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Mayday collab is coming very soon, we just did this joint with them called "One Wing" .... it's dope!!

BuddhaB3lly8843 karma

Hey Ubi, I'm sitting right next to you and I was just wondering how your coffee tastes?

cescruofficial69 karma

it tastes..... strange

srsbzz33 karma

Hey Ubi! Why is your guys combination so uncommon it caused a company to covet you and cover your costs while cousins came at you?

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cescruofficial18 karma

Hi everybody. Lets do this

Noobzoar15 karma

Hey Ubi have you and Godemis considered doing collabs with artists outside of Strange Music, like say Run The Jewels?

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cescruofficial14 karma

2015 plans.... We have a tour coming up starting June 10th

phism12 karma

Read any good comics lately? Favorite titles/authors/artists?

cescruofficial21 karma

Right now I'm reading Locke and Key, it's so dope!

iambarrymanilow12 karma

Hey Ubiquitous! Thanks a ton for doing this AMA. Your line "Life's 10% what happens to you, the other 90% is all attitude" has had a great impact on how I carry myself throughout life and how I handle situations. My question is, are there any lyrics like this for you that have affected your outlook on life or your mentality?

cescruofficial33 karma

"Actions have reactions don't be quick to judge, you may not no the hardships people don't speak of" RIP GURU

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not a chance, I'm like 135 soakin wet

tforge139 karma

Hey Ubi! Huge fan! If you had to fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck, which would you choose?

cescruofficial30 karma

hunnid horses. I ain't scurred

Repostrepo7 karma

I have never heard of you, can you recommend some of your favorite tracks you've worked on?

cescruofficial12 karma

Go check out Catch Vibes, Breathe, Skip, Unlucky, Matter Don't Money

Schwickcds7 karma

Is there a possibility of a Twiztid Collaboration coming in the future ?

cescruofficial8 karma

for sure, we've talked about it already.... nice dudes!

pighalf6 karma

Favorite E3 ubiquitin ligase?

cescruofficial9 karma

I like when smad7 binds together with smurf2

LazyGirlGamer5 karma

Hey Ubi!

Been a huge fan of Ces Cru since the early days. Got to see you guys play in Charleston a few years ago. Incredible! Thanks for all the good music you two have put out.

Anyways, I know you enjoy playing video games and I've always wondering what your favorite game was?

Thanks for taking the time out to do this ama!

cescruofficial16 karma

love tekken, love mariokart, love killing everybody on team stone and those mayday boyz on call of duty. Zelda and Mario all day, Final Fantasy VII.... should I go on?

mitchgoth5 karma

Your collaboration with Angel Davenport on Codename: Ego Stripper was amazing, any plans to do more music with her? Related question, what would be your dream collab?

cescruofficial2 karma

I LOVE working with Angel Davenport, das my boo thang!! I can't wait to do another one with her

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Hyperturtlez5 karma

What is the backstory in the Ces Cru logo? Also will there be another solo album/mix tape?

cescruofficial4 karma

You're guys are gonna get a solo from me one day, I promise!

brandonnn114 karma

One question, very important.

Cats or dogs Ubi?

cescruofficial10 karma

I have a cat, but I'm down with all the animals

cescruofficial4 karma

Its called the "Recession Proof" tour

MrFattie4 karma

Do you feel you social media crew drinks to much?

cescruofficial9 karma

only victor. and jeff. and the interns.

Saint3Dx4 karma

Is the glass half empty or the glass half full?

cescruofficial10 karma

Good question!! (see Iron Giant)

PaintWithRazorblades4 karma

How did you meet Mac Lethal back in the day?

cescruofficial5 karma

I met Mac at at Das Efx show in 2000 I think. In a cypher. he was killin shit! love that guy

RockafellaCES4 karma

Weirdest place a fan ever wanted you to autograph?

cescruofficial10 karma

I've signed a couple infants.... so.... yeah

idontseecolors4 karma

Ubi! Huge fan and a chemist. Do you ever have crazy science convos with Mayday? Or what's the oddest topic you guys have talked about? Seems like those guys could talk hypotheticals for days haha

see you in Pasadena!

cescruofficial8 karma

we've broken it all the way down. to the tesseract. to the 5th wall n shit. see you in Cali!

bwaredapenguin3 karma

Biggie or Tupac?

cescruofficial11 karma

I lean Biggie, but they're both classic!

Dantecoupon3 karma

Ubi! you guys were sick as shit back on tour with Mayday and Murs for Mursday when you came to St. Louis. Got 1 question for ya.

When Tech got a hold of you about the phone call from Godemis from Dead Alive, what was your first thought and how did the convo with Gode go when you got a hold of him?

cescruofficial9 karma

There was some drama surrounding that voicemail, Tech was pissed off at first!! I had to check Godemis, then he apologized and it's all good. Now we can look back and laugh..... I guess. lol

Jilly_Willy3 karma

If I buy you and Godi shots at a show ... what do I buy? :)

cescruofficial9 karma

Patron, any decent blanco tequila. Or mezcal if they have it! (they won't)

1d0m1n4t33 karma

Was the Power Play music video shot entirely on green screen?

cescruofficial8 karma

nah man, we really kick it like that. I like a 35 to 1 girl/guy ratio. Jkjk or am I???

herpurderpurson3 karma

Any tour plans involving Norway?

Also which music video was the most fun to record? (think i might be able to guess the answer)

cescruofficial6 karma

Jimmy Stewart, yall are sleep on that video!! and I'm down with Norway

MrFattie3 karma

Are their any trends in today's hip hop that annoy you?

cescruofficial12 karma

over autotuned verses. like nails on a chalkboard :<

BirkaBirkowski3 karma

Ubiquitous, I just wanted to say that there was a time when my girlfriend hated rap and hip hop. Then one day, on a long car ride, I put in Constant Energy Struggles and is now dying to see you guys live and hear more and more of your material. Kudos.

As for my question; what non-rapper historical figures would you put into a cypher?

cescruofficial4 karma

Bobby Kennedy

reillymichelle963 karma

So which music video was your favorite to shoot? Mine is probably Soundbite. Also- how old were you when you started rapping?

cescruofficial1 karma

Already said Jimmy, but my favorite indie production is MATTER DON'T MONEY for sure. Started writing at 17, free styling at 18

gulfcoastoperator2 karma

I know you guys are good friends with JL, could you ever see him on the Strange Roster?

What about any more collabos with JL or Rittz?

Will there be a Ubi album released? I love when you and Godi do that.

Favorite songs from other current Strange artists?

cescruofficial7 karma

JL and Rittz are both dope, love making music with them. I could see JL with us.... ON THE BIBLE, SHIT IS HARD

anghell1cn9ne2 karma

Hi, Ubi! Long time fan here. Who is your favorite rapper and what is your favorite hip-hop album of all time?

cescruofficial6 karma

I'm vibin off The Sun Rises in the East lately, but it's always changing. And it might be Nas, at least for now

Spookeboy2 karma

If you were a supervillain, where would your main lair be?

cescruofficial7 karma

machu picchu fa sho. that shit looks ill

kippa812 karma

What did you do for income before you started making enough money to live off of making music?

cescruofficial23 karma

service industry, I was a bartender. TIP 20% YOU CHEAP BASTARDS

Map6612 karma

Hey UBi, what do you think about music that's playing on the radio? I believe that the music and the artist are decent but the lyrics just suck, everything is pretty much saying the same things, what's your say on that??

cescruofficial2 karma

Blame Clear Channel, they control the content like a mofo!!

HellaZombies1 karma

When you gonna let me get that record clock on your wall?

cescruofficial2 karma

From my cold dead hands homie. Star Wars fo life

TooHood951 karma

Hey Ubi! Can't wait to catch you on the Recession Proof Tour! Can you share anything from the set list, or let us know if you guys will be performing anything new that you haven't previously performed?? Thanks man!

cescruofficial4 karma

Yep, we will be doing some unreleased material off our upcoming EP

blraper1 karma

Where you at right now? I'm in the springs, trying to blow one yo?

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Cloud_Under1 karma

When will CES Cru or any of Strange Music be coming to Houston? My crew is dying to see you guys perform

cescruofficial5 karma

come see us on the RECESSION PROOF tour!! H-town!!

TITS_MacGEEE1 karma

Who smokes the most in Strange?

cescruofficial5 karma

when I'm on my bullshit, me 100% godemis or noms might be a runner up

twrodriguez1 karma

Seems like every hour you're at a new venue, with far and few breaks in between. What keeps you awake and ready to go day after day?

cescruofficial1 karma

Healthy diet and B vitamins!!

nickp2471 karma

UBI! I hate that this is the only question i can think to ask you right now but.... Grape or Strawberry jelly?

cescruofficial5 karma

grape, who likes strawberry???

HellaZombies1 karma

Does it bother you when people compare you to Eminem?

cescruofficial7 karma

nah, been rolling with that punch since 97. Not to mention he's one of the best ever, I think it's a compliment!

karlythorr1 karma

What city is your favorite to preform in?

cescruofficial5 karma

Denver, Seattle, Santa Cruz, Boston..... too hard to pick one!

SingleMalter1 karma

Gotta ask, if you were to mix 151, Malibu Rum, and some pineapple juice: 1) would this be a good drink? 2) what would you call it?

cescruofficial3 karma

yes. that's that lou

Kingjamesv11 karma

Will you do an album with Murs? He is the highlight of strange music right now! You all would kill it. Murs cru. Educated street music!!!

cescruofficial1 karma

Love Murs, can't wait to do more music with him! #haveanicelife

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cescruofficial1 karma

answering allllll the questions

Theageofplague1 karma

Do people in nyc just not like strange artists? Sense like a good 3/4 strange tours skip nyc all together.

cescruofficial2 karma

We'll be in NY this summer, we played Webster Hall last summer too. Love New York!

MarcuuusYates1 karma

Hey Ubi do you like Paris?

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