We work at Bossa Studios and make video games. We made ‘Surgeon Simulator’, and have just released the full version of our new game, ‘I am Bread’ on Steam. We came up with the idea in a 48 hour game jam (kinda like we did with Surgeon Simulator) and ran with it through Steam Early Access. Ask us anything about making games, Steam Early Access and the game, or anything else that takes your fancy. If you want to ask a particular person a question, feel free to name them and we’ll make sure you get the answer from the right person.

Here’s who you have to answer your questions:

Eternz (Luke Williams - Lead Designer) titonbrujah (Murillo Titon De Souza - Game Programmer) Gillespionage (Iain Gillespie - Video Game Artist) Bossa_Studios (Poppy Byron - Community, Social & PR)

PROOF: Here is a photograph of ourselves in the office hard at work on the game: http://www.bossastudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/IMG_2398.jpg

(don't worry about Andy - he went home with killer hayfever, poor lamb)

You can see us here to compare faces: http://www.bossastudios.com/the-team/

Here’s a tweet too:


Here is our game, in case you feel tempted to buy it: http://store.steampowered.com/app/327890/

EDIT: We're going to eat some pizza then go home now (it's nearly 8pm in the UK) - thanks to everyone who asked us stuff! If you want to leave questions here, feel free to. We'll answer them later tonight or tomorrow morning....which will be the middle of the night for everyone Stateside.

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ksigley12 karma

What was your inspiration for such a complicated and whimsically humorous flour-based platformer ? Were you guys baked ?

Eternz8 karma

No drugs involved! I just liked the coherent and easy to understand goal of taking a piece of bread and making it toast. And then attempting to make the bread move in a way that was fun, allowed the player to get "good" and moved how you would imagine a bread would move if it could.

Bossa_Studios11 karma

That's his story and he's sticking to it.

TastyBrainMeats3 karma

What was your reaction the first time you saw the "flying bread" glitch?

Bossa_Studios5 karma

Joy....then OMFG FIX IT QUICK.

mrmjprice3 karma

Yo. I heard some dickhead visited your studio yesterday or something?

Bossa_Studios4 karma

Yeah, he was terrible. Didn't even bring us cupcakes.

mrmjprice3 karma

What a cock.

Bossa_Studios5 karma

I know right? What kind of a person turns up at a games studio without their body weight in snacks and treats? Surprised he got out alive, TBH.

Jacky-Boy3 karma

What's your favourite videogames and why?

Bossa_Studios5 karma

Secret of Monkey Island 2, because Monkey Island.

TheJoxter1 karma

The ones where you watch stuff rise, though. Amirite?

Bossa_Studios1 karma


nockeynat3 karma

Do you guys know anything about bread? Because you made surgeon simualtor and clearly dont know anything about surgery!

Bossa_Studios5 karma

Well, we eat it quite a lot. We don't perform surgery as often as we eat bread - that's a fact.

Sir_Gruffles2 karma

One last question, I swear....I'm going back to work now....

Any tips/advice for someone who really wants to get into the game development industry? I'd really love to help bring countless hours of entertainment to the masses. Just not sure where to start >.<

(Apologies to other Redditors on this AMA, I'm asking waaaaaaay too many questions. Sorry >.<)

Bossa_Studios6 karma

Make your own games, at home, by yourself. Get yourself Unity (http://unity3d.com) and do all of the tutorials. Make friends with all of the other Indies in your area and play their games, show them your games. When you have a few cool games under your belt, studios will start to notice you, and the interviews will start to flow in. Good luck!

Mistah_Blue2 karma

What would be your ideal bread based superpower?

Bossa_Studios3 karma

The ability to not make people fat.

scottishhusky2 karma

Crusts or no crusts?

Bossa_Studios7 karma

No crusts. I don't want a hairy chest.

manboy7771 karma

White, Wheat or whole wheat?

Bossa_Studios2 karma

Whole wheat sourdough. Hipster bread.

Mistah_Blue1 karma

I tried loading some surgeon sim levels in I am Bread, and much to my surprise it didn't immediately crash..

The level was blank but it didnt crash. The question is, will we ever be able to give bob a bread transplant?

Or perhaps a secret level where you just make nigel's lunch.

Bossa_Studios1 karma

We assume you've seen the ending of Bread, then? ;)

Mistah_Blue1 karma

The game is difficult and I only got it recently, so as of yet no.

Bossa_Studios1 karma

If you like Surgeon Sim it may interest you. ;)

Captain_JD1 karma

Fake Question: Will Red Dwarf's Talkie Toaster ever appear in the game, with his un-quenchable need to toast?(http://www.blastr.com/sites/blastr/files/styles/media_gallery_image/public/talkie-toaster.jpg?itok=fzUcWPyH)

Real Question: I never realised that the idea of playing as bread would be so amazing, what sparked off this idea and what is next for you guys as a studio? Keep up the unique great work, thank you!

Sneaky edit question: Any Easter Eggs/features that no one have found yet?

titonbrujah2 karma

Luke had the original idea, and I'm sure he has answered that question somewhere. If not he will likely jump in soon with the answer.

As far as what is next, we are currently developing Worlds Adrift, finishing off I Am Bread, and then deciding what project we want to kick off next.

Sneaky edit question answer: Yes. There is a very small one I sneakily put in that I haven't seen anyone comment on yet. Mwahahahhaah :D

Captain_JD1 karma

Thank you!

Bossa_Studios1 karma

You've seen the ending of I am Bread, right? Not everyone got that bit. ;)

Captain_JD1 karma

Would you hate me in saying I've only ever played the game at my friends and not managed to get it myself yet? (I'm sorry Cries)

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Play the end.

Mistah_Blue1 karma

Any plans for a Wheat Goat addon for Coffee Stain Studio's Goat Simulator?

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Not as yet, but we'd love to meet up with them for a beverage or six. :)

Tihamer1 karma

Question is what's the next silly game you guys are working on? I love Surgeon Simulator! Bought it because I owned a copy of Life and Death when I was a kid. Keep up with the great work! Hopefully one day I will get I am Bread too. :)

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Worlds Adrift is pretty serious. If you want silly, check out some of the games we made with Ashens recently:


dragonkuff1 karma

Luke, what's it like being the lead designer at Bossa? What's it like being the lead designer vs. just a designer?

Bossa_Studios2 karma


RachelWolfeFem1 karma

How did you get the idea for the story?

Bossa_Studios1 karma

It came from the twisted mind of Eternz (Luke Williams).

lokemon441 karma

Are you Bready? Or are you Toasty?

Bossa_Studios3 karma

Ready to roll.

manboy7773 karma

Bready to roll* FTFY

Bossa_Studios2 karma

Hah! I'm gonna lie and say I made a typo.

Joose20011 karma

What is your favourite bread / variety of bread??
(eg, a farmouse loaf, a granary roll, baguette etc)

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Whole wheat sourdough here for me. :)

RosieKingsley1 karma

What did the bag of flour say to the loaf of bread? ‘I saw you yeasterday’

titonbrujah3 karma

it's not much of an AMA if you answer the question, now, is it? :D

Bossa_Studios2 karma

Wooo, Murillo! Meow! <3

RosieKingsley1 karma

What do the bread say to the chicken?

RosieKingsley2 karma


Bossa_Studios1 karma

I don't get it! D:

RosieKingsley1 karma

Instead of lets get ready to rumble?

titonbrujah1 karma


RosieKingsley1 karma

Have the game keys gone?

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Nope. There are still a few left for the best questions. :)

Speedy26621 karma

On a scale of 10 to 10, how likely is it for me to beat Charles Ali in a speedrun competition? Kappa

Bossa_Studios1 karma

You have no chance to survive make your time (in other words - there's no way anyone can beat Charles - one of our programmers). Try if you like!

Mistah_Blue1 karma

French Toast Crunch, a Bread themed cereal recently made its way back on to store shelves.

What are your thoughts on this?

titonbrujah3 karma

I bet they're trying to ride the wave of our success :(

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Need to try it before we can make an informed decision. Where can a UK-based person get it?

523Oliver1 karma

Does Nigel suffer from depression? If I killed Bob everyday, I surely would.

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Bob's the one who suffers from depression. His wife left, and he lost his job.....Nigel? Something else altogether, although his wife left and he list his job too. That's pretty much all they have in common.

Mansister1 karma

With Hello games, they made their smaller games that made them enough money to fuel one of their dream projects.

My question is: With the recent popularity of your games on Steam, will you now be able to make your dream game? Do you have any plans for bigger projects?

Also, if a Baguette and a Ciabatta got into a fight, who would win?

titonbrujah2 karma

I don't think that was ever the mindset with our games. We just tried to make what we liked, keeping our feet on the ground. We knew the resources we had, and tried to make things that we both wanted to do and that would fit in our resources. What this success allows us to do is try to reach further, which is kinda what we are doing with Worlds Adrift, a more ambitious project than SS and IAB.

Oh, and Baguette for sure.

Mansister1 karma

That's a very humble approach. I'm glad your studio is down-to-earth about game concept and development. Seems like a lot of indie devs or game studios in general shoot for the stars in concept (which isn't always a bad thing) but a lot of times it hurts them.

Edit: There's never any love for Ciabatta :(

Bossa_Studios2 karma

Aw, that's really kind of you to say. Thanks! Ciabatta is pretty amazing, to be fair. I don't think anyone has ever eaten just one piece. It's the whole loaf or nothing.

Sir_Gruffles1 karma

I must know....

Who on the team made the bread-themed book title parodies on the bookshelves??

Give that man/woman a raise! He/she is a true breadgend!

Love the game! (Lost it at "The Hunt for Bread October")

titonbrujah2 karma

That was a joint effort from the whole studio (there is probably a spreadsheet full of ones we didn't use in the end). But if anyone is to get a Pun Medal, that would be Charles. He probably came up with most (and the best too).

Sir_Gruffles1 karma

Thank you for answering! And thanks for making this game, period.

Honestly, after a crud day at work, I love being able to crack open a cold one and play this game. Cheers me up like nothing else.

Bossa_Studios2 karma

Thank you!

Missedshot1 karma

When you saw Breadman played by our dear friend Johnny Rocket at EGX Rezzed, what emotions danced through your mind?

Bossa_Studios1 karma

The purest kind of joy.

Missedshot2 karma

I still have all 200 hats in a box. It's sealed. It is a sacred object.

Bossa_Studios1 karma

Burn it like the KLF did to their million pounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6q4n5TQnpA