Helllloooooo Reddit! It's your creepy Uncle “Bill” William Tokarsky here and ready for you! I'm here promoting the upcoming “Too Many Cooks: The Musical!” apart of Dad's Garage & Friends Kickass Celebrity-Filled Comedy Fun that will be on Saturday, June 13th 8PM at The Fabulous Fox. We'll be hanging out with Gary Anthony Williams, Fred Willard, Amber Nash, Luck Yates and Colin Morchrie and tons of other comedy all-stars!

I'm also here to show off my newest short flick “Five Windows”. "Five Windows" is a crime/ thriller that focuses on an assassin preparing for the killing of his rival. As he leads his respected enemy down a trail of deception and illusion, it becomes clear that he is not the only one being tricked.

More info/tickets to Dad's Garage & Friends presents: "Too Many Cooks: The Musical!”: http://www.dadsgarageandfriends.com/

Five Windows (Full film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2AqOXB2XzI

Your creepy Uncle Bill

Proof I'm real: http://imgur.com/7K5KBim

Thanks agAIn reddit for all the questions and love. It's been an amazing answering your questions from the last 20 hours ...

Check out my newest movie FIVE WINDOWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2AqOXB2XzI and my fellow Georgians come down to The Fabulous Fox on June 13th to see Dad's Garage and Friends where I'll be performing Too Many Cooks: The Musical.

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nyckidd1449 karma

First of all, thank you for doing Too Many Cooks, it was one of the funniest and most original videos I'd seen in a long time. I show it to my friends all the time and at the end everyone is always glad they took the ride all the way through.

As for a question, are you guys going to do a sequel, considering that we got another glimpse of your face at the end of the original?

YourCreepyUncleBill726 karma

Never say Never... other than the MUSICAL Too Many Cooks as a part of Dad's Garage Comedy show at the Fabulous FOX in Atlanta on June 13th ... I doubt it .

sauronthegr8154 karma

Hi Bill! It's your creepy cousin Marcus! Can I, a fellow Atlantan, get a link for tickets to the show? Can you tell us some more about it?

Edit: Nevermind, I see they're in the description. But, please! Tell us more!

YourCreepyUncleBill176 karma

The show will be in Atlanta at Seven Stages Thursday & Friday night ... but the full Monty will be at the FOX on Saturday night with more fun and it will be awsome

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YourCreepyUncleBill25 karma

I want to thank you personally for contributing to my shameless self promotion of FIVE WINDOWS and DAD's GARAGE & Friends Comedy show ... beyond that I'm happy that you really liked Too Many Cooks ...

corpvsedimvs719 karma

Was it weird seeing yourself animated for the first time?

YourCreepyUncleBill830 karma

It was totally unexpected and I loved it ...

johnnbarleycorn587 karma

How does a retired auto worker get into acting?

YourCreepyUncleBill914 karma

They shot the Movie Get Low where I was living ...I wanted to see Robert Duval ...I spoke with some extras in holding ... and thought Hell I could do that .... As it turned out the Camera likes me ...

chancesarent166 karma

So did you end up seeing Robert Duval?

YourCreepyUncleBill267 karma

I saw him in the finished product a great little move "GET LOW"

YourCreepyUncleBill196 karma

Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead has his first role there

crispyboomstick565 karma

How'd it feel to be playing a murderer? Was it like anything you'd ever done?

YourCreepyUncleBill718 karma

I never really murdered on screen, Casper Kelly made you think I did ... It has set a brand for me that I love ...

YourCreepyUncleBill611 karma

My new screen persona is "Creepy Uncle Bill"

YourCreepyUncleBill385 karma

I think it was Kenneth DeLozer that actually did all the killing ... I was off screen in each murder ....pretending to be the killer ... Sometimes I play the FOOL to FOOL the FOOL who thinks he is FOOLing me ...

lennonmacca61 karma


gslug26 karma


Polyporous25 karma


toonmckenna46 karma

Too many hahaha.....too many hahaha

YourCreepyUncleBill170 karma

somebody gets fooled on FIVE WINDOWS

flapnard511 karma

did you enjoy being a cab driver in anchorman 2?

timdual638 karma

stackablesoup197 karma

It takes a lot to make a stew...

YourCreepyUncleBill259 karma

yes it does (or so I have been told)

YourCreepyUncleBill562 karma

I did the studio , green screen shoot after 5 dayes of actuall drivinf round in circles in a 1965 Checker Taxi Cab

FirstHipster184 karma

You drunk, Uncle Bill?

YourCreepyUncleBill301 karma

no but I wish I was ...

ArttuH5N166 karma

Victoria has some explaining to do.

YourCreepyUncleBill130 karma

She is a cool girl to work ith

Flangis26 karma

Good ol' Drunkle Bill.

YourCreepyUncleBill256 karma

I only drink when I'm alone or with someone

sauronthegr814 karma

Probably on his cell phone.

YourCreepyUncleBill32 karma

never on set

Dibidoolandas218 karma

I flipped the eff out when I finally watched Anchor Man 2 after watching Too Many Cooks.

YourCreepyUncleBill316 karma

That 30 seconds has had as much press for me as anything I have ever done ... I just wish I could get residuals for it ...

DownsetWithNothing75 karma

Weren't you also in Flight?

YourCreepyUncleBill300 karma

YES, Denzel is a ball to watch work

I had a very familiar role in the movie " FLIGHT " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf4a7yfRZZc&feature=youtu.be

buckets4172 karma

Are you in the background somewhere in every movie?

YourCreepyUncleBill193 karma

at one time that was true ... my agent told me to stop working background ... I do except for the Bricklayer on "The Originals" and any Strip Club scene ... on the bottom of my resume I list

" Experienced Strip Club Patron "

Sandmaester4481 karma

Same. I immediately stopped the movie and made my roommates watch Too Many Cooks and then rewound the movie in order to convince them that it was the same guy!! They were bewildered by Too Many Cooks and accepted that he was indeed the same actor..... :/

YourCreepyUncleBill109 karma

I have been in two places at the same time ... but it was on video ... I wanted to say FILM but who uses film these days .... " Frankenstein Created Bikers " that's who ... a full length film shot on on 35 mm film ... I will be playing the role of a Red Necked Biker ... it is a sequel to "Dear GOD No" a classic horror flick

YourCreepyUncleBill29 karma

It was a great experience ... I hope they bring me back with a contract for Anchorman 3

Yeazelicious375 karma

Uncle Bill, you're a masterful chef and an incisive connoisseur and I therefore have to ask you: precisely how much does it take to make a stew?

YourCreepyUncleBill454 karma

That was the only cooking show that I have been on ... My wife's biggest fear is that some day she will be dependent on me to feed her.. that stew that you speak of too over 70 players to complete and I never got a billing under my face ... go figure

Yeazelicious180 karma

Well, you did make a lot of people happy. You gave us all a little pinch of laughter. :)

YourCreepyUncleBill400 karma

I am eternally grateful to Cooks it made me internet infamous, I tried to cash that internet fame check at the bank ... they thought it was funny ...

ArttuH5N1117 karma

Karma is better than money anyway

YourCreepyUncleBill252 karma

I wish I coud order Karma and have it delivered like flowers

Pard181448 karma

Hey Mr. Bill I don't really have a question but I loved too many cooks. I thought you did an awesome job portraying a... well creepy 90's show character.

YourCreepyUncleBill210 karma

Thank you for participating in this shameless self promotion of FIVE WINDOWS and The DAD'S Garage Comedy Show

tkdgns66 karma

In the end, it'slaughter that really matters.

film_composer51 karma

Indeed, slaughter matters most of all.

YourCreepyUncleBill175 karma

you guys are killing me

DeprestedDevelopment100 karma

weird to be on the other end of that one huh

YourCreepyUncleBill121 karma

I saw what you guys did there

KellyTheET31 karma

Well they tried, every time it showed your name the tracking went all screwy.

YourCreepyUncleBill63 karma

THat is what made people go to the IMDB page and look me up ... I was very popular for a while ...

TheDataWhore220 karma

In case you, like me, wanted to watch too many cooks again:


YourCreepyUncleBill150 karma

I share that link with all my new facebook friends...

PyroKnight85 karma

...I need a creepy 10 minute intro video.

YourCreepyUncleBill277 karma

Creepy Porn should be next on my list ..

When people say that I look familiar, I like to say "oh, do you watch porn" ?

P5ych0path199 karma

I second this. "Too Many Cocks". Think about it.

YourCreepyUncleBill71 karma

that was done on the internet already

TheVicSageQuestion7 karma

How many is that?

Emilyroad5 karma

Ya don't gotta be rude!

YourCreepyUncleBill12 karma

I have only dealt with one .. so I have limited knowledge ... but I have learned that Real eyes, realize, real lies ...

PartyBusGaming35 karma

We need more of that topless girl...

YourCreepyUncleBill75 karma

she is a cutie

over9000jewz203 karma

Hey Mr. Bill! Josh Hand here. I wanted to thank you again for being at my brothers graduation party. We always enjoy you and your wife's presence. My question for you is this, where do you want your acting to take you? Do you want it to be a small part time thing, or become the next famous villainous icon? Thanks again for everything you and your wife do for my family!

YourCreepyUncleBill308 karma

I want to go as far as it will let me in the time that I have left here on earth .... If I could have any role I wanted it would be a Creepy guy on The Walking Dead ....followed by and appearance on The Talking Dead ...are you listening Chris ...

YourCreepyUncleBill155 karma

Josh, did you get tickets to Too Many Cooks The Musical

DADS'S GARAGE http://www.dadsgarageandfriends.com/

too_many_cooks_will55 karma

OMG great idea! I would love you in Walking Dead... You can be a creepy guy who interacts with all the cast for a while, becomes slightly less creepy & loveable and then turns into a walker who lives a very long time.

YourCreepyUncleBill89 karma

don't tell anyone but I worked as an extra about eight episodes of The Walking Dead Season three ... http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/William_Tokarsky

kevinday47 karma

I told someone. :( We still cool?

YourCreepyUncleBill100 karma


JennyAndCarly183 karma

Uncle Bill, how many times did they play the theme song on set?

YourCreepyUncleBill424 karma

The theme song and the special effects and the animation were all done in post production, which took over a year because the budget was so small... And now that you have mentioned that earworm of a song it is playing in my brain and will be there for at least a week ...

Hipstershy127 karma


YourCreepyUncleBill179 karma

you guys are killin me ...

geomanguy78 karma

I'm disappointed they just didn't have the song constantly playing over the studio speakers while shooting. That's how I imagined it.

YourCreepyUncleBill83 karma

it would have been nice

YourCreepyUncleBill153 karma

/u/lanric asked me a question on an announcement post and I saw that he couldn't make it... his questions was ....Since TMC happened, have you been contacted by casting agents for any other serial killer roles? Your performance seriously disturbed me. I was genuinely worried for all of the characters.

The Cooper brothers producer Jeremy Shecter made me an offer I couldn't refuse to do FIVE WINDOWS .. I have gotten many requests for poles in young filmmakers projects. I have three little horror flicks we make for each holiday along wit two that are released Home for the Holiday & Auldd Lang Syne , and one promo for the History Channel check my IMDb page for them!


cp1090132 karma

I loved the picture you took with Lazer/Wulf.

In what way is Homestar Runner involved in the musical?

YourCreepyUncleBill119 karma

To be perfectly honest (a rarity in this biz) I do not know. The fine folks at DAD'S Garage got me up that link just for this AMA ... They know I will do anything they ask because they are the premier Comedy Troupe in Atlanta... It will be a Variety Comedy Show that has a Homestar Runner Skit and a Too Many Cooks the Musical Skit ... at THe FOX June 13th ... I have noy been to a rehearsal yet ...

bobjoeman112 karma

What do you think about this?


YourCreepyUncleBill95 karma

I always like more of me ... Watch Lifelines a film on Vimeo I did as a 48 hour film fest with the geniuses at COGITO CREATIVE

geekman747396 karma

Uncle Bill, I loved your work in "Too Many Cooks," but i've always wondered: what was your first reaction to the script? Surely you had a bit of a "wtf?" Moment?

YourCreepyUncleBill207 karma

What script ... This was non-union Gorilla film making at it's best ... the budget was so small they paid everyone in dollar bills....You have to remember I just came off season one of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell... and NOTHING that Casper does can generate a wtf moment ...he is a damn genius and the line between crazy and genius ... well he uses it as a jump rope ...

_Shush65 karma

While shooting, did you understand the idea of the story or was it more of a situation of "I'm not sure why I'm doing this, but fuck it. Let's go".

YourCreepyUncleBill104 karma

I think you got it figured out ...

Duquette_Roxx83 karma


YourCreepyUncleBill75 karma

I think he has a charmed life like I do.... But does he have aT-shirt with his picture on it ?? http://www.80stees.com/search?q=too+many+cooks+killer

Duquette_Roxx30 karma


YourCreepyUncleBill51 karma

I do not get a penny from any shirt sales ... But the manufacture sent me two free shirts if I sent them a photo of me wearing one ...

YourCreepyUncleBill29 karma

FIVE WINDOWS will be entered in the Holly Shorts Film Festival ... I am expecting big things ...

IICVX13 karma

Did they really? I was about to suggest that he'd be perfect as Trevor (or maybe Trevor's dad?) in a movie or something.

YourCreepyUncleBill23 karma

I am always looking for paying jobs (since Cooks, everyone wants me in their student film) I even did a civil war film


xwarpathx2573 karma

I made an account just to talk with you.

Where do you hope your new acting career will take you? Do you have a genre in particular you'd like to work in?

YourCreepyUncleBill107 karma

I wish I had an acting career, Five Windows is the best work I have done so far, I would like to be the creepy Janitor in any TV show or the pedophile on Law & Order or something like that ... I am working on Your Pretty Face is going to Hell season two Adult Swim which premiers in July, I want there to be a season three that tells why I got sent to Hell ... (work a little out of the red makeup)

xwarpathx2541 karma

You don't need to be in blockbuster movies to have an acting career. I definitely feel like you have potential, and no matter how small the roles are, if you can impact someone or leave a lasting impression, you've succeeded.

I am stoked for YPFiGtH. I'm actually friends with you on facebook and I have seen your posts about it previously. I will definitely be tuning in to support not only you, but the program and AS

YourCreepyUncleBill37 karma

Your Pretty Face gave me my second SAG contract and that gave me a modicum of credibility ... The first season of Your Pretty Face is going to HELL will be out on DVD when season two starts ... There are some fantastic scenes in the DVD that we could not get past The brass at Adult Swim ... Look foe Henry Zebrowski and an unwrapped Baby Ruth ... I did a commentary on the extras track ... tey promised me a free CD of season one .... we will see

Mercury_NYC67 karma

I always had a question for an actor like you, and don't want to be terribly rude but have no idea how else to ask this.

When they cast you as a "Creepy" guy, in the example of this video, doesn't that get you a bit down? Maybe my vanity comes into play but I wouldn't want to be typecast as a creepy guy. Yes, you do make a good creepy guy, but doesn't that fuck you up a bit? Do you have to swallow your pride and just accept it or do you rationalize it in another way (cool! paychecks!)?

I wondered about people who were cast like this if part of them were a bit insulted or whatever by being cast in these roles. Don't you want to be a knight in shining armor rather than the creepy guy? I'd be kind of pissed if the world just saw me as the creep when they want to cast me for a role.

YourCreepyUncleBill206 karma

I am too damn old to take the traditional route to being a successful actor. I am secure in who I am ... there is a nice 30min. interview on you tube that tells who I am ... so being cast in a creepy role that makes people uncomfortable ... I did my job, the director did his job and the writer .... well they are never satisfied ... but I have a brand thanks to Too Many Cooks ... When I first started as an extra my goal was to be the fruit peddler that gives Vito Corelone some oranges before he was shot, a best picture that will live forever .. I wanted that so my 10 year old grandson ... when he has a grandson could say to him "That's my Pap" well becareful for what you wish for because mine came true , 60 years from now my grandson Noah will say to his grandson you see that maniacal serial killer on Too Many Cooks ... that was my Pap ....I will be imortal

KageStar55 karma

maniacal serial killer

But really your were the Creepy Uncle AntiHero Bill.

YourCreepyUncleBill54 karma


robophile-ta49 karma

What would be your all-time dream role?

YourCreepyUncleBill143 karma

I want to be the guy that kills Daryl front of Judith on The Walking Dead ... do you think there are many that want that role ...

leaveittoclever39 karma

What is your favorite way to cook an egg?

YourCreepyUncleBill88 karma

Soft boiled ... like my humor...

leaveittoclever83 karma

Hmmm, I was shooting for poached, like your victims.

YourCreepyUncleBill86 karma

that was Very good ...

YourCreepyUncleBill34 karma

It has been over nine hours since we started and I'm getting tired... The executive producer of my newest short film "Five Windows" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2AqOXB2XzI), Jeremy Shecter AKA /u/therealjeremyshecter and I have enjoyed this session ...

Also...My fellow Georgians, don't forget about Dad's Garage and Friends Kickass Celebrity-Filled Comedy Fun on Saturday, June 13th 8PM at The Fabulous Fox … info and tickets:http://www.dadsgarageandfriends.com/

I have plugged some new shorts that we are filming ...

Thanks again Reddit for having me … it's been great hanging out, answering you questions with you all.

Pantherfan197332 karma

Greatest sporting event that you attended live?

YourCreepyUncleBill208 karma

The Atlanta Olympics Heavyweight division of weightlifting... I thought it would be boring , but it was very very exciting .... I also attended a water polo game , but we left after that first horse drowned ...

Figerox30 karma

So did Smarf hit the button, and it be a trick to get him into the opening, or did he not hit the button and die and join the rest of them?

YourCreepyUncleBill45 karma

That is a question that will be answered in "Way Too Many Cooks" the sequel ... or not

SrrBrrGrr30 karma

dude I want you to know that I took acid and watched your video with my friend. Thanks to that video I've successfully scarred my friend, he told me he had nightmares and you were in them. I wish I could give you gold, but what can you give to a man that has it all?

YourCreepyUncleBill52 karma

A little acid can help you dance to the rhythm of life ... you can go to my IMDB page and on the right side hit the little blue button that says "LIKE" and I'll call it even ...

SrrBrrGrr23 karma

done & done

YourCreepyUncleBill22 karma

Thank you

Future_Legend29 karma

What the hell did the "Too Many Cooks" script even look like and how did you get involved? Great job in it, BTW. It's a genius, creepy and hilarious short film.

YourCreepyUncleBill56 karma

I rarely got to look at the script (I had no dialog) most of the scenes were makeovers of real sitcom TV , Casper had each on on his laptop and would show it to me to try to emulate the same thing in his stlye ... my favorite is when I appeared to drown the pretty girl in the sink (movie magic)


Is it true that you can never have too many cooks?

YourCreepyUncleBill60 karma

Too many cooks will spoil the stew ... and I have been stewed once or twice lately...

ItsAMeMitchell25 karma

Hey Bill! I remember watching Anchorman 2 with my dad, then having him rewind it because the taxi driver was the guy from Too Many Cooks.

Anyway, I just wanted to know, what do you think made Cooks so...good?

YourCreepyUncleBill44 karma

The Taxi scene on Anchorman 2 was insane ... the director kept pushing for more from them ... and I had to sit there with a straight face ... Hardest damn Acting I ever did ...

ItsAMeMitchell26 karma

You were cheated for the Oscar.

YourCreepyUncleBill31 karma

We were cheated on the Webby we won the popular vote but the webby illuminati chose a film that got 7% of the popular vote ...

YourCreepyUncleBill14 karma

So much good stuff we do never gets out of the editors closet ... It is all as good as "American Bounty" where I am the Grizzly Man ... Trey Volpe still has it in post ...

YourCreepyUncleBill19 karma

Casper Kelly made Cooks so good ... he works intuitively and I'm not just saying that so Adult Swim will give me a SAG contract for season Three of Your Pretty Face is going to HELL ... well maybe that has colored my judgement ... but they are a great group to work with ...

Jerryman103919 karma

What would the first episode of Too Many Cooks be called if it didn't end after the title sequence?

YourCreepyUncleBill63 karma

I would suggest "Crime Avenue" as the title and I would be Harvey Feueranzunder a Green Screen Super Hero who uses Fire as his super power only to be upstaged be a young pretty blue viper who uses electricity as her super power ... wait that is Daniel Oakes new short that has not been released starring Rebecca Beton and your truly ... pardon the interruption for some shameless self promotion

ferretpants18 karma

First off, thank you for Too Many Cooks! It's one of the most original and insane things I've ever seen.

Second, damn you for Too Many Cooks! Now every time someone says there's too many of anything that song gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Any advice for how to scrub a song out of your head before it drives you mad?

YourCreepyUncleBill26 karma

Resistance is futile ... you will asumulated ... the song should have been nominated for an academy award ... and then we could have controlled the whole world ...

FernandodelaPolla15 karma

When will you, the killer from "Too Many Cooks" make a film with the racist sheriff from the T.I/Jeezy "G Shit" video? -Joe Swift

YourCreepyUncleBill25 karma

It is my plan to film with the racist Sheriff after they book me as the bad ass who kills Daryl on The Walking Dead and lets him turn... That way no one will hate me any more if I am playing a racist ...

LG_Basik13 karma

How many cooks IS too many cooks?

YourCreepyUncleBill33 karma

There were at least three cooks that did not make it to the screen, if you find the slowed down version of the closing credits you can pick them out if you are sharp ... the fire juggler is the first one to start with ... btw you will also find a "And Featuring William Tokarsky" there also

GnomeCzar13 karma

What person or thing has creeped you out the most in real life?

Did you get to keep any props? Like your machete or SMARF's creepy head?

edit to fix: cat name

YourCreepyUncleBill17 karma

North Korea creeps me out and The Members Only jacket is mine ... The Crosby sweater (worn by creepy Bill) and the machete were put in a box and lost ... I don't think anyone knew what that stuff would draw on eBay these days ...

SlumberCat11 karma

Hi Bill! You reminded me that Homestar Runner is also based in Atlanta. Without saying much, can you say anything about how they will be a apart of the show? Puppets like Smarf or an animated segment like with the GI Joe Cooks?

Funny story, I work at a cafe in Chicago and was talking to one of my coworkers one night about how an actress on The Walking Dead was in TMC (Katelyn Nacon). Turns out, my coworker was a model for a severed head on your dinner table and. I was the only person who knew of the short! TMC has pretty much become a staple of my life since.

YourCreepyUncleBill20 karma

I will be limited to "Too Many Cooks the Musical" so the night of the show it will amaze me as well as the audience...Speaking of Puppets ... my next Short the creepiest yet will be me and a puppet along with my favorite editor (Adult Swim) Paul Painter ... We are going to launch our crowdsource campaign on may 28th " Gwilliam " is the title..If Katelyn made it to the Walking Dead ...I ask "WHY NOT ME " ... Shane Morton made that dinner table feast for me ... (it was the lunch barbecue that I was really eating)

Bearerider9 karma

What's it like to be a spaceship?

YourCreepyUncleBill33 karma

I was not a space ship ..

I was a FACESHIP ...

HelloImCarter8 karma

How much of TMC was your original idea, and how much of it evolved it of collaboration?

YourCreepyUncleBill24 karma

100% Casper Kelly with a little Paul Painter in post ... The cast did make suggestions and they were considered ... but the big picture was always in Casper Kelly's mind

pretzel_back7 karma

I loved Too Many Cooks. There aren't many videos that can hold my attention so long, but I watched it twice.

How is working with Adult Swim? Do they treat/pay actors and writers well?

Do you watch Fishcenter Live? Know the hosts or anything?

YourCreepyUncleBill14 karma

Adult Swim treats me like family .... they treat the cast and crew very well ...they have THE BEST FOOD ON SET of any show I have worked ...

grasshopper_legs6 karma

do you know anything about the unedited footage of a bear take life game??

YourCreepyUncleBill8 karma

I really liked the unedited footage of a bear ... I know nothing about a game and I'll bet the fine folks at Adult Swim will find out about the game after it has bee out there for a week or two ....

grasshopper_legs4 karma

it's on the website actually

YourCreepyUncleBill13 karma

Do you think they really know what the boys in the backroom put on the website..

bassocontinubow5 karma

Have you watched the "Unedited Footage of a Bear" segment? What'd you think?

YourCreepyUncleBill11 karma

It was a valiant try to be a Too Many Cooks... when we filmed Cooks I told Casper that this would either die on the 4am time slot or go Viral, he did not believe me ... what surprised me was how fast it got 5 million hits before Adult Swim put it on their own site ... has the bear had success YES is it ib the same league as Cooks ... you will be the judge of that ...

Brad-Armpit4 karma

How many cooks is the right number of cooks?

YourCreepyUncleBill15 karma

This question makes me feel like a fugitive from the law of averages ... we had about 70 cooks on set and not all of them made it out of the editors closet (the first thing I always do on a shoot is make friends with the editor)

Casper had 68 cooks on screen ... someone needs to figure out how many cooks were murdered .. subtract and that would be the answer ...

khronojester3 karma

Man I know I'm late, but you worked with the Cooper Brothers right after my friend did for The Fourth Wall, and while young those guys just seem to have it down. How was your experience with them?

YourCreepyUncleBill6 karma

The Cooper Brothers are the Cohen Brothers Incarnate, a pair of identical 20 year old twins that write and direct as one . Danial is in Film school at NYU and Adam is at Columbia film school in Chicago .. the forth wall was great and won them a prize at the Holly Shorts film Festival ... FIVE WINDOWS is their best work yet ... And it was the best experience shooting a story with a beginning and a mind fuck in the end ... if you haven't checked it out yet give it a watch ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2AqOXB2XzI

Psythik3 karma

Just exactly how much acid do the folks at Williams Street drop? It's pretty obvious to anyone that's taken a psychedelic that much of [adult swim]'s content is inspired by LSD.

YourCreepyUncleBill4 karma

I signed a non discloser agreement ... and I can't tell

silm_shady_ama3 karma

Have you ever been recognized in public because of Too Many Cooks?

YourCreepyUncleBill7 karma

When people say that I look familiar, I like to say "oh, do you watch porn" ?

Seriously ... only the bartender at Manuals Tavern knew who I was .. when I meet people in the biz they all want selfies , which I'm happy to oblige ...

supermav273 karma

I never really understood "Too Many Cooks". I got that it was a spoof on cheesy 90's sitcom intros at first, but then it changed to the slow back and forth pan of that bird and all of a sudden you just started killing people? Then I thought I was tripping on acid. I was laughing the whole time cause it didn't make sense to me. I think you guys pulled off the first ever skit in which I was dying laughing because I was like "how the fuck did someone think this up and say "wow this will be a funny sketch!" but what's the real story behind it? I feel like I should know but I'm just too weak to understand any of it!!

YourCreepyUncleBill4 karma

there are hundreds of theory's about the real meaning about Cooks, you can google it and read all about it ...

I say relax open a cold one and sit back and enjoy it .. then do a you tube search for FIVE WINDOWS and say shit that ain't the same guy is it ...

KillerSquid2 karma

I just showed my dad too many cooks two days ago! He freaking loved it as much as I do.

The amount of thought that was put into cliche 90's TV intros is really impressive. I watched too many cooks for the first time after I was thoroughly baked out of my mind. I thought I had been watching it for days! I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you so much! 

As for a question, how did they come up with the idea for too many cooks?

And what was the deciding factor to pick you as the killer?

Thanks again!

YourCreepyUncleBill3 karma

Casper slipped in the shower and he hit his head ... when he came to the earworm was born ... If you look at the chefs ..one of them and myself were considered for the role ... we both sent a short video clip and i looked more like a maniacal serial Killer ...

dairydevil2 karma

Are you the one from Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

YourCreepyUncleBill3 karma

No but I would like to be ... Most people don't understand my specific kind of crazy, but they do admire my total commitment to it ...

quiktrip_hot_dogs2 karma

Do you enjoy cream soda? I find it quite refreshing

YourCreepyUncleBill3 karma

Other than BEER ... Cream Soda is my favorite drink ... BEER is my second most favorite thing ..... (think about it)

jint3i2 karma

Is it possible that there aren't enough cooks?

YourCreepyUncleBill3 karma

That has always bothered me ... My brother is a professional Cook, but ever since Too Many Cooks came out He rarely contacts me ... ,

chateaublue321 karma

How did you feel about the number of Cooks after you were finished?

YourCreepyUncleBill3 karma

If we just had more time I could have gotten them all ... My clones were set to attack ... but they ran the damn closing credits ...

Salsaamix1 karma

This is the creepiest video I have seen, just one question. How were you convinced to act in this video?

YourCreepyUncleBill3 karma

My motivation was Money ... It is much better than being a prisoner as I was in the yet to be released full length Georgia grown film "The Circle"

Justachokinvictim0 karma

How did you end up working for Adult Swim?

YourCreepyUncleBill1 karma

Extras Casting Atlanta's Patrick Ingram cast me as an extra on the very first episode of Your Pretty Face is going to HELL, I just had to be so good that they could not ignore me ...

Mrfrunzi-7 karma

I loved Too Many Cooks until the midpoint when it got weird. Why the hell did you kill everyone?!

YourCreepyUncleBill8 karma

I actually have no talent and after being married for over 45 years ...I have learned to take direction well ... You can Credit Casper Kelly for my actions .... and Paul Painter for leaving my face in focus ... I just do what THE MAN tells me to do ... I did the same with FIVE WINDOWS and I think that is my strongest point ...

VascularSeagull0 karma


YourCreepyUncleBill8 karma

none taken ...