Hello, I'm Michelle.

Currently a judge on season 7 of RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE on Logo, on Monday nights at 9 PM (aka "the best show on TV").

Soon-to-be-published author, "The Diva Rules" coming out November 1st on Chronicle Books.


And I'm an Anglophile. And militant gluten-free vegan.

That's a joke! That's a joke. I'm kidding.

Victoria's helping me out over the phone.



Update I will be doing this again, for the release of my book, "The Diva Rules" - now available for pre-order on Amazon & Barnes and Noble! Catch me on Twitter @MichelleVisage, and HATERS AND LOVERS - I LOVE YOU ALL!

And don't forget to watch RuPaul's Drag Race tonight on Logo!

And please remember to love yourself first, and ignore the hate, and don't feed the trolls. If you don't feed the trolls, they starve.

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MrGeneral230 karma

Hi Michelle, big fan of your work! One question.

How's your head?

Michelle_Visage296 karma


Haven't had any complaints yet!

supervanilla130 karma

If you could change a season winner, who would it be?

(kisses from Brazil mama <3)

Michelle_Visage485 karma

Season 2.

My choice is Raven.

Michelle_Visage190 karma

OH GOD. That was Billy B. Ironically, you haven't seen him again.

mataia98 karma

When Santino called Alyssas dress the ugliest in drag race herstory, did you also think so?

Michelle_Visage256 karma

No, absolutely not. Santino was on some serious raw-vegan high at that point, obviously! He must've inhaled some organic mushrooms before he went out there.

deathcabscutie87 karma

You placed 5th on CBBUK, and BenDeLaCreme placed 5th on season 6 of RPDR. Are you actually the same person?

Michelle_Visage167 karma


You've never seen us in the same place, at the same time!

tylerjonson84 karma

Do you occasionally use this gif of yourself when you're getting your life?

Michelle_Visage98 karma

No, I don't use gifs of myself in real life! I choose gifs of Miranda Sings.

Michelle_Visage106 karma

Or drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race.

Seriously, when I text with the queens, it's HILARIOUS. Because it's just face after face after face of the queens... hilarious.

thatdude21180 karma

Michelle, since Kennedy was safe during the Death Becomes Her runway, what would you have said to her about her outfit?

Also, will you teach me how to paint? Cause you're fucking gorgeous

Michelle_Visage141 karma


That's very sweet. I learned how to paint from the drag queens and Billy B.

OH GIRL - she would've needed to have given me a DETAILED explanation. Because i had no idea what I was looking at.

duffiskool79 karma

I’m a huge fan of yours! How long does on stage critique usually last? Who is the most beautiful queen you have seen standing infront of you? (Excluding Ru) Did you ever predict a winner based off the first runway look? How big is your cock?

Michelle_Visage118 karma


On-stage critique is probably an average of 1 hour - 1.5 hours, depending on the amount of queens, obviously.

RuPaul Andre Charles. You can't exclude Ru.

I try to. But I'm usually wrong.


Too big for you to handle!

Twerks4Jesus78 karma

Hey Michelle. First off I want to say you and your beautiful boobs give me life! I know you are not responsible for the content of Drag Race but would you ever suggest to Ru a "Night of a thousand Michelles" runway theme? We have been dieing to see one.

Thank you!

Michelle_Visage93 karma

That's VERYverysweet. But it's RuPaul's Drag Race, darling.

And thank you - my doctor thanks you for my boobs comment.

Spawwkles75 karma

Hi Michelle! I was wondering how many days are there inbetween judging on Drag Race? Do the guest judges hang around afterward or do they flee after filming? Also, who was your favorite guest judge?

Michelle_Visage114 karma

The guest judges usually hang around, because they have so much fun, they don't just wanna run out. And I can't pick a favorite guest judge, because the judges that come on the show are literal superfans, we geek out together. Every person that's on there is a SUPER-fan of the show. It ain't cuz we pay well. Cuz they LOVE the show. And that says a lot.

dedeibm70 karma

Are you still mad that Manila lost to Raja?

Michelle_Visage149 karma


Michelle_Visage125 karma


praisebetomoomon65 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized RuPauls, or one Rupaul sized duck?

Michelle_Visage109 karma


Come again.

I'm gonna go with the little RuPauls. Little ducky RuPauls.

sandingtime63 karma

You are one of the most vocal allies of the LGBTQ community yet you've been accused of exploiting your position and friendships to further your career. What is your response to such criticism and what can other allies do to show support for the community?

Michelle_Visage124 karma

People who say that I used friendships to further my career are people who are not part of my life.

I don't care what anybody has to say about how I've gotten to where I've gotten.

I am where I am because of perseverance, work ethic, and talent. And I'm lucky enough to work with my best friend.

ncdrag63 karma

Have you recovered yet from the green runway episode???

Michelle_Visage100 karma


That was some kind of evil RuPaul doings right there! That's why I love him so much!

jimmy_st62 karma

What was it like living with Perez Hilton? And have you spoken to him scince?

Michelle_Visage104 karma

I have spoken to Perez since. We discussed all the drama. I harbor no ill will towards Perez. And it was exactly what you think it was like.

houseoffarts56 karma

Do you have a favorite lipsync from RPDR?

Michelle_Visage182 karma

I loved - probably my favorite of all time was Latrice, "Natural Woman." That one always comes up first. That and Manila's "MacArthur Park."

hoduun54 karma

Hi there Michelle, I really wanna know - how many people does it take to make a thing go right?

Michelle_Visage71 karma


In MY house?! More than two!

yogurty54 karma

How's your relationship with other contestants after Big Brother?

Have your thoughts on any of them changed dramatically after the show?

Michelle_Visage106 karma

My relationships with the ones I was friends with are still fantastic & strong, and I see them whenever I can. Unfortunately, Katie Hopkins has stepped over the line with her negative comments, so I'm a bit let-down in that department.

hausofrose66653 karma

hieeeeeeee Michelle I thinks you are absolutely gorgeous and I love you so much~<333 my question is how did you become so involved in drag culture? And most importantly, why do you love the queens so much? Love you beautiful~

Michelle_Visage108 karma

I love you right back!

I became involved in drag when I was 17 years old. And had no friends when I moved to New York City for college. And the gay community and the drag community are the ones that took me in.

Freaks know freaks. We're drawn to each other.

I have the utmost respect for the people that take risks. And drag queens have the biggest balls (no pun intended - wait, yes, pun intended) of ANYBODY I've ever met.

Yes, anybody.

And I respect risk takers.

Michelle_Visage65 karma

They're irreverent, talented... I could keep going for hours on that.

My love for them is never-ending.

globesessions49 karma

Which queen would you have liked to be Top 3 that was eliminated too soon?

Michelle_Visage90 karma

You'll have to wait and see!

Nimfijn48 karma

They're mostly about drag race, sorry!

1) Do you agree with the (what looks like) very strong editing on the show? For example the stare down between Ru and Pearl or Max's singing during his elimination?

2) How do you feel about bioqueens?

3) Was there ever a winner or an elimination that you really didn't agree with?

4) Do you have a favourite queen?

5) What was your favourite challenge ever?

Michelle_Visage77 karma

1.) It's not strong editing. It's what happened! I mean, there has to be editing, you can't put 12 hours in a 1 hour show. So obviously, there's editing, but there's not editing to make things happen that didn't happen. It all happened.

2.) I'd rather they be called "Bioqueens" rather than "Faux Queens" because there's nothing "faux" about me - except for my tits.

3.) I agree with all of them. I agree with Ru, Ru knows what Ru's doing, and I agree with everything he does. And if I don't, I would let him know. But sometimes it hurts for one of your favorite queens to go. But somebody has to go. This happened with Max - people were trying to say things like "see what happens when you listen to Michelle, and wear black hair?!" or "Change your hair color when Michelle asks you to." They're trying to say that's why he went home. But what they didn't realize is that he was SO bad on the Snatch Game. And that was the challenge.

That was the Max-challenge - The Snatch Game. And he was terrible, that's why he was up for elimination.

4.) I don't pick favorites. Don't play that game. Do I have a favorite kid? No.

5.) The Wrestling challenge.

Michelle_Visage60 karma

I thought this season's "Glamazonian Airways" was awesome. Anytime they do musical theater challenges, I get very excited !

WigsbyLittleMix38 karma

Hello Michelle! I've always wondered: are there any Absolutly outrageous moments that were never aired? I know one time you showcased your boobs (for queens.com), but has there been anything similar? Don’t be afraid to be Honest Company. (Michelle, I’m also trying to secure you some sponsors for season 8. wink)

Michelle_Visage49 karma

Uhhh - Logo is smart enough that if I do anything crazy, they're gonna show it.

OF COURSE it makes it on there! And then they'll use it as promo! They're not dumb!

adolfshitler937 karma

What is your favorite season of RPDR? LOVE YOU MAMA XO

Michelle_Visage176 karma

Well, for me, the only reason - for me it would be season 3, because that is the real season 1. (It's when I joined the show).

Sahaquiel_937 karma

Hi Michelle! You were a part of the ball scene in the 80's; were you a member of any house? What is your favorite house?

Michelle_Visage70 karma

I was a member of the Magnifiques. But I always wanted to be an Extravaganza.

But (A) I wasn't a Latina and (B) they didn't want me, they didn't see me! Bet they regret that now!

squishysalmon36 karma

Hi Michelle! What is an aspect of the show is that is often misunderstood by fans? What is something you wish we could see more of?

Michelle_Visage155 karma

One aspect that is misunderstood is the way that i judge, I think? Because i judge with an open mind and an open heart. But I'm also there to push these kids out of their comfort zones. Because what they don't realize is their run of the show is limited. And once it's over, what are they gonna do? My goal is to push them out of their comfort zone, so they can see they're so much more than what they think they are.

I think the fans get a pretty good balance on this show. They really do! They get to see their relationships - they have UNTUCKED - I don't get to see what's happening. You have to realize - I don't know anything about relationships, or personalities. All I know is what I'm seeing on the main stage. Like in the case of Violet - how am I supposed to know she's genderfluid, if she doesn't announce it? Or how would I know Monica is transitioning, if she doesn't announce it? So I don't know what these people are. All I'm doing is judging a look on the MainStage. But people will get that confused. Because people will fall in love with a backstory, and then they think I'm judging that, their persona or their being, instead of judging a drag look (simply put).

TargaryenRealness35 karma

are you ever gonna change your hair colour?

Michelle_Visage86 karma

I want to SO badly.

Whomever asked - you asked the right question.

I am considering - yes, considering - don't be surprised... I'm due for a change.

FinalstarAI35 karma

Hi Michelle!

My question is what was your favorite challenge so far in the entirety of Drag Race? Also, what is a challenge from previous seasons would you like to see return?

Michelle_Visage103 karma

One of my favorite challenges was - you're gonna laugh at me - was the wrestling challenge. I loved the wrestling challenge. I would LOVE to do that, part 2! And yeah! Who can ever get enough of drag queens wrestling?!? Not me!

starlightzone34 karma

Hi Michelle, super big fan of yours, sup sup?

From the first 6 seasons, how would you arrange all-stars 2? And what are your thoughts on Ru never remembering your children's names on the podcast?

Michelle_Visage52 karma

It's the same way Kris Jenner had to name all of her kids with "K's" - I chose "L's" and it makes me laugh.

Rhiannonmoonwhite34 karma

Hi Michelle! My Question is will you adopt me? Haha I love you so much and you're my favorite judge on drag race, stay fierce! Love!

Michelle_Visage60 karma

Yes, of course. Consider yourself a Visage.

SEUNGRl34 karma

is your muffin buttered?

Michelle_Visage52 karma

Vegan butter.

djsteve46633 karma

Michelle, will you ever return to the world of music and release a solo single?????????

Michelle_Visage109 karma

Do you really need an album from a 46 year old popstar?!

luminalover32 karma

Whatever happened to Merle Ginsberg?

Michelle_Visage120 karma

Didn't you see the episode? She apparently turned into a card table...

PeterPanoKing31 karma

Who is your favourite non-drag race queen?

Michelle_Visage59 karma

Lily Savage, of the United Kingdom.

Michelle_Visage41 karma

And she's retired to a convent, too.

bethanyp199430 karma

Feels mean to make you pick just one, so who are your top 5 favourite queens EVER?!

Michelle_Visage88 karma

  • RuPaul
  • RuPaul
  • RuPaul
  • RuPaul
  • RuPaul

cartev29 karma

Michelle, first, you. are. AMAZING. Love ya. I love how your critiques are very personalized and seek to get the best from each queen.

Who would you play on Snatch Game?

Michelle_Visage60 karma

Believe it or not - I would play Rosie Perez.

Visually, it's a simple one.

But with the personality - you could own it.

Or maybe even Lisa Lisa.

The KEY to Snatch Game is NOT the visual. That's the easy part for these talented queens. The tough part is the embodiment.

Bird_Or_The_Cage25 karma

Hi just a few questions!

1)Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction while performing and how did you handle it? 2)What must a lady always carry in her purse?

Michelle_Visage60 karma

1.) Yes. Many times. You have to play it off. Because what's the option? Like, for me, I was singing recently on tour, and my voice was not there for the end of the song. IT wasn't there. It sucked. So when the song ended, I said "Sometimes it is what it is" and i belted it out a cappella, just to prove that I could, to myself! Because if you don't go with it, it's more awkward. Like, if I were Madonna and I fell with the cape, I would've stopped, laughed, and said "Hold up hold up, let's start all over, act like this didn't happen" - I wouldn't care if it was live TV! No!

2.) Um.... lipgloss.... credit cards... pocket rocket... and phone.

thoroughlykimber25 karma

Hiieeee!! As a fellow showtune lover, what would be your ultimate dream broadway gig?

Michelle_Visage57 karma

Oh, that's SUCH a good question.

Oh my god, there's so many.

Anita in WEST SIDE STORY... Morales in A CHORUS LINE... Miss Mona in BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE... and the list goes on and on...

thoroughlykimber15 karma

You as Anita would GIVE ME LIFE.

Michelle_Visage29 karma

Yeah, me too!

steveovevo24 karma

Comments on Bruce Jenner's situation?

Love you queen <3

Michelle_Visage137 karma

My thoughts are this:

A very big name, in Hollywood, did a very BIG interview, with a very BIG TV anchor, and made a big splash in the world for people understanding what it is to be transgender, and knowledge.

He didn't have to say anything.

I know there were some people saying to exploit, or get ratings up for his show.

I think that's bullshit.

I think he did a VERY BRAVE thing.

This man was an American Sweetheart. He's a hero. He's a gold-winning athlete on the cover of a Wheaties box. This wasn't easy for him to do.

Very, very brave.

And I'm very, very proud.

pesega23 karma

1) Are you really a vegan? how did you maneged that? 2) Did you talked to Violet already about the hate thing? 3) When will we have BOTS in Brazil?

Love yo, mamma!!

Michelle_Visage39 karma

1.) I am a vegan. I'm a gluten-free vegan. And it's even more challenging on the road. But it's for health, not vanity.

2.) We're working on the Brazil, first of all! And second of all, I saw Violet in Atlanta, and all she said to me was she hates me, so nothing has been discussed.

imaginemath21 karma

Would y'all ever consider having super fans be invited for the makeover challenge?

Michelle_Visage35 karma

Oh, that would be fun, but i don't run the show! But that would be fun!

Bleepblarrp21 karma

What can we expect from your book and would you ever release a solo album? Or even an album of duets with the queens!

Michelle_Visage43 karma

An album is a possibility, MAYBE, if the right producers were attached.

The book is called "The Diva Rules." The subtitle is "Ditch the drama, find your strength, and sparkle your way to the top."

And that's really what it's about.

All the chapters in my life where something tried to take me down, and i didn't let it, and I got right back up and fought even harder - and how you can too.

I will be reading the audiobook. Who else could voice it!?

vintrigued21 karma


Michelle_Visage93 karma

The advice is to learn how to tap into all you have within you.

EVERYTHING and everyone you need is inside of you.

I know it's hard to do it alone. But I promise you - what everybody else has to say is none of your business.

You worry about you.

Bleepblarrp20 karma

Michelle, what is the craziest fan interaction that you've ever had?

Michelle_Visage66 karma

When people cry, and are shaky and crying, it's weird for me, because I'm just me. I'm not Madonna. I'm just me. But not only is it weird for me, it's just incomprehensible, but it's just the most endearing, beautiful thing.

It's so adorable. Just seriously. I just scoop 'em up and hug 'em.

GodivaHangover19 karma

Michelle! I can't miss this opportunity to say that you are a goddess and a diva and a fierce queen and a deeply-admired, greatly-appreciated woman. I've been listening to the podcast for the past year and you have touched my very soul (ooo!) in so many ways. Seriously, babe, I could listen to you talk for the rest of my life. PLEASE go on to do even MORE fabulous things! You have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent AND you know how to bring out these qualities in those around you. You're amazing. I send you huge amounts of love and big sloppy puppy dog kisses and harem girl salaams before your awesome greatness.

Okay, since I'm told that I MUST also have a question to all of this, you say that you took French in school - so for all of us French queens in Paris, will you say something in French for us?

Michelle_Visage27 karma

Je voudrais allez au lavabo, si vous plait!

TreasureTrolls18 karma

Hiieeee Michelle!

What would you say is the one comment you’ve said on air, that the fans disagree with the most.

And are there any comments you have made about a queen that you regret?

Love Ya Byeeeee Kitty Girl! <3 Come visit us in /r/rupaulsdragrace more often!!

Michelle_Visage22 karma

I never, ever live life in regret.

It's not worth it.

Are there comments that I wish I didn't say on the show? No. I stand behind everything i say. That's why I say it. I don't say it for attention, or for press. I say it because at that moment, I mean it.

Laurenn13317 karma

Can you describe the Drag Race fans in one word?

Michelle_Visage39 karma

Um... RABID!





And I love it all! I wouldn't have it ANY other way.

shadow954216 karma

Michelle, are we going to be gagged by tonight's episode??

Michelle_Visage61 karma


areweoutofthewoods16 karma

What character has a queen never done for Snatch Game that you'd like to see done?

Lots of love from Central PA.

Michelle_Visage35 karma

Oh, that's a tough one.

I'd love to see an old star like Marlena Dietrich. She's my ultimate idol. She was a notorious bitch. And a German accent, it could be just... genius.

cinejab15 karma

who's surprised you the most with their growth since appearing on Drag Race?

Michelle_Visage70 karma

JINX! 100% Jinx Monsoon.

Michelle_Visage78 karma

I mean, she's really come into her own.

You know who else I've been really impressed with?! Serena Cha Cha. There's been a slew of them. But we've all seen Jinx's growth. Her drag is looking so beautiful, her makeup is flawless, I'm so proud of Jinxy.

And Alaska - I think she's come a long way, too, with her drag. And she's constantly evolving.

TheWizardofYellow14 karma

Hi Michelle, I'm a big fan and I have 2 questions for you before I have to run off to class.

1) If you were a drag queen what would your name be?

And 2) In the seasons when you and Santino had to choose a returning queen what was the criteria you were looking for?

Edit: I'd also like to say Thanks for doing this. :)

Michelle_Visage25 karma

1.) Hehe. Well, the name I would've wanted to use I'm not allowed to use anymore.

2.) The ones who we believed still had something to prove, and weren't yet done.

mansonfamily14 karma

Will you guys please ever do a DragCon in London?

Michelle_Visage40 karma

I would LOVE to. It's not up to me. It would be MASSIVE.

leggzmackenzie14 karma

What do you think of having a Deaf queen on RPDR one day?

Michelle_Visage44 karma

I think that's amazing. I would LOVE for that. We don't discriminate! Of COURSE!

EV3Gurl14 karma

What do you think of the fans reaction to the lack of sewing challenges this season?

Michelle_Visage32 karma

I don't understand why there has to be X amount of sewing challenges, or X amount of acting challenges. We have an incredible team of writers. Every season we have to grow. If we become predictable, you'll tune out. We can't make everybody happy ALL of the time, so let's make SOME Of the people happy ALL of the time.

chibookie14 karma

Does it get annoying when people constantly goad you for spoilers?

Michelle_Visage99 karma

Oh, when they try to get 'em?

Nobody's lips are tighter-sealed than mine. No matter WHAT the bathroom walls say.

Nopesorrynext14 karma

Hi Michelle! Who would you like to see guest judge for season 8?

Michelle_Visage68 karma


Lady Gaga.

Dolly Parton.


Liza Minelli.

Amy Sedaris.

slogand13 karma

Michelle! Who's outfit this season did you most want to read but you didn't get the chance to?

Michelle_Visage69 karma

Oh my god, there's been so many over the years. But this season, I'll go with Kennedy's "Death" outfit.

That rooster...horse... gazelle-slicing thing? I have NO idea what she was!

PeterPanoKing13 karma

Do you have any queens that you want to see on season 8?

Michelle_Visage29 karma

Yeah! A lot!


Michelle_Visage39 karma

I don't do the casting, so...

gbinasia12 karma

Hi Michelle, thank you for doing this!

a) It's been mentioned often how the queens behave and prepare differently now that they know how the show works as a TV show and how it impacts their career. Can you tell us if the same phenomenon applies to the main judges on the panel and how?

b) There was some criticism earlier this season when you told Violet she was giving boy body on the naked illusion challenege as some people claimed you should not give that critique to someone who identifies as genderfluid. It's also something Violet commented about outside of the show. What do you think about this kind of criticism?

c) How long? ;)

Again, much thanks!

Michelle_Visage43 karma

a) No, I don't think so. I prepared just by being as open-minded as I can. But it's completely different for the contestants - they're not judging me, I'm judging them. So as far as I'm concerned, the only preparation I have is to always say positive things before I go out - "God grant me the serenity to see the drag-beauty for what it is."

Because it's all subjective.

b) Well, I'm critiquing a specific look. It was nudity. And I didn't know - and I still didn't know - that Violet identifies as gender-fluid, and it shouldn't be relevant what they identify as, in their personal life. What's relevant is what i was getting for this specific challenge. And it was "naked illusion," and we're judging drag queens, and I was getting a boy standing up there, so I commented on it. Not to take away from Violet being gender-fluid - but my job is to judge, and i judged that drag.

c) I don't even know what you're talking about. Must've been a real home run.

InvectiveLover12 karma

What's your proudest moment in life so far?

Michelle_Visage58 karma

My two children.

steveovevo12 karma

Hey Michelle!

Do you feel like you've improved as a judge over the years?

Michelle_Visage21 karma

Hehehehe. Did I need improvement? I feel like I've remained true to who i am, and true to the art of drag, which I revere so very much.

MyToneIsPointed11 karma

What's your favourite film? One you can watch time and time again.

Michelle_Visage29 karma


Michelle_Visage23 karma

And Madonna's TRUTH OR DARE.

Laurenn13311 karma

Question from mum: how long does it take you to get your hair so big?😂

Michelle_Visage35 karma


Hours, darling, HOURS!

honeydot11 karma

Hey Michelle, I met you at London BOTS last week and you were just amazing :) Such a fantastic evening! I was wondering, what is your favourite of all Ru's runway looks?

Michelle_Visage35 karma

Ru's looks, in particular?

It's the pink, hand-painted, leopard print gown. It's like chiffon, or organza.

OH MY GOD, the silk, hand-painted, fuchsia, leopard-print gown.

Michelle_Visage31 karma

I want to vomit over its beauty.

OscarsDiamonds10 karma

There are a lot of RPDR questions, but I want to know: what do you like to do for fun (either by yourself or with your girls, or both!)?

Michelle_Visage47 karma

I love shopping (that sounds so stupid, but we love shopping together - my favorite thing to do with my 15 year old daughter is go to garage sales - EVERYWHERE - we love doing it! My 13 year old daughter doesn't care, she won't touch anything that's used - if we go to thrift stores, she'll say "Ew, somebody else touched this!" but my 15 year old loves it). They're so different. It's so weird. Same mother, same father, but literally there's not ONE similarity. They don't even look alike!

amator77 karma

If you got the chance to pick out a lip sync for your life song, what would you choose? You can also pick the two queens you'd like to face off! (All strictly hypothetical, of course)

Michelle_Visage27 karma

I lip-synch for my life every time that song plays on that show. Behind the judges, too!

ALL the songs. I lip-synch for my life, every week. Sometimes they show me, sometimes they don't.

But if I had to do it onstage - Madonna's "Express Yourself," probably.

Tammy Brown, and I love Latrice. It couldn't be more opposite. It would be the MOST INSANE lip-synch.

argybarg7 karma

Do you feel a change in style from queens who came up in clubs vs. those who came up on YouTube or some other way on the Internet? It feel almost as if the roots of drag are shifting.

Michelle_Visage30 karma


It's called evolution. The drag queens i grew up with, and the drag queens that started out in season 1 and season 2, and were doing it for a while, are different than the new generation of queens. The new generation of queens are raised on YouTube and RuPaul's Drag Race. They haven't paid their dues in the clubs. So therefore, I think there's a little more entitlement with them. Paying dues is the single most important thing you can do - not just for drag, but for your career.

You need to EARN it.

If you didn't earn it, it's not going to stay.

emilycath137 karma

If you could give one piece of advice to anybody, what would it be?

Michelle_Visage39 karma

Live your life for YOU.

When we try to please other people, we're never happy.

mikerocks13256 karma

As a fellow Jerseyian, what is your favorite spot at the Jersey Shore?

Michelle_Visage19 karma

Point Pleasant.

courtneydow5 karma

Do you know how many UK tour dates you will have for your book signing?

Michelle_Visage11 karma

I don't know solidly yet. But enough for plenty of people to come out!

goodgodganjagetagrip3 karma

If you succeed in bringing Drag Race to the UK, are there any particular queens/styles of drag that you would like to see?

Michelle_Visage15 karma

I will succeed.

And we are open to ALL styles of drag. England is very big on Cabaret drag. And I love cabaret drag. But they've also grown SO much because of RPDR. There are a few queens over there that I would love to see, when we bring it over - because I'd love to see them in a competitive atmosphere.