Hi reddit, Harry here!

You might know me as silver-haired Viserys Targaryen.

I have continued to play characters with questionable hairdos in things like The Theory of Everything, Wolf Hall, and Manhattan.

I just launched a quirky new web series, Supreme Tweeter. It's about being followed online by Kim Jong-un. You can watch all the episodes here. Enjoy!

I’m @HarryLloyd on Twitter and here’s my proof http://imgur.com/DK0YUoP . I want to thank Victoria at Reddit for helping me out today. Really excited to answer your questions so let’s go!


Thank you SO much for your wonderful assortment of questions. Really glad you guys are enjoying "Supreme Tweeter."

I think the fact that we JUST launched this show, and then we missed our flight, and we JUST landed, and now we're here talking about it - it feels very surreal. I feel like only yesterday, we were still tweaking the edit, and now I'm in New York, discussing it along with the rest of my work.

Welcome to the Twenty-first Century!

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ts12398590 karma

Do you think the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was spun off from your much more macho yet dangerous version, the Melted Gold Bucket Challenge? EDIT: My good ser, thank you for the gold, I can now buy a ship. I hope our Rightful King will see fit to reward you!

Harry_Lloyd297 karma

Yes, I do.

mormonts243 karma

First of all, let me just say that you played a truly flawless Viserys in season one. Absolutely spot on. I know you're a fan of the books, so when you auditioned for Thrones, was Viserys the only role you tried out for or did you have your eye on any other characters?

Thank you so much for doing this AMA, by the way. I enjoyed Supreme Tweeter very much.

Harry_Lloyd159 karma

No, that was the only part I was asked to audition for.

MeltyPrincess183 karma

I am a huge huge fan of Viserys, and because of that have a question. If a fan ever asked you to be rude/ insult them as Viserys could you do it? Conversely, would you be willing to insult me as Viserys

Harry_Lloyd363 karma


"You are a horse-lord's slut."

nfriel149 karma

First of all, all hail the rightful Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

Second, What inspired you to create the #supremetweeter series? It was HI-larious, BTW

Harry_Lloyd134 karma


Ehm - well. So my co-creator of the show had a dream where Kim Jong Un liked the character of Viserys, and we went from there.

avirdi12392 karma

Harry first off, huge fan of your work as Viserys. I STILL miss seeing you in the show, and honestly thought that the character would go much farther than he actually did (a lot of that was hope, really! :P).

Viserys was a character I felt I REALLY connected to, despite his half-mad, abusive, but still somewhat child-like ways. Which is more than I can say for the craven from the books! :P That tearful and innocent "That's all I ever wanted" when Drogo says you'll have your crown still gets me to this day.

My question is, did you always intend to play him in this way, or was it something that evolved naturally?

Harry_Lloyd162 karma

When we first filmed the pilot, I was borrowing heavily from the book. But when we moved into shooting the series proper, I moved away from his sister's point of view. And that's when I started to realize the pity of the man. And the lost child.

sophiesansa90 karma

Hi Harry! What was it like to film "the golden crown" scene from Game of Thrones? I imagine it was really messy.

Harry_Lloyd151 karma

It was pretty messy?

Mainly, freezing.

We were in a really cold Belfast set. And there was just... dust and gold paint everywhere. 'Cuz everyone else was in this big room, with fires, and I would always have to start the scene outside, so I'd have to go to my freezing little chair, off the main set, and then walk back in... but it was a great long day.

Maddie_N86 karma

Was your Doctor Who reference in The Theory of Everything already in the script before you were cast? I realized that you had been in Doctor Who halfway through the movie and appreciated that reference.

Would you ever consider returning to Doctor Who? Your episode was my all-time favorite and I've watched it more times than I can count. I loved having a human Doctor.

What was your favorite part of filming The Theory of Everything? That was an incredible movie.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Harry_Lloyd103 karma

I think I slipped that in. smiles

I would love to.

Which scene did I enjoy the most? Just all my scenes with Eddie. The scene where I'm carryin' him up the stairs was a lot of fun. Although after take 5 or 6, it got a bit silly.

AComplexSum83 karma

Hi Harry, loved Supreme Tweeter, well done!

I have two questions,

Would you consider returning to Game of Thrones in the future, for flashbacks or dream sequences or the like?

Who do you think should sit on the Iron Throne?

Harry_Lloyd221 karma



DarthSalami51 karma


What's your favourite pizza topping?

Harry_Lloyd98 karma

Ten minutes ago, I had double pepperoni within an hour of landing in New York.

MattDale2189548 karma

Do you like Viserys?

Harry_Lloyd113 karma

I do, actually.

When I stopped reading the book, and seeing him through his sister's eyes, I realized what a difficult life this kid must've had. And understood that even though he was fairly extreme, he had a lot to be grumpy about.

senorpapagiorgio46 karma

Who do you think will ride the dragon named after your character?

Have you read the books, and did you know of your character's demise?

Harry_Lloyd77 karma

Who do I think will ride my dragon?

Someone we haven't met yet, I think.

Had I read the books? I hadn't read the books beforehand. Before my first audition, I learned everything I knew from Wikipedia.

And thanks to Wikipedia, yes.

IEatPomegranate46 karma

When playing characters that differ so vastly from your own, do you experience any emotional whiplash when acting out certain scenes? To name a few, the incestuous toned scenes as Viserys, or the sexual abuse scene in The Fear as Matty Beckett. Do these sorts of moments leave a lasting impression or affect you?

Harry_Lloyd61 karma

Not on the whole. But that scene on the beach in THE FEAR was very unpleasant to do, and I had quite a quiet afternoon after that.

DomericB41 karma

RE: Viserys Targaryen and the whole brother-sister marriages. Is it weird to audition for a role where you have say to yourself, "Yeah, I look like I come from a long line of people whose parents were brother and sister"?

Harry_Lloyd70 karma

I did say that to myself in the mirror every morning!

courtiebabe42038 karma

Seriously - how did you film the scene where Drogo poured gold over your head? That is one of my favorite scenes of the series thus far, and it was so well done, I'm curious.

Thanks for being here!

Harry_Lloyd86 karma

Eh - mixture of... different special FX. So ingredients include a big bowl of gold-gelatinous-paint...a smoke machine, strapped to my chest... a nice gold cap molded to the shape of my head... gestures towards head... a bit of CGI, and some sound FX.

sevely32 karma

Why did you choose Kim Jong-un for Supreme tweeter? There's no offence by the way. I love your work!

Harry_Lloyd48 karma


Ehm - we thought he had a bit in common with Viserys.

We were really interested in the way North Korea had become part of the media landscape. And felt that that had come to represent - it raised the stakes of a story about seeking celebrity.

shivan2129 karma

How was it to work with Richard Armitage?

Harry_Lloyd40 karma

On ROBIN HOOD? It was great. Richard is a really calm and jovial dude. We had lots of good times in Hungary when filming ROBIN HOOD.

NotEvenJail29 karma

Did you read the Game of Thrones books before you took the role of Viserys? Do people recognize you mostly for that role, or something else? What is something that fans often say to you when they see you in the street?

Harry_Lloyd44 karma

I 'spose Game of Thrones is the thing I'm recognized for most. But not as much as you'd think.

I don't think I've ever had a catchphrase thrown at me.

Mbachu25 karma

Hi Harry!

What was one of your most memorable experiences on set?

Harry_Lloyd100 karma


Something very funny happened a few days into the "Supreme Tweeter" shoot actually, when I was stealing the bike off the lady in the street, a real pedestrian rushed up, grabbed the handlebars, and shouted in my face "STOP THERE! YOU DO NOT DO THAT!"

The whole crew ran to try and explain that we were filming a scene. It was very funny. But we were also very proud of that righteous citizen.

RobertB9125 karma

You're a pretty great actor, thanks for doing an AMA. As per Reddit tradition I must ask:

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Drogos or 1 Drogo-sized duck?

Harry_Lloyd31 karma


I'll take the little guy.

Yeah. I think I could stomp 'em.

emkaiboli25 karma

Would you date a fan? ...just curious. This is for science.

Harry_Lloyd49 karma


Eh - it's been scientifically proven that is NEVER a good idea.

Good luck with your science project.

abrittc24 karma

Hi Harry! :)

You look really different without the silver hair. You were one of my favourite actors in the first season of game of thrones! That is, until that accident happened, of course.

Do you think Dany is going to sit on the iron throne in the end? :)

Love from the Netherlands!

Harry_Lloyd37 karma

I truly hope so.

mormonts22 karma

Presuming he was not emgoldened anyway, do you think Viserys' madness would have waited until later in his life if he had not been under the stress of exile?

You know. Asking for a friend. No, I'm really asking for a friend.

Harry_Lloyd32 karma


I think he would've been... I probably think he would've gotten madder and more fun to play if he was allowed to continue.

ohmygogh22 karma

Hi Harry! I'm a huge fan of Manhattan and I'm so happy it's coming back for a second season.

What do you think would be the best and worst aspects in living in a closed, secretive community like they do in the show?

Harry_Lloyd22 karma

Ehm - best... I think the best aspect of that would be just the energy and the excitement of something that contained and secret.

And the worst thing, I imagine, would be the food. During wartime, it would be... no, I think the food in Los Alamos during the war would be pretty bad.

shivan2120 karma

Robin Hood is one of my favourite series, how do you remember making it?

Harry_Lloyd27 karma

Well, I sit back, and I close my eyes... no, I remember reading. I remember a lot of downtime in the forest of Dobogókő. And the strange games we invented to pass the time. And a lot of nice baths, and public baths in Budapest.

GrumpyHour19 karma

So what exactly was on your head when the golden crown started melting?

Harry_Lloyd29 karma

They just had this - they made a special mixture of paint and silicone, or something, and added the flames in aftereffects.

Frajer17 karma

did you know that the Theory of Everything would be so successful ?

Harry_Lloyd30 karma


I thought it would be a small, well-received independent British film. I'm thrilled for its success.

friendsbeforefood15 karma

Is Supreme Tweeter based on your own experiences as an actor ????

Harry_Lloyd17 karma

Ehm - only to the extent that I used to be quite wary of social media.

It was more based on the pressure actors feel to be their own brand managers online.

And rather than fully engage with it, I co-wrote a story about it.

Fiammyx12 karma

What did you like most about filming in Malta? I have Maltese origins :)

Harry_Lloyd23 karma

I enjoyed the day we shot the Dothraki wedding, on the island of Gozo. Best sunset of all time?

jonemillard12 karma

Hey Harry,

Have you ever had any odd fan encounters?

Harry_Lloyd55 karma

Ehm - not really, to be honest.

I think the silver wig protected my identity.

Mischa221B11 karma

Is there an actor/actress you have wanted to meet and work with but haven't gotten to yet?

Harry_Lloyd28 karma


I'd like to work with... Anthony Hopkins, is today's choice.

raleighstark10 karma

Hey Harry, loved you (well, hated your character but you know...) in Game of Thrones! Was just wondering, if you could play any other character, in Game of Thrones and just in general, what would it be?

Thanks and hello from Cardiff ^

Harry_Lloyd26 karma

Cool question!


I would like to have played Syrio Forel. The water dancer.

cruciatus_curse10 karma

Hi Harry! Why wasn't Viserys on the Valar Morghulis wall at the exhibition? Made me sad:(. Also, I loved Supreme Tweeter and I'm sorry about your dog!

Harry_Lloyd29 karma

VERY good question.

Eh - hahaha - we went to the exhibition. Maybe it's a Baratheon conspiracy.

ahonglex8 karma

If you could ask the real Kim Jong Un one question, what would it be?

Harry_Lloyd27 karma

Ehm - "Will you watch my web series?"

athey8 karma

Huge fan of yours. When it first dawned on my that your were Baines from Doctor Who (those were my Fav Dr episodes with Martha as the companion, and you were super memorable), Viserys from GoT, Will from Robin Hood, and then I watched Manhatten and you were there too, it was crazy and awesome they were all the same actor! I never get to go to movies these days thanks to kids, but I can't wait till I finally manage to see Theory of Everything.

In Manhattan, I know the characters are all fictional, but are somewhat inspired by various scientists from the day. I saw a behind the scenes video where they interviewed some people who had actually lived at the compound at the time. Did you and the other actors get to meet / talk with any people with personal experience of Los Alamos?

Harry_Lloyd12 karma

When I arrived to film in Santa Fe last year, I had broken a wrist. And the physiotherapist I visited knew a woman whose father was one of the atomic scientists during the war. So I started talking to her, and through her, we met those people you saw interviewed on the compound.

To see these women visiting the houses on our set, and commenting how close the paint color was to their childhood memories, was something extraordinary.

firestonetribe8 karma

Loved you as Henry V in Supreme Tweeter. Have you actually ever played him? What would be your ultimate Shakespeare role to play?

Harry_Lloyd14 karma

I've never played Henry V.

I played Rosalind in AS YOU LIKE IT at school. Which was pretty terrifying, playing a girl, who was pretending to be a man.

But that has been my favourite Shakespeare to date. Of course, I'd love to play some of the biggies, like Hamlet.

Although I feel "Notes from Underground" scratched that itch a little bit.

oliver287 karma

I loved Viserys in GOT and Brian in Theory Of Everything. Looking forward to Wolf Hall. Do you prefer "conflicted bad guy" roles or typical "good guy" ones and why?

Harry_Lloyd9 karma

I love being able to play both. I think having to choose one or the other would be... impossible.

Kairsten937 karma

I'm so excited you are doing this! Do you still keep in touch with any GoT cast members?

Harry_Lloyd15 karma

Yeah. I'm seeing Gethin Anthony on Monday.

markmordrake7 karma

Hey Harry! Saw you at the Coronet for Notes, and absolutely loved it! I'm glad it had a great run. Tried to think of a good challenging question for you in the theme of Supreme Tweeter, which was also excellent! If any entertainer or public figure could follow you - alive or dead - who would you wish it was?

Harry_Lloyd8 karma


I think I'd be a bit upset if Dickens were on Twitter and didn't follow me. So I would say Dickens.

But I would love to be followed by... Jack Nicholson.

kklinn7 karma

We know you do snowboard, do you play other sports? Have often funny t shirts. You have many? Your favorite?

Harry_Lloyd12 karma

I do like funny T-shirts.

And I do like to snowboard.

I broke my wrist boarding in the Alps, just over a year ago, days before starting rehearsals for "Notes from Underground," which is why the character in the London one had his arm in a sling.

JustJay_JW7 karma

Hi, Harry! You've had two recent projects where you were involved from conceptualization through to performance and presentation (Notes from Underground and Supreme Tweeter...very different, but absolutely LOVED both!). Is that level of involvement something you find exhilarating or exhausting (or both!)? Is that a direction you'd like to explore more in the future, or do you see yourself continuing to focus primarily on performance? Thx for doing this. :) (P.S. Tweet more!)

Harry_Lloyd8 karma

raises eyebrows

Exhilarating and exhausting sums it up nicely.

Last year I made a deliberate choice that I wanted to take control of it more. And do things that scared me.

Ehm - and I'm very Interested in developing more in the future. Though right now, I'd love to just do some acting.

jpark286 karma

Who was your favorite person to work with on Supreme Tweeter?

Harry_Lloyd5 karma

Alexander Hong. Who played the creepy Asian man.

DomericB6 karma

Granted you have (I assume) 31 other great-great-great grandparents aside from Charles Dickens including Dickens' mistreated wife Catherine, but still wondering do you have a favourite story or favourite character from his work?

Harry_Lloyd12 karma

From Dickens' work?

I love the story that Alfred Jingle tells in PICKWICK PAPERS, about a woman eating a sandwich, sitting on top of a coach, who goes under a bridge and when she comes out the other side, there's a... sandwich but no mouth to put it in.

"Terrible place – dangerous work – other day – five children – mother – tall lady, eating sandwiches – forgot the arch – crash – knock – children look round – mother's head off – sandwich in her hand – no mouth to put it in – head of family off – shocking, shocking. Looking at Whitehall Sir, – fine place – little window – somebody else's head off there, eh, Sir? – he didn't keep a sharp look-out either – eh, sir, eh?"

kklinn6 karma

hi Harry, how are you? I am very happy, thank you for this opportunity. It was a shock to see you on twitter :D It was difficult to realize the web series? Will there be a sequel? In real life it was really hard after Viserys ? Keeps you on twitter?

Harry_Lloyd12 karma

I'm very well, thank you.

I joined Twitter towards the end of last year. Which coincided with the development of "Supreme Tweeter." I always used to be terrified of it. It's really not so bad.

Let's see how the series is received.

Eh - no. Viceroys was... looks like he's having a miserable time. But I had a ball doing it - before, during, and after.

Gracie19855 karma

Hi, Harry :) What is your dream role, if you have one?

Harry_Lloyd6 karma

Ehm - I don't have one dream role.

I think I'm lucky that the stuff that comes along is more exciting than the things I can imagine for myself.

piccadillyparlare5 karma

Hi Harry (et al.), you guys did an amazing job on Supreme Tweeter and I hope you have the time/ inclination to do more episodes. If you don’t mind, I have a few remarks and questions. I couldn’t help but notice similarities between the version of yourself that you played in the series and Dan Ashcroft, which is quite fitting considering how prophetic Nathan Barley was.

I was wondering how much of an impact other films/ television shows (e.g., Frank, Birdman, Maps To The Stars, Party Down, etc.) featuring tech-oriented diegesis and/ or a less glamorous look at the entertainment industry, had on your own script, whether in terms of inspiration or avoiding repetition.

I’m also curious as to what your thoughts on this growing trend in elucidating the daily struggles of a given performer for a broader audience means on the whole for the industry. Is it merely a means of exorcising demons or do you believe that the increased attention will perhaps change the industry for the better such that a more stable, ‘meaningful’ career can be had by more than a very select fortunate few?

And lastly, would you and your collaborators consider crowdfunding if you felt demand for an extended Supreme Tweeter series were there?

Thanks and stay classy, San Diego.

Harry_Lloyd17 karma


We live in a society that I think is becoming more and more self-concious. We have behind-the-scenes shows about behind-the-scenes. In "Supreme Tweeter," we wanted to tap into that whole meta-thing.

Even though it's a slightly uncomfortable topic. Especially when it's you, yourself.

I think something like BIRDMAN did a masterful job in exploring that aspect of today's culture. And I think it can be handled very well. But can sometimes be used as a cheap trick.

And no. I think it's very dangerous and almost impossible to ask an audience to feel sympathy for the struggles of an actor. Bearing in mind it's a job where you are playing make-believe. I don't think that toils and struggles of people in the entertainment industry need to be addressed any more than the toils and struggles of the rest of society.

firestonetribe4 karma

Hi dude. Just laughed out loud watching Supreme Tweeter on the train. Loved it! Is that the real Harry Lloyd we're seeing?

Harry_Lloyd5 karma


That Harry Lloyd is... I like to think, is very much an exaggerated version of myself. But I'm not anything like the mini-Harry, I don't think??

LadyPonusky874 karma

If you could be a part of any book adaptation to film/tv/stage, which book would you choose and why? I heard "Notes From Underground" was marvelous!

Harry_Lloyd10 karma

Ehm - well, I mean... I think there should be a massive series based on TALES OF THE OTORI. "Across the Nightingale Floor," which is the first book, is a modern children's classic. It's all about... it's set in ancient Japan, with a little bit of magic. It is great.

JustJay_JW3 karma

Do you have any idea when "Big Significant Things" might pick up distribution? I saw it at the Philadelphia Film Festival and loved it. It's honestly way up there on my list of favorite performances by you, and I'm eager for everyone to see it!

Harry_Lloyd5 karma

Ehm - we have recently GOT distribution! Hopefully, you will be hearing about it very soon.

moaeta3 karma

Was there a lot of competition for Viserys role? How did the audition go? What was your reaction when you found out you got the part?

Harry_Lloyd9 karma

I have no idea how... competitive it was. I had two quite straightforward meetings. I was very lucky to be cast early. I think because I happened to have blond hair at the time for a play I was doing. It was pretty blond, but not as blond as Viserys.

unhhoh123 karma

So what would you have named the dragons that your sister received? Surely you can come up with better names

Harry_Lloyd11 karma

Ehm - Grumpy, Sneezy, and...

What would I name the three dragons? That's a very good question.



And Earl.

shivan213 karma

Watched the first part of Supreme Tweeter, it's great! Will there be a reddit episode too?

Harry_Lloyd12 karma

A reddit episode?

Eh - we are filming right now. #UBERMETA

wompusprint3 karma

What was your favorite part of the Supreme Tweeter process?

Harry_Lloyd3 karma

Ehm - I really enjoyed playing with the sound FX when the music started coming in, which was the first time I really felt we had a show.

Mischa221B3 karma

At what place in the world would you most like to visit?

Harry_Lloyd4 karma

Mmmm... I would love to visit Korea.

Maybe pop over to the DMZ. If I was allowed to.

MatticusXII3 karma

Harry, are you a Fantasy junkie like i am? (LOTR, GOT, pagan lore in general)

Harry_Lloyd13 karma

I wouldn't say I'm a junkie. But I have certainly dabbled.

wiggles fingers

firestonetribe3 karma

Did you hurt yourself when you fell off the Boris bike in episode 2 of Supreme Tweeter?

Harry_Lloyd3 karma

No, not really. I was a bit embarrassed, as I was trying to skid 'round the corner like a pro, and hit the wrong brake.

harz4233 karma

What's the most played song on your phone?

Harry_Lloyd3 karma

"Albatross" by Fleetwood Mac.

LadyPonusky872 karma

This is a VERY important question. My husband had to correctly answer it before I agreed to date him. Who would win in a fight: Spiderman or Batman? Also, explain your answer.

Harry_Lloyd4 karma


Speed. Web.

Melexx2 karma

What's your favourite cheese?

Harry_Lloyd2 karma



Or buffalo mozzarella.

seismicor2 karma

Did you get pranked yesterday on April Fools' day? Can you be more specific?

Harry_Lloyd4 karma

raises eyebrows

I got zero pranks, actually.

We were very busy launching the show.

whatsascreenname2 karma

Grilled Cheese: Cut diagonally or into squares?

Harry_Lloyd7 karma

Diagonally. You get THREE good opening bites, rather than two.

kiteslayer2 karma

Is there any roles/characters that you based your performance of Viserys from?

Harry_Lloyd6 karma

No. I didn't base that character on anything but the book...

The main inspiration was just the book. But when playing someone that bratty on the page, you are concentrating very much on all the non-bratty elements.

rmv212 karma

No homo but your hair from Theory of Everything looks soooo good. How'd you cut or style it?

Harry_Lloyd5 karma

That is ridiculous!

That my - hahaha- Harry's look in "Supreme Tweeter" was a combination of a grown-out Medieval bob that I had from WOLF HALL, and a scraggly beard that i was growing for "Notes from Underground." I don't think I ever looked more stupid. And because of pickup days, I had to look like that for months.

For THEORY OF EVERYTHING? Oh, cancel that.

Luckily, they had a lot to work with, 'cuz my hair was pretty long. It was a very pain-free makeup process. I can't even remember if we used products. I felt like one of the Monkees.

truebluedetective2 karma

Hello Harry, take your pick OR answer both!

First, in your opinion, had Viserys managed to make it out that tent alive, do you think he would have ever been humbled by anyone? Or was he destined for an early death?

Second, Daenery's has a feverish episode later in the story of ASOIAF where she hallucinates vividly about Viserys. If Dan and Dave included that in the show, would you be open to a cameo given there were no scheduling conflicts?


Harry_Lloyd6 karma

Ehm - I think he always had it coming, frankly.

The way he carried - I don't think could have been lifted by anyone or anything.

And of course!

lady_lier2 karma

Hi Harry! I love all your work, I recently hear you as Pollution for the Good Omens adaptation, I loved your performance there and would've love to hear more form you :D How was for you working on a radio adaptation?

Harry_Lloyd4 karma

That was really fun.

And it's where I met the actor Andy Secombe, whom I cast in "Supreme Tweeter." Doing radio plays are often lovely long days sitting in the green room, chatting with other actors between scenes. The ones I've done have always felt very British, and part of a longstanding tradition I'm proud to be a part of.

emkaiboli2 karma

What was your most difficult role and why?

Harry_Lloyd7 karma

I think the one I just did. I just did a one-man play adapted from "Notes from Underground" which is a book by Dostoyevsky about a guy who had locked himself away from the world for 10 years, and spoke to the audience for an hour and ten minutes, which I did twice a night for a month last year.

Yeah. That was pretty brutal, haha! But worthwhile.

Hischoll2 karma

I set the time wrong, fuck.

Well, here it goes. What would you say was the biggest difference between working in Doctor Who and in GoT?

Harry_Lloyd5 karma

raises eyebrows

The weather.

Doctor Who was filmed - I remember freezing windy rainy nights in Wales.

And Game of Thrones, with warm, long afternoons in Malta.

It was boring, but that's the first thing that came to mind.

Mischa221B2 karma

Hello Harry, out of everything you have been in, which movie have you enjoyed being in the most and why?

Harry_Lloyd8 karma


Depends which day you ask me.

Today... I will say... THE IRON LADY. For some reason.

ohtar_2 karma

Hi, Harry! I really enjoyed watching Supreme Tweeter yesterday; it looked like a lot of fun to make. My question for you is: Do you have a favorite book or author?

Harry_Lloyd5 karma

Quite simply, no.

But I have a whole host of contenders.

I read "The Giving Tree" for the first time recently. How did I miss that??

IEatPomegranate2 karma

What was it about Notes From The Underground that inspired you to adapt it to the stage? Did you enjoy the writing process?

Harry_Lloyd5 karma

I did.

Ehm - reading the book, I'd read the book that year. And was put on the spot by the director to find a one-man show. And as soon as I mentioned this book - snaps fingers - he told me to write it straightaway.

Reading it - I'd never read anything else like it. And the writing process was SUCH a whirlwind.

I was still - to this day- not quite sure what we did or how we did.

seismicor2 karma

Is the Kim Jong Un's twitter account in the Supreme Tweeter a real deal or a parody account?

Harry_Lloyd4 karma

That is the creation of our PR guru, Martin Forsyth.

IAmAlpharius2 karma

Thanks for doing this! Huge GoT fan, and how you played Viserys. Which fictional universe do you think Viserys would actually succeed in?

Also, if you could play any character from any book (not just ASOIAF), who would it be?

Harry_Lloyd5 karma

Ehm - I can imagine him mellowed in middle age, working with clay down in Hobbiton.

seismicor2 karma

How many episodes of Supreme Tweeter do you plan on doing?

Harry_Lloyd3 karma

Honestly, I've no idea.

I'm very curious to hear peoples' thoughts.

Levstrong2 karma

How many languages can you speak?

Harry_Lloyd4 karma

English, pretty well. French, fairly well.