I'm a director and comedian based in Los Angeles. I have has amassed 1.5 million followers on Vine where I post everyday. I also have a Kickstarter for his next movie FML-Movie.com. Ask me questions about comedy, parenting, directing, Jason Nash is Married, and how it is being the old guy on Vine. https://twitter.com/Jason23Nash/status/589542850615844864

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Iberri15 karma

Well, how is it being the old guy on Vine?

Jason_Nash10 karma

so weird. but fun.

WhiskeyJune14 karma

Hey Jason! What is it like to collaborate with Brandon Calvillo? You two seem to have the same humor. And what do you think of his brothers?

Jason_Nash11 karma

Jesse Calvillo is as funny as any of us.. wish I could vine with him more Brandon and I have the same sense of humor and it's really fun. he's the comedy partner i've been waiting for all my life… it's so fun to collaborate with him he has so many ideas… thanks Whiskey Jane

kingcoco00113 karma

Mannon Mathews...how do I marry her?

Jason_Nash7 karma


wafflington8 karma

Your vines are absolutely hilarious but I have almost no clue who you are and anything about you. Could you give me a short bio?

Jason_Nash13 karma

wafflington hiiiiii

I've been doing comedy for 15 years. I worked SNL and MTV I wrote a lot for FOX and NBC -- i finally made movie last year for Comedy Central and to promote it I got on Vine and Vine really took off. I"m making another movie this summer call FML and I have kickstarter for it right now at FML-Movie.com

AhSighLum7 karma

Do you plan your vines? "Hey i know what would be a funny 7 seconds" or do you just sort of improv?

Jason_Nash7 karma

we plan we come up with an idea and execute it sometimes we start rolling and see what comes out those can be fun. we do that a lot with Brandon and Cutshall ahsighlum great name :)

manonmathews7 karma

How much did it cost to you to make Jason Nash Is Married? And how much are you paying each actor/actress on FML?

Jason_Nash5 karma

hahahahaha $10,000 hahahahahahahah

Jason_Nash16 karma

hahahahaha actors are getting $20,000 actress $150 a day and Quiznos

sadversace3 karma

You guys aren't very close to your goal on the kickstarter if the goal isn't met does that mean no movie? Another question I had was what's Brandon's personality like in person?

Jason_Nash11 karma

The Kickstarter is a promotional tool as much as it is a fundraising tool. (something to think about if you ever make a movie) This movie will be made no mater what. I don't take no for an answer. Brandon is super quick witted and smart but he's also 20 so he has no idea about certain things like what "Hummus" is

j13th3d3 karma

Hey Jason I'm a big fan of your vines (especially Soda Dad). I was wondering if any of you or your vine circle have tried to collaborate with Cody Ko? I could only imagine how great that would be.

Jason_Nash3 karma

met Cody Ko once cool guy. would love to collar

penzoilthehippo3 karma

Hi Jason! I've been a big fan of your vines and pretty much everyone in your crew for a while. I'll admit that I unfollowed Brandon because his vines were getting overly sophomoric, but I still check his page from time to time. How did you feel about the allegations against Curtis Lepore and his plea deal? Seems like it divided vine pretty heavily.

Jason_Nash2 karma

i wish curtis and jessie the best. nobody knows what happened and they're both talented people. refollow Brandon ur missing out on some of the best stuff on Vine

T--Dizzle3 karma

How old are you exactly? And when is the movie coming out?

Jason_Nash2 karma

I'm super old. The movie I hope comes out in December.

Jason_Nash7 karma

sometimes it's weird when a 13 girl comes up to you and her dad is like why is my daughter into this old creep

Jason_Nash2 karma

But what can I do? i fell into it and I love making video and being creative. Having Vine as a job is so much fun.

circusemily3 karma

What's the true benefit of revines for revines? Do you think it's helping you or holding you back?

Jason_Nash4 karma

circus whoa!! the elephant in the room. RV are great so you can grow and increase ur audience. they're bad cause they alienate ur audience if i'm a fan of someone and they want to RV I am all for it because they give me great free content and I want them to do well and continue to grow

ason_unique_933 karma

are there any viners that annoy you?

Jason_Nash5 karma

i like everybody really people always ask me if I hate Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas but the truth is they are way funnier than I was at that age. i don't know those guys but I like watching their videos. seem like cool guys to me… so much negativity online it's really gotta stop such a waste of everyone's time

ilikemustard3 karma

What's your all-time favorite Vine, or one of your favorites? Of yours or anybody's.

How come your real wife is never in your Vines? If memory serves correctly you are married, but you tend to use the divorcee character a lot. If you actually are divorced and I'm just a rude idiot, sorry! That would suck.

Do you have plans to do more podcast appearances in the future? I enjoyed you on Who Charted and Hollywood Handbook, and think you'd be fun on Comedy Bang Bang.

Good luck getting your movie made! I'll check it out since I like most of the people involved. Have a nice day!

Jason_Nash2 karma

my favorite vine is this…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF7zhQelb5A

love HWHB !!!! love who charted!!! tell them you want me back my publicist tried!!! CBB I have been trying love that show someday I hope… tweet at Snock Lockerman

402Bandon4022 karma

Hey Nash love your content, so a question I had is, well, why?

What inspired you and/or Brandon to wake up one day and say "I'm making a movie"?

Also how do you deal with challenges in the making of the movie like writers block? Does this happen with you vines also when you just feel as if you can't think of anything?

Jason_Nash4 karma

402 great question i run out of Vine ideas ever three days… it's super hard. I hate it. but when you get a good one (today I had a good one) it's the best feeling. I love reading comments from people who like it.

writers block is a myth. writing is time. that's all it is. put in the time and you will succeed. scripts are like a painting and you have to keep going at it and keep putting strokes on it and shaping. I never feel like I wrote crap even if all I do is spell check I made that script a little bit better. you need to keep looking at the script from 500 angles --- from each character perspective -- even now as I sit here I have so much more to do on FML.

I love the idea of making a movie off our relationship (Brandon and me) Old guy in a mid life crisis vs young guy who is a virgin and still figuring out who he is --

Awexter2 karma

Do you remember that colored draw about brandon? You want something like that? i can draw for you

Jason_Nash2 karma

sure! I love art! especially pencil drawings. wish I could draw :( ur lucky u can. whip up something quick while we're on here

GullibleSquid2 karma

Hi! I loved your snapchat story with Brandon when he was going for his license! Is there any way you could do some more content like that? Just candid and fun! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Jason_Nash1 karma

i want to - that was a special day haven't had something that film able in a while

Sarah_Wildlife2 karma

Is there a love scene with Brandon???

Jason_Nash1 karma

yes there is a two make out scenes with Brandon. I was sure to hook a brother up.

sadversace2 karma

is Brandon really a Virgin? or is that just something people always joke on him for ( for example that one YouTube video where Britany had him touch her boob)

Jason_Nash6 karma

no he's not a virgin lol lol lol!

Thelaurenm31 karma

First off, I'm so happy and excited for you making another great movie! I have two questions. One: How long is the filming for the movie going to take? Two: What cities are you guys going to film in? Love you and your vines btw :D

Jason_Nash1 karma

lauren thank u! i think it will take four weeks to film and two months to edit. we'll film in NY and LA and some other surprise cities…

thanks so much for ur support it means the world -- really lauren

dannyboi1981 karma

Dude i love your vines ,its always fun to watch cuz of ur sense of humor . Who is the funniest vine star u work with?

Jason_Nash1 karma

manon brandon cutty sunny ry danny lopriore are my favs brittany always makes me laugh robby ayala eric dunn qpark allegra masters jessi smiles anyone who is my movie basically oh NICK MEGALIS!!! MARCUS JOHNS!

Bveronis1 karma

What is your favorite vine/ person to collab and make a vine with?

Jason_Nash2 karma

BVERONIS how are u…. I loved when I used to work with KING BACH tell him to call me Bach!! get it ? Bach!! Ha ha! what ? No seriously.

Sarah_Wildlife1 karma

Will you be doing a livestream/telethon in the few remaining hours of the kickstarter?

Jason_Nash1 karma

so funny u asked that the producers want me to periscope for the last few days… I don't know. what do you think

zisum1 karma

Do you have kids???

Jason_Nash1 karma

2 kids boy and girl love them more than anything they are great kids my son is getting really good at guitar I could never play so it's great to see him do it

thanks zisum -- nice question to get

Blee101 karma

Did you ever expect Vine to get as big as it's become? Are you friends with the creator(s)?

Jason_Nash2 karma

i don't know anyone at Vine they stay away from us not sure why or maybe I do know why

vine is huge i have no idea how it got so big can't explain it. i mean I can. it's pretty genius. i mean after all the shit and twerking or whatever the actual app is genius

10minuteuserr1 karma

You and Brandon always fit the screen. May I ask how tall you are?

  • Your fan

Jason_Nash1 karma

i'm 6'1 and I have small hands

oh-hi-kyle1 karma

Jason, what would you say is enough to make a guy fly private?

Jason_Nash2 karma

hahahaahahahahahahah ya ya ya ya yayaya

eeeee ya eeeeeee ya eeeeeeee ya

HomicidalJungleCat1 karma

I enjoy your vines. How disheartening is it to work so hard to be where you are on vine then not have those same followers support your kickstarter as much as you would like?

Jason_Nash2 karma

shah great question it's fine. vine is all kids. kids don't' have money. movies are a long game. you gotta be patient. we'll find the money. I will find it or I will make it for nothing the last one cost $10,000 i'll have Brittany Furlan finance it

Sakurablossom871 karma

Just want to say your awesome!! How much money are you hoping to receive to get your movie made?

Jason_Nash1 karma

would like to raise $200,000 on Kickstarter fml-movie.com hah

Natalieeex321 karma

How do I get brandon calvillo to fall in love with me?

Jason_Nash2 karma

be a recluse. say you hate people. get into video games and don't show your face before 3pm

teaparty881 karma

Big fan since hearing you on ron and fez.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience on the show? What is fez like? Was he still mad at you after the mics were off? Were you trying to "tease the retard" as ron puts it?

Your visits on the show are honestly some of my all time favorite segments. Thanks!

Jason_Nash3 karma

Fez baffled me - i honestly thought he was doing a bit at times like how could he be that mad at me. i tried to apologize and he wouldn't have it he has zero sense of humor about himself and that's ok i heard he retired is that true i really just wanted to be honest when I went in there and say what every fan was thinking why is this guy not holding up his end?

Jason_Nash2 karma

yes he was still mad at me…. furious

teaparty881 karma

You definitely said what every fan was thinking. They claimed that he retired, but I'm still on the fence about that being true. The show has been running best -of's ever since.

I kept saying to myself "there is no way Fez is this mad at the guy". I was sure that he was reassuring you he was kidding when the mics were off. Unreal.

These last four years I've been an R&F fan have been eye opening as to how someone (Fez) can slowly descend into complete madness.

Jason_Nash1 karma

yes well said

pure-guava1 karma

How do you feel about the comedy scene on Vine in general? To me it has always seemed like Vine rewards going for the lowest common denominator and just churning out really tacky, overused jokes... "White girls love Starbucks"... "When your crush insert here" ... And all the jokes about black people being black in general. Whereas the people I feel like are actually trying to do something comedically original get lost in the mix. Do you think Vine rewards the wrong things in this respect?

Jason_Nash1 karma

pure guava u r super smart and exactly right but it's not different than Big Bang Theory being #1 broad comedy wins and that's unfortunate i just try to do stuff that makes me laugh and see if people like it

Sarah_Wildlife1 karma

There was one vine recently where you touched Brandon's crotch. Did he laugh or did he not speak to you? What was his reaction after filming??

Jason_Nash1 karma

he laughed we laughed oh it's good to laugh Sarah!

TarantinTarantino1 karma

How do you get in touch with a Viner you haven't met? I am sorry if this is asked before.

Jason_Nash1 karma

i DM them :)

Jason_Nash1 karma

hi Tarantino

NinjaPirateCyborg1 karma

Who's your favourite viner that you haven't had a chance to colab with yet? I love your vines man btw

Jason_Nash1 karma

i like princess lauren she's funny never met her but I wrote a part for her in FML


NinjaPirateCyborg1 karma

Also are you still answering questions without a shirt on

Jason_Nash2 karma

no shirt on right now

Sarah_Wildlife1 karma

What animal do you think you look like? What animal do you think Brandon looks like?

Jason_Nash2 karma

I look like a fish brandon like a cuddly little puppy!!! mmmm so cute!!!!

SomeGarrettKid1 karma

I consider you successful, as you probably do yourself, but with Vine, how does your family take it? Do they think it's like a joke/hobby, or are they proud that you take joy in it and are great at what you do? Huge inspiration to me and I love your skits, keep doing you! :D

Jason_Nash2 karma

they thought it was ridiculous at first but not anymore.. hah -- thanks Some Garrett

Jason_Nash1 karma

they think its pretty silly and it is… daddy is a big/sad clown i feel sorry for those kids...

heyitsbak3s1 karma

Jason I loved your movie dude. And you also reply to my snaps sometimes which is legit. How much money do i have to give to you and brandon for a phone call with manon??

Jason_Nash1 karma

hahaha that would cost $10,000 and we'd have to give all $10,000 to manon

Jason_Nash1 karma

and thanks for watching the movie

OPsStepFather1 karma

Is Guys With Feelings forever-dead, or will you ever do anymore?

Jason_Nash1 karma

forever dead -- hahaha but I love that you asked podcasting is too hard… takes to much time. I like to relax and I get too tired by 9pm

UncleAlec1 karma

What are you doing on Reddit Uncle Alec? Are you robbing them for crack?

Jason_Nash3 karma


VikkiHoffman1 karma

I'm gonna be selfish and ask: Will the backers still get what they gave to (like if the 200k isn't met)? I plan to secretly take out my father's 401k for the $100 one!!! Also we have similar humor and I'm grateful that people like you and Brandon exist haha I feel like we'd be buddies

Jason_Nash1 karma

no sadly if we don't reach our goal nobody gets charged on their card i'm so glad we have similar humor..makes me feel good… steal that money from ur dad… yes!

Johnny_Driver1 karma

Long time fan! Have you thought about bringing back some of your old characters from vine ie. Indecisive thug and guy who reluctant to be on camera?

Jason_Nash2 karma

i'd like too. i do sometimes at night but then I delete them when they don't do well. truth is my channel is a business now and as Destorm says if it's not heat u must delete

immaLetUfinishBut1 karma

Did Brandon drop his school after he got famous? If so, please tell him to finish his school. I love both of you!!! Take care man!

Jason_Nash1 karma

i tell him i'm not sure he ever was going to college lol

IluvDeezGame1 karma

The Clippers vs the Spurs. What do you think?

Jason_Nash2 karma


Sarah_Wildlife1 karma

Does Brandon smoke? and does he have depression/anxiety? if he does, give him a hug for me! :)

Jason_Nash1 karma

doesn't smoke regarding anxiety depression what do you think?? LOL

VikkiHoffman1 karma

Did you do ballet to lose weight? You just have those legs that say "I'm graceful and delicate yet muscular and Kenyan-esk"

Jason_Nash1 karma

i love ballet but have never tried. probably never will

MrOznerol1 karma

What are you doing on reddit uncle Alec?

Jason_Nash2 karma

smoking crack...

LeFuzzinator1 karma

How are you so fit man????? And what you be doing if you never got into the entertainment business?

Jason_Nash3 karma

I would be working at a bar in cabo sitting on the beach that's all I care to do or be a teacher I love kids never laugh harder than when I'm with kids

I have a strict diet and regiment no carbs no sugar no sauces. eat totally clean

when I work out I work out for an hour and half 5 days a week and I never rest between sets more weights than cardio but I also swim at the end of every workout.

Sarah_Wildlife1 karma

What was the most arkward/funniest vine to shoot? and does Brandon often wear his cardigan? (its just i know how comfy cardies are, but how often does he wear it?)

Jason_Nash1 karma

he has like three shirts I think

KhyleDeen1 karma

Would you Vine or promote via Twitter a small business in Liverpool, England if I told you about it on here?, help a guy out, as we're all helping you out.

Comic book fans and fans of the creative Industry would be interested, if I sent you the links would you tweet about us?

Jason_Nash1 karma

tweet vine or Facebook me… [email protected] too

Jeffreymark1 karma

Will Bryan Silva be in FML: The Movie?

Jason_Nash2 karma

hahahahahahahahahahaahha i wish jeff

Savlahvlah1 karma

Hey Jason! Must be hard to leave the house without being recognized! Haha Ever plan on traveling to me us fans!?

Jason_Nash2 karma

someday I would like to do a standup tour but movies come first..

[deleted]1 karma


Jason_Nash2 karma

could be $250 could be $50,000 depends on ur following :)

meggamuffyn1 karma

Do you do other things other than vine? Also, you are hilarious and I love you!

Jason_Nash1 karma

thank u I love you too! i run and workout and I play with my kids and I coach basketball and I love to cook

A7XsTheRev1 karma

Do you plan on continuing making content even in your way later years? (That would be fucking awesome)

Jason_Nash1 karma

great question. i worry about this all the time how long can I do this. already so old. but I love making stuff it's all I live for I dont' buy nice stuff or take fancy vacations I just love to create. we'll see maybe I'll direct another movie but not be in it that would be a lot more graceful

JPGR9991 karma

Hey Jason! Thanks for doing the AMA! What happened to Soda Dad, and would you consider doing more vines with that character?

Thanks again!

P.S. Did you ever see the vine that was hashtagged: jasonnashismarried with two white guys in a Mongolian BBQ? Have a good day man!

Jason_Nash1 karma

no! haha! tag me in the vine would love to see it

Soda DAd I love but it ran it's course for six seconds maybe something longer someday i wrote a movie for soda dad we'll see if I get to do it

Coffee_For_Cobblers1 karma

Hi Jason!!

I hope you have been having a wonderful day! How's the weather in California??

I am wondering three things! My first question is, what was the inspiration for this movie? Second, what is it like being "vine famous"? My last question is, because of your age difference, how did you and Brandon Calvillo meet?

Thank you so much for your time!

Jason_Nash1 karma

CFC it's 80 here. it's friggin hot but I love it. I'm in shorts and no shirt.

Movie was inspired by my experience on Vine over the last two years. Being the oldest person and watching this younger generation have something (social media) that I didn't grow up with.

Being Vine famous is awesome. I'm not going to sit here and say it's not. i only get recognized by people under 25 which is great. not that famous but just enough to say hi. I love meeting new people it's where I draw all my ideas from and for me ideas are king. (and my kids) haha

Brandon and I met on Vine I saw his videos and contacted him He's a comedic genius.

Coffee_For_Cobblers1 karma

Thank you so much for your responses! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

I can't wait to see the movie!

Jason_Nash1 karma

CFC thank u so much!!! u have a good one too

FreeDemons1 karma

Hey Jason!

I was wondering, who is your favorite person to collaborate with while working on a vine?

Jason_Nash4 karma

Brandon is my fave. love Matt Cutty, Ry Doon Manon Sunny. Scotty Sire makes me laugh so does Cody Ko Danny Lops is the funniest on Vine also the edgiest.

spew321 karma

Do you ever take off your pants and jacket?

Jason_Nash1 karma

I love to take off my pants and write in my underwear. i'm doing it now

spew321 karma

What do you write in your underwear? Your name?

Jason_Nash4 karma

i write "I LOVE BRYAN SILVA" over and over again and "GRATATA"

spew321 karma

Isn't Jeselnik as funny or funnier?

Jason_Nash4 karma

jeselinik i would say is funnier than me. he's accomplished a lot -- I know him he's nice he gives off a serial killer vibe but thats what makes him unique i enjoyed his show i told him that once at a party and he thought I was making fun of him but I was dead serious that's what being a standup is like no relief anywhere

spew321 karma


Jason_Nash2 karma

u asked lol

spew321 karma

You're going to reply to every comment and question, aren't you. That's very stand-up of you.

Jason_Nash3 karma

gotta try and please the fans cause I love them and am super grateful

normsy1 karma

I enjoy your work. Your episode of Never Not Funny is one of my favorites, of their 500+ episodes. Keep it up.

Since I have to have a question, let's go with: How great was it working with Busy Phillips?

Also, do you like baseball? If so, who is your team?

Jason_Nash2 karma

normsy. i'm so sorry to say that i used to love baseball but as I got older i got bored with it? do you know what I mean? it's a long game and long season. the only thing I like baseball for is as background noise so i can take a nap on a sat afternoon after a night of drinking

Jason_Nash2 karma

I'm doing NNF on Monday again actually !! so funny you wrote that.

BUSY PHIlLIPPS is a queen

she is so funny and so charming

she also has aura about her --- very very strong personality which was cool when she played my wife…because my wife also is a super strong personality..

normsy1 karma

Excellent, and no worries on baseball. I'm just watching a game, figured I'd ask. I await FML and NNF with bated breath.

Jason_Nash1 karma

thanks NORMSY what's the score?

normsy1 karma

Cubs just won in extra innings. Now on to the Orioles/Red Sox game until the 9 month old wakes up.

Jason_Nash1 karma


kirby312001 karma

What was it like getting nominated for a Webby?

Jason_Nash4 karma

really cool and an honor they called me at 5 am and told me i was like what? I didn't even know we could be nominated. we are losing hard to Walking Dead which is funny cause walking dead is like the biggest show on TV so hahaha hard to compete with that. but it's cool -- my movie cost $10,000 always do the best with what you got.

rbroccoli1 karma

Is there any chance that Dawn, the first male Curves employee will ever make a comeback?

You're a genius with characters, and I'd love to know what inspires Dawn, Soda Dad, etc.

Jason_Nash2 karma

i don't know where they come from. vine is a place for gental characters and I always walk by the curves near my house i have been fat all my life and I feel for anybody who is trying to lose weight. especially middle aged ladies who deserve love as much as anyone - so he was just born out of my self conscious wanting to help these people then I sort of wanted to try it if Dawn was brutally honest with the women and people seemed to like that that's something I learned if the character means well they can do just about anything

Jason_Nash1 karma

soda dad is born out of my fascination for that mid-atlantic accent I could hear that all day those long oooo's like phooooo-ne and soooo-da

and parents who give they're kids soda is super funny and tragic

rbroccoli1 karma

Ahh. That's an interesting way to come up with them. I need to try thinking that way in screenwriting classes. So did you get motivated to get fit around that same time? I was surprised to notice that you were in pretty good shape when you posted a vine one time and you weren't wearing a shirt, then I noticed you posting about running occasionally

Jason_Nash2 karma

i made up my mind to get in shape this year a friend inspired me to do so it took me over a year. I starters in Jan of 2014 I weighed 206 I weigh 164 now i needed to lose weight cause I have apnea and couldn't breath at night (TMI?)

skipzzb1 karma

What's your favorite character or bit you do on vine? Soda dad cracks me up every single time. keep up the good work and good luck on your kick starter campaign.

Jason_Nash3 karma

I love Soda Dad the most. I wrote a soda dad movie. want to do that after FML

Simple3771 karma

Why is your snapchat always messed up?

Jason_Nash3 karma

hahaha it is? I didn't know that. i never have anything to say on Snap Chat I think i am too old. no wait. I am too old.