Hey everyone! Excited to be here - I've been doing standup for about 15 years, tour around - basement throughout the world. Also love my puzzle nerd fans I now know from hosting NPR's Ask Me Another. I also am lucky enough to tour around with the storytelling sensation and popular public radio show - The Moth. Finally I wrote a comedic memoir called Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy. It has recently been optioned for a feature film by Zucker Productions. Check out more:

And I'm participating TODAY in the Global Family Reunion event here in NYC - http://globalfamilyreunion.com/ - come join us!



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hoopermanish14 karma

In a fight between you and terry gross, who would win? Would you both come out alive?

OphiraEisenberg32 karma

I'm totally going to win - c'mon! Finally my gym boxing skills would be put to good use. She would come out bruised, but alive. I'm Canadian so I would apologize profusely the whole way though and her post interview would be amazing and probably win a Peabody.

CarlosTickleMonster12 karma

What does Jonathan Coulton smell like?

Would you be able to win any of your own show's games?

OphiraEisenberg16 karma

Ha! Jonathan Coulton smells like zombies, robots, and monkeys with a hint of musk. I could probably do okay at some of the pop culture and music games but as a Canadian I suck at American history and I'm in awe of people who have a real word game head

OphiraEisenberg10 karma

I have to head out in 2 mins to get on the subway to go to AJ Jacobs Global Family Reunion - turns out I'm related to David Blaine. Magical. Thank you all for the love and great questions. I hope to do it again. AMA

StringOfLights7 karma

What kind of preparation goes into an audio show like Ask Me Another? How is it similar or different from stand up?

OphiraEisenberg6 karma

A LOT! We have about 10 game freelancers that write and submit games, they are compiled so there is variety, then the business is written around it. I work on trying to punch up the script but 90% of what you hear is spontaneous and in the moment. Then there is the prep and writing of the interview for the VIP guest. And that's just part of it.. it's quite an operation!

chaitel7 karma

other than Ask Me Another, what are your favorite weekend NPR shows?

OphiraEisenberg10 karma

I'm def a WWDTM fan - love the Moth of course - also Snap Judgement, a like a little Guy Roz on Ted when I get a chance, and I ate up all the episodes of invisibilia. I also listen to the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour

hoopermanish6 karma

You are awesome!!! This is an Ask Me Another question - do you find it funny or scary when the Bellhouse audience doesn't know a music or TV reference? I find myself cringing with age when I know an 80s reference that is met with crickets. P.s. I hope you're doing all kinds of well and staying all kinds of healthy.

OphiraEisenberg13 karma

I KNOW! I think it was most evident to me when we had two contestants who did not know that "We Are The Champions" was written by Queen! And we told them, they didn't seem to care. I wanted to yell - Just because it didn't happen in your lifetime doesn't mean it's not important! But I didn't grow up with iTunes. I was subjected to my older brother's and sister's records. Which now I'm happy about.

OphiraEisenberg6 karma

And thanks for the well wishes - just moved so I'm typing from a cardboard box, but things are well!

k6836 karma

Who would you say is by far the coolest NPR host/ hostess you have met at work ?

OphiraEisenberg9 karma

I went on tour last year with Radiolab - Jad and Robert are extremely cool - totally brilliant and committed to their jobs like no one else - but also a really good time.

ImRichieDagger5 karma

Hi Ophira! I just listened to Bangs! for the first time recently and loved it. Are you planning on touring with your stand-up any time soon? Also, who has been one of your favorite guests on Ask Me Another?

OphiraEisenberg7 karma

Thank you - constantly touring but doing little odd shows here and there. Looking forward to Bumbershoot in September and will put together something in the late fall /winter. Also - guest wise - so many good ones! Dan Savage was incredible. Matt Weiner was like hanging out with a high school buddy. Ingrid Michaelson was unexpectedly so funny - to name a few. Lewis Black told a story about being booked at a bar mitzvah that I'd never heard before. You can imagine - not the best booking

Bizket3 karma

Bumbershoot? Sweet! I already have my 3 days pass :)

OphiraEisenberg5 karma

Oh that's great! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maria Bamford. Guy Branum is fantastic (had the chance to perform with him in Austin) Eddie Pepitone, Jon Fisch, Michelle Buteau... list goes on. It's an embarrassment of riches right now in the comedy scene

IKingJeremy5 karma

What's your favorite joke?

OphiraEisenberg9 karma

so many - Mike Vecchione has this joke has this joke about applying online to be a private investigator - he doesn't hear back and wonders if his resume sucked, or is this his first case.

I don't do it justice here but you should check him out.

MrDNL5 karma

Hi! I'm a big Ask Me Another listener (and the Moth is okay too). I also wrote trivia books and an email newsletter. How do I get you a copy of my books? :)

OphiraEisenberg4 karma

Wow that's amazing. Do you always know the answers to our games? You should apply to be a contestant! Srsly consider going to our site and applying. Also send your books to NPR - 11 West 42nd Street 17th Floor. NY, NY. I look forward to it

MrDNL4 karma

I have a voice made for books :)

And will send, thanks!

OphiraEisenberg5 karma

I have met people at live shows who have told me - meant to be a compliment - that I am so much prettier, younger, nicer looking, and have better hair then what they thought when they heard my voice. Hilarious.

mollydolly934 karma

If you had a shrink ray who would you shrink and what would you so with them?

OphiraEisenberg11 karma

My knee jerk reaction is to say my husband - not so I could put him in my purse and have him with me all day long, but so I could put him in a drawer to stop him from bringing more comic books home. My apartment is stacks and stacks of comic books!

[deleted]3 karma

Hey, I saw your video on Funny or Die?, it's really hilarious

OphiraEisenberg3 karma

Thanks - I appreciate that!

LordOfTheD2 karma

Hey Ophira! Love AMA! You and Jonathan make that show unforgettable!

What did you want to be when you were a kid and how does it compare to what you do now? Thanks a ton!

OphiraEisenberg7 karma

I think I wanted to be a ballerina as a kid - I took a lot of ballet -and then I one an award from my school - Miss Personality! Nothing says you're not going to become a dancer like a Miss Personality award.. Thank you so much for supporting our show!

cam12b2 karma

Have you ever actually found that porno called "Bangs"? LOL

(P.S. You are the BEST.)

OphiraEisenberg3 karma

Well let's just say I wouldn't recommend googling it - but I think someone should get on doing that porn - just girls with great bangs, and maybe a guy. Ha.

OphiraEisenberg5 karma

Or do google it - depending on your taste. I've never googled to see if there is Harry Potter inspired porn out there but how could there not be? Hogwarts...c'mon.