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Coldcoffees114 karma

How often do people shout "GO BACK TO TORONTO!" at you?

Chris_Jericho361 karma

I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot! :)

petenigma111 karma

Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?

Chris_Jericho106 karma

No. I was more of an Elmer Fudd guy

JackErskine109 karma

Favourite pornstar?

Chris_Jericho311 karma

Asa Akira, Stormy Daniels, Christy Mack

Boyd_Loner87 karma

Why had you been appearing at WWE house shows only, as opposed to TV tapings? ARE YOU AVOIDING BROCK LESNAR?! Thank you for always being entertaining.

Chris_Jericho161 karma

Absolutely...he's scary

Chris_Jericho73 karma

Hey guys it's time to rock this shizz!!

flex_manhandler67 karma

Would you have ended Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak if you were given the choice?

Chris_Jericho99 karma

In a second!!

bigsnakejakey61 karma

Big fan of you, Mr. Jericho!

What is the 992nd hold in your list of 1004 Holds?

Chris_Jericho156 karma

Hiawatha Hell Hold

Phalanx_148259 karma

What wrestling move hurts much more than it looks like on TV?

Chris_Jericho127 karma

Giving a top rope dropkick. Taking an AA

Cookie_For_ME55 karma

Oh and have you seen the new Star Wars trailer? If so, what did you think?

Chris_Jericho151 karma

Looks INSANE!! "Chewy...we're home!"

Naweezy53 karma

Will you evvverrr agaan grow your hair out and bring back the wrestling pants?

Chris_Jericho46 karma


Chris_Jericho43 karma

Thanks guys! You were amazing as always. Check out Nothing To Report on and we will see u on the road soon!! xoxox

wyatteddy41 karma

Hi Chris. What are your thoughts on the new Taylor Swift album?

Chris_Jericho69 karma

Love it! She's amazing!!

Naweezy40 karma

Who is your dream opponent you wish you could work with? Someone on current roster/Nxt you would like most to work with?

Chris_Jericho119 karma

Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, a healthy Daniel Bryan, Kevin Smith

ThySmithy76 karma

I think you mean Kevin Owens my friend

Chris_Jericho145 karma

I did...but Kevin Smith would awesome too haha

KingMcMill36 karma

How does it feel to be referred to as a "cool dad"?

Chris_Jericho43 karma

Sounds good to's true!

Frajer35 karma

do you know what The Rock was cooking ?

Chris_Jericho85 karma

Gumbo....lots of gumbo

MickJoest35 karma

Have you ever.... EVERRRRRRRR worn your Y2J jacket in the bedroom?

Chris_Jericho49 karma

hahah that's for stage only!

petenigma35 karma

Did you watch "Wrestling Isn't Wrestling" by Max Landis, and if so, what were your thoughts on the female version of you?

Chris_Jericho62 karma

Loved it! Max did a tremendous job. And She was hot!

Ohsocool2k534 karma

One thing I love about Steve Austins last match at Wrestlemania 19 was no one (except Steve and higher ups) knew at the time that it would be his last match. When the time inevitably comes, do you see yourself quietly going off into the sunset like he did, or would you prefer a retirement angle/match ala HBK 2010 or Ric Flair 2008?

Chris_Jericho83 karma

Quietly disappear I don't need a fancy farewell

tabloidjournalism32 karma

How different do you think things would've been if we had NXT and the Performance Centre back in the Attitude Era? Also is your jacket powered by your own ego?

Chris_Jericho38 karma

Yes. 100%...that's why it shines so brightly ;)

Bullitbob_30 karma

If you could do one thing different in your wrestling career, no matter how small, what would it be?

Chris_Jericho131 karma

Work w Eddie Guerrero more

dead4seven26 karma

Who had the best mullet in WWE history?

Chris_Jericho77 karma

Eddie G or HBK circa 1995

greenmask23 karma

If you are stuck in an empty room with only one banana, what would you do?

Chris_Jericho65 karma

Use it as a mic and lip sync some KISS

DDPYogurt20 karma

Nothing to Report is hilarious! Are you planning/hoping to do anything else for Comedy Central?

Chris_Jericho26 karma

Thanks! We had a blast making it. We are hoping to turn it into a series. What's your favorite episode??

tomkvideo18 karma

MacGruber is one of my favorite films, despite it getting trashed by the critics. How'd you get involved, and how much fun was it working on a comedy with Will Forte?

Chris_Jericho20 karma

It was an amazing experience!! Will is a total riot

mattwiep17 karma

Best concert you've been to in the last year?

Best concert you've been to at the Winnipeg Arena?

Chris_Jericho42 karma

Went to The Who last night. They killed it!

ShinoRichard17 karma

Who would be your (potential) favourite podcast interviewees? considering every person in history ofc!

Chris_Jericho29 karma

Paul McCartney!! Paul Stanley again.

Skeletor900016 karma

On the road, how did you guys stay so thin despite not having access to healthy food all the time?

Chris_Jericho48 karma

DDP Yoga!!

ultrachronic14 karma

Damn, I forgot to ask this in my previous post!

Devin Townsend just did a massive show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, based solely around his new Ziltoid album and Ziltoid in general. Were you asked to reprise your role as Captain Spectacular for it? Cos that would've been amazing!

Chris_Jericho17 karma

I did! I was on the big screen behind the drums for all my parts

jigsawkane13 karma

Favorite past and current talent to put a match on with?

Chris_Jericho29 karma

HBK, Benoit, Edge, Misterio, Cena, The Rock

rbarton81212 karma

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Chris_Jericho39 karma

Trek Wars

awesomesprime12 karma

Two questions who inducts you into the rock n roll HOF and who inducts you into the WWE HOF?

Chris_Jericho41 karma

Paul Stanley. Funaki

ay171712 karma

If you HAD to fight Vince McMahon, where would you have it be to ensure victory?

Chris_Jericho30 karma

back Alley. No cameras

Coldcoffees12 karma

If I cover and record my favourite Fozzy track will you listen to it?

Chris_Jericho16 karma


Hispanicpanic712 karma

You had the most amazing debut in WWE. Think anyone's ever gonna top it?

Chris_Jericho16 karma

Of course!

guiltycitizen11 karma

Favorite episode of The Simpsons?

Chris_Jericho33 karma

Bart falls down the well with Sting guesting

poopybill11 karma

hey jericho where the hell is ralphfus?

Chris_Jericho16 karma

Cooking fries somewhere?

Bullitbob_10 karma

Are the Winning Jets going to win the Stanley Cup?

Chris_Jericho8 karma

All the way baby!!!

inhumanrampager9 karma

I love Nothing to Report, and recently watched But I'm Chris Jericho. Do you have any plans of turning either show into a full fledged TV show or movie? Also any plans of returning to the ring, either on tv or for house shows in the near future?

Thanks for taking the time man, I've been a fan of yours for years, and I also enjoy your podcast.

Chris_Jericho15 karma

We hope so!!!! It depends on the amount of views and positive reactions....but the show has been KILLING it so far!! And I'm working on a few WWE return dates now!

JerichoholicsAnon8 karma

Which current WWE Superstar or Diva would make the best movie/TV actor?

Chris_Jericho34 karma


Patrazor8 karma

Is William Regal jealous of you because Fozzy toured with Saxon?

Chris_Jericho41 karma

No he only likes Rick Astley and Madness.

Chris_Jericho15 karma

No he only likes Rick Astley and Madness

Bullitbob_8 karma

Do you have a favorite match you like to watch that you aren't involved in?

Chris_Jericho23 karma

Undertaker-HBK Mania match pt1

thelostgoose7 karma

Hi Chris, will you be doing another WWE Network special of your podcast?

Chris_Jericho25 karma

Up to Vince

Chris_Jericho17 karma

Up to Vince!

Patrazor7 karma

Why did you turn down the offer to be in the 2015 Royal Rumble?

Chris_Jericho42 karma

No reason to be in it.

boogeymans_worm_guy7 karma


Chris_Jericho13 karma

Yeah, but we were moving along so fast that it wasn't worth correcting him. Its red, White and blue Johnny!

JerichoholicsAnon7 karma

Would you ever be interested in training wrestlers at the Performance Center, since you don't live too far from it? Or would you rather focus on Fozzy/other projects when you're done wrestling?

Chris_Jericho21 karma

I'd be a terrible trainer. No patience!

MdShakesphere7 karma

If someone was trying to get into fozzy for the first time, what song/Album would yoy recomend?

Also, what hockey team do you follow?

Chris_Jericho12 karma

"Aaaaay" from Black Leather & Blue Jeans

Cinnamon167 karma

What are your favorite Queen songs? You CANNOT answer with "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Chris_Jericho12 karma

Somebody To LOve, Killer Queen, Show Must Go ON, Tie Your Mother

TheAwfulKhali6 karma

How the heck did you grow your hair back so fast? ;)

Chris_Jericho14 karma

Grecian Formula

Who-or-Whom5 karma


What band have you had the most fun playing shows with?

Edit: I just read that you've had guest appearances from Tremonti and Myles Kennedy. Alter Bridge is my absolute favorite band. What was it like playing with those guys?

Chris_Jericho9 karma

Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Anthrax

Snickers243 karma

Hey Chris just want to say I never heard a fozzy song before but I heard "died with you" and loved it! My question there a guest you haven't had on Talk is Jericho that you would love to get? Or any repeaters?

Chris_Jericho6 karma

Thanks!! Mick Jagger, Tom Hanks, Robin zander, Tommy Lee, Ron Jeremy. So somebody!

dragonsky3 karma

Do you think that it's wrong that many wrestlers "use" WWE as a stepping stone to get to become TV/Movie stars ?

Chris_Jericho20 karma

Is it wrong when rappers or comedians do?

someguyonthiswebsite3 karma

Dear Jericho, what does a 5'6, out of shape, 150 pound person, whose almost 26 years old and who made the wrong choices in life early on, and is now realizing he should have followed through with his dream of becoming a professional wrestler and can't shake the magnetic pull towards that vision of his future no matter what do to turn it all around?

Chris_Jericho5 karma

Go for it!! Why not right?

Naweezy3 karma


Chris_Jericho11 karma

I've got three books worth!

Deck43 karma

Why haven't any of the big wrestling podcasts done an episode with Randy Orton yet? Will you be the first?

Chris_Jericho11 karma

That's up to Randy

crystalfelicia2 karma

Hi! You're one of the wrestlers that makes it bearable for me to watch with my husband :)

Is "Jericho" after the town on Long Island? Also, do people often tell you that you resemble Jon Bon Jovi?

Chris_Jericho5 karma

Bon Jovi, Gordon Ramsey, Patrick Swayze

Neon_Jam2 karma

Mick Foley said that he thinks he has the worst taste in music out of any wrestler, can you think of any contenders for that title?

Chris_Jericho4 karma

Zack Ryder

rhill_19922 karma

What's your favourite Justin Beiber song?

Chris_Jericho6 karma


BoomanShames2 karma

will we ever see the return of "But I'm Chris Jericho"? huge fan of the show

Chris_Jericho7 karma

THANKS!! Not sure. Was a great and very funny show and won 14 awards worldwide. But i think Nothing To Report is better!

Bullitbob_2 karma

What percentage of sales does DDP give you for pimping out DDP Yoga so much?

Chris_Jericho13 karma

Zero. I 'pimp' it cause it saved my career and gave me a better pain free life.

ultrachronic2 karma

Chris! A couple of questions.

  • I love your segment every Sunday on TeamRockRadio. Would you ever consider doing more for the station?

  • Whatever happened to Ralphus, who you were with in WCW? Miss him!

Also, Fozzy was one of the first bands I ever saw live, at Download in 2005. Thanks for being awesome

Chris_Jericho4 karma

I LOVE doing the World Rock Chart. I'd work with Team Rock anyday!

smokeyhobo2 karma

Black licorice. Love it or hate it?

Chris_Jericho3 karma

HATE it!

_PSP_1 karma

Who was your toughest opponent in the ring?

Do you have a favourite Prince song?

Chris_Jericho4 karma

Pussy Patrol