My short bio: Hi reddit! My name is Kyle Landry, and I've been playing the piano for 16 years, and have made it into a career. Ask me anything!

Please check out my Youtube and Twitch channel here: Twitch Schedule: MWF Nights (EST)

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Edit #1: Hey guys! Thanks for the fantastic questions! I'm going to step out and take a lunch break! I'll be back later to answer any unanswered questions. (While I'm out you should totally watch some of my YouTube videos :D)

Edit #2: I just want to let you all know that, I do have a student to teach today. I will be popping in from time to time to answer all your questions!

Ninja Edit #3: Hi everyone! I'm Kyle's friend, on behalf of Kyle I want to apologize for the slow responses! He's been busy getting ready for the stream tonight on Twitch! After the stream he'll probably spend his time answering more of your questions!

~ Y O U R ~ P I A N I S T ~ K Y L E ~ L A N D R Y ~

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esudious20 karma

Hey Kyle, what is your favorite piece to play and why is it A River Flows in You?

KyleLandryPiano15 karma


Leanneluvspiano12 karma

Hi kyle! How did you do your dearly beloved improvisions? It sounds more elegant :) Any tips for how I can get better at it? Thank you

KyleLandryPiano15 karma

I've been improvising for over 10 years now. It's something that will always be embedded in my mind, and it's something I'm constantly working to improve on. My best advice would be to START ASAP. Just like anything else, it's all about practice. When it comes to improv, you just need to sit down, and make stuff up on the top of your head.

Tip: If you hear a harmony, chordal voicing, or technique you really like, or learned one in a piece you performed, figure out what it is, and then replicate it in EVERY key. After this, congratulations! You have successfully added a new skill to your musical toolbox. Now pull it out whenever you want when you improvise!

Repeat forever.

protonstorm8 karma

Hey Kyle, I've been a big fan of your music for years. I'm actually an author on a non-professional sub-blog of Kotaku (Anime Talk Amongst Yourselves) and have been attempting to increase some anime music content recently. Would you be interested in a quick interview? Really, all I would need would be an email to contact you with questions, and then you could just reply to them in a response email for your convenience. Let me know if you're interested? example of recent work:

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

Sure why not. You may email from my website.

ropedangler7 karma

Hi Kyle, nice work! Who is your favorite composer all time and today?

KyleLandryPiano14 karma

'Favorite' questions have always been hard for me, but I will try my best to answer. When it comes to piano composition, Chopin wins hands down. When it comes to video game music, it's Nobuo, Koji Kondo, and Grant Kirkhope. Orchestral it's Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, amongst MANY others.

EternalBad3 karma

Hi Kyle! Iam a big fan of yours! Speaking of Tchaikovsky, are you planning to cover some pieces of him? (Who needs a whole Orchester with you on piano anyways?) Sorry for the "not so original"-question, but just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan and that you inspired me 2 times already to start playing piano again :)

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

I did, his Sleeping Beauty song!

AvalonOwl4 karma

Hey Kyle! Will you ever remake your Final Fantasy IX Medley from your old channel? I'm sure many of us would like to hear it played again.

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

I don't EVEN REMEMBER THAT VIDEO. Does it exist?

Rinberry4 karma

Hi Kyle! First, I just want to say you're a huge inspiration to me. Because I practiced your songs I was able to skip ahead a book in my piano lessons when I was in high school:) I still play your covers every time I have access to a piano!

I was wondering, are you still offering skype lessons? (And how have those been going?)

Is there a piece that you aspire to play one day that you are unable to at the moment?

What keyboard would you recommend for someone who's on a tight budget?

Would you ever do covers of Japanese music that's not featured in television shows or video games? (I love the covers you do, btw)

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

Awesome thank you! I offer skype lessons less frequently now due to less time. You may audition if you want to. Email me. Hmm, as for aspirations, there are no specific pieces at the moment. I don't know much about the keyboard market at the moment. Do some research, and test them out! What kind of Japanese music? I listen to a lot of music from the Romantic Era, and Jazz of all shape and form.

Lihex4 karma

Hello I am big fan!! i have problems with piano i love your improvise in fact i improvise too here one of my improvising

But I have question, i have terrible hearing. And im trying to practice it. Do you have an absolute pitch? or you practice your hearing? My sight reading is very good (i can learn music really fast not problem at all) But i like to compose things buts it too hard for me because of my hearing can you tell me what to do did you improve you hearing skills or you dont use them or what lol thanks!

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

Yes I have perfect pitch. I used to practice my hearing a lot in college because of Ear Training courses. You should consider doing some Ear Training courses!

Evinreud4 karma

Hey Kyle! Knowing your talent and skill level with the piano, I was wondering what music performance will always make you go "holy crap" whenever you watch it?

Wulferdoodles3 karma

Uematsu, Mitsuda, Shimomura, or someone else?

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

Out of these? Uematsu.

Aureus_Frost3 karma

Hey Kyle! Always was a big fan of your Dearly beloveds! :)

... I am a huge fan of Piano no Mori. As most of us, I only ever managed to find 2 sheets of the Piano no Mori main theme. Is there any chance you'll ever share the complete score with us?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Sorry, I cannot share it. I promised.

[deleted]3 karma

What gods do you worship?

ShurikenChan3 karma

Hey, Kyle! Love your music and streams, but could you stream at different time so perhaps people from other time zones could watch your streams (live) too? (If it is convenient for you of course). And it would be awesome if you played even more studio Ghibli music (Carrying You/ Innocent from Laputa: Castle in the Sky is gorgeous ). You are amazing!

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

I could try.

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Where even is my Castle in the Sky video located?


Hey Kyle! I did a cover of your arrangement of 600 AD a while back. I absolutely love your playing.

I'm currently entering my 3rd year in Piano Performance as an undergrad. I was wondering what your opinion would be on good schools to look at for a Masters degree. Where did you study and who was your professor?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Hmm-- I never looked into Masters degrees, so I'm the best person to ask. Maybe ask google, or some Doctorate Piano students?

inthepickles2 karma

Favorite video game?

KyleLandryPiano5 karma

Mario RPG, Zelda: OoT, Banjo Kazooie.

LunarBlessings2 karma

Hey kyle, is it possible that you upload the music sheet for The girl who leapt through time? Somehow i'm unable to find sheets for some songs that you played. Is there a reason for this? Like copyright or something?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Hmm I improvised it, not sure if it was transcribed.

Praetorus2 karma

What are your most important tips for someone who has just started Piano lessons and music theory?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Consistency, and finding a good teacher.

rithsv2 karma

Have you seen the latest Ghibli movie, "When Marnie Was There"? If so, what'd you think? If no, I definitely recommend it!

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

No, I haven't. Was actually really that good?

HollowRiku2 karma

Hi Kyle! What's your opinion on New Age piano music?~ Keep rocking! c:

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Uhmmmm. :/

potatoad232 karma

If Obama made it illegal to play piano, what instrument would you play?

KyleLandryPiano6 karma

This is too easy, VIOLIN. DUH

RiotVe1vet2 karma

Hey Kyle, what's a typical day like for you? Are you a full-time streamer/Youtuber now or do you do anything else on the side? Thanks for doing an AMA :) love your stream!

KyleLandryPiano4 karma

Hello, RitoVelvet,

A typical day is me waking up far too late, eating breakfast at lunchtime, and then getting to some business emails, and doing a bunch of chores, eventually teaching a few students and streaming. :D

m_abdo882 karma

are you planning on playing any of warcraft music ? they are a piece of art in my humble opinion and you can make a pretty good version out of them with your skills

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Are there any notable pieces from Warcraft that you feel NEEDS to be done? Pieces that seem to represent the game itself? A piece that many others already covered?

streak142 karma

Hey Kyle! What are your plans for the future? Do you want to continue streaming and playing gigs, move more towards one or the other, or something completely different?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Performing will always be something I want to keep in my career, I just love it to much. However, I wouldn't mind being a Video-Game composer one day as well. I'm trying my best right now to be one, as I write music for Bacon Man :)

Wubdor2 karma

Hey Kyle! I'm a long time fan and for years I've wanted to play piano as well, particularly because of you. However, I always said "But what if I spend the money and end up not liking it?"
I kept procrastinating and not doing it and now, being 26 years old, I feel it's too late. I know a lot of people say "it's never too late to learn", but in this case I have my doubts. I'm not aiming to become a professional player or anything, but starting at 26? Would you say it's it worth it?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

I would say you need to evaluate your life to see if it is even possible. Calculate how much free time you have in your week, and ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice some of it to practice the piano daily. If you have a significant other, are married, have kids, pets, a very difficult job, or ALL OF THE ABOVE, it may be unrealistic for you to start due to lack of time. If you have the time, and passion/devotion then GO FOR IT.

ronroll2 karma

Hi Kyle, great to have you! I joined for your very first twitch stream, and I remember at least 20k+ viewers at the peak when word of your stream really started to pick up. (You probably know the peak number in that first night) Taken in the context of an instrumental concert, 20k is A LOT, so it really blew my mind that so many tuned in! Questions -

  1. What's your peak viewership over your time streaming thus far? How does this compare to the number of people you have played in front of in traditional settings?

  2. What was that first stream night like for you? You were going for over 7-8 hours if I remember correctly.

  3. Have you ever thought of streaming practice sessions, where you're really trying to figure out a tough piece, or composing sessions? How does the interactivity of chat figure into making decisions of what to do on stream?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Thank you!

1) The peak was that day, so about 20k! I've only played in front of about 1,000 in person, so what I have on Twitch is so much greater!

2) Unreal. Felt like a dream, and yes, I almost passed by the end of it.

3) Sometimes while I'm streaming, I sight read through some classical for the first time, and practice it a little, so I kinda do this already! I have done composition sessions before as well! The chat helps motivate me a lot, and if someone requests something I'm really in the mood to play, I will definitely play it.

choum1232 karma

Hey Kyle been watching your stream for a while! Inspired me to start playing piano again. What's your favorite anime and what anime are you currently watching?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Hmm-- currently I'm taking a break from Anime. Every once in a while I do this, and then I fall back into being an Otaku full time hehe. Favorite animes include: Naruto, Clannad, and many more, I like too many of them.

Tomly2 karma

Hey Kyle! I've been following your videos on Youtube for a long time now, and I've always been inspired to pick up piano. You got any advice for someone who wish to self-teach themselves and any bad habits to avoid? Due to the lack of funds, I am thinking of getting a keyboard to begin with, if so, would the skills from playing keyboard be easily transferred to piano later on?

Keep up the good work :)

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

I don't recommend self-teaching at all, sorry! You should try to find a good deal on a teacher!

lethalposter2 karma

I'm a beginner at piano and want to play my favorite songs. I can figure out the right hand part but how do I know what to play in the left hand to make it sound right? What is this called and where can I learn how to do it well besides getting a teacher?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

I'm not sure, sorry. All I know is getting a teacher is always the best route!

GermanSeabass2 karma

Hardest piano piece from a video game?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Erm. It's all subjective I think. And it especially depends on the arrangement. What do you think Seabass? :D

throwawayforsongname2 karma

Hi Kyle! I've been subscribed to you for years now and I'm always amazed by your covers and improvs.

What do you think is the most important aspect when you play and arrange a song? Is it technicality, emotion, theory etc.?

How do you deal with creative blocks and moments of "just not feeling it" (if ever you get them)?

What's your favorite type of music to play and listen to?

thanks :)

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

The most important thing is to attempt to keep the original pacing/emotional feeling of the song/piece. You don't want to change it so much it feels wrong. But honestly, the things you listed all matter.

I usually listen to music, and take a break from composing/playing if I hit a block.

wizh2 karma

Hi Kyle, huge fan for many years now. I'm excited to see you move so much forward in your career! Do you plan on playing any concerts in Europe some day?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

I may be playing a couple private events in Europe within the next year or so. Public concerts have not been planned yet. If an offer of such ever so arrived, I would definitely consider the proposal.

PianoTaichou2 karma

What anime/manga do you or have you in the past watched or kept up with?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

haha, cheesy ones like Naruto and One Piece. Attack on Titan! I'M SO TYPICAL.

PianoTaichou1 karma

That's great! So, I have to ask, then... Bleach?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Yes I like Bleach too!

MrBuddles2 karma

I love your Canon improvisations - I'm actually quite surprised you aren't bored of that song because a lot of pianists that I know in real life seem to detest that song. Do you still like it, and if so what do you like about it?

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

I like that it's only 8 chords so the improvisation options are endless. :) It's always been a great exercise for me to practice improvisation on. It was actually one of my VERY FIRST subjects I used to work on improvisation when I was 12.

marcusveltri2 karma

Hey Kyle! Have you heard the super mario 3d world soundtrack? It's very jazzy and amazing, and I think you would do a great job covering some of those tracks!

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Nope, I haven't. What is the "flagship" piece of music from the game that everyone should hear/cover?

theacidbull2 karma

Hi there! How should a person who wants to begin listening and appreciating classical music, start?

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

Hi there! How should a person who wants to begin listening and appreciating classical music, start?

You should find a composer you really enjoy and listen to a lot of his music on YouTube! For me, it was Chopin and Beethoven who really brought me into the Classical world, and from there, I have been perpetually branching out.

ItsKoku2 karma

I don't have a question, but you're amazing and make me want to relearn piano. I ditched that boat for flute because I had way more natural talent for it, but you make me wish I never gave up on it.

Jk, I thought of a question. What's your favorite time period of music? I personally like the romantic period, and particularly the Balakriev Circle composers. I would love to hear your interpretations of Rachmaninov's 2nd or 3rd piano concertos!

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Romantic hands down.

Masento2 karma

Hey Kyle! About how much time on average do you devote to your music each day? :)

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Probably 2-4 :D

electroslag2 karma

Hi Kyle, love your work.

Anyway, it's always been a dream of mine to learn piano. I just don't know how to get started. Do I get lessons? Do I buy a cheap keyboard?

Help would be appreciated!

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Yes get lessons. And yes probably cheap keyboard, until you KNOW that you want to stick with it.

MU113RS2 karma

Hey Kyle, big fan here!

I'm currently studying music at university having taught myself general music theory and guitar over the years and have recently picked up piano. Basically I can't seem to progress which I think is due to my lack of fluent music reading. I can play you know like any chord/inversion on the spot, for instance, and can accompany bands well but I can't even grasp a simple Joe Hisiashi song from the music.

Basically I'm wondering if you have any tips to help me progress whether that be with sight reading or general exercises to practice or whatever.

P.S. chopin ballade no.1 and FFX thunder plains pls <3

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

You should learn how to read music for sure! It's not easy, but worth it. I do play Chopin Ballade no.1, but I find it too stressful to record.

nessbrawlaaja2 karma

Hi Kyle, I'm a big fan :) !

What are some of your favorite music pieces that not a lot of people know of?

What languages do you speak?

Also, it would be awesome if you streamed during different times of the day from time to time so people from different time zones could also enjoy your stream! (don't do it if it's too inconvenient though)

MrTomberry2 karma

Hey Kyle! First off, I just want to say you're an amazing piano player! Very talented! I play the piano too, but nowhere near your skills. I've never been taught how to actually play the piano, I just sort of taught myself. I don't even know how to read music :(. Do you think it would be best if I invest some time into learning how to play the piano formally?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma


BiriBiri692 karma

Hey Kyle. I know you watched Shigatsu since you've covered Hikaru Nara a couple times on stream. Are you by any chance watching Hibike! Euphonium???

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Nope is it good?

Nyubis1 karma

I love your stuff, your videos are my studying music. :)

Which video are you most proud of?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

I'm proud of too many to choose. Sorry THESE 'favorite' questions are always so hard.

[deleted]1 karma


KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Get a teacher :)

t4mtrum1 karma

what's your favorite late night snack?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Lunch meat LOL

Frajer1 karma

How long does it take you to adapt a song for piano?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Sometimes it only takes me the length of the song! Other times I like to be more precise, and I may spend up to an hour to three hours figuring out a decent arrangement. However, even if I spent hours on it, a lot of it ends up being on-the-spot ideas/improvisation anyway. Keep in mind, I never write anything down. :D

WildWang1 karma

I'm addicted to your piano covers they're amazing! Are you going to do more league covers?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

If you can find me sheet music to any league of legends track, I would be glad to try them out on my twitch stream, and possibly upload any quality content to my Youtube channel.

horn_not_french_horn1 karma

Hi Kyle! How often do you practice, and what would a typical practice session be like for you? Did you have any musical idols growing up? Thanks!

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Practicing has been sparse lately, and I mean very sparse. I mostly perform now (on Twitch, or at weddings). I would like to change this, though. I used to practice at least an hour a day, and sometimes I managed to practice 2 or 3 hours a day. Honestly, all of the takes I did for my hundreds of covers on YouTube helped a ton too!

YourAlienOverlord1 karma

Hi Kyle, I've been a fan of yours for years! What advice do you have for learning sight reading?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Practice it daily. I still am trying to figure out HOW to successfully teach someone how to read well.

TheDayIRippedMyPants1 karma

What are some of your favorite recordings on your YouTube channel? Are there any songs you really want to do but haven't got to yet?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

The Disney ones, Howl's Moving Castle, pretty much all the ones that you guys like the most! And yes, there are always ones I want to do, but it's a secret :D

kalyre121 karma

What made you want to learn to play the piano, and what made you stick with doing It?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

My mom and sister played, and I wanted to be like them. Then I fell in love with it lol

grusommegeir1 karma

Hey Kyle! Haven't heard you play anything by Okawari on stream nor on your youtube, do you know anything by him? and are you familiar to his songs? Much love, and thanks for rekindling my passion for piano! :3

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Nope, I'm not, sorry!

xelested1 karma

Which is your favourite Kingdom Hearts song? I know you've done a boatload of Shimomura covers.

And thanks for introducing me to Nodame Cantabile!

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Probably Passion!

xncd1 karma

Hi Kyle, love your playing! One question:

Do you have any suggestions (outside of just playing more) to improve finger dexterity? My ring fingers really feel useless during some pieces.


KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Challenge yourself with your practice selections. Try practicing something that you feel is 'out of your league'

TestIcicles_1 karma

One thing that you wish you'd known when you first started playing?

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

To practice everything slowly first. hehe

Styrlaugr1 karma

Did you ever find the sheet music (or any information) on that Chopin Polonaise you played during your last live stream?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Yes, it turns out it is a Posthumous Polonaise by him, meaning it was a piece that was not published until after he passed away. That means it must have been a piece he never liked enough to publish, or perhaps never got around to it? For me, a lot of Chopin's Posthumous pieces are amazing! Like his Fantaisie Impromptu for example.

Just like anything Classical, you should be able to find it on IMSLP. Take a look here:

256Alex1 karma

This is kind of a strange question, but I hope you understand it: When you go about arranging a song... how do you do it? How do you "make it yours", and how can I learn the skills needed to do what you are doing?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

My hands kind of just go. O_O -- you need to memorize techniques, and harmonies, etc. etc. and unleash them at your own will as if it were abilities you learned for your favorite character in a JRPG... pretty much.

Rover161 karma

Can you transcribe music by ear or do you require sheet music? I don't know much about the technical aspects of music but my friend said being able to transcribe music by ear is a pretty hard and godly ability.

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

I can, but I prefer not to! Seeing the sheet music is so much better for me :). I can transcribe very accurately, but it takes me a long time (I'm a perfectionist). I wouldn't say it's a godly ability, as many people can do it, and it can be developed somewhat easily if one takes the time to do so.

Thank you!

cubervic1 karma

Often times people compare you with Martin Leung, the "Video Game Pianist", especially in YouTube comment section. What do you think of Martin?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Martin was actually the person who inspired me to start posting video game music on YouTube to begin with, and I've met him in person when I was in LA. He seems like a really cool guy.

Manyedy1 karma

Hey Kyle,

I saw that you covered For River from To The Moon, it's my favorite game ever. Would you ever consider covering any music from A Bird Story?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

What's good from it?

judog241 karma

There are a couple of videos (The Tetris Theme video is one of them) in which it looks like you are going to fall out of your seat/bench. Have you ever fallen out of your seat during a video shoot?

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

Yes. once my old bench broke, and I fell flat on my ass. I threw that bench out promptly.

Hanhula1 karma

How did you feel when you started to get extremely high viewcounts & popular streamers/youtubers/etc watching you? Also, what songs or genres are your favourite to play?

KyleLandryPiano3 karma

Seeing that it didn't just happen out of no where, I always have, and always will just feel like a regular guy who posts videos on YouTube. Since 2006, I've been growing my YouTube from nothing to what it is now, so I saw it gradually get bigger and bigger, so I adapted along with it!

quaffi1 karma

Hi Kyle :) First of all I want to thank you! Your music inspires me to do what I love: draw a lot and finally create a new fashion collection! (it's comming soon :D) and here are my questions: what inspires you to write such amazing music? What do you think about fashion in general? And what do you think fashion that was inspired by your music is looking like? :D

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Awesome :) Listening to great composers inspires me. I don't pay too much attention to fashion. :)

jofk-1 karma

Hi, a long time fan here.

Any plans on doing "Those who fight further" by Black Mages?


KyleLandryPiano1 karma

It's hard lol

DeadroadGuy1 karma

There is one particular piece I really do enjoy listening to that is one of your compositions and that is Realm of Secrets. But I cannot seem to find the sheet music anywhere.

My question is, have you written the sheet music, and if not, at any point will you be writing the sheet music?

EDIT: Here is the link to the video, also you did a vocal accompaniment with Lara as well.

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

There are no sheets at the moment :( SORRY

Zojiun1 karma

Hey Kyle , I've been a fan for about five years ever since I stumbled upon some of your videos on Youtube. I have really enjoyed the albums you released. I recently subscribed on your Twitch channel and when you go live it makes my day. I mainly just wanted to come here and say thank you for all of your beautiful music. But, I am supposed to ask a question, so here it is. Do you ever plan on going on a tour? Because if you play in the Colorado area, I will definitely be there!

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Thank you! Maybe one day :D

YourAlienOverlord1 karma

How do you make a living? Just from teaching students and gigs or do you have a part time job somewhere?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Yeah those two things, and YouTube, and selling music, and also Twitch etc.

Archaeologist011 karma

Hi Kyle, you play lovely music full of emotion and action. What was the hardest piece you worked on?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Probably the Turkish March transcription by Volodos.

MrTimmie1 karma

Hey from across the pond!! I love all your works, my question is how do you go about planning a cover of a piece? Are you gifted with perfect/absolute pitch or has it just come naturally? Ps good luck with your steinway fund!!

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

I usually find the sheet, and change it around to my liking :)

theyaoster1 karma

Hey Kyle! Big fan of your covers since I discovered your youtube channel about two years ago (and got me back into piano, yay!). Just wondering, do you think there are piano pieces that are particularly good for practicing advanced techniques? If so, what are they? I've started learning some of Chopin's pieces so I hope I'm going in the right direction hehe...

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Yes, CHOPIN CHOPIN CHOPIN, and Beethoven etc.

akaieevee1 karma

Is it possible you could do a medley from KH:BBS? More specifically a medley with the opening, Ventus' theme, Aqua's theme and Terra's theme?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Dunno :OOO

zerodegrees1 karma

Hey Kyle! I discovered you about a year ago and love all of your YouTube videos. Any chance coming to Atlanta for a concert? :)

Keep on playing beautiful music!

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Not as of now.

SwordPL1 karma

Hey, I'm your big fan! :)

If you were to give up piano, what instrument would you learn (or take)?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma


PianoTaichou1 karma

So, Twitch takes your broadcasts down after sixty days (or less, it seems!). Even now, your truly historic January 26th-27th broadcast is no longer available on your channel. Are you at least saving these original broadcasts for yourself, or are they being lost? I just have a feeling that a hundred years from now some people would like to know.

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

I have them saved yes. I didn't know twitch did that though. That's sad.

bozobozo1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

I don't have one lol

Archaeologist011 karma

Hello. Do you think all sets of conventions of music have been covered now? What do you vision what we might hear in the future?

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

Not even sure

Dudley3171 karma

Hey kyle!

I bought a piano recently because of you solely to learn and eventually play your pokemon melody haha so cheers for the inspiration.

When did you first start playing piano and do you play any other instruments?


KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Np. I was 8, and I don't think so, just piano.

Vintoki1 karma

Kyru-senpaiii! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

A fairly new fan here but I am absolutely loving your stuff. Your music really helped me through my university dissertation these past few months, so thank you for the amazing content! My housemate and I were addicted to your Ultimate pop song medley for a while, especially Shaggy's 'It wasn't me' part, it's just so good! LOL

Anyway, questions:

1) Are are you currently watching any animu? If so which ones?

2) Who is your most favourite waifu?

3) And have you ever been to London? (We'd love to have you here!)

KyleLandryPiano2 karma

1) Not right now!

2) Lol what?

3) Not yet!

rablecloss1 karma

Hey Kyle!! I love your music!! Is it possible to make a video of how you improvise music?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Not sure if I have the time.

PandaHyun1 karma

Hey, Kyle! Recently, I've been getting into playing jazz and just improvising in general on the piano. However, I've learned that improv is really difficult. For me, my problem is that I love to procrastinate. Do you have any tips on how I can get better at improv and curb my habit? Also, what tips can you give to aspiring youtuber musicians?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Just practice!!!!!!!!!!

InfestedNerd1 karma

  • What's a hobby of yours that most of your fans would be unaware of?

  • What's the creepiest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

  • What songs do you want to upload on your youtube channel but haven't because of any reason, and what are those reasons?

  • Who are your favorite youtube musicians?

  • What's your biggest secret that you're willing to share on reddit?

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

Haha, hmm, roller blading or drawing.

potatoad231 karma

KyleLandryPiano1 karma

It's just a white shirt :p