Hello all you lovely Reddit-ers!

Ksenia Solo here (no relation to Han Solo, unfortunate.... I know). You may know me from playing the thieving, street smart Kenzi on Syfy's Lost Girl, revolutionary socialite Peggy Shippen on AMC's TURN or Cosima's new love interest, Shay, on BBC America's Orphan Black.

I'm super excited about the TURN season finale tonight and happy we get to have this Reddit party beforehand to start things off! Make sure to tweet at me (@kseniasolo ) and my cast mates when we livetweet during tonight's episode.

I gotta admit I had no idea what this forum was until recently and now that I know, I find it really cool.

So.... I guess the concept is that I'm all yours for the next hour... Does that sound about right? 😄

I want to thank Victoria for guiding me and being my assistant today, it's always great to have a partner in crime.

So without further ado, let's get down to business! Thanks so much for joining me! And I hope you get a chance to catch the epic season finale of TURN tonight on the AMC!



Update: I want to thank each and every one of you for joining us for this reddit session today.

I am SO SORRY to everybody whose question we didn't get to answer. Unfortunately we couldn't get to them all. But I want to send you guys my love and a huge thank you for the endless support that you have shown me. I hope that you tune in tonight for the awesome season finale episode of TURN! And I will be live-tweeting on Twitter @KseniaSolo, so if you have any questions, please feel free to write to me!

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procl0ne107 karma

What's it like to be smothered in fandom love with both Orphan Black and TURN airing at the same time? And my bff wants me to ask do you miss those red pants from your Kenzi days?

IamKseniaSolo116 karma

If you could see me now, you would see a GINORMOUS smile on my face.

The love that I get on a daily basis is so humbling and flattering. And no words can express how grateful I am to have such loyal, supportive fans.

I took those red pants with me. Because I loved them so much. And they were custom-made for Kenzi by a very talented clothing designer. The company is called "Heart Attack." I definitely did not want to leave them behind, because they are super-cool.

Velorium_Camper94 karma

One of my favorite episodes of Lost Girl is where Kenzi and Dyson switch bodies. How did you prepare for those scenes? Did you follow Kris Holden around trying to mimic him?

IamKseniaSolo102 karma

Yes, we actually filmed each other doing each other's lines. And it was a very strange but interesting process. And I think it bonded the whole cast together, because we were just stuck at the Dal Riata for a week straight, and I definitely tried to study him as much as I could.

Mikorb64 karma

Who is the better kisser: K.C Collins or Tatiana Maslany?

IamKseniaSolo103 karma


You can't put me in this position!

I don't kiss and tell!

ebrosexual61 karma

What's your favorite scene with Delphine?

IamKseniaSolo133 karma

I can't tell you about it, because it's coming up!


PM_me_yo_chesticles48 karma

Will you marry me?

I offer tequila

IamKseniaSolo73 karma

Hahaha! Uh... that is a wonderful proposal. And I will definitely give it some thought.

Badassperger44 karma

Hey! Loving you on Orphan Black! Do you enjoy playing Shaydy characters?

IamKseniaSolo63 karma

Terrible pun, haha! I enjoy playing intriguing, mysterious women. Yes. I definitely can't deny that fact.

BornNRaised41536 karma

Since your character didn't die in Lost Girl, will she be returning at all in the future?

IamKseniaSolo75 karma

She will most definitely be returning in the future.

AsALesbianSupporter33 karma

What would you say to people who keep asking actors who portrait queer characters about their sexuality?

IamKseniaSolo96 karma

Our job as an actor is to portray a character and that has nothing to do with our personal lives. And I think if you're a private person, you have every right to keep your life to yourself.

BUT it's about striking a balance. Because any successful character or show is going to get people talking about that character or show. So it's about raising awareness, while respecting the autonomy of the individual actor.

Maniac515026 karma

Hi Ksenia. I know you're involved in the "Stand for the Silent" anti-bullying campaign. Any specific reason why? Can you describe an experience where you were bullied on set? If there is one.

IamKseniaSolo62 karma

The reason why bullying is so close to my heart is because I was bullied when I was younger. And I understand what it's like to feel alone and lost in a world that's supposed to be supportive and educational (and I'm referencing school). Going to set, ever since I was a young kid, has always been a source of happiness and support. So I've never been bullied on a set. And I think that's because on a set, everyone is there with the same goal, and everyone is supportive of one another, and I wish school systems could be more like that, and I just want to do everything in my power to use my status to talk about this, and let people know they're not alone, and no matter if you're an actor or ANYBODY else, a lot of people have dealt with bullying, and I think it's time we help one another.

iam_lee26 karma

First of all thanks for taking your time to talk to us, you're amazing!

Every time I watch Orphan Black I completely forget that Tatiana Maslany is one actress behind all of these very different characters with different personalities. having working with her, do you get that feeling well? Do you get absorbed and forget that you guys are acting?

Also I know Kenzi is team Dyson, but you- Valkubus, Doccubus, or team Dyson?

IamKseniaSolo56 karma

Tatiana is an incredible acting partner. And she's very fluid and very in the moment. So she makes MY job easier. Because I'm able to really let go, and really be in the moment with her.

I would say Team Dyson. Team Dyston 'til the end.

Who doesn't love a furry wolf?!

Cheeseiseverything25 karma

Hey, before I begin just want to say you are amazeballs.

Is Shay shady? And can we expect to see her in the 4th season of OB? love from Chicago xoxo

IamKseniaSolo38 karma


How do I answer this smartly?

Shay is... a mystery. And I think for the moment, we should keep her that way.

And who knows what will happen in season 4. But I think the way season 3 ends will definitely give everybody a very clear idea of Shay's involvement in the future of the show.

SynthD23 karma

Shay can't be shady because she doesn't want the D.

Ksenia do you know how your parents chose your name? Do you say it like Xenia?

If you personally were a new character in OB whose side would you want to be on?

IamKseniaSolo37 karma

I'm not sure how my mum picked my name. I'd have to ask her why she picked it. But it's pronounced "Keh-sehnia" like the K and S go together. But people have a hard time saying it, because it's rare to have a K and S going together. So I introduce myself as "Kah-sehnia," most times. Or I tell people to call me "Kay" or "Kay Solo."

And my Lost Girl family called me "Kay-star."

I can thank the lovely Kris Holden-Ried, who plays Dyson, for giving me that lovely nickname.

Definitely NOT on the Castor side.

perfectcosima25 karma

If you could live as a character you played for a month, who would you be?

IamKseniaSolo74 karma

I would probably be Kenzi.

Because there's no shortage of fun and excitement in her world.

Allie_Girl19 karma

Hi Ksenia, on Lost Girl you play a totally kick ass Russian chick. With a name like Ksenia are you really from Russia? Or A Russian speaking part of Europe? Im pretry sure you are since your russian is less flawless then regular american english speakers. If you are Do you like Russian food? Which Russian foods do you like? Do you cook any of them?

IamKseniaSolo29 karma

I was born in Latvia, but at the time, it was the Soviet Union, so everybody had to learn Russian, so I do speak Russian fluently. And yes, Russian food is very delicious. Myself, I don't cook it as much, but my family has some incredible cooks, and one of my favorite restaurants is called Mari Vanna, and it's Russian food, and they have a location in Los Angeles, New York and London, and it's fantastic.

playingkassidy19 karma

Ksenia! you're so talented and I love you on Orphan Black. (Shay is one of my favorite characters!)

so, which clone (besides Cosima) do you think Shay would be best friends with?

IamKseniaSolo25 karma

I think it would be a tie between Sarah and Alison.

b_dailey1316 karma

What is the likelihood that you will be going to SDCC this year? You are my elusive unicorn that I want...I mean NEED to meet. Loved you on Lost Girl and currently on Orphan Black, you are killing it #girlcrusheverday

IamKseniaSolo29 karma

Thank you for referring to me as a unicorn! I take that as a compliment.

And I would love to go to San Diego Comic-Con. It's an incredible event, and every time I've gone in the past, it's been a thrilling experience. I don't know if I can say if I'm going this year, it all depends on scheduling, but I will definitely keep everybody posted.

radioactivcheez15 karma

Ksenia!!! I love you!

Also, if you were to have a lip sync battle, who would you battle and what song would you lip sync?

IamKseniaSolo37 karma

I would battle Kris Holden-Reid, because I saw him do karaoke about a week ago and I was very impressed.

And I would probably lip-sync... "Respect" by Aretha Franklin.

Go big or go home!

thejoyoflife9815 karma

Hello! First and foremost, I'd like to commend your performance as Peggy Shippen. You literally brought one of my favorite historical females to life in such a breathtaking way! My question is: can you tell us a little bit about your experiences in Latvia? Thanks :)

IamKseniaSolo28 karma

In Latvia?

Oh, interesting.

Thank you so much for the kind words. It's been an honor to play someone like Peggy Shippen.

Latvia is a beautiful country. I was born in Riga. And people have been known to call Riga "Old Paris" because it has a very similar historical magical feel to it.

Axsh1boomba15 karma

I have two questions:

  1. Who's better: Hale or Cosima?

  2. How does it feel to work with Tatiana Maslany and Evelyne Brochu to and add up to the Shay/Delphine/Cosima dynamic?

IamKseniaSolo21 karma

1.) Once again - I don't kiss and tell!

2.) They're fantastic women, both of them, and it's an honor to get to work with them and spend time with them and create with them.

theshowgoeson897113 karma

Hello Ksenia! I'm a big fan of Turn and your work on it! The Revolutionary War is a fascinating time and to have it being portrayed on TV is exciting. Did you do any research prior to your role?

IamKseniaSolo20 karma

Yes, there was a lot of research involved. I wanted to learn everything I could about that period in time, about the war, and about all of the important people that were involved. And specifically with Peggy, I had to learn about her family, where she came from, and also learn her accent. And a lot of hours went into that, to make sure it was the best it could be.

theshowgoeson89719 karma

How long did it take to master the accent?

IamKseniaSolo15 karma

I would say I had about 2-3 weeks before my first episode, and then it was an ongoing process from there on. But definitely an every day thing, just to get ready for every new episode that was coming every week.

gabchik11 karma

Hi! I´m a TURN fan, very much enjoying your performance as Peggy Shippen. I wanted to ask you, what was your favourite scene to shoot? And why?

IamKseniaSolo13 karma

My favorite scenes, I would say, were all in my first episode. It was my first day on-set, and I was just so enamored with the dress I was wearing, with the incredible wig that was made for me, it was such a new experience and it's almost like the first day of school - you have that excitement and those butterflies, and the dancing that we had to do, it was just... SO much of everything, and I was very creatively stimulated!

APirateHooker11 karma

I guess I'll ask the important questions: will there be a season 3 of Turn? Also, how uncomfortable is filming with the wig Peggy wears? Plz respond.

IamKseniaSolo16 karma

We don't know yet if there will be a season 3. This show means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to everybody involved, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed that we get to continue telling this incredible story. And the wig is not as uncomfortable as everybody thinks it is. A lot of people ask if it's heavy, and it's not heavy at all. It's custom-made for me. And we have an incredible hair team on TURN who take very good care of us, so I love putting the wig on, because right away, it puts me in that world and it makes me feel like Peggy.

IamKseniaSolo11 karma

It's not glued to your head or anything. So there's no cutting off of circulation.

Mr_Hendrix11 karma

Who's version of Toronto do you like more, Lost Girl's or Orphan Black's?

IamKseniaSolo31 karma

Uh...I would say... I like both for different reasons.

Lost Girl filmed mostly during the warmer months, which was a little easier to take.

Orphan filmed during the winter, which was tough, especially in my bohemian-chic-hippie-clothes.

But both sets are amazing for different reasons. And Toronto has its charms all year 'round, so it's hard to pick.

thing1not211 karma

K Solo! I don’t have groundbreaking questions, but here’s what I got from the top of my head:

  1. Does a horse shit in a barn?…no really is that where they poop? Did you have any improvised moments in Lost Girl, or was everything scripted all the way out?

  2. Which brings me to the episode of you and Vexie being mascara buddies. Did you take a real shot of perhaps Fireball or something similar in that scene, because your reaction was pretty hilarious when you took a hit.

  3. I love hearing you speak phrases of Russian off-and-on during LG. Would you ever venture into foreign films?

  4. Not a question, but I’ve honestly never seen anyone quite as talented as you. Your acting appears so effortless and boundaryless (a word I just made up) as you seem to be able to fit into any genre out there. I can’t wait to see what else you get up to in the years to come. All the best with your ventures.

  5. Oh yeah, please post more pics of your adorbs doggy.

IamKseniaSolo17 karma

1.) That line was scripted. There have been moments where I have improv'd, sometimes it makes it to the final edit and sometimes it doesn't, but there are definitely episodes I've watched that have surprised me, because I see myself improvising and go Oh my goodness, they kept it! But I have to thank our writers for the years of very witty and comedic one-liners that can be had.

2.) No. There was no alcohol onset that day.

3.) I would love to venture into foreign films. That's definitely something on my bucket list.

4.) First of all, thank you for that INCREDIBLE compliment. And I will make an effort to share more of Tino with the world, because he is definitely one handsome little devil.

BrodyApproved9 karma

What does your ideal breakfast consist of?

IamKseniaSolo26 karma

Well, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Half the time, I want to eat breakfast for dinner.

And a perfect breakfast for me would be... a salad, two medium poached eggs, a side of extra-crispy bacon, and an Earl Gray tea, no milk, no sugar.

IamKseniaSolo25 karma

I've actually forced myself to eat salad for breakfast, because it's so good for you. It definitely took a minute, because I would rather be eating pancakes and apple strudels. But I try to be as healthy as I can.

Lunnaku9 karma

What are some of your hobbies that people might not know about? What do you do to unwind at the end of the day? What are some of your non-acting-related dreams?

IamKseniaSolo27 karma

I love to eat.

Which most people don't believe. Because I'm a rather petite young woman.

I love to do yoga and pilates. And then I can eat the chocolate cake at the end of the day!

I also love to swim. That is definitely one of the best stress-releasers for me.

I would absolutely love to own a vineyard somewhere in Italy. I've always wanted to open up a really cool breakfast joint with my family - we have some AMAZING cooks in my family - we've been talking about it for years, and breakfast cafes are my favorite, so I'd love to be in that world and make people happy with awesome breakfasts. And I'd love to own real estate all over the world.

Mikorb9 karma

Hi Ksenia!

First of all I'd like to say that I am a huge fan and I want to thank you for portraying both Kenzi and Shay, since not only have both of the characters helped me through a lot of stuff in my life, but so has Lost Girl and Orphan Black. It's helped me to come out to my family and accept who I am. So thank you truly <3

And I was wondering, what was it like having to leave behind your Lost Girl family but gaining new ones with TURN and Orphan Black?

IamKseniaSolo30 karma

Leaving my Lost Girl family was very hard. I've spent the last six years with a group of incredible people who I will forever love and adore. Coming onto TURN was very overwhelming, especially because I joined the cast of TURN literally a day after I wrapped our last day on Lost Girl. But i'm incredibly lucky, because the cast of TURN (as well as the entire crew, and team behind the show) have been nothing but welcoming and kind and supportive. So they made the transition very easy.

And I have known Tatiana since I was about 14 years old, and it's been so much fun re-uniting with her after all the time! And the cast and crew on Orphan Black as well are just the GREATEST group of people. So I've been surrounded by these INCREDIBLE folks, and I really cannot complain at all. I feel very lucky.

And I'm so glad that my characters inspired you to find the strength to come out to your family.

LDM958 karma

When did you realise that you were famous?

IamKseniaSolo21 karma

I don't think I have realized that I'm famous?

I think I've realized that i have some incredible fans who support me. But I don't consider myself "famous." Because I live a relatively normal life. And I think I've put effort into making sure that I live a private normal life.

musicmad108 karma

Hi this is my first ever reddit post especially for you! :) my question is, who do you think would win a war of words out of shay, Peggy or kenzi?

IamKseniaSolo14 karma

Thank you for joining our reddit party!

And... I think it would be a tie between Kenzi and Peggy.

Kenzi is extremely brave, and no matter what situation she's in, I know she will prevail. And Peggy lives in a time when a war is happening, so I feel like she understands it, and she's very politically savvy, and would win because of her cunning mind.

suslammer6 karma

It's so cool that you're doing this AMA! I really love your work, and I've also loved the way you've always taken time to talk to the fans!

My question for you is- what's the one thing you've always wished you've been asked in an interview that no one's brought it up, especially concerning Lost Girl or Orphan Black?

IamKseniaSolo12 karma

I would have to say I've been asked a whole gamut of questions about all the shows I'm on.

So I can't think of something that I haven't been asked.

OK, I've never been asked "How I pee in that dress in TURN?"

Because if people knew how much effort it takes to even FIT into a bathroom stall - it's like a comedy skit! If somebody could see me, they would be laughing hysterically! Oh my god! I think back in the day, women didn't wear underwear, and they would literally squat wherever they were?! But those beautiful clothes... unfortunately I don't have that ability to squat and pee wherever i want. Although that would make 18th century life much easier.

winterzwolf6 karma

Hi Ksenia! While you are clearly fabulous at what you presently do (Kenzie is brilliant!!!)... What vocation, and specifically whose vocation, would you like to spend a day doing?

IamKseniaSolo15 karma


Maybe like, deep-sea dive? I'm actually quite terrified of diving. Just the thought of being in, like, a dark ocean with god-knows-what swimming around me, that idea freaks me out, but if I could switch places with someone that's brave enough to do that for a living, I think that would be super-fascinating and life-changing.

IamKseniaSolo11 karma

Sharks are terrifying!

Cheeseiseverything5 karma

serious question: do you like donuts? It's for research

IamKseniaSolo16 karma


I actually - 20 minutes ago - said "I really want a donut."

And then I thought Ksenia, let's try to be healthy. Let's not have a donut today.

But it did happen! True story!

Cheeseiseverything5 karma

Ever think about directing or producing, even writing?

IamKseniaSolo7 karma

Yes, I've always wanted to get behind the camera. In fact, I made my directorial debut last year. I directed a music video for a very talented up-and-coming artist named Craig Stickland. I'm in post production on it right now. So I hope to have the opportunity to direct more in the future.

galeshawthorne5 karma

Hi Ksenia, what is your favourite species of bird??

IamKseniaSolo11 karma

Uh... Pfffffbt.

Um...parrots? They're pretty cool!

geekmonkey6665 karma

Hi - how sore are your feet on a scale of 1-10 right now? Clone clubbers need to know....! x

IamKseniaSolo10 karma


Well, I've been traveling this past week, so my feet are probably...at like a 5.7.

IamKseniaSolo11 karma

Not TOO terrible, but a little sore.

Clone324B215 karma

Hey, thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A, been a huge fan for YEeeeaaars!!

first off I'd love to say thank you for being the most down to earth person ever, you're a real huge inspiration in my life and a real positive change in the world...

So my question/s... are:

What kind of emotion did you feel hearing you got cast on Orphan black? :) What show, past or present, would you LOVE to star on? What motivates you to give everything your all? And have you any tips for me, i have my first show tomorrow and i'm nervous! haha :)

thank you!!

IamKseniaSolo11 karma

The creators of Orphan Black contacted me when they were first writing and scheming about this character, and so I was thrilled that they wanted me to play the role. And I would love to star on... there's so much good TV... MAD MEN, for sure MAD MEN.

I think I've always been very ambitious, and there's so much that I want to do in this lifetime! So I think I'm constantly making an effort to move forward and step outside of my comfort zone so I can be growing as a person, and as an artist.

And congratulations! I hope you break legs, and have a fantastic show! And all I can say is - try to breathe, and just be in the moment, because usually when you allow yourself to be in the moment, that's when you're the most open, the most creative, and can have a true experience.

cloudfightback5 karma

What's your favourite fruit?

IamKseniaSolo9 karma

Peaches. And bananas. Only because they're literally on my kitchen counter right now, and they look really good!

mrsne35 karma

If you had to defeat a man with just one hit,what would you do???

IamKseniaSolo19 karma

Oh god! I would probably knee him in the sunshine spot.

xtina5924 karma

Hi Ksenia! I'm a huge fan of yours and Kenzi is my favorite tv character ever :) My question is what's your all time favorite movie?

IamKseniaSolo15 karma


I usually hate watching movies more than once. But I think I've seen that movie like 80 times!

I know!

Scifislasher4 karma

What if anything can Kenzi fans look forward to that you can hint on for the last half of Lost Girl ?

IamKseniaSolo11 karma

Keep an eye out for some Spanish influence.

And the reuniting of the Lost Girl family.

jrdannmitchell3 karma

The LGBT community has always been so incredibly supportive of Lost Girl, and now Orphan Black. How has the transition been from being a member of such a diverse and accepting show and watching the fan's reactions to Zoie and Anna, to stepping in to one of the LGBT roles and feeling that reaction from fans yourself?

IamKseniaSolo7 karma

I feel grateful that the Lost Girl loyalty has transferred over to Orphan Black. And the fans are passionate, and I'm thankful for that passion. And I hope that people dig Shay.

Cheeseiseverything3 karma

What similarities do Kzeni, Peggy, and Shay share?

IamKseniaSolo8 karma

Good senses of style, in their own ways.

blughst432 karma

Hi Ksenia! What's your most favorite meal?

IamKseniaSolo6 karma


NoraQorraj2 karma

Are you team Shaysima or Cophine??

IamKseniaSolo7 karma

I can't pick! Because obviously I have a biased opinion!

But being a fan of the show... I definitely love Delphine and Cosima together, because of how much they genuinely love each other.

sassydean672 karma

Are there any similarities or differences to the character Shay and to you in real life?

IamKseniaSolo4 karma

We both have a love for yoga.

trashcan_punch2 karma

What is your favorite consumable liquid?

If you could be any inanimate object or monument what would you be? Why?

IamKseniaSolo9 karma


I would the Trevi Fountain in Rome.