Hello everybody, we are Marty Adams, Tim Baltz, Caitlin Howden, Kayla Lorette, and Steve Waltien and we're working on a new sketch comedy special called The Second City Project this Sunday April 19th only on Global TV in Canada at 8:30pm ET/PT!

You probably saw our 'Coconut Oil' sketch that went viral this past week - in case you missed it, we have more than 30 other sketches we've collaborated on here. In the meantime, we've set aside the next few hours to answer your questions!

We've got a small crew here filming and uploading videos as we type answers so we may take a few minutes to respond but trust us, it'll be worth it!

Ask us anything!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/SecondCityPrjct/status/589527282475147265

EDIT: You are all amazing - thanks so much for your questions. We had a blast and hope you enjoyed the videos. Remember TOMORROW at 8:30pm ET/PT The Second City Project is airing on Global TV - Please tune in and support the show! Here's a final message from the cast.

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HockeyCannon19 karma

Who would be the most likely to post to /r/gonewild?

secondcityproject5 karma

Marty posts to this all the time, for real. It's mostly back shots in a mirror.

BrunchSpecial8 karma

How much of the "writers room" sketches were scripted vs. improvised?

Frajer8 karma

Who are your comedic influences?

secondcityproject6 karma


secondcityproject6 karma

Marty, knock it off ~ caitlin

secondcityproject3 karma

Marty says, "I'm a big fan of the elderly falling down. JUST KIDDING! But I do enjoy watching someone fall in the street and then getting to the sidewalk safely before they're hit by a car or a bus."

sloughofdespond7 karma

Hi guys. It's Bob. I'm the one who hired you. To what degree was my contribution invaluable?

Pete696969696 karma

What are your views on men dressing like women and women dressing like men in the sketch comedy world? Do you prefer a realistic approach or something a little more laid back?

leak736 karma

If the cast had a slap fight. Who would win?

joebob8015 karma

Stephen Colbert- Great Second City Alum, or the Greatest Second City Alum?

otto17015 karma

Do Caitlin or Kayla want this jar of back hair I took from the shoot? I'm done with it now... http://imgur.com/hs2XqNl

zweiducks4 karma

The werewolf sketch had me in stitches even before the punchline at the end. Was that always the intended direction for the idea? Can you talk about how a sketch might change from conception to completion as you work on it?

TheGuyInYourStory3 karma

Holy crap. That's funny.

secondcityproject2 karma

Thanks theguyinyourstory, you are a peach and doll!

HockeyCannon4 karma

Who do you think is going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

Pete696969694 karma

Does depression, alcoholism and drug use help you during the writing process?

BrunchSpecial4 karma

The kids who played the "network execs" were fantastic. Was it your plan to use kids from the start, or did that idea evolve after the sketches were written? How did the network feel about those scenes?

Batesbot90003 karma

Hi guys, I used the sunroof Of my Prius for the first time today and now half my face is sunburnt. Has this ever happened to you just before a show and do you have any tips for dealing with it?

Batesbot90003 karma

Hi, where do you guys buy your music? And do you recommend any "new music"?

FartPoopRobot_PhD3 karma

Is the SCP focused wholly on original content, or do you see this as a chance to revisit "best of" or previously unused ideas?

The current SCP sketches work great as standalone video bits. Will this remain the focus, or is there a bigger plan in the works?

insanetwit3 karma

What are the plans for the Second City Project? Is this a one off, or do you hope to revive SCTV?

Also, how's Marty's diet plan going? Is he still following the exes suggestions?

TheGuyInYourStory3 karma

What does each cast member have to offer in a post-apocalyptic scenario? There's only so much room in the bunker.

TheGuyInYourStory4 karma

This gang has it all. Precision peeing and knifes play. You just gained a viewer.

secondcityproject2 karma

Thanks friend!

ThatOtherGuyOnline3 karma

How much do you get paid to make comedy?

hamsolocups2 karma

Did you have a preferred style of improv coming up? Ie: Close, Johnstone, Napier etc...

awesome_dana2 karma

Hi! This is Kira's mom, one of your "Network Execs"! Great job! She wants to know if you've ever met Will Sasso?

secondcityproject2 karma

Hey Kira's mom! tell Kira that Kayla has indeed met Will Sasso!

Rizzoriginal2 karma

If i were to send you a music link, would you consider doing a comedy sketch to it?

secondcityproject3 karma

We'll consider it Send the track over

hamsolocups2 karma

What's the biggest advice you have for up and coming writers working on his/her first web series?

TheMikeFly2 karma

Hey guys it's Mike Fly. I think you are all cool. I'm wondering what each of you will do now that you are going to be famous?

ThatOtherGuyOnline2 karma

Who owned the Llama? And where is it now?

I_like_knockouts2 karma

Would you consider doing a sketch in which someone gets knocked out?

insanetwit2 karma

Also a question for the whole cast, what inspired you to get into Improv, or just Comedy in general, as opposed to a 9 - 5 job?

secondcityproject3 karma

My family was poor, so I figured I would get into a business where I could make millions of dollars super fast. I was wrong and my family died of exposure... Now I'm over exposed... irony, or odd foreshadowing?

secondcityproject3 karma

This is Marty btw

secondcityproject3 karma

Hi! This is Caitlin- I got into comedy in high school when I was a weird girl with too many twitches and no boys would kiss me for what would be another 6 years.