I am a hip-hop / spoken word artist / content creator.

In 49 hours, the video I created for this year's Earth Day to support Stand for Trees has reached 32 million people.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRLJscAlk1M

And I am here to answer your questions.


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Spoonsy25 karma

Has anyone confused you for Prince?

_PrinceEA12 karma

The globally famous "Prince?" nope not yet haha. We don't really resemble each other much. :p

Jagzzz15 karma

Hey PrinceEA, I’m a big fan of your work, every time i watch/read or listen to your content I’m never short for inspiration and motivation, so thank you so much!

It excited me even more to realise you’re doing an AMA , I’m rushing myself to ask a thousand questions, for which i know you could give a straight understandable answer; but I’m going with the question that i’d love to hear your opinion and one i constantly ask myself everyday.

So I joined the military when i was 16.(British army college) And i’ve served ever since.(I’m 24 now). I’m at the stage of my career and life where i really want to jump ship and experience something different with my life. The thing is the “Army" is all i know, i can never give myself a straight answer to what i want to do with my life should i leave the barrack gates, basically my heart says: “FINISH YOUR SERVICE AND GO EXPLORE,TRAVEL,TRY THINGS,FAIL THINGS AND LEARN THINGS”. But my head always says: “ No you are cool buddy, you’re in a totally secure job, guaranteed pay every month, the money gets you what you want more or less, you’re housed and fed”.The list goes on and on.

I have until this winter to make a decision wether i want to end my service or extend, its got to a point where even my mother keeps telling me to follow my heart and instinct.

So basically theres nothing more i want right now, than to leave this career behind and go out and actually start all over, explore and see whats out there. But i have this 1% that constantly repeats “WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS? WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS?”.

How would you come to a conclusion with yourself in this matter? Would you take the leap?

(i say this because a person leaving service with nothing much to give qualification-wise, is a massive thing for us soldiers, we have the sheer hard-work,discipline, trust and determination to offer employers but that doesn’t mean anything,when you have the person who has a degree and other experiences else-where. )

Or, would you keep sleeping on it until one day you may think: “What was i even kidding myself about? I’d be homeless within a click of a finger”

I feel i have so much to offer an employer if i was trained for the line of work, but i know out there in the big wide world, its whats on your C.V that lands you the job.

Even a short response would mean a lot to me! Thanks for your work sir, please keep doing what you do best :)

_PrinceEA8 karma

Great question my friend. Imagine yourself 90 years old on your death bed looking back on your life. Have your older self give your younger self advice. We have one life and every moment, we will never get back again. Make the decision that will create the best story. Fortune favors the bold. Don't worry about the "what ifs" You and I both know what you should do :). Whatever field/industry you want to jump into I'd suggest learning as much as you can about it. There's a good book by John Izzo called "The Five Secrets you must discover before you die." I've got the audiobook version, check it out its a great read and might be of assistance to you. Take care my friend

beernerd8 karma

How much did you sweat in that suit out there in the desert?

_PrinceEA11 karma

Surprisingly not that much lol. It was actually a bit chilly in the desert that day :)

Tenkapsy7 karma

What are some books that have heavily influenced your philosophies?

_PrinceEA9 karma

The first ones that come to mind are the Tao te Ching and Baghavad Gita :).

datcrazybok3 karma

Do you just riff it off the top of your head for your youtube videos, or are you reciting from memory?

Love what you do man, keep it up.

_PrinceEA2 karma

I usually write things out so that I can keep them concise, short and sweet :)

great_clouds3 karma

You are clearly a deeply spiritual person. At what age did you start looking and how did you find it?

_PrinceEA9 karma

As a kid I would look into the mirror saying "Who is this?" "This isn't me." Even then I had a disconnect from body and true self. A few years ago, when I felt lost and unhappy, I started looking inside asking myself: "Who am I." Guided by the iconic sages like the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, etc and also the modern day gurus like Pema Chodron, Tich Nhat Hahn, Mooji, Gangaji, Papaji, Ram Dass, etc. These individuals and many more pointed me to a truth that I became consumed with. I developed a peace/contentment that goes beyond any that this material world could ever provide. A peace that was always there.

DrugPolicyAlliance3 karma

Hey Prince Ea! We love how you're able to articulate issues through your songs in such an expert way, while still keeping them fun and interesting. Your video, "Smoking Weed with The President" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCqlW09B7PY is one of the best summaries of the history of marijuana prohibition out there! We hope you continue to lend your voice to legalizing marijuana. How did you get started using music to educate people and advocate for change? Are there other musician activists who you think would lend their voice to ending the drug war?

Best, Drug Policy Alliance

_PrinceEA8 karma

Yess! This is an issue that I'm not done with! In the next few months expect a big campaign from me, further educating the masses and pushing for a federal legislation. I will definitely be reaching out to you guys :)

To answer your question as far as how I got started educating people and advocating for change. I always felt like if Hip Hop could be used as a tool to introduce and reinforce negative attributes like misogyny, hedonism, and avarice, then it can ALSO be used as a tool to enlighten and educate.

fap_lord30003 karma


I've been waiting since I was in 9th grade back in 09. You're red pill einstein and other freestyles changed how I listened to hiphop. I downloaded your mixtape from back in the day too.

The motivational vids are a hit, and I love that you're finally getting recognition. but when are you going to enlighten the world with more bars?

love you ea. keep it up my man

_PrinceEA6 karma

Haha, Bars from Sumer is already done. Just waiting for the right time to release. :D. Let me personally thank you for supporting me for so long, much love to you fap lord lol. Seriously, thank you fam.

World_Piece2 karma

If you could influence people and spread the word on one sole issue, what would it be?

ps: I admire what you do and believe you're a beautiful human

_PrinceEA3 karma

It would be the issue of "the self." To figure out "Who you are," is the most urgent issue that we can solve because all other issues will be solved after that. Environmental destruction, racism, classism, poverty, etc. We can make laws to mitigate these issues, but when the Law is written in your HEART and compassion becomes a part of who you are these issues disappear instantly. Attention to the innermost self is the most direct path to a just society.

JuinX2 karma

Wow, first time i'm in time for an AmA! Additionally it's the AmA of one of my favorite Persons on the internet...

and i don't even know what to ask you.

For the rules of AmAReddit i'll just ask you if you're happy family and relationship wise?... I share many of your thoughts, i know your video about love and i'm one of the persons who are really doing everything to make a person happy and especially the person i love...

but many times this ends up being natural for the other person and i get the feeling that they're not seing the value i'm linking to it.

That's why i'm just wondering if you have found your love or your love found you already? (:

And yeah... I just wanted to say that you're a great human being

and i hope more people will follow your example to start being human! Peace! Love!

_PrinceEA6 karma

I was in a relationship a few months ago but we went our separate ways, still have nothing but love for her. She was very talented, intelligent and beautiful but we didn't match well with each other during this particular moment in our lives. Never know what the future holds. Everything is a lesson.

I don't believe in falling in Love anymore, I believe in "becoming love" and allowing Love to fall into you. This openness and acceptance of "What is" is one of the most beautiful things we can experience. <3 Thanks for the question

scorpionorchid2 karma

Do you consider yourself to be a poet? If so, who are your favourite poets/writers and why do they inspire you?

_PrinceEA7 karma

Not sure what I am lol. I just create content. When you define yourself, you confine yourself. :D

morgoat2 karma

Hi Prince EA, I watch your video 'Why most people die before age 25' quite frequently when I look for motivation. I was wondering what motivates you?

_PrinceEA5 karma

I'm motivated by an inner voice. There's an old saying that says: Your career shouldn't be what you do, it should be who you are. There truly is nothing else for me to do, this is...ME. I love helping others. If I can show one person the power that they have within themselves to change their life, then mission accomplished.

Rihsatra2 karma

Thanks for doing this yourself. It already feels more real than the ones Victoria types up. Question mark for AutoModerator?

_PrinceEA1 karma

lol You're welcome :)

colorful-limbo2 karma

Do you get recognized in public often?

_PrinceEA1 karma

Every now and then. It's always shocking because I still don't think I'm "famous" by any means

behelyt2 karma


_PrinceEA2 karma

The truth can be denied, not avoided. I have nothing but love for Sarah Palin, I was just quoting what she said. The video is on YouTube lol.

Callthecopss2 karma

Hey, Prince EA, thank you for doing this AMA! I have been a big fan of your stuff since "Why I Think the World Should End".

My question is, clearly you value human capital more than economic capital (a sentiment we share), but this society demands money in exchange for survival. So, do you feel like your efforts to monetize your art, (like promoting that travel site in your other video) have changed the way you create, or is there really a way to stay true to your artistry and still make a living?

_PrinceEA2 karma

Money is cool! Craving money isn't. Money can do a lot of beautiful things so I'm not anti-capital, anti-commercial, etc. With that being said, the fact that I am driven by principles that transcend money allows me to maintain a purity for my creations. So nope, it hasn't really affected my art at all, other than giving me more options for higher quality productions

racheloreilly12 karma

What are the 3 most important steps I can take to reduce climate change?

_PrinceEA5 karma

Good question, there are so many things you can do. The key is to abandon the "hopeless" feeling that many of us carry around. Changing your personal relationship with the earth, and treating it as an extension of yourself will allow you to mindfully navigate throughout the world, reducing your footprint. Lastly, an ACTIVE step you can take to stop the destruction of wildlife and reduce global emissions/climate change is to StandForTrees. (Http://www.standfortrees.org)

InTupacWeTrust2 karma

I have been a fan of you since I KNOW WHO KILLED HIP HOP song; I noticed you have not made any new music, so where's the music at - Who are your dream collabos when you start creating your gift again?

_PrinceEA3 karma

I'm still making music, still spitting bars. It's just in a different package now :). I finished my album "The Rejects" and really am just waiting on the right time to properly promote it and get it out there :). WKHH part 2 is also coming this year as well :D

MrNeonist2 karma

Wich artists do you get inspiration from, or do you really like?

_PrinceEA2 karma

Anyone doing innovative, groundbreaking things in their field. This is what inspires and drives me.

DutyStan2 karma

Hello Ea, just saw your video on "Sorry" and was amazed. Am young and like nature as it is and would love to join the movement, how do I go about it? Thanks

_PrinceEA2 karma

The best advice I can give a young person is to totally become enthralled in the things that you love. You love nature, learn about it. Watch videos, read books, spread awareness at your school. Join movements or start your own. :)

10mmHeater1 karma

Great video. All it takes is videos like this reaching people around the world and eventually the general mindset will change. So thank you for doing your part. Onto the question. How did you get started in your motivational work? And what first made it successful?

_PrinceEA1 karma

Persistence and creativity. I've been making videos for 7+ years. Many trials and error throughout the process. One of the biggest things that made it successful was discovering who I was. When the messages comes from your heart, i believe it reaches the heart. Always maintain an authentic message

Mikelodaddy1 karma

I would like to ask how you got started, I am on a road to the same destination you are, I have a lot to say. Its rare if you find people like us who actually have a connection spiritually with exsistance. How don I conversant or keep communication with you? It seems so hard to get in touch with people once they get so big. Do you have any pointers on how to getting your word out?

_PrinceEA0 karma

Pointers on getting your word out? Study the market that you're trying to use to get your word out. What works, what doesn't. Creativity, authenticity and heart centered action are the ingredients for massive promulgation of material. Also remember, its not enough to be properly motivated, we must also have proper motives.

mcderive1 karma

Hi PrinceEA,

I really hope you get to this because it is a question that irks me every day.

How do we get people to forgo the limitations of their ideologies and recognize the implications of individual actions on collective good? Once we recognize the power and significance of collective good, collective organizing, collective resistance where does our mobilization come from if all of the modes of communication are regulated by the powers that condemn collective action?

Koch brothers have invested 1 billion dollars into the 2016 to FIGHT THE COLLECTIVE! Disregarding the disgusting intentions behind said pledge, how can collective action combat that?

Also you are fucking dope. Thank you for being a PoC voice in issues that so often do not reflect the realities of those who are made most vulnerable by our current neoliberal global order.

_PrinceEA1 karma

Thanks McDerive. We do what we can with no expectation for outcome. We love, and realize that everyone comes to realizations and discoveries at just the right time. We have to be compassionate, patient and always come from a place of understanding <3. We work to change ourselves. When we do that, and become that, people around you will start to "get it".

xisle351 karma

Hey, prince ea. You're work is amazing, have you met Krsone? Is he supportive if so? I always think of his words when you speak, "hip is the knowledge, hop is the movement.

_PrinceEA0 karma

Ha, never met him but love KRS One...very intelligent brother that I have learned many things from.

SealTheLion1 karma

Hey Ea. I'm a huge fan of your music going back to your Forever verse. I considered you amongst the greatest lyricists and activists in modern day hip-hop artists, but you've obviously strayed away from that as of late.

Your Make Smart Cool freestyle is a top 5 all-time piece of lyricism in my books, and quite possibly my favorite ever. Will we ever see Richard Williams hit that level of hip-hop lyricism ever again? With your new fanbase consisting largely of people uninterested in hip-hop music, is a thought provoking and hard-hitting raw piece ever again possible?

_PrinceEA0 karma

When I got into music it was a bit of an egoic pursuit. I was a quiet/shy kid that wanted to be heard and listened to. Today my goals are still the same but I'm now interested in being heard for the listeners sake. I'm interested in communicating ideas to the masses and whatever vehicle I drive to get there (poetry, hip hop, film, dance) I will do it

I don't think my audience is uninterested in hip hop. What I do now can fall into hip hop or Rap (Rhythm and Poetry), but I know what you're saying and yes I got you homie :). Stay tuned for some raw, hard hitting pieces.

Rockliff891 karma

Are you still partying like it's 1999?

_PrinceEA1 karma

Wrong Prince! lol

JohnLemon691 karma

Hi Prince EA, I've noticed you since that remix of "Forever" you did with Traphik, DFD, D-Pryde, and another artist I can't remember. I didn't think much of your verse, but I remember seeing more and more of your work spreading through social media. The work that I've seen through social media was always politically motivated, which I think is terrific, and something we need for today's generation ! My question is how did you getting into doing politically motivated work (like the recent video about saying sorry to the next generation, or the reverse rap) when you started from being a simple internet rapper ?

_PrinceEA0 karma

I try to stay away from politics and deal in the human-realm. Things like love, peace, responsibility, acceptance, these are the matters that matter to me.

The Forever verse was one of my favorites :p. Listen again and let me know what you think :D, oh and the other artist was Dyme a duzin :)

tfoshea1 karma

What inspired you to make a video with such a strong environmental message?

_PrinceEA2 karma

When I dove into the science and the literature written on climate change/deforestation I learned just how big of a problem we were facing. My first response was to use my voice to spread awareness to it.

Lilsparrow11 karma

PrinceEA, your name says it all Prince of the Earth, thank you for sharing your wisdom. On this important day of Earth day can you share with me how you felt when Local chiefs and thousands of community members welcomed you to the Congo Basin Forest,did you feel deeply connected and overwhelmed for the cause of helping to save Trees, as Trees are our Oxygen,and how did you feel when you had to say goodbye, leaving behind thousands of people who count on you to be their voice with this extraodinary video which you so deeply suceed?

_PrinceEA0 karma

Lilsparrow! :) I felt humbled when the community members welcomed me. Felt like I wanted to cry and was overwhelmed with such love and positivity. Everyone was so welcoming and that was a feeling I don't experience much of in the states. We said "See you later" and not "goodbye" because I will definitely be back there very soon.

Crispy-Snax1 karma


I am so glad I got to catch you early while this AMA is fresh. I randomly caught you on youtube one day from your video "The Intro" when it was just a few days out. Since then your online and media presence has exploded. A few questions:

1) I know you've been on the grind for AWHILE after looking into you, and I understand that now, more than ever since you're in the spotlight, your responsibility as an entertainer/philosopher is much more significant and able to project your messages further. Can you speak to this and how you feel about it?

2) I'm guessing you're super busy but will you ever drop the REJECTS EP that you talked about in "The Intro"? Also, how was working with the guys from Reel Sharp Films?

Thanks so much, please keep doing what you're doing and spreading positivity. I've listened to "The Intro" maybe 1000 times while grinding it out.

_PrinceEA1 karma

1) Yeah it's kept me busy doing fun things :). I only have a responsibility to stay in alignment with my truest self. I have to be guided by the inner GPS and not public opinion :p 2) Yess the REJECTS will come this year, we just have to buckle down on the promotion so that the release is optimized. Reel Sharp films reached out to me...Man oh Man those guys are incredible, you will definitely see more projects from us in the future.

agreeingthelongway1 karma

Prince EA!

Love your work. Been a long time fan from when you were promoting "nerd rap" and waited for your Backwards Rappers video to drop!

It seems that you're trying to get people to be more conscious of what we're doing and I love it. It seems like you've moved away from rapping to more of a poetic style presentation. With that in mind, do you have other music projects in the near future or are you sticking to these eye opener messages?

Keep up the great job!

PS If you're ever around Boston, let's play a pickup game of basketball!

_PrinceEA1 karma

I'd be happy to dunk on you in Boston! haha jk, I'm down for some pickup, just let me be on your team :)

And yeah, we don't have to name what I do...rapping, poetry, spoken word...these are just words to me these days and don't mean much. I'm interested in communicating with the masses in creative ways. But to answer your "?," that typical rap style, I'll definitely use it again, very soon actually :)