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I did the LeanOn Dance at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Can i send it to you??

TheRealDiplo364 karma

DM us on instragram

ofHumenature322 karma

If Peace is the Mission and Music is the Weapon, then who is the enemy?

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Hi Diplo! Huge fan. I'm a Canadian girl who's seen you three times: last year at EDC Las Vegas, in September at Surrender and last weekend at Mysteryland. Sadly, I have never been one of the fortunate girls invited on stage to express themselves.

I have two questions. First, do you ever get distracted by all the ass cheeks jiggling in close proximity to your face? Follow up: How can I maximize the chances of having my ass cheeks jiggling in close proximity to your face?

TheRealDiplo477 karma

pay a security guard to lift u over the gate and put u on stage

arsh18277 karma

Is there a Jack Ü + Major Lazer collab ever going to happen?

TheRealDiplo545 karma

THIS is gonna be a big one!

Pigs_On_The_Wing251 karma

If your son Lazer joins the armed forces and rises through the ranks, would you want him to stop before reaching Lieutenant Colonel, so he can be a legit Major Lazer?

TheRealDiplo509 karma

that would be tite but i hope all armed forces are disbanded before he reaches 18

Stillbroke225 karma

Diplo! your Snapchat game is on point, Who do you like to follow and how many chicks send you booty pics per day?

TheRealDiplo275 karma

i cant even recieve snpas anymore they delete after 5 minutes

onelifetolive1220 karma

MIA stated that you hated on her for going mainstream in a recent interview and said she found it ironic that you were best buds with Taylor Swift and Lorde. How do you feel about that?

TheRealDiplo654 karma

i have no friends

SaltySarcasm215 karma

Hey Diplo, how do you feel about Terry Crews saying that you have the best running music?

Also, kudos on the whole ass pic's thing.

TheRealDiplo307 karma

terry cruz a real boss

TheRealDiplo206 karma

heres a special for u.. we just uploaded the lyric video for BE TOGETHER from peace is the mission..

chelseatsspizza194 karma

How would you feel if Kidz Bop covered Lean On or Where Are Ü Now?

TheRealDiplo257 karma

that would be tite..

NoProof170 karma

You and M.I.A cool? Any news about collabing in the near future?

TheRealDiplo780 karma

i think she unfollowed me again

Hella_Norcal141 karma

When are we gonna get el cuco?

TheRealDiplo214 karma

next album

TheTopLAD114 karma

WALSHY FIRE 🔥🔥🔥 Walshy what is your Snapchat name?

TheRealDiplo99 karma


pigucrusader111 karma

Hi diplo, your new album was amazing, I waas wondering if your song Weed Man from the TV show is gonna get a full release? That shit is dope haha.

TheRealDiplo185 karma

gonna put out all the music from the cartoon at the end of the summer! like 40 songs tho we have to choose what to work on

BitterSweeet106 karma

How did Jack U come to be?

TheRealDiplo166 karma

years ago i met skrillex and gave him this song called amplifier.. we didnt finish it but we made jack u over the last year for fun in LA late nights

TheRealDiplo103 karma

bye! im all done!

whitem4ge86 karma

  1. Have you ever considered taking all the VIP versions of the songs on the Jack U album and releasing them where all the money goes to charity or something? That would be pretty swag.

  2. I know it was prolly just a random track you made with Skrill, but will Shark Patrol ever find its way into a Diplo and Friends mix? *wink wink* ;)

  3. Has Snails asked you about releasing Holla Out VIP yet? According to someone who talked to him he wanted to release it but couldn't get in touch with you or something.

djcall99318 karma

and what about Terrorize? this version will be released?

TheRealDiplo62 karma

not that version but we have a new one that is more crazy for december!

escrimamusic83 karma

Can Jauz x Jack Ü happen?

TheRealDiplo283 karma

diplo x Jauz x tinashe song is gonna be big

Wack-a-Jack75 karma

What happened to the opening track from the Jack Ü set in 2014 at UMF?

TheRealDiplo102 karma

bounce it.. maybe we wil finish that record one day

moparman42663 karma

What's it like working with MØ on this album? What's your favorite thing about her and working with her?

TheRealDiplo74 karma

she amazing. we did about 5 records already and a new song for her called Kamikaze.. its dope af

wcstyles57 karma

What happened with Jillionaire?

TheRealDiplo161 karma

hes in traffic

ghostCatalyst52 karma

How do you decide what to play as Diplo vs how you decide what to play as Major Lazer in a show? Is there a difference?

TheRealDiplo73 karma

major lazer new tour is basically all major lazer songs and edits.. we do a lot of the new slow stuff like be together with an amazing stage and dance routine

MaddManInc44 karma

For songs like Febreze and Holla Out, some argue the demos from Diplo and Friends were better. In response to this, do you think we could ever have a bunch of VIPs that are really just the demos? That would be sick man. Also, fine-ass job on Peace is the Mission. Roll the Bass is such a sick song, Lean On a close second. Keep up the good work, and please tell Sonny to release more of his music lmao

TheRealDiplo56 karma

im sure the VIPS will find their way out.. the holla out probably wont because snails parts were kinda lost

laughcamp42 karma


I had the pleasure of seeing you at Fitzgerald's here in Houston back in 2011.. you bringing out Bun B to do the Paper Planes remix is one of my absolute favorite concert moments. Can't wait to see Major Lazer again this weekend and am absolutely pumped for your exclusive set. Afterparty??

Also, what would you say your favorite Houston memory is?

TheRealDiplo33 karma

also brought out KIrko bangz i think!!

avalanche141 karma

Hi Diplo/walshy. Hope you guys are enjoying having your new music out. Question/advice, I have been toying over making music for the last year, just think about it all the time. Only problem is I can't play any instrument or anything, want to make it on the PC of course, any tips to get started/motivated?

TheRealDiplo91 karma

start with drum programming.. some great records are only drums like hot boy

ShotsLotta40 karma

Will Jack U be releasing any remixes or collabs this year?

TheRealDiplo88 karma

maybe after the sumer is over . i wrote about 5 new song ideas but i didn play them for sonny yet

onelifetolive138 karma

what's the story behind Dr. Pepper? Please tell me y'all have a bigger song for CL's debut.

TheRealDiplo44 karma

just somethign i thought would be great to put out tht would make a bigger impact. ouside of kpop.. but introduce her to new fans.. the songs goes hard af

BitterSweeet34 karma

Who is an artist(s) that you want on Diplo and Friends that you haven't had on yet?

TheRealDiplo172 karma

led zepplin

tsstx32 karma

As a komplete user, have you used the new komplete series of keyboads at all?

TheRealDiplo59 karma

no i have a hard time finding all my kontakt librarys and there are soo many useless ones taking space i need someone from native to come over

Comeback2OhioDiplo30 karma

Did you enjoy playing NumberFest in Athens this year? Would you consider returning with Jack U next year?

TheRealDiplo63 karma

that was ratchet as fuck i slept in west virginia that night

BadGyal_PriPri29 karma

What is that song you snapped during the rehearsal for the Major Lazer Red Rocks performance with the lyrics 'Never seen a booty bounce like that' and it just repeated that for a bit? Its been killing me since I saw it. Is it an unreleased song? Blink once if yes, blink twice if no. =D LOVE YOU GUYS!!

TheRealDiplo57 karma

big new song with major lazer and konshens and iggy azealia and benny blanco

estebangramajo29 karma

Hi Wes! What's going to happen with the collab with Troyboi? (AfterHours) And Terrorize will ever see the light of the day?

Peace is the Mission is really dope (:

TheRealDiplo43 karma

the song i did with troy boi with be on his EP on mad decent soon

VivaEmily25 karma

Soooo first of all, I have literally been listening to Peace is the Mission ALL DAY on repeat at work today. So good.

Second, I wanted to THANK YOU for producing the music that you do...seriously. When I was 16, my family moved from South Miami to the middle of Maryland, and one of the many culture shocks for me was the lack of diversity in music. I was such an anomaly to my peers to be into reggaeton, hip-hop, go-go, edm, punk and indie etc etc. Not just that, but to like to go to clubs and parties AND to stay in and watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, was just like, unheard of for a 16 y.o. female.

And then one day, the music video for Keep it Goin Louder comes on tv.
I know this is like the most ridiculous thing ever, but my perception of how I experience music was changed right then. It was the first time that I felt like all of these worlds that I existed in made sense all at the same time. I KNOW that is so dramatic, especially for a teenager, but really I will always remember that moment. It was so liberating to hear this genre blending that you've mastered and an Eric Wareheim video to go with it.

Too cool.

Okay so Here's My Question in case you don't want to read the above:
I saw you guys gave a shout out on twitter to the band Turnstile and their rockin new album Nonstop Feeling! How did you hear about them? Are there any other hardcore bands you are into right now?

TheRealDiplo32 karma

i used to love all hardcore punk that toured florida in the 00s

WorkTowaway25 karma

Hi Guys,

Last Year during Mad Decent Boat Party, Your son Lazer was born. Can you briefly tell us what it was like parting with your entire label VIP on a Cruise ship to celebrate? I can only imagine that that night ranks up there with the best nights of your career.

TheRealDiplo26 karma

i smoked a cigar and i felt sick!but took a helicopter boat plane and another plane to meet him the next day

EyeDeluxe23 karma

What is the proces of signing someone under Mad Decent?

TheRealDiplo52 karma

be awesome!

pablobias22 karma

Favorite venue for a major lazer show? Why?

TheRealDiplo56 karma

block parties!

hntv19 karma

Do you know Jai Paul personally? I wanna hear you guys make music together!

TheRealDiplo68 karma

i was in his top 8 once

mcbeat717 karma

Hi! Tell anything about Amplifier please. Would it be in the next album?

TheRealDiplo18 karma

i lost that session.. ! but i recorded vocals from TIFA in jamaica but never used them!

ChappedUp16 karma

How did you find out about MC Bin Laden?

TheRealDiplo20 karma

hes good friends with zegon who ive known for over 10 years! #tropkillaz

DashingRhythm15 karma

Hey dude I worship you like a god so it would be great if you could answer my questions! 1. I recently saw you at sterosonic last year, did you enjoy coming to Australia? 2. Will that track you and Skrillex opened with at ultra last year (U Bounce It) ever see a release? A response would be amazing! :)

TheRealDiplo24 karma

yeh we should finish that bounce it record it was more like a tool didnt really have a song

yellow_bum14 karma

Hey Diplo. Former teacher here to. I work with behavioral students and I know you did too, in an alternate program but becoming extremely frustrated with the system. I love the students and the work but how did you know when to get out and what advice do you have for someone looking to completely switch career paths?

PS massive Major Lazer fan, 4 shows (Squamish, sasquatch, Vancouver x 2) and counting. Thanks for everything you guys do.

TheRealDiplo26 karma

beaing a teacher in the USA might be one of the toughest jobs there is

whiteafricandude13 karma

Ever see a bassnectar show?

TheRealDiplo37 karma

i tourde with him!

bmysicka13 karma

what are some of major lazer's favorite influences?

TheRealDiplo40 karma

the clash PIL gorilllaz scratch perry new orleans stromae afrika bambaatta shaba ranks. james brown kc and sunshine band uncle AL new order the cure aphex twin man too many t mention

QuakePro13 karma

Will "Terrorize" be released as Major Lazer ? Boaz produced it didn't he?

TheRealDiplo28 karma

i actually made the first version of terrorize with Datsik but i took it from a C to an F and boaz artist "ronnie flex" wrote a hook.. i filled out the words to make more sense and collie budz sang it.. im still not sure about the hook i want to work on it more.. the drop everyone hears with the JUKE style was a lil too hard and actually a preset on rob papen plugin.. i took out some notes.. boaz made a more simpler drop but he always editing it.. i have to rerecord colllie budz soon then it will be done! its worth the wait!

Erickpepping7 karma

Hi Major lazer 🙏🏼,

Your album is amazing especially the song lean on ! Which software did you use to make the song lean on with dj snake ?

TheRealDiplo12 karma

we recorded the vocals on logic in las vegas did the mixing in protools (dj mustard mixer) and the production in ableton

OceansOfMossBells7 karma

How did you become so creative? Your songs have so much variety and every time you listen to one of your songs you hear something new. After you've come up with the main melody, how do you creatively come up with so many "decoration" sounds in the background to make the song so full and wholesome?

TheRealDiplo11 karma

always start with a sipmle chords.. sound design might take 1 year even if the song writing only takes an hour

UneFilleAfrique7 karma

When are major lazer playing in Africa again? And what can I expect from the Ally Pally show?

TheRealDiplo20 karma

i wanna get to africa ASAP! kenya was turned up!

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