I work in the Starbucks roasting plant and warehousing operations. We see a lot more than Baristas or other retail employees. Ask me anything you like.

DISCLAIMER: I will not be disclosing any trade secrets due to a non disclosure agreement I have signed with my company. Thanks.

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/5i9e8

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Pan_Goat148 karma

Why does Starbucks insist on burning the beans?

Zmeiler9 karma

Apparently it makes the coffee stronger. I'll have to ask the roasters when I go in Monday

nozonozon17 karma

Does your home always smell like coffee from your clothing absorbing it?

Zmeiler21 karma

I actually don't work in the roasting part. I'm in distribution. But the whole warehouse smells of coffee.. At first it was nice, now I'm just sick of it..

SebasTheBass8 karma

What exactly do you do as your job?

Zmeiler18 karma

I'm a picker.. Everything that goes into the Starbucks stores (and I mean everything) I pick and put into boxes. then we ship it to the stores when they order it.

shabadu848 karma

What is your favorite drink? Do you get unlimited freebies?

Zmeiler23 karma

Our break room is filled with ingredients to make Starbucks coffee.. Cold and hot. You gotta make it yourself. So yes

nubouy4 karma

How do the pay and benefits compare to other picker/packer jobs?

Zmeiler2 karma

13/hr + 1 week of paid time off & benefits after 90 days.. So I'd say about average

cannablissy4 karma

York PA plant?

Zmeiler1 karma