Hi, I'm Tabatha Coffey, star of Bravo TV's "Tabatha Takes Over”, hairstylist, and author.

I am launching Industrie later today and am taking over reddit to celebrate! I'll start answering at 1PM EST.

Ask me anything.

Proof: https://instagram.com/p/3Y_N7FJZay/

Edit: Thanks for all your great questions. This was fun! See you for date night, soon.

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Frajer16 karma

What's the main mistake hair salons make?

TabathaCoffey25 karma

Fantastic question! some forget that the client is the most important person in the salon, some forget they are the expert and don't recommend to their clients the things that will work best for them. I think complacency is the kiss of death in any business. And when starting a business it's plan plan and then plan some more

LoveGuacamole16 karma

What hairstyle trend are you ready to see end?

TabathaCoffey48 karma

Ombre, please end the Ombre

onthegokevin14 karma

Hey Tabatha! Miss you on the telly and seeing you at NewNowNext but I have an industry question? I am not interested in becoming a stylist (currently studying to be a makeup artist) but I want to learn how to bang out drag queen and big, big hair as a specialty to my make-up services. To what extent do I have to be licensed to do this? I just want to work with wigs only!!! Any suggestions for training?

TabathaCoffey16 karma

Drag queens are the best teachers in the world that's how I got my start. If you are doing wigs for the girls you wouldn't need a license if it is for wigs only but being a licensed stylist would give you all the tools you need to do some big fabulousdragtastic hair!

lite_bulb14 karma

Are you going to be on tv anytime soon? Like your own show? The world needs more Tabatha Coffey and less Kardashians

TabathaCoffey24 karma

Thanks and i will be back very soon but hey as you know I don't like Kids and the Kardashians are great breeders!

mlvc4ever13 karma

Hi Tabatha! I miss Takeover so much! Any chance you'll be back soon?

TabathaCoffey17 karma

Thanks I do too I love date night!! I will be back on TV before you know it as we say on Bravo "watch what happens "

DarlaJo9 karma

I love your common sense and your straight forward approach to everything. It is very refreshing. I am an instructor at a junior college in the cosmetology dept., what words of wisdom do you have for us instructors that would help us be better instructors to our students?

TabathaCoffey15 karma

Fantastic question Hold your students accountable and be accountable as instructors. It is a pet peeve when i see and hear students sitting around not learning or in some cases instructors not being bothered to teach. These kids need to learn their course requirements for sure but they also need some outside and current influences about the industry and whats happening. They also need to realize this is the beauty industry and they need to not look like they rolled out of bed take some pride in their appearance and approach and be taught good work ethics and habits while in school. I'm getting off my soap box now!

anonymous_being8 karma

Are you related to Chip Coffey?

TabathaCoffey9 karma

No but I get that a lot which makes me wonder if Chip gets asked the same question?

NotEdwardSnowdin3 karma

What about Folger's Coffee?

TabathaCoffey13 karma

not my think i am a dunking donuts girl or if i am feeling fancy nespresso!!

restatic3 karma


TabathaCoffey22 karma

Who the fuck is Paul Coffey??

OneMoGin2 karma

What about legendary Motown guitarist Dennis Coffey?

TabathaCoffey28 karma

No Not related to ny other coffey's that I am aware of I am the last of the line. However if someone finds my good for nothing Father please LMK!!

masshamacide8 karma

Oh man, Tabatha, you are the Gordon Ramsey of hairstylists.

What were some of your most memorable moments on Tabatha Takes Over?

Also, what're some of your favorite food and drink pairings?

TabathaCoffey3 karma

I have so many great moment good and bad from takeover, it is honestly such a pleasure that people open up to me and even for all the resistance the ones that get it and implement change have had some fantastic results I guess the really memorable ones for me are sometimes the ones that didn't listen or wouldn't take the help. Food and drink I love food and I love to cook i am a red wine girl or bubbles all the way

ladylenya7 karma

Hi Tabatha! When I was in cosmetology school I was incredibly lucky to have taken the Vidal Sassoon's ABC cutting classes. It's something that began my love affair with hair and gave me confidence in my hair cutting skills. What is one of the most important things you took away from your Vidal Sassoon training(or any training, I'll take all the knowledge I can get!)?

Also, if you could makeover one celebrity(dead or alive) who would it be and what would you do?

Your passion and talent is such an inspiration, thank you :)

TabathaCoffey10 karma

Vidal Sassoon changed my life. It was all about structure, control and precision. It has been the foundation for many of us for a very long time because once you know the rules you understand how to break them. It also taught me humility because I thought i was OK until I was trained there and then realized i had a million or 2 things to learn. I also loved Vidal because he did what he needed to do to be the best in his field and his hard work dedication and passion is something we should all strive for. All eduction is great we never stop learning in this industry and practice practice practice to me it is about honing your craft and training your eye.

Faisso6 karma

I've been bald since 21 Tabatha. What do you think of bald men, and what are some good features to go with a bald head?

TabathaCoffey20 karma


mlvc4ever5 karma

Tabatha have you ever watched The Profit on CNBC? You two should team up. It would be EPIC!

TabathaCoffey21 karma

I have great show and it would be but my dream Gordon Ramsey and I!!!!

Melissa8135 karma

Are they really trying to do away with licensing? I'm proud to be licensed and I worked hard to get where I am, I feel somewhat belittled, as if we, as stylists, don't really matter. It's ridiculous to think any Joe Schmoe can put a chair in their garage and be open for business! How can we stop this?

TabathaCoffey3 karma

They really are and it it absolutely fucking ridiculous and thank you for asking!! Please follow me I always post when some thing happens and follow PBA.org they have a great program called I am a licensed professional and it gives state updates also

jowrenn3 karma

Tabatha, I have a client which we have applied Demi perm color on and it doesn't hold the desired tone. What is the best way to get the coverage desired with the tone we want?

TabathaCoffey7 karma

depending on the brand you can sometimes increase the development time or use heat for more intensity. Have you tried adding an intensifier?

Irishpotato19853 karma

What's your favorite spaghetti?

TabathaCoffey6 karma

Gluten feee

Irishpotato19853 karma

Do you like hot or cold water better?

TabathaCoffey7 karma

room temperature thanks or sparkling no ice.

xalupa3 karma

Were you in Provincetown, MA on Memorial Day weekend? I was pretty convinced I saw you with a small entourage of young flat-ironed brunettes.

TabathaCoffey6 karma

Um now I was at home in NJ so it must have been my doppelgänger

victorievida3 karma

One of my favorite moments from you was when you were at Chicago Male where someone said that they catered to the Boystown community and you stated you were still part of the community, just missing a few inches. :) What do you think is the best way to be an advocate/ally for the LGBTQIA community?

TabathaCoffey2 karma

To be supportive and open minded and vocal so that you stand up for the community.

brownieapple3 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

TabathaCoffey11 karma

100 duck sized horses

jowrenn3 karma

Tabatha, I want to say thank you for this time with you. I would love for us to meet and have a glass of wine and talk about our days in the drag room. I am asking this last question to you, how great was Joan Rivers in person vs. on camera when she talked to you?

TabathaCoffey13 karma

meeting Joan Rivers was one of the highlights of career I was so freaked out when I first met her i could hardly speak. she was so nice and kind and gracious when we finished filming she took me in to her kitchen and offered me wine and food and wanted to give me a snack for the car! every other time I met her she was the same way a class act truly genuine and no bull shit I adores her and was devastated by her death. Such a loss for us her fans and poor Melissa

ashywriter1 karma

Thank you Tabatha, for making a movement in your industry. I enjoy your books. "Own It" is a personal favorite of mine. It taught me how to deal with my attitude towards life. Will your future endeavors deal with self-help like "Own It" or more towards the beauty industry? I think you do both very well.

TabathaCoffey2 karma

Thanks and I plan to continue doing both. I love the beauty industry and launching Industrieonline.com is my way of being active in the industry being able to do what I love hair and give back to the profession that has given so much to me. My next book will be self help I guess i like to share with people what I have gone through so they hopefully feel empowered to get through their shit and know they aren't alone. it helps me to hear other peoples stories so I hope mine help others also

two_off1 karma

The Industrie website is having errors. SO not being able to see it, what's it all about?

TabathaCoffey4 karma

Industrieonline.com is live

TabathaCoffey3 karma

Industrieonline will be live very soon I wanted to time it all with my Reddit sometimes it works sometimes not so much! but check it out in a bit

Vaquera1 karma

You wear clothes beautifully, and I know you appreciate the art of fashion. Who is your favorite designer?

TabathaCoffey3 karma

I really do my favorite designer is McQueen

ashywriter1 karma

Hello Tabatha, are you going to write anymore books?

TabathaCoffey5 karma

Thanks for asking I am actually working on one now it's not what you expect from me but very close to my heart.

Tamarah181 karma

How do you ask a question on here.. Do you still have your salon in New Jersey

TabathaCoffey4 karma

You just did and No i do not

FionaTheHuman1 karma

Hello Tabatha!

I am starting cosmetology courses later this month and was wondering, what advice do you have for those of us in school or just starting out in the industry?

TabathaCoffey4 karma

Welcome to the wonderful world of beauty. Never stop learning and seek as much education as you can outside of school. Finding a mentor or someone to shadow can really really help and good luck

hangemhigh751 karma

you're beautiful tabatha..did you start your career by modeling?

TabathaCoffey7 karma

AWWWW thank you but hell no only modeling I have done is in my dreams

Melissa8131 karma

What inspires you and fuels your passion?

TabathaCoffey2 karma

wow, I get work inspiration from a lot of places especially fashion,i really love what i do and meeting people, interacting, teaching are all things that keep me going. I am also really tough on myself I don't rest on my laurels so it helps to push me

theacidbull1 karma

In the show Breaking Bad, Marie takes pre-natal vitamins for her hair. How true is it that it improves one's hair?

TabathaCoffey2 karma

Vitamins do help for sure and there are some specific hair ones out there that help

mesopotamiae1 karma

Are people IRL ever surprised you seem kinder than on Takeover?

TabathaCoffey3 karma

Sure all the time but it's the circumstance I am in that brings out what you see. Believe me if you had a camera on me at 8am this morning would have seen the Takeover Tabatha you all know.

BigRedCan1 karma

Is it true that you have been banned from a certain Columbus, Ohio hotel because of shenanigans that occurred during the hair show that is hosted there?

TabathaCoffey4 karma

Um no but it sounds terribly exciting!! I haven't taken part any in shenanigans in quite some time!!

Hark3n1 karma

Hi, my husband saw this AMA and encouraged me to ask you something, so here goes, any chance that you will ever come to Cape Town, South Africa to come and do a business- or hair seminar of any kind? I am a huge fan, and have taken your advice from the take-over shows very seriously in the salon(even your fabulous dress-sense) Thanx

TabathaCoffey2 karma

I would love to I have never been to South Africa and it is on the top of my wish list

laugarbakki0 karma

You are often on TV critiquing others for their hair/appearances. I work with animals who don't care what you look like! Do you agree that it's what's on the inside that's more important and why do you (appear to) set so much store on someone's appearance?

TabathaCoffey7 karma

I agree that to be truly beautiful it starts with what is inside, however we all appreciate looking at beautiful things and just like art beauty is subjective an open to opinion. I work in the beauty industry so yes I look at the outside and yes I critique it and share my opinion.

0201200 karma

How big is an inch to a hairstylist? Because all hairstylists I know think an inch is 3 times bigger than what an inch really is.

TabathaCoffey8 karma

Well an inch is an inch however I agree some hairdressers inch is another persons 3!! my tip show them your inch and then make them show you theirs.

jackdeath5 karma

How many dates in is it appropriate for me to ask to see their inch?

TabathaCoffey11 karma

First one may as well be full disclosure from the beginning then you know what you are in for!!

collincun-4 karma

I've heard you cut hair with a knife, is this true Tammy?

TabathaCoffey8 karma