Hello everybody. I'm a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer.

My new web series that I wrote and directed "COP SHOW" is currently running on LStudio.com. It takes a fictional behind-the-scenes look at yours truly trying to make an NYC cop drama and features Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Norton, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, SNL's Michael Che, Peter Grosz, Griffin Newman, and more...

I also have a book this June, "The Coloring Book", which you can learn more about here.

Victoria's helping me get started today. AMA!


Thanks for the questions. I hope you go jump in a lake. I mean have a good weekend.

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MitchReinhardt154 karma

Hey Colin, long time fan. I just wanted to ask, what are you up to now that your career is over?

Colin-Quinn302 karma

Sir, my career is not over. And to state that it is well, that's really inappropriate on this forum. In fact, I'd like to stab you repeatedly.

Henry_Crinkle96 karma

Do you ever lie awake at night wondering how different your career trajectory would have been if the director of Crocodile Dundee 2 would have just listened?

Colin-Quinn127 karma

No but I bet Paul Hogan does.

OCaptain184 karma

What was your reaction to being placed in the bottom 6 of the Rolling Stones list of all SNL cast members?

Colin-Quinn285 karma

I was thrilled to be included in the bottom six of the Rolling Stone list of SNL cast members. Thanks for reminding me.

paper_champion65 karma

Hello, Colin. I'm a big fan, and especially enjoyed Tough Crowd. This one's a two-parter. First, would you ever consider a re-boot of that format? Second, if you did re-boot it, what younger comedians would you want to have on the panel? Thanks for doing this!

Colin-Quinn100 karma

Tough Crowd would be great especially with all the new comedians around but I'm not going to do it myself because it looks like Im a one trick pony which I am but...

alcoholpizza40 karma

Hey Colin I was wondering what is your favorite band and why is it the sick fukin puppies?

Colin-Quinn98 karma

My favorite band is the Beatles. I thought they had some great songs especially from 1963 to 1970.

sumant2840 karma

Carlin or Pryor?

Colin-Quinn370 karma

Carlin or Pryor is impossible to answer. Like asking if I prefer Sunni or Shiite. They both have such amazing insights and their messages resonate with me.

Fantasyexpert139 karma

Hey Colin Quinn. I am thinking about taking a new job in an unfamiliar area, what's your advice on making big changes in your life?

Colin-Quinn193 karma

My advice is when you move to a new area, put a rolled up newspaper under your shirt, knock on your neighbors doors and when they open it let them see the bulge under your shirt and tell them "this is what's up now". Then wink and snap your fingers and walk away.

Studibro33 karma

How do you keep your twitter so fresh and trendy?

Colin-Quinn146 karma

I keep twitter fresh by following some of the latest events in the news. For example, I understand there's a big NCAA bracket. I haven't lost yet. So people look to me for leadership in that regard.

oldchunkofcoal32 karma

Do you consider Norm Macdonald a genius? Would you have him on your show?

Colin-Quinn87 karma

I don't know what constitutes a "genius" but Norm Macdonald is as funny and brilliant as anyone in comedy that's a given. If anyone is a genius he would fall into that category, though. I would have him on the show in a heartbeat.

oldchunkofcoal31 karma

I heard you're something of a bookworm, Col. What are some of your favorites?

Colin-Quinn55 karma

I like to read funny books. I said Confederacy already but Don Quixote is funny and Lolita is funny. Just read Richard Price The Whites (not funny) but it was great.

shmigshmog31 karma

Also what's up with your legs? Were you like burned as a kid or something?

Colin-Quinn127 karma

No my legs were not burned as a kid. They just happen to be unnervingly thin. Paul Newman had skinny legs but nobody busted his balls.

JennVastra30 karma

Will Unconstitutional become a special sometime soon?

Colin-Quinn115 karma

Unconstitutional will be a special soon. Where or when I don't know. If worse comes to worse I will release it on Reddit.

francis_goatman21 karma

How's Jerry doing these days?

Colin-Quinn90 karma

Jerry is broke. So he's going through a weird time right now.

CallMeCactus18 karma

Any tips in regards to stand up comedy that you would like to share?

Colin-Quinn83 karma

Tell your life stories and add the jokes in. You will be original. All you have in stand up is you and the way you view things.

MartyVanB18 karma

Your stand up was the inspiration for so many TV shows (Girls, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory) so when will you get your own network sitcom?

Colin-Quinn104 karma

I'm actually doing a sitcom coming out soon. It's about a man who moves into an ant colony and all the drama that occurs because of the culture and lifestyle clashes that you would imagine.

cutegirl228717 karma

Do you think it is wise for comedians to date other comedians?

Colin-Quinn72 karma

I think comedians dating other comedians is great. But not if one is a hack and one is good. Or if they have a kid who's a hack.

PuppyBox16 karma

How do you feel after those burns from Dolph Ziggler and Amy Schumer?

Colin-Quinn57 karma

I felt they were uncalled for and out of line. But what can you do. Some people are gonna be like that. Taylor Swift says it best.

RahnBayngtin15 karma

You're the best Col. You have talked for years about your "manifestos" and anyone who sees your work knows how well read/well spoken you are. Can't wait for "The Coloring Book"

  1. Do you have any tips/techniques you use for writing you could bestow on us.

    1. Do you JUST write whatever comes to you in any form or do you specifically plan to write a script or standup bit or prose
    2. Any good book recommendations? I loved the podcast you did with Kevin Pang and because of that I got into Eugene O'Neil and probably would have never picked him up if not for you.

Colin-Quinn85 karma

I would say read a Confederacy of Dunces. It's the funniest book ever IMHO and I tried to get Patrice to read it but of course he just looked at me like I asked him to lend me money.

keithireland14 karma


Colin-Quinn58 karma

Because I'm a rude entitled ass.

pfgposter13 karma

Did anyone ever tell Marion she looks like Dusty Rhodes?

Colin-Quinn49 karma

I always felt that Marion had more of a Bobby the Brain Heenan hairdo in that it never really moves.

oldchunkofcoal13 karma

Favorite non-goodfellas movie of all time?

Colin-Quinn36 karma

In The Heat of The Night, On the Waterfront, Millers Crossing, The Roaring Twenties, Midnight Cowboy, The Heartbreak Kid (the original) and more..

oldchunkofcoal13 karma

Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky?

Colin-Quinn40 karma

Dostoyevsky. I guess. That's a tough one. It's like the Carlin and Pryor question.

betta-believe-it10 karma

How often do you meet new people who ask you to tell you a joke off the top of your head, or requests to make them laugh?

And do you like or despise such people?

Colin-Quinn40 karma

People do ask you to tell jokes when you are a comedian. They are either dumb or hostile. Or dumb and hostile. I usually just assume they mean well but are dumb. But when you tell them a joke they don't laugh which is infuriating.

banannnarama479 karma

When are you gonna put a book out col?

Colin-Quinn20 karma

My book is Coloring Book it's out in June.

PaulWT6 karma

Why did you wear such tight jeans in that old HBO special you did? I couldn't even finish watching it, your ridiculous get-up made me so uncomfortable. I was embarrassed for you!

Colin-Quinn25 karma

I see. Well you weren't around in the early 90's. I was cutting edge.I picked that outfit out myself and I wish I looked like that now.

BoboOrban64 karma

What's your favorite George Carlin album and why is it Occupation Foole? #GTKRWN #PPWW

Colin-Quinn25 karma

It's not Occupation Foole. That had some good moments but Class Clown was a monster! It allowed millions of Irish Catholics to laugh at their trauma. Now it's a given but that was the first really funny reflection of American Catholic childhood.

siscri3 karma

Can you please shut down your Twitter account?

Colin-Quinn26 karma

I will shut down my twitter account when everyone else that says insipid and boring things does.

RatherPleasent2 karma

Big fan, I've been dickriding for years.

I wanted to ask about your book "The Coloring Book." I understand your a Comedian, thus, the book probably has some funny points, but I'm wondering if you made any legitimate arguments about race using historical data or statistics.

Will your book, to any degree, be read in a College class somewhere, and then be analyzed for its poignant arguments and use of historical documents. Or is it just a completely opinionated book with pseudo statistics.

I'm interested in the book either way, but if you touched on different defining moments in American history in regards to race I'd like it even more. For example, if you cited some Supreme Court cases such as, Plesse v. Ferguson, People v. Hall, Ozawa v. U.S etc., I would be even more interested in your book.

Main point: Are you just fucking around with the issue of race, or are you doing the former as well as providing historical & legal data to contextualize the information and validate your statements?

Colin-Quinn17 karma

No my book is not a serious treatise on race. It's just my life experience with all the various ethnicities in New York. But it's more of a cultural anthropology written by a man who's too important to do research.