expect the Esparza/Jedrzejczyk fight to go down like it did and how would you feel about fighting Esparza again?

rosenamajunas15 karma

carla didnt look mentally 100 % to me

Nirvanaguy0076 karma

How did you and Pat meet?

rosenamajunas15 karma

At dukes in milwaukee

RandallsFlagg6 karma

Who wins in a fight - you or Pat?

rosenamajunas13 karma

50/50 for pat ;-)

Smile_U_On_Killa_Cam5 karma

Hey, Rose! It was a bummer that your last fight wasn't able to happen. Do you have a timetable for your return and have an idea for who you'll be fighting?

Also, how disappointed are you that Sam Alvey is fighting Derek Brunson instead of having his Hair Match with Elias Theodorou?

rosenamajunas12 karma

I am hoping for Sept or Oct and no idea about any of them and what they are doing

TheLoneCenturian5 karma

What are your thoughts on the "stardom" Ronda Rousey has achieved? Do you think it has helped the sport and do you think more will follow in her footsteps? Is that something you personally would like to achieve?

Edit: and thanks for doing this!

rosenamajunas15 karma

she works it! shes a great role model i think

ACasualGuy4 karma

First of all, I apologise but I only know you from The Ultimate Fighter and have more questions related to MMA progression in general, rather than questions that are focused on you. If you wish to answer, go ahead, if not, I apologize for being an annoying brat, haha.

So, the questions:

Tell us your background in the whole fighting scene, what type of fighting style did you start with, what did you move onto? Just give us a timeline of the sports you have done, if you don't mind of course.

How to know if my gym in whatever fighting style is good and the coaches know what they are talking about?

My background in fighting scene is Boxing, from 15 to my current age and I'm still going, and I went to two Kickboxing sessions last week and I think I will start doing that too. What else would you say I need to reach as far in MMA as I possibly can?

Again, sorry if you're not in the mood to answer these type of questions, so move on to others if you don't have the time or effort.

rosenamajunas5 karma

its hard to explain in just a few sentences but its experience that you learn these things there is alot of nonsense out there coming from people who have never competed and things like this. That should be your first clue if they never competed

JewFroMonk4 karma

When you first started fighting did you think there was a chance the ufc would make this new weight class?

rosenamajunas12 karma

not in the beginning but when invicta came around

donrhummy4 karma

What were Carla and Felice really like in TUF? As bad as they seemed on TV?

What have you changed in your training since your loss?

What's the hardest thing about being a pro MMA fighter? The best thing?

rosenamajunas14 karma

Carla was always cool Felice and I had our moments but I have a soft spot for her shes fun and good company at least better than most I could put up for for 6 weeks really alot of that stuff was highlighted rather than the fun moments

ULBAZOR3 karma

What is your favorite TV series of all time?

rosenamajunas8 karma

haven't watched tv in years with tuf 20 being an exception

Darneston93 karma

Other than a mouthguard what protective gear would u recommend?

rosenamajunas22 karma

goggles lol

APessimisticOptimist3 karma

Why do people continue to think Roufusport is a legit camp?

rosenamajunas16 karma

cause it works for some people just not for me

cwissypie3 karma

What is your favorite submission technique?

(Please be flying armbar)

rosenamajunas11 karma

i go through phases i was in a kimora phase now im going through a umoplata and guillotine ish phase

LordZepper3 karma

Cats or dogs?

rosenamajunas9 karma

dogs but cats are badass too

dartagnan993 karma

What 5 things would you like to experience if you were the opposite gender for a day?

rosenamajunas17 karma

sex, using the bathroom, anything physical so i can compare with strong manly muscles, cant think of anything else interesting

HymnForDisco2 karma

Thanks for coming out, Rose! I've been a fan since Invicta, you and Tecia put on an awesome show that I was lucky enough to be watching live.

Are there any other camps/fighters that you'd be interested in training at/with, and if so then what do you think they could add to your game and vice-versa?

rosenamajunas4 karma

not in particular at the moment i love where im at now

ryancarp32 karma

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

rosenamajunas4 karma


Whiskeytango14922 karma


How do you see yourself matching up with Joannna? Would you feel like your unorthodox grappling game would nullify her power strikes?

Edit: Thanks for doing this! Please spread the word to other mma fighters about /r/mma.

rosenamajunas19 karma

my everything would nullify her everything

FrankGoodish-1 karma

If you were allowed to take a non-deadly weapon into the cage with you, what would it be?

rosenamajunas3 karma

what are some of my options?

zicolo-5 karma

Dude how often do you hit the gym???

rosenamajunas12 karma

Dude like 24/7 broooooo

a_real_human_bean_-10 karma

Can I buy you a margarita at Conejito's?

rosenamajunas2 karma

actually have not been much of a drinker lately but ill take some of whatever Conejitos makes thats tasty!!!

Rearviewmirror-18 karma

What's it like to do an AMA where you don't actually answer any questions?

rosenamajunas4 karma

sorry got mixex up with time zones!!!!!!