Hey everyone, my name is Jules and I pay the rent with video game rock!

You might have seen one of my guitar arrangement videos from my YouTube channel, FamilyJules7x, where out of my poster covered room, I've covered almost 500 game songs in a totally new style on guitar. Or maybe you've seen on of my medleys such as this 17 minute one through the ages of gaming from Pong to Dark Souls II! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8-V4yuM984

My presence on YouTube pushed me to be involved with the indie game industry, recently with the newly released, Crypt of the Necrodancer, where you can hear an entire metal rendition of the soundtrack in game all done by me! I just released an album of all the music from it plus 8 extra tracks on Loudr.fm and Bandcamp. 28 tracks: http://familyjules7x.bandcamp.com/

I was also played guitars on The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb soundtrack and continue to compose and do studio guitars for indie games all out of my bedroom studio! I also play my arrangements live at conventions like PAX and MAGfest and stream music and games on Twitch.tv. It's a lot of hands in a lot of buckets but the reward is I can make a living by mixing my two greatest passions, guitar and video games!

Ask me anything!

Proof: http://youtu.be/WRvOduzZNqM

EDIT: Been answering for about 4 hours straight and I'm going a bit cross-eyed! Taking a break and I'll try to answer everyone else after!

Also trying to answer follow up questions since most AMAs I read tend to just ignore them. Which I don't understand...

EDIT 2: I hate to be that OMG THIS BLEW UP guy but I really didn't expect this many questions! Doing my best to get to all of them but I might not be able to! :c

EDIT 3: Okay I think I've answered like 500 questions or something and I've been at it for 7 hours! I'm gonna call it pretty soon but thank you so much for chatting with me! I'm completely blown away that what I do is so interesting to you guys. If I don't answer your questions today I'll try and hit them up tomorrow! Thanks again and don't forget to check out Crypt of the Necrodancer on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/247080/) along with my complete metal arrangment album Aria's Ascent! (https://familyjules7x.bandcamp.com/album/arias-ascent)

EDIT 69: Back at it, determined to get at least most of you guys' questions answered! Thanks again!

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Kris18708 karma

How often do you stick your dick in outlets? I always thought there was something a bit off about you.

(edit: worth the downvotes for the obvious question. I wanted to see what he'd say. Thanks for taking it in stride, Jules

edit 2: or you can just vote me back into positive. That works too. Thanks, guys.)

FamilyJules7x787 karma

Every morning. Coffee seldom gives me the kick it used to and cocaine seems a bit extreme. It's a good happy medium.

Danzerello456 karma

It's also a good way to stay grounded.

avelertimetr200 karma

It's why they call him Joules.

FamilyJules7x130 karma

I think I love you.

howardhus17 karma

You say you make a living. How much do you make roughly on average? When did you realize you could do this as your main income source And how long do you think it will last?

FamilyJules7x48 karma

Can't really talk about that because of specific contracts BUT I will say it's over all better than any minimum wage job I could find now AND I love it! Hope to make it last as long as it can!

MrGnarGnar12 karma

TL;DR - enough. He makes exactly enough.

KevinReems4 karma

I'd rather be making enough doing something I love, than making a fortune doing something I can't stand.

FamilyJules7x4 karma

This. A million times.

Grim_Darkwatch286 karma

Family Jules! How you doing bro? Long time subscriber. I have a couple of questions for you.

  1. What is your favorite cover that you've made?
  2. What was your first video game?
  3. What is your favorite video game?
  4. If you were in Super Smash Brothers, what would your final smash be?

FamilyJules7x317 karma

  1. Probably my Jet Force Gemini Medley, super important soundtrack to me as it's probably my favorite game ever and a lot of the playing and techniques were a bit above me such at the time like the time signature in Water Ruins but I still ended up making it listenable!

  2. My first video game was either Duck Hunt or the original Legend of Zelda. I can't remember.

  3. Jet Force Geminiiiiiiiiiiii mouth frothing

  4. DAMN. Uh. Maybe like a Dimebag divebomb with the whammy bar that translates to a real in game one since I abuse that guitar trick, but then the reload time is me having to restring my guitar since I go through a metric butt load as it is.

blindcoco145 karma

When did you decide you wanted to make a living solely doing music?

Btw huge fan here, keep rockin' man!

FamilyJules7x220 karma

It's always been a dream, man! Making sandwiches at Subway wasn't cutting it! I didn't really realize it was achievable until people started watching me on YouTube.

boraxx486 karma

Making sandwiches at Subway wasn't cutting it

I think you were doing it wrong.

FamilyJules7x144 karma


AGkintsukuroi21 karma

Awesome! What's your dream now?

FamilyJules7x56 karma

Sustaining what I'm doing now and making a indefinite living out of it!

PzZz_22 karma

How many average views per month are you getting? And if you don't mind sharing, roughly how much per month are you getting out of your channel? Feel free to DM

FamilyJules7x24 karma

Even if I could tell you exactly, it's super varied month to month depending on uploads and ads and stuff. For me, it takes also being partnered with Twitch and taking on commission and contract work to make a living.

MartynC6516 karma

No way man, I never knew you worked for subway! I'm a store manager! Any tips for getting away from the subs?

FamilyJules7x61 karma

The way you put that made me realize that I gave up making subs at subway to trying to make subs for YouTube. I can't escape.

IrrelevantLeprechaun12 karma

Would you have any tips for getting recognized on YouTube?

FamilyJules7x25 karma

Constant upload schedule seems like the best tip I've found! Keep at it and good luck, man!

johngotti0831117 karma

How did you end up meeting Danny B?

FamilyJules7x338 karma

He sent me like this email that was all caps after my first Super Meat Boy cover like "HOW THE FUCK. I DON'T WRITE FOR HUMANS TO PLAY THIS." And the rest is history. Sometimes I go over his house and breath heavily over his shoulder while he writes.

NedStarkyStark66 karma

How much do you make?

roblox887144 karma

Roughly a video a month.

FamilyJules7x42 karma

Roughly an album in 6 months as well. Sorry my videos have suffered while I was doing that.

FamilyJules7x79 karma

Since my income comes from many things like YouTube, Twitch, Contracts, Commissions, Guitar Lessons and other odd music jobs, it really varies from month to month and year to year. It's one of the downsides of working in music especially for yourself. However it's worth it getting to do something you love to pay the bills.

EldarianValor34 karma

Youtube partners have a confidentiality agreement with this sort of thing, so I doubt your question will get answered.

FamilyJules7x59 karma

To my understanding, one of the reasons why the confidentiality agreement is in place is that one person with the same views, same videos, and same consistency of uploads could be making a significantly different amount than the other. Being paid for YouTube and Twitch can be extremely varied since it's based on so many things. I make enough to live off of, as I've said in the title, but in the interest of other content creators regardless of contract, I choose not to say how much I make out of respect for the other artists doing the same thing I do.

Z28Dave59 karma

When you're not shredding with your guitar what are your other hobbies?

FamilyJules7x166 karma

Coffee. I usually just sit at coffee shops and put my own stories to the elaborate bearded hipsters that walk in.

Video games are fun too.

Z28Dave21 karma

Ah nice, also how often have you had music labels approach you to contract you with some sort of deal?

FamilyJules7x58 karma

Since I'm more rooted in games, I don't hear much from music labels which is okay since I'd rather be working for games anyways.

MachiavellianXLII47 karma

Finally, an AMA by someone I like AND I'm not too late.

Hey Jules (can I call you that?), Do you make videos of games you have a personal interest in or do you just do whatever has a melody that you think would sound good in your style? Or is it a recommendation thing like some other channels?

FamilyJules7x45 karma

I only play songs from games I played and had an emotional connection to. I think it's really important to creating a cover that both respects the original song and makes it interesting to work on and go my own way with it!

MachiavellianXLII46 karma

Sees red inbox.

Someone posting a meme mocking him.

rstar00045 karma

What is your favorite game of all time?

FamilyJules7x70 karma

Jet Force Gemini for the N64!

Rocalyn3d32 karma

I definitely squee'd when I read that! I've never personally met anyone else that has played that game (other than my childhood friends who I forced convinced to play it with me). Shout out to a super fun game!!! Cheers!

Gelly12322 karma

The multiplayer in JFG was so fucking good

FamilyJules7x25 karma


ThePottedChap41 karma

What is your recording set up like?

I'm doing a Music Technology/Production course in college a the moment and I would like to know what sort of equipment you use to record.

Also, what digital workstation do you use?

FamilyJules7x81 karma

It's come a long way. It started with a truly ragged Line 6 POD X3 and an iPhone that I ran through Mixcraft. Now I'm using Cubase 7.5 with KRK VXT 8 monitors and a newly bought Axe FX II XL+. My wallet was hurting for a while after that last one.

MrAbortion35 karma

Where did you learn to play guitar and bass like you do?

FamilyJules7x53 karma

All self taught! Books and YouTube! I studied for a bit in college but that was for Classical Guitar which I was my major.

Muzzledhatch16 karma

Anything you would personally recommend to read/watch for those interested in taking their playing further?

FamilyJules7x43 karma

I benefited a lot from John Petrucci's Rock Discipline for guitar. Then any techniques I was trying to nail I'd just search for them. Tom Hess is great. I also constantly love watching bass videos from Scott's Bass Lessons and mixing tips from Recordingrevolution.com.

FamilyJules7x25 karma

Set goals! Be specific to yourself as to what you want to accomplish and follow through with those steps!

FlameOnYou12 karma

I think he meant more along the lines of books/videos that helped you understand guitar better.

FamilyJules7x25 karma

True. I'll answer again.

McJuggieNugget32 karma

Have you ever played Super Smash Bros? If so who is your favorite? Also would you consider posting tabs of your game music history medley?

FamilyJules7x58 karma

I have! I'm a (terrible) Captain Falcon player! Doing the tabs for something like that video would be a SERIOUS undertaking. Maybe I'll just hire someone to do it so I can spend my time making more stuff like that.

romanpieces6 karma

Listening to your other music, it'd be awesome to hear you play Mute City

FamilyJules7x25 karma

I did it in my F-Zero X Medley! Warning: I had some serious Dragon Ball Z hair.

FamilyMama7x29 karma

Hey Jules! Big fan... lol, omg.

What will you be giving your mama for Mother’s Day?

FamilyJules7x31 karma

I got you a big musical snow globe. Now stop embarrasing me, MOM.

Just kidding. Love you! Thanks for supporting me through all these years!

-Your son from the front page of Reddit.

Bamzooki125 karma

  1. Are you working on any upcoming projects?
  2. What games have you worked on? (If any)
  3. If Hitler, Stalin and Toby were in a room and you only had 2 bullets, who would you shoot?

FamilyJules7x77 karma

  1. I am! Mostly trying to get my live act ready to go for some upcoming conventions as well as do videos to further promote my newly release album Aria's Ascent. Other than that, I could tell you but I'd have to kill you. :|

  2. I've helped out on the soundtrack for The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb, done a few random guitar lines or arrangements in a few smaller titles but recently did a full guitar arrangement for the soundtrack to Crypt of the Necrodancer that can be heard as a selectable soundtrack to play to in the game!

  3. I would shoot Toby twice.

Smooth_McDouglette11 karma

I didn't realize you did work for Wrath of the Lamb, which tracks did you work on?

FamilyJules7x32 karma

My Innermost Apocalypse. Final final final boss.

Rikuthemaster25 karma

Hey dude! Big fan after coming across your Donkey Kong Country 2 medley! I just have a few questions!

  1. Which cover was the hardest for you to do? Whether it be for writing the parts, playing, or instrumentation.

  2. Which part do you record first? (Minus the drum track, of course)

  3. How many instruments in total do you play?

  4. Did you ever think you'd become as popular as you are?

Thanks for reading! You're a fantastic musician :3

FamilyJules7x29 karma

  1. Enmity of the Darklord from Binding of Isaac was borderline impossible, along with all of Danny Baranowsky's music.

  2. It usually depends. I like keeping to the original so I mostly lay down a scratch track of the lead guitars first but sometimes I'll hear a cool metal rhythm in my head and start with that.

  3. Uh. Gosh. Guitar (Electric, Bass, Classical), Keyboard, Cello, and Ocarina. I dabble in others but those I play fairly consistently.

  4. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I still can't believe people are asking me questions here!

richaad20 karma

do you ever fucking sleep?

FamilyJules7x25 karma

No. But who really does?

Tanzakk20 karma

Will you ever do anymore Paper Mario 64 covers? Namely the Menu screen or Title theme? (Pretty much the same track) Thanks for doing what you do man, big fan!

FamilyJules7x23 karma

I should man, that was a good game. Hopefully soon!

DJFunkyDiabetes16 karma

How did you originally get into playing with other people? Where you worried about your skill level when you started to?

FamilyJules7x32 karma

Of course! Playing with other people can be intimidating. I had to just remind myself that every guitarist can bring their own flavor to the table and anyone that would disrespect your playing level is a dickhead. Play to meet your own standard and other people will listen!

Rase_Kracken16 karma

Hey Family Jules! Do you play the drums in your videos/music or is it all computerized?

FamilyJules7x43 karma

All computerized. I am borderline disabled the second you put drumsticks in my hands.

PotHeadJesus55 karma

So are us drummers.

Urplescurple20 karma

He only is when he's holding drumsticks though.

How do you know the stage is even?

The drummer's drooling from both sides of his mouth.

FamilyJules7x17 karma

Yes! Good musician jokes are so rare.

Lemurrific14 karma

Your Dark Souls medley is probably my favorite thing.

My question is, if you could do the official soundtrack for any game, what sort of game would you want to do?

FamilyJules7x9 karma

Honestly, I'd love to write the music for a racing game or a medieval style game. I love writing uplifting metal stuff so I feel like those could have something like that!

spellox12 karma

Sup Jules?

What are some of your favorite musical artists and your inspirations?

FamilyJules7x37 karma

Avenged Sevenfold, Dethklok, The Doors, The Prodigy, Lady Gaga, Anamanaguchi, Devin Townsend, All That Remains, Pantera, Deftones... No particular order though. I think they all bleed through into my music.

defenceplox14 karma

Devin <3

FamilyJules7x19 karma

Devin is life <3

defenceplox7 karma

Have you ever met him? He is so genuine and that's what I love

FamilyJules7x6 karma

No! I'm so jealous! I'd probably just start frothing at the mouth from starstuckeness.

AM_Woody11 karma

Hey buuuudy :) Just wondering, how long did it take to write, play and compile all of the 17 minutes history of gaming vid?

FamilyJules7x11 karma

The whole thing took me a week. I only gave myself that long to complete it as a challenge. To write the whole thing? Maybe like one really intensive day of shuffling around mp3's since that's all I had time for!

Vidmusc10 karma

What are some of your favorite bands and biggest inspirations?

FamilyJules7x40 karma

I grew up with stuff like Goldfinger, Dead Kennedys and Operation Ivy, they really kinda kept music super fun and high energy but now a days I'm mostly listening to Devin Townsend and Dethklok and stuff. It's really hard to nail down just a few of my favorites.

crunrun6 karma

What's your favorite Devin Townsend or DTP album? Any chance of some more Final Fantasy covers?

FamilyJules7x12 karma

Z2 is still on repeat since it came out, man. I'd love to play more Final Fantasy! Hopefully soon!

Ezixra10 karma

What inspired you to start doing covers of video game music?

FamilyJules7x27 karma

It was a mix between F-Zero and my now good buddy CSGuitar89 who does the same thing I do on YouTube. F-Zero made me wanna try the music on guitar and CSGuitar89 made me realize that people might actually want to listen to it!

Shion_M9 karma

Jules! Hey~ How are you? I only thought of one question for you. Why you have "FamilyJules7x" as a name in Youtube? :3

FamilyJules7x20 karma

Family Jules was a name this dickhead from high school used to call me. It's kind of a constant reminder of how much I've grown up since then. 7x is a nod to Avenged Sevenfold who got me into metal all those years ago.

leo0machado8 karma

Hey Jules! o/

1-)Was it hard to use Cubase? It looks harder than Mixcraft!

2-)What about Yooka-Laylee, are you excited?

3-)Line 6 HD500 or BOSS GT-100?

FamilyJules7x10 karma

  1. It was, definitely a lot more to work with but there are SO many YouTube tutorials.

  2. I'm SUPER excited about Yooka-Laylee!

  3. I've only ever used the Line 6 HD series so I have to go with that since I got pretty good results with it.

masterchef420blaze7 karma

Jules, would you ever consider following a model more like 331Erock's where there's a happy balance between video game covers, movie/tv covers, and metal renditions of other songs? Also I saw that you said that you were worried that you would run out of ideas for stuff besides video games but you could always just take recommendations for your fans.

Also I know this is a super long shot but would you ever do a metal cover of folsom prison blues by Johnny cash?

FamilyJules7x9 karma

It's more of just where my heart is. I don't feel like I could ever get tired of video game music since video games are such an important part of who I am. I love movies and TV shows like the rest of them but I feel like in order to make a cover that is really something, a big part of my heart's gotta be in it too. Just feel like that'd be more finite with stuff other than video game music.

Dude! I actually almost covered that song with the singer from my last band! Johnny Cash is insane!

AlexHowe247 karma

What advice would you give to a 14 year old with dreams and musical skills but no funds or conduits for their music?

Definitely not a personal question....

Anyway, loved your music since the Gerudo Valley tutorial (So since I was like, ten), keep doing you! :D

FamilyJules7x17 karma

Dude! I WAS YOU! At 14 I was crappily jamming away to riffs from Lamb of God but had little to no money or support to do music. Just keep at it no matter what! There's so many things that has to happen to be successful in music and you just gotta keep pushing no matter what! It's the crap advice everyone says but that's cuz it's TRUE! Keep at it, man and good luck!

TheLegendofGroomp6 karma

Do you have any favorite YouTube musicians?

FamilyJules7x21 karma

Too many! CSGuitar89, ArtificialFear, Ferdk, LennartAlsing, Ottotheotter97, JAM2995, TheDelRe, ToxicXEternity, Songe, Lonlonjp, Smooth McGroove, Thunderscott6267, Swiggles1986, Jonathan Young, Adriasaurus, ViolinTay, RichaadEB, 331Erock, PelleK, DRpez12, LittleVMills, MaximumHamburgers, Rob Scallon, Dethraxx, DSC, Metalfortress, insaneintherainmusic....

Okay we'll be here all day haha!

BNS946 karma

Hey Jules, big fan.
My question is, Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie?

FamilyJules7x10 karma

Ooo. I think I've got more hours in BK but damn, Tooie had some SERIOUS music.

moonshielder6 karma

  1. What tuning do you play the forest maze in?
  2. When did you first make your username?
  3. If I pay you like 20 bucks, or with a free blow job, will you give me tabs from your snowboard kids cover

FamilyJules7x9 karma

  1. Oh man I don't remember. Probably Drop C for the rhythms but Standard for the leads.

  2. I made my username back in high school back when this dick head wouldn't stop calling me FAMILY JULES.

  3. Hm. You also have to do all of my projects during the time it would take to make the tabs, and then give me road head. While I'm the passenger.

Davidb22105 karma

How do you make money doing this? Does it pay well?

FamilyJules7x9 karma

It's a lot of things, I'm partnered on YouTube through Polaris which pays me per ad revenue, Twitch.tv which is the same along with people who opt-in to the paid subscriptions, along with commission and contract work for video games along with giving guitar lessons and doing other odd music jobs. It's a lot but beats folding shirts at Marshalls!

TheIceBringer4 karma

FamilyJules7x Which Pokemon game is your favorite?

FamilyJules7x12 karma

2nd Gen. I just loved the switch over from R/B/Y to G/S.

MaybeFun4 karma

Jules, should I buy active pickups for a shitty guitar or a guitar that already has nice pickups? Right now I'm kinda broke so I'm tempted to just buy some EMGs and put them in my crappy guitar myself but I'm not sure if it would work well.

Congratulations on the Crypt of the Necrodancer Soundtrack as well. Sounds sick \m/

FamilyJules7x9 karma

I'm not a huge fan of most EMG pickups. Active does NOT mean good. Definitely do research into your favorite players and see what they use to get the tone they have. It also depends on what you intend to use the guitar with active pickups for!

xXepicwolfXx4 karma

If you were given a chance to own any animal that would never turn on you, what would it be?

FamilyJules7x14 karma

I'm a cat lover (Redditor4life) so probably a cheetah or some shit. BIG KITTY.

realwar444 karma

Hey Jules, I was wondering if you were ever going to do karaoke on twitch again? I may or may not have a 3 year old picture of you and wolv singing backstreet boys on my computer. Also a motherfuckin' LEAF

FamilyJules7x6 karma


And HOLY SHIT blast from the past. We definitely gotta do karaoke live again. I know where he lives now so maybe we'll do it in the same room next time! Bahaha.

OrenjiJuusu4 karma

I remember discovering you on YouTube when I doing the usual search for covers of video game music. That was about 4 years ago. II love video game music and I absolutely love your guitar renditions of favorite tracks and I try to spread the word on your work to my fellow video gaming friends.

I guess my question would be, how difficult is it to transcode say an 8-bit soundtrack compared to something that sounds orchestrated? Apologies for my lack of musical knowledge and terminology. Again, you're awesome and keep doing what you do!!

FamilyJules7x6 karma

Older video game music with fewer instrument lines is much easier to pick out the notes by ear. Orchestration is much harder since everything blends together. With music theory knowledge sometimes you can figure out notes based on the chords with that stuff but generally it's easier with 8-bit music.

Mick4123 karma

Hi Jules! Thanks for doing this AMA!

I was wondering what do you use to make the drum tracks? I suspect maybe you use some kind of programs with sound samples? If you don't mind shedding some light on this! Thanks.

Sorry if you already answered this question in a previous AMA or Q&A.

FamilyJules7x3 karma

I program them all using Toontrack's Superior Drummer 2.0. You use a piano roll to plug in each drum hit!

bqk1783 karma

As a guitar player, what are your favorite brands of guitar gear (guitars, pedals, amps etc.) and why?

FamilyJules7x11 karma

I've always loved the feel of Schecters, Gibsons, and PRS guitars. Ibanez is great too. I'm not much of a pedal junkie but I love my Digitech Whammy and Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal. I love using Bogner amps for metal and also can never go wrong with a 5150 or Mesa Boogie stuff. I mostly use amp sim tech these days though so I've got a Line 6 POD HD Pro and an Axe FX II. Music is too damn expensive, man.

Supermander3 karma

Which of your covers is your favorit?

FamilyJules7x5 karma

I think my favorite was my Jet Force Gemini medley, but I also had a blast doing the Zelda End Credits, Donkey Kong Country 2 Medley, and Hyrule Market Night Theme cover.

2ndhandsarcasm3 karma

Hey Jules, been a fan of your work for a while now and have, I think, most of your stuff on my phone as a go-to playlist. I picked up an Ocarina after being really impressed with your work on one, any idea how I can learn it with no prior musical knowledge?

Also just gonna throw out a cover suggestion- Yoshi's Island final boss theme. That song is dope!

FamilyJules7x8 karma

There are great online sources to learn ocarina. My buddy Docjazz4 has some great tutorials along with brilliant covers on YouTube! You should hit him up!

Yoshi's Island is a game I've sorely neglected for covers. SOON.

xxchoyxx3 karma

what software do u use to record drums? is it ezdrummer?

FamilyJules7x5 karma

I did for a while, now I use Superior Drummer 2.0!

haeman3 karma

Hey, Jules! I'm a long time fan and have had Aria's Ascent on repeat for the past week.

How did you make the leap from YouTube to indie games? Did you reach out to developers or vice versa?

FamilyJules7x6 karma

Vice Versa! Danny Baranowsky reached out to me after doing some Super Meat Boy stuff and that in turn got me to meet the composer of Minecraft, VVVVVV and a ton of others as well as other composers, broadcasters and developers in the industry! I got REALLY lucky so I do recommend reaching out to these people since especially in the indie crowd. Just about EVERYONE is totally cool and willing to help people get off the ground and give advice if they can.

JohnnyMac4403 karma

What's the absolute worst game you've ever played, and why does it suck?

FamilyJules7x6 karma

Okay, I'll get some flack for this, but Quest 64.

I don't know why. It was just so damn boring to me. It felt like a chore to sit in front of it but I know so many people who loved it!

alec253 karma

Who are your favorite composers for game/movie/tv soundtracks?

FamilyJules7x6 karma

Games: Danny Baranowsky, Grant Kirkhope, Scott Lee, Dan Wentz, Duane Decker, Graeme Norgate and Jack Wall. SOO Many though, that's just to name a few.

Movies: John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore. There are plenty more I can't think of at the moment.

TV: Brandon Small's Metalocalypse of course.

For all three though, Michael Giacchino since he's done some of my favorite OSTs in all three categories!

MartynC653 karma

Been listening to your covers for quite some time now! It'll be fun to pick your brain!

Have you ever played rocksmith and what do you think of it as a learning tool? I've been playing with it for a few years and I have noticed a lot of improvement. I've got a long way to go though before I get to your level!

Also, favourite video game in the last year or so?

Thanks for your time!

FamilyJules7x4 karma

I got Rocksmith recently actually! Someone had told me that people have tabbed my covers for it and I HAD to try! It's a great learning tool definitely.

Favorite game in the last year would have to be Grand Theft Auto V. That or Crypt of the Necrodancer, not because I'm part of it but because it's just such a fucking unique and addicting new experience!

TheMaskedGanker3 karma

Holy shit dude you're amazing! The legend of Zelda sequence in the cover of video game history gave me shivers! How long have you been playing guitar and what made you decide to do covers of gaming music?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

Thank you! I've been playing for almost 10 years now. It was a mix between the music from F-Zero and watching people like CSGuitar89 and Metaldaniel03 on YouTube who got me into doing it!

SongeLR3 karma

Hey Jules!

What is a cover of yours that you feel made you grow the most as a musician?

FamilyJules7x7 karma

Honestly, doing the 17 minute medley in a week really pushed me to my absolute limits. It really put into perspective what I prioritize under incredible deadlines and let me see what I could do differently in the future to make time for the things that needed more priority than others.

Prime6183 karma

1.Do you ever compose any music?

2.What are your life-long goals?

3.If you could talk to or play with any musician that's ever been alive,who and why?

FamilyJules7x5 karma

  1. Yes! I hope to compose music for more indie games very soon!

  2. My life goals just include making a living doing music for video games or any medium really. I suppose I'm already living that dream!

  3. I would love to talk to a (sober) Jim Morrison. I've read a ton of biographies and was really interested in his life when I was younger.

Rafael5023 karma

Hello Jules! I just a question on your Snowboard Kids 2 medley:

How exactly were you able to cover Starlight Highway? How did you manage to learn, and play the really fast up-and-down sweeping parts? I'm trying to learn how to play by ear, but real fast parts like that seem almost impossible to me. All advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Keep up the good work!

FamilyJules7x5 karma

It helps to kind of hear the chord that's playing and make educated guesses on some of the really fast notes. Takes a lot of recording down what you think it is, comparing it, then making necessary changes. It gets to be a lot of work but it's so worth it in the end!

Malthous3 karma

I've been a fan of your videos for years now. Your current work on YouTube and a few video games is amazing. What does the future hold for you and what do you hope to accomplish?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

I hope to keep doing what I'm doing! I'd love to keep doing covers while on the side doing music for games! If I can continue making a living doing that, I don't think I could ever get sick of it!

marmitza3 karma

I saw this ama and immediately remembered seeing this. I don't think that's you. I'm not a gamer anymore like at all so what do I know?

Question for you: when you're relaxing at home and have your guitar in hand, what songs come to you without even thinking? What is your relationship with these songs?

Thanks for doing this ama btw. I've nevee read anything like this!

FamilyJules7x6 karma

Wow that rocks! I did a Mega Man X Medley with that song in it, too!

I always end up playing the Legend of Zelda theme or the Route 1 song from Pokemon Red and Blue. I've been hearing those songs since I was very young so they're melodies that I'm pretty sure are just like engraved my brain and my heart for life!

JammyBurger3 karma

Favourite guitar pick?

Edit: Okay, maybe ignore this question, seeing as I just realised that you've been using the same pick for your videos for a while now from the video description (the CSGuitar89 Custom 1.14mm one).

How quickly did you find success on YouTube, and how has your response to that been? I only subscribed to you since you did the "Want You Gone" cover for Portal 2 a while back, so I don't know much about that.

FamilyJules7x6 karma

I've been using the Jazz III's lately. I talked a lot of shit about them but then found one on the floor at a show I had played and immediately ate my own words. They're super cool.

bearcatshark3 karma

As someone who is aspring to up their presence on YouTube, what are some tips you have for getting my videos out more and not seeing obnoxious? Thanks so much!

FamilyJules7x5 karma

Obnoxious is good! Uploading as much as possible is not as important as uploading as consistently as possible. When people subscribe, they want to know when to expect the next video! Make it clear what that schedule is and hold to it as long as possible and more people will feel better about being long term and active subscribers!

CptMcSnarky3 karma

Do you think you'll ever be as good as 331Erock?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

I don't think anyone can be as good as 331Erock. I'm pretty sure he's a robot.

powerMETALtony3 karma

Please tell me you are a fan of Powerglove?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

Fuck yeah, of course!

mgersten92 karma

What strings do you use?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

Ernie Ball Cobalt Strings! Beefy's for my lead guitars and Not Even Slinkys for Rhythms.

Randomredbox2 karma

What games have you recently been playing?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

Grand Theft Auto V, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Cities: Skylines.

FlyingGoldenGoose2 karma

Who's your imaginative daddy, and what does he do?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

As a fan and friend of Lyle McDouchebag, I guess I have to say him since the rest of his fan base calls him dad. He makes silly YouTube videos. I was in one of his making fun of those guys who do 'pranks' on YouTube.

Phantom-viper2 karma

How would you recommend for someone to get into transcribing making their own arrangements? I've been playing for a few years now, but I've never been able to pick that ability up, and I've always wanted to ever since I started watching players like you.

FamilyJules7x3 karma

That's tough, man. I'd say try to take a song you love and can play and try to remake it on completely new instruments. Ideas to spice up the arrangement may come just by working on it!

Syd6662 karma

What guitar and equipment do you use?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

Everything I use in each video is listed in the description but it's primarily my PRS SE Custom 7 String, Schecter Damien FR, Gibson Explorer, Cordoba C7 Classical Guitars, Ibanez Soundgear SR405QM, with either my Line 6 POD HD Pro or my new Axe FX II XL+, and then for software I use Cubase 7.5, Toontrack Superior Drummer and a plethora of VSTs and plugins.

Kytoflame2 karma

Have you ever made a song for a game you haven't liked but the company still went and put the song in?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

So far I've always been in situations with games where I've had good communication with the developer and team. If there's anything that they don't like we usually can come to a compromise about the song or arrangement.

Kyajin2 karma

Hey Jules big fan. I started a music channel awhile ago but lost motivation. Whats your advice to people who want to jump in to the videogame music territory? Is there too many people trying now? Find a niche?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

Just keep at it and make friends with other people who do it! Collaborate and try to do things outside the box! A lot of people are intimidated by how many people are doing it but it's such a community now! Everyone is super cool and there's always people who would be down to collaborate if they have time. Challenge yourself to stick to a schedule of uploading and just keep at it!

mayonnaise_virtuoso2 karma

As a long-time subscriber, it's amazing seeing you become probably the biggest video game guitarist on YouTube. What do you think made your channel more popular than a lot of the channels that influenced you?

FamilyJules7x2 karma

I honestly have no idea! There are so many absolutely stellar guitarists doing exactly what I'm doing, in some ways way better! I think I just have been more consistent with my uploads in the past! That's the only thing I can think of!

DakotaK_2 karma

Have you ever made your own song?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

I've made plenty! I write for my band Thunderforge and have a few originals on my website www.FamilyJules7x.com!

crimeariver02 karma

Do you play the Tetris theme?

Gr4mm4rN4zi2 karma

Hey Jules, huge fan of Aria's Ascent, what's your favourite song on the album?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

Thanks so much! I think I had the most fun with Frozen in Panic and Shadow to Prevail! Got to get really groovy with the rhythm guitars in those ones!

gmfk072 karma

Jules, have you beaten Crypt of the NecroDancer with all three characters yet?

I love your music, but I usually hear only the first 10 seconds of a track followed by Aria screaming and dying.

FamilyJules7x4 karma

I have not. I almost beat Cadence last night on the daily challenge but Ryan Clark sure knows how to make a damn hard game.

I haven't even legitimately made it to my own soundtrack yet! :0

lingomaniac882 karma

On the subject of conventions, which ones would you say are your favorites to attend?

FamilyJules7x7 karma


and fifthly... MAGFEST.

Niteclaw19962 karma

Hey, I've been a sub for a couple of years now and I love your stuff! I was wondering, would you consider releasing your Stone Tower Temple cover as a standalone song? The MM Medley is great, but I just love STT.

FamilyJules7x2 karma

I actually have plans to do a full length Stone Tower Temple video soon!

SpasticSpoon2 karma

Do you have a day job or do you make enough to support yourself through your music?

FamilyJules7x7 karma

I'm full time music now! Definitely nice after working many shit jobs to finally say that!

Lone_ranger12642 karma

Hey man love your music and streams I have 2 questions, 1. What's your favourite show 2. Do you have any grades on guitar ?

Keep up the good work man!

FamilyJules7x11 karma

  1. Favorite show of all time is Metalocalypse but lately I've been in LOVE with Daredevil and House of Cards.

  2. Not sure I understand this question. Do you mean was I graded on guitar in college? Yes, and I did fairly well but the teachers didn't like it when I sweep picked on a classical guitar much. Or constantly played the Ganondorf theme up and down the halls.

Kentrei2 karma

Since doing the Aria's Ascent album for Crypt of the Necrodancer, do you have any plans/aspirations to do the music for more games?

Also, if you had the opportunity to release an official alternate metal album for another game, which game would it be and why?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

  1. My dream is to do music for the game industry. Since that's pretty much what I'm doing, I guess I do hope to sustain it!

  2. That's a fucking cool question. Uh. A metal soundtrack to Jet Force Gemini would be cool to pop ant heads with. Or maybe Banjo Kazooie? Grant Kirkhope plays a mean guitar though, I'm sure he wouldn't need me to do it.

Metalmittens2 karma

Have you ever thought about doing covers of things other than video games? Like soundtracks from movies or shows, or other songs?

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to pick up how to play an instrument?

I'm a huge fan and I've loved your covers for a long time. I can't wait to get the money to buy Aria's Ascent! Keep up the amazing work!

FamilyJules7x3 karma

  1. I would LOVE to! I did a cover of the El Dorado theme on my Twitch.tv stream a few weeks ago and had anyone in the chat who wanted to collaborate and send in vocals join in! The reason I don't do it on my YouTube channel though is that I feel I could eventually run out of movie/show OSTs way faster than I would run out of Video Game ones.

  2. IT'S GONNA SUCK BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT. Don't stop no matter what!

  3. Thanks so much! Aria's Ascent is available to stream for free on YouTube and Loudr until then!

alx342 karma

Judging by your name, you're a fan of Avenged Sevenfold. If you are, what is your favorite song by them?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

Radiant Eclipse. Waking the Fallen was soooo tight.

DutyStan2 karma

What is your relational life like? Do you have a girlfriend?

FamilyJules7x6 karma

When you put this much time into your career and school, it's hard to devote enough time to a relationship. I think my ex-girlfriend has a thing or two to say on that subject...

Ignawesome2 karma

Hi Jules, recent fan here. I found you thanks to your Isaac Medley, which is genius. And then through your VVVVVV Medley which was equally awesome, and then I knew I had to listen to the rest of your work. I also like how you encourage others to do the same. Truly inspiring! Keep being awesome!

The questions:

1) What does 7X stand for? Ever wanted to change your artist name because it sounds too username-ish ? Would you do it at this point?

2) What is the difference between buying Aria's Ascent album on bandcamp and buying the extended CotN soundtrack on Steam?

3) What will you be working on from now on?

FamilyJules7x5 karma

  1. 7x is a nod to the band that really got me into metal, Avenged Sevenfold. But yes, I've been thinking of dropping it. Rebranding is a scary thought though!

  2. The extended album on steam includes A-Rival's amazing soundtrack and the songs that I did for the game mixed and mastered by the amazing Zircon! Aria's Ascent features all the songs, mixed and mastered by me, with bonus guitar parts to the boss songs along 8 additional bonus tracks featuring 4 extremely talented artist collaborations! Both support me so either way is fine!

  3. From now on I hope to get my live set ready for conventions and to make more YouTube videos!

ShaKe_Elite2 karma

Which cover do you feel like you were the most overall successful in? (Tone, Musicianship, etc...)

FamilyJules7x8 karma

I did a cover of Caverns from Goldeneye 64 that I still have no idea how I got that bass tone. Plus it was groovin' as hell. I wish I remember what I was drinking that week.

raffastafarian2 karma

Holy shit, it's Jules!

Your Metroid medly is damn amazing. Rock so hard, jam so good, then suddenly..ocarina!! Goddamn that's some good work!

I've seen some youtubers use clips of your work in their "boilerplates" and titles. Are they paying you for that?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

I'm pretty open to people using my music for intros and videos as long as it's credited in the description and/or video and there are no profits being made!

forsakenpanda2 karma

Hello stranger :P

  1. Do you feel there can ever be an over-saturation of other video game cover artists?

  2. What is one of the most important thing you learned in doing three years of weekly covers (musically or otherwise)?

  3. Fruits or vegetables?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

  1. NO. Every guitarist brings something new to the table regardless of inspiration or material. I love watching all the people on YouTube do it because it's so refreshing!

  2. The most important thing I learned is to make the music that you yourself want to hear. It is very easy to get wrapped up in doing things mixingwise or playingwise that you THINK someone else would prefer over what you would like, be it self doubt or whatever. Play music for yourself and other people will listen. It's the best way to grow as a musician.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bxZylSiJ78

dagayute2 karma

Huge fan after all your amazing Mass Effect covers! What is your ideal Shepherd play through?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

Do you mean ending choice or character? If the latter, I played as Femshep and loved every minute of it! Jennifer Hale is amazing.

Mega_Nerd2 karma

What tips do you have for people starting out with instruments?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

It's not easy to do! No matter what instrument! You have to keep at it and just never stop consuming as much knowledge and practice as you can and I guarantee every ounce of it will pay off in the end! Just don't stop before it can!

Cfattie2 karma

How many hours of practice/work per week did you put into your 3-year weekly challenge?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

I couldn't even keep track, man. It felt like a full time job if not more so definitely pushing 60 hours a week. Which sucked when I had a job, but it really didn't matter. I loved doing it!

Swiggles19872 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10 how loud is my pee?

FamilyJules7x7 karma

0/10. Bad meme, friend.

IAMhonka2 karma

Awesome videos, brother.

What do you think of Stemage's Metroid Metal? Would you consider a collaboration in the future to blow all the socks off in the world?

FamilyJules7x4 karma

Definitely! I've seen Metroid Metal quite a few times and absolutely love what they do!

RP97T2 karma

What game franchise would you love making music for? Zelda or F-Zero?

FamilyJules7x9 karma

Oh MAN. That's tough. The Zelda series define my upbringing in games but F-Zero introduced me to playing this shit on guitar! I'd have to tell them to make a crossover game, otherwise I'd combust trying to decide.

Irongarden32 karma

Any chance of you doing a guitar cover of a touhou song?

BlackRockTesla1 karma

Before recording each cover, how do you decide on what you want to play?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

I did have a list but it was usually overwritten by some game song that got stuck in my head. No better way to get a song out of your head than spending an intensive week covering it!

SkepticalMuffin1 karma

Hey Jules! I'm a huge fan of your work and I am also a huge fan of A7X. My question for you is if you could meet any of the band members of Avenged Sevenfold, who would it be and why?

FamilyJules7x2 karma

Man, if I could only meet one, it'd be Syn. He obviously has a lot of influence on my playing but damn I'd love to meet all of them.

N64matty1 karma

You've said that you only make covers for games that you've actually played through before, so that you actually have a connection to the game and its music when you make a cover.

My question is, are there any games whose music you've heard that you want to do a cover for, but haven't gotten around to playing yet? And if so, are there any specific songs?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

Oh yeah plenty! Mostly Nintendo stuff like Earthbound, Super Mario Galaxy, Luigi's Mansion, but also stuff like Bloodbourne and newer games. There's so much damn good music!

robtheimpure1 karma

Hey Jules! Big fan of your work! \m/

Are there any covers/original things you've made that you fuckin' hate now, for whatever reason?

Also, any more big projects on the horizon?

FamilyJules7x3 karma

A ton of them! I'm constantly going back like "What was I THINKING?". Not gonna say which ones though.

I've got so many things I'm looking forward to! Playing my covers live at cons and making more video game covers for YouTube along with more work for indie games!

Phantom-viper1 karma

How would you recommend for someone to get into transcribing making their own arrangements? I've been playing for a few years now, but I've never been able to pick that ability up, and I've always wanted to ever since I started watching players like you.

FamilyJules7x3 karma

That's tough, man. I'd say try to take a song you love and can play and try to remake it on completely new instruments. Ideas to spice up the arrangement may come just by working on it!