We are FFS. Thanks for joining us on the internet.

As digitised proof, this is us right now. http://imgur.com/HMWBqqD

Please - ask us anything.

Alex (A), Bob (B), Paul (P), Nick (N), Russell (Ru) and Ron (Ro)


Thanks for all the questions, we're off to learn our songs now. FFS

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lesoiseaux14 karma

First of all, I haven’t been this excited about an album in a long time—I will absolutely be picking it up after work.

This is kind of a weird question, but I’m going to ask it because I’ve always been curious. On the show Gilmore Girls, both Sparks and Franz Ferdinand were clearly adored on the show, to the point where Sparks even made an appearance in one of the later episodes. Is there a story behind this? Were you aware of your popularity on the show before being asked to cameo?

Here’s a link to the clip, for anyone who hasn’t seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yyW-IDgWss

Also, are you planning to tour in the midwest any time soon? Specifically in St. Louis, MO?

FranzFerdinandSparks16 karma

They used a couple of our songs prior to asking us come on and we were 'street buskers' on that episode doing a song called 'Perfume'. Amy Sherman-Palladino (the creator) wanted us and we did it. We'll do anything for money. (Ru)

stevierar10 karma

Hey guys! You are definietly my favourite supergroup - the very concept had me hooked. The mashup of This Town and Take Me Out I saw on Jools Holland recently was brilliant.

I'm looking forward to seeing you perform on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury in a few weeks time; possibly quite jealous of your clean clothes by that point in the weekend! On that subject, what are your favourite festival experiences? Either as a performer or a punter? :)

p.s. please play Michael, dedicated to Eavis, he might turn up and dance for us.

FranzFerdinandSparks4 karma

AK: Always liked Sziget Festival. Always feels quite anarchic. RU: Fuji Rock in Japan!

VicPayback10 karma

Hey guys, the FFS album is awesome, such a great combination of talents.

For Sparks: Any stories about how you came to have a cameo in the (very underrated) 1976 disaster movie Rollercoaster?

For Franz Ferdinand: Not really a question, but I saw you in 2004 at what must have been one of your first US shows, at Northsix in Brooklyn. I was surprised to see you guys come out beforehand to set up your own gear. I was right at the front, so I said to Nick, "You guys don't have roadies?" He kinda laughed and replied, "No, not yet." Well, it was an amazing show, and I'm glad to see you have roadies now.

FranzFerdinandSparks8 karma

RO: Underrated? RU: Kiss were supposed to do it but who better to fill in than us!?

FranzFerdinandSparks5 karma

RO: Underrated? RU: Kiss were supposed to do it but who better to fill in than us!?

LostSkeleton738 karma

Thank you guys for doing this AMA on here! My girlfriend got me into Sparks a while back, and as soon as I saw this AMA listed on Reddit, I have been really excited about it, just like I was about getting the album. My questions are:
What did you find was the easiest and most difficult things about working together on this project?
What would you say are your favorite songs by each other?
And finally, any chance of a North American tour? I'm sure we would love to have you guys here in Toronto.
Thank you again for everything! (PS - My gal still has a massive crush on Ron, but don't tell him)

FranzFerdinandSparks4 karma

The easiest thing was making the music. The hardest thing was the commute. (A)

TheGirlWithoutATan8 karma

Where is Nick? Why is not answering?

FranzFerdinandSparks18 karma

Gin. (N)

Alexsebold7 karma

Are there any current intentions for a US tour (Please come to richmond, Va) Can we expect both sparks and FF songs on the live setlist Besides just FFS (which I'm loving btw) And is hawkeye a liability to the avengers? Y or n

FranzFerdinandSparks6 karma

YES to songs by both bands in addition to FFS and YES to the tour. (Ru)

IAmSergeGainsbourg7 karma

The album arrived this morning and I'm loving it!

The media have jumped on the perceived irony of Collaborations Don't Work, but is it really ironic or simply a refutation of the perception that this IS a collaboration? You've said something to the effect of FFS being a unique band independent of both Sparks and Franz Ferdinand, so is it really a "collaboration" at all? The fact the song may not be ironic is so ironic my head hurts.

Also, as my username suggests, I'm a Serge Gainsbourg fan. Franz Ferdinand have covered him in - ahem - collaboration with Jane Birkin, and Ron and Russell knew him somewhat. Any stories about the man himself that you're willing to share?

FranzFerdinandSparks15 karma

Neither band uses irony in any of their material so FFS doesn't use irony in any of their material. This question is so ironic that our heads hurt. (Ru)

We saw him play in Paris backstage, long past Jane Birkin, and he had nude photos of her everywhere even though he was with a new girlfried, Bamboo. (Ro)

And he's extremely flatulent. (A)

r8s7 karma

Hey guys! Big fan here!

Ron, Russell, is there a chance that "Mai, the Psychic Girl" music would ever be released some way?

FranzFerdinandSparks8 karma

We hope so. The movie is still in Tim Burton's arsenal of films in development so maybe some day, we hope. (Ru)

amyhorror6 karma

FFS is seriously a dream come true, I've followed Franz Ferdinand since I was 11 (back in 2004) and Sparks since I was 17. I've travelled all over the country from Manchester (and stayed in airports overnight) to see them live. I can't wait until Glasgow!

Where is the furthest you've travelled in order to see one of your favourite musical acts perform?

FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

I drove from Glasgow to Rye to go to the Bowlie. (B)

Vindari6 karma

Thanks for doing this! Here's hoping you guys come to Canada.

Question time: What are your favourite songs to play live, whether from FFS or from before your collaboration with each other?

FranzFerdinandSparks7 karma

Police Encounters (out of the 3 we know so far). (A)

We love Canada and yes but everything is completely unconfirmed (Ru).

britchesss5 karma

How's it going?

FranzFerdinandSparks8 karma

Really good. (Ru)

ejival015 karma

What would be the best way to bring FFS to México? What mexican food would be necessary to entice you south of the US border?

FranzFerdinandSparks5 karma

Aero Mexico. Also, bug the FFS agents and we will come. (Ru)

Sopa de lima would get us there also. (A)

fugaziozbourne4 karma

What's the actual number one song in heaven?

FranzFerdinandSparks10 karma

The Number One Song in Heaven (Ru)

Frajer4 karma

What is your favorite song that the other band ( Franz Ferdinand and Sparks ) wrote and recorded?

FranzFerdinandSparks9 karma

AK: When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' - Sparks RU: Michael - Franz Ferdinand

FranzFerdinandSparks2 karma

AK: When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' - Sparks RU: Michael - Franz Ferdinand

HiiImKat4 karma

Hello guys! I hope you are having a great time! So, my 1st question is: Which song took the longest time to make?

PS Paul's hair looks hella cool

FranzFerdinandSparks5 karma

Piss Off took a long time. It took 11 years, it took a long time to perfect. (A)

Like a fine wine, Piss Off had to be nurtured, aged. (Ru)

diana_bp3 karma

Hi guys! Crossing fingers to see you soon in Mexico. I'm wondering, were the songs for this collaboration exclusively made for FFS or did you create any of them to play it on your own bands?

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

Yeah, they were exclusively made for FFS. It was the dedication that everyone had to make this a very special thing. We wanted to make all new material (Ru)

Vimeni3 karma

Hey Sparks and Franz Ferdinand! Love both of you, so this is pretty exciting. Thanks for doing this AMA! I wondered, since the BBC refused to play 'Dick Around' when it was released because of its "language", were you both surprised when 'Piss Off' got airplay?

FranzFerdinandSparks5 karma

It just shows Dick Around wasn't played because of the language, it was just an excuse. (Ro)

I enjoyed hearing hearing the song on the radio but not being able to say the title of the song. (A)

melodyPM3 karma

Hey! HUGE FF fan here.

Aside from your fabulous main albums, you guys also have so many great B-sides and such. So to any FF member, what's your favorite Franz Ferdinand B-side? (Mine would have to be Wine in the Afternoon)

FranzFerdinandSparks9 karma

BH: Love and Destroy AK: Brown Onions

lula24883 karma

What is something you thought you would never get addicted to?

FranzFerdinandSparks19 karma

Heroin (A)

EllaRunciter2 karma

Can you talk about how the concept for the Johnny Delusional video came about? It's dizzying and mesmerizing. Was it challenging to shoot?

Also, I have my fingers crossed you'll play near NY! I love you guys to death.

FranzFerdinandSparks4 karma

For the cameraman it was. (P)

It was this use of repetitive motion that we kind of developed into the video. We didn't have anything to do with the technical bit but it was pretty complex. (Ro)

We all wanted to dress the same as well as to make the character - Johnny Delusional. (A)

RonMaelLives2 karma

As a huge fan of both FF and Sparks, it's been fascinating seeing both side's fanbase's reactions to the new album. What has been your reaction to either side's reactions?

FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

I am pleased that they seem to be getting on together well. (A)

Same for us. (Ru)

TheGirlWithoutATan2 karma

Are you going to play Collaborations Don't Work during this summer tour? I want to see Bob sing!

FranzFerdinandSparks10 karma

Yes. Bob will be singing a large portion of the set. (A)

penusRynkle2 karma

When will you be able to announce your North American tour dates?

FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

We hope they'll be some news sometime soon (Ru)

Dan584622 karma


FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

The human voice. (A)

The human voice. (Ru)

The guitar. (N)

drumschtitz2 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA - I preordered the new record and was lucky enough to receive one the signed copies and looking forward to the Art School gig.

My question is for Paul:

Apart from the new LP, what do you recommend picking up next time I'm in Mono?

Bonus: Are you going to get back into doing "They're Only Records Paul" at some point? You've put me on to a ton of great music through the show.

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

The Golden Teacher / Den Bovell 12" (P)

jerry_sizzler2 karma

Hey guys! Is there a story behind picking FFS as your collaborative name?

FranzFerdinandSparks4 karma

It was Paul's idea (A) Paul was responsible for the corny pun (Ru) It's just the initials of the band...(P)

chanticleerschest2 karma

Hey Franz guys!

Was over the moon when you turned out to be the secret band at Bowlie 2 a few years ago. If you were curating your own Bowlie/ATP style festival, who'd play and where'd you hold it?

FranzFerdinandSparks4 karma

Sealand. (P)

Butlins Ayr and I'd put on Magnetic Fields. (B)

I'd have Trout playing. (A)

AC/DC. (N)

Babymetal. (Ro)

The Beatles. I think they're still going. (Ru)

Redwinevino2 karma


Any chance you guys could move your Glastonbury slot so I can watch you guys and Flying Lotus?

Thanks for being so understanding

FranzFerdinandSparks4 karma

Ask Flying Lotus. (B)

Moon_in_Virgo2 karma

Hi guys! I'm elated that you've all joined forces, this album is incredible. Question is for anyone: what do you think when you see or hear people cover your music, like on YouTube or something. Is it weird? Flattering? I love music from both  bands and think it'd be really cool to be able to play these songs on guitar someday. 

FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

I always enjoy it; especially when it's a strange arrangement, different from the original (A)

I always enjoy a drum cover (P)

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

I always enjoy it; especially when it's a strange arrangement, different from the original (A)

I always enjoy a drum cover (P)

sonny411j1 karma

Favorite soup?

FranzFerdinandSparks6 karma

Spinach and Watercress (B) Gazpacho (P) Wanton (Ru) Miso (Ro) Cupa (A)

rap_mein1 karma

Let's say I know nothing about your band but want to listen to one song to see if I like what I hear. What song would you recommend?

FranzFerdinandSparks8 karma

Police Encounters. It's the most collaborative song on the whole album (Ro)

FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

Police Encounters. It's the most collaborative song on the whole album (Ro)

lulaalt1 karma

If you could pick how you were going to die, no money or expense would be spared. How would you do it?

FranzFerdinandSparks2 karma

Listen to the song 'So Many Bridges' on the deluxe version of the album. (N)

Nitrous oxide. (A)

drumschtitz1 karma

Question for Franz:

Have you returned to Govan Town Hall at any point since Tonight for recording/rehearsing?

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

I think I have once (A) I feel like I have but I don't know why...(B)

danihippie221 karma

hi! this is a question for Bob, Paul and Nick why the song Stefania Salomone's Letter wasn´t recorded?!?!

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

It was, but it just wasn't finished. We recorded it and then deleted it. (N)

RonMaelLives1 karma

Ro and Ru: 1) Can you please set the Mael Modeling rumors to rest? Were you really child models? 2) When are you guys going to release your cookbook "Munching Meals the Mael Way"?

FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

We found out that Alex has a cook book so we've put ours on hold until the fervour over that one dies down (Ru)

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

We found out that Alex has a cook book so we've put ours on hold until the fervour over that one dies down (Ru)

HelenC_871 karma

Ron and Russell - you are beyond amazing. Two questions:

Will there be a new Sparks album in the not too distant future?

And Ron - will you be resurrecting your infamous shuffle dance for this tour?

Love you guys. :D

FranzFerdinandSparks2 karma

Maybe yes. Maybe no...come and see.....(Ro) Best to buy tickets to all 31 of the shows just incase! (Ru)

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

Maybe yes. Maybe no...come and see.....(Ro) Best to buy tickets to all 31 of the shows just incase! (Ru)

19Hedgehog761 karma

And for all of you: The Ninja's costumes're is very suitable for you. Would you like to use something like this in the tour? It'll be great! ;-)

FranzFerdinandSparks2 karma

Thank you for giving us the idea! It will be duly considered (Ru & Ro)

I prefer to keep my ninja outfit for the bedroom (A)

RomCs1 karma

Are you gonna play things like Take me out/This town in live performances? talking about FF songs vs Sparks songs because it was really good the day you did it in Later with Jools Holland.

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

You'll have to come down to find out. (A)

But yes, we will. (B)

Redbeard_Rum1 karma

Will you being adding any more bands to the mix for the next album? I’m thinking Fleet Foxes, Fiery Furnaces, Foo Fighters, Sufjan Stevens, Scissor Sisters and Shed Seven could really add something to your sound.

FranzFerdinandSparks2 karma

Probably so. (Ro)

I see what you did there. (A)

I don't get it. (B)

Luiza19031 karma

Hey guys I want to know about the B sides? Can we expect surprises? And pls come to Brazil

FranzFerdinandSparks2 karma

The deluxe edition of the album has an additional 4 songs on it - consider them B sides (A & Ro)

Luiza19031 karma

Hi. I love the album it is so great and the lyrics are amazing can't imagined other band able to do that. Thank you for do it. Did you have any fear about this project ? that the fans wouldn't understand? And pls come to Brazil

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

Nooope. Only positivity (Ru)

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

Nooope. Only positivity (Ru)

elliekapranos1 karma

what unnatural color would you dye your hair if you had to?

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

Grey. (Ro)

elllekay1 karma

Hi guys, love the new album. I was wondering who you would consider your biggest non-musical creative influences to be; writers, artists, filmmakers etc?

FranzFerdinandSparks5 karma

Mickey Mantle, American baseball player (Ru) Mitch Hedberg, American stand up comedian (A)

FranzFerdinandSparks1 karma

Mickey Mantle, American baseball player (Ru) Mitch Hedberg, American stand up comedian (A)

luckyscrote1 karma

I understand that Franz ferdinand and the sparks have been good friends for a long time and that you have even attempted a cover of one of their songs many years ago.

How has it been finally doing your collaboration together? Has it been stressful and tested your friendship at all? Is this only going to be the start and that we can expect more in the future?

P.S I am coming to see you live and I have already listened to your new album 4 times :D.

FranzFerdinandSparks2 karma

One can only hope (Ru)

MadameNo91 karma

Hello FFS! Congrats on the album, its fantastic!

My question is for Ron:

What is your favorite album cover that you've been featured on? (with Sparks releases)

(P.S your wardrobe is one of my favorite things ever!) And thank you both for keeping Sparks amazing <3

FranzFerdinandSparks3 karma

If the wardrobe is important then I guess Angst In My Pants (Ro)