Well, I'm a lucky shitapple.

I'm in another series right now, called "Forgive Me." It's coming to Super Channel. It's really fantastic.

And the new season of "Trailer Park Boys" is coming the 27th of this month - which is this Friday, yeah! To Netflix.

So Victoria's going to be helping me out via phone. I'm in Canada.

Ask me anything!

PROOF: https://www.facebook.com/theJohnDunsworth/posts/10153062101905935


Well, I answered 90 questions today on the Facebook. I don't need any more attention, because I try to answer everybody - I made a big mistake, starting to send out postcards to people who asked for autographs, and they started posting 'em, so I got HUNDREDS of requests, but I had to give it up, but i wanted to do it because on the bottom of the postcard it asked people to donate to Doctors Without Borders -and I thought it was worth it - but I was writing a novel up until 2 months ago, until i started doing that, and I haven't had any time to finish doing that!

But if you DO want to like me on Facebook, you can follow me at


I'm not very savvy aboot all these things.

You can go to the Los Angeles Book Review, and check oot the review on "The Dicshitnary." And if you like it, you can go to http://johndunsworth.com/ and order one.

We're trying to sell 5,000 copies of the book so we can have a Canadian best-seller.

It's insane, is what it is! And thanks to everybody who asked a question. And check oot Swearnet, and see "Jim Lahey and the Liquor Stories" - I think it's https://www.swearnet.com/

And mostly, I just want to say: use your imagination folks. You can change the world.

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ImJimLaheyAMA571 karma

My username has been waiting for this moment. I feel like I should be drunk.

What's the funniest thing someone has shouted at you in public after recognizing you?

John_Dunsworth847 karma

One time, at the toll bridge, I cut off a guy in an old Camaro.

With dual exhaust. And a Hurst floor shift. He was gunning it, and yelling at me, because I cut him off.

Then his face brightened up, and he yelled "HEY LAHEY! IT'S ALL GOOD MAN!"

That's it.

Moface322 karma

Was there ever a time when you were too convincing while faking drunk that people actually thought you were just some drunk guy? There should really be some kind of award for pretending to be that drunk that well.

On a side note: John! I love you - SO much! Jim Lahey is honestly my favorite character ever. Meeting you and getting called a shit(something) is on my bucket list.

John_Dunsworth556 karma

I did it for a couple of fans on tour with Randy once, in a McDonald's, and got kicked oot of the McDonald's.

I could not convince the guy that I was just pretending.

Hehehehehe! Hehehe. Yeah, where do you live?

Moface90 karma

Indiana. Feel free to drop on by sometime! Liquors on me!

John_Dunsworth168 karma


gabzz103201 karma

Hi John. Whenever I hit the liquor hard, it feels like my head has been through a shit tsunami the next day. I believe it's because I've been drinking against the grain of the liquor.

How do you recommend drinking with the grain of the liquor?

By the way, I saw your live show with Randy and the Boys late last year in Winnipeg and I couldn't stop laughing. The whole cast did a fantastic job!

John_Dunsworth372 karma

Drinking with the grain of the liquor... takes a LOT of experience.

You have to have an inner magnetic compass.

And face the way - face the direction in which the liquor was bottled.

I don't know, I'm just making this up, haha!

Every time someone asks me that question on my fanpage, I give a different answer.

John_Dunsworth222 karma

I just made that up on the spot just now, so that's how deep it goes.

slhill1091187 karma

Mr. Lahey, what is the secret to your liquorball sandwiches?

John_Dunsworth319 karma

You need fresh, white bread...

breaks out laughing

...for a slow high.

Multi-grain bread holds too much liquor. Then you have a tendency to get to 8 out of 10 before you're ready.

Awkward_Ultralisk142 karma

Mr. Dunsworth, thanks a lot for doing this AMA! Jim Lahey is my favorite character on Trailer Park Boys, and a large part of why TPB is one of my favorite shows.

  1. One of my favorite Lahey shitisms is “He's about to enter the shit tornado to Oz.” That came early, in one of the episodes in season 2, and it was just so spontaneous and nonsensical that I knew I had to keep watching TPB. I wasn't disappointed: you’ve had some other brilliant shitisms like “shit rope” and “hair-triggered, double-barreled shit machine gun.” Where do you come up with these shitisms? Are they ad-lib?

  2. Is there any chance of Treena Lahey making a return to TPB? (This one was left unanswered in the last TPB AMA, unfortunately.)

  3. Do you have a favorite shitism? If so, what is it?

  4. Outside of TPB, I watched your video on rocks and cement, and I must say, you have a pretty damn cool hobby. You mentioned that you built your house yourself, and I was wondering how long it took you to build it? Because that's one hell of an accomplishment.

Thanks again, and remember to keep your shit-guard up.

John_Dunsworth219 karma

1.) I'm a little bit embarrassed to say that I used to teach at University, back in the 80's. And I taught my students never to be involved in bathroom humor. And so... I did not write most of the shitticisms. Or shitisms. However you want to call them. When I ask who writes them, usually the answer is "J.P." or "Julian writes most of the shit stuff." Because as you know, I am an actor, and do not write most of the scripts.

2.) Treena is Ellen Page. Who is hopping back and forth between LA, and Halifax, as far as I know. She's a very busy actress. And I'm sure if we could get her, we would!

3.) Oooh. I like some that are not even in the show, like "Ask not for whom the shit bell Tolls --- It tolls for thee." A lot of the shitticisms - like "Tempus Fuggit" - a lot of them come from classical mythology or from Latin.

4.) I... take my time building things. Especially my house. Because it was expensive. And I didn't want to go deeply in debt. So it took me a period of probably... 5 years to go from the basement to the top. We lived on the third floor for a year, while we finished the bottom floors. It's more sensible that way, because you're not tracking drywall dust and construction detritus through your living area.

And thank YOU for watching "Get a Hobby!" on my YouTube channel!

ImRichieDagger129 karma

Hi John, I'm a huge fan. You seem so perfect for the part of Jim Lahey. Did you audition for the role, or were you asked to be on the show?

John_Dunsworth230 karma

Back in the nine-teen-nineties....we did a show called "One Last Shot."

Mike Clattenberg directed.

Ricky and Julian were also in that movie.

It was never released.

Although we won prizes for acting and directing.

Clattenberg liked my character, so he asked me to reprise it in "Trailer Park Boys."

John_Dunsworth164 karma

And the rest is history!

WorldPipe120 karma

What is your favorite improvised line/moment from Trailer Park Boys? Also - I love you. Sincerely. Please be my friend.

John_Dunsworth329 karma

My favorite line... let me think... "i tod a so."

Which was improvised by Ricky, during a rehearsal.

Irrelevantusername3193 karma

Look I'm mowing the air, bud! But seriously Is there anyone on the show that has a personality similar to their character?

John_Dunsworth419 karma


He's the real dick. Losco is a real caveman. And Julian is really sexy.

Giggity_198184 karma

How hard is it to keep a straight face while you're on set with the boys?

John_Dunsworth172 karma

That's a big, long story. I've been acting onstage for over 40 years. And it's just something - it's the same thing as you face the camera, and you make sure that you're ready, and you know your lines. It's just one of the things you have to do. And once in a while you break up, but it's television, so that goes in the oot-takes for the closing night party.

flooglehorn76 karma

do your nips ever get cold out there in Nova Scotia?

John_Dunsworth290 karma

You're thinking of Randy.

UltravioIence70 karma

Mr Dunsworth why do you so rarely travel with the boys during their live shows? The Christmas live special on Netflix is easily my favorite, and its because of you. I think using the white plastic bag in place of a Santa beard is absolutely hilarious.

John_Dunsworth146 karma

Um...coordinating five people to tour is harder than coordinating three.

And more expensive.

I am sometimes just not available. Because i do live theater, and tour with Randy, and I am in 2 other television series.

That's why.

Sexysquirrelman62 karma

Hey Mr. Lahey! What are you going to do about Ricky taking a piss in your ice cube tray and cream?

John_Dunsworth107 karma

This is news to me.

I did have Lemon-Gin-flavored ice cubes...

Is that what you're referring to?

Sexysquirrelman38 karma

That answer made me happy for the rest of my life. Please give me a call if you want to have a cup of joe sometime. Just thought of this but I'll ask on Friday if I'm asking too much. Any word on new full length Trailer Park Boys movies? Your performance in Countdown to Liquor Day was most decent.

John_Dunsworth72 karma

I had not heard aboot plans for another movie.

But if the world doesn't get obliterated in the next few years, I wager we're gonna make a great one.

matthank59 karma

For the scene where you walk backwards while drinking a mickey, how many takes did it take?

John_Dunsworth88 karma

Three, I think.

And you can add: And I still haven't had to pee. Ha ha! I drained 3 26'ers, actually.

John_Dunsworth82 karma

I remember we did 3 takes, and I drained 3 bottles.

hokieberg59 karma

Mr. Lahey, has there ever been a time when you and that big coagulated gravy hot dog bun bastard got into any trouble while in character due to not being recognized?

Also, I quit Mr. Lahey, go fuck yourself!

John_Dunsworth44 karma


Uh, no. I can't remember any time we got in trouble. Together.

John_Dunsworth66 karma

On the contrary... we've got noticed. RCMP tickets. Gotten free meals. And been treated splendidly everywhere we go.

It's almost like a passport to happiness!

jonesyjonesy54 karma

Mr. Lahey,

Talk about your most memorable night with Bim Jeam. Does it involve Barb, or Randy? Or does it involve both?

John_Dunsworth235 karma

Use your imagination.

I am the licker.

But I never lick and tell.

fartchampion51 karma

Hi John, I've always been deeply impressed your ability to chug entire liquor bottles of liquid. what's your secret?

John_Dunsworth143 karma

I... used to drink great amounts of Coca-Cola when I was young.

When you can guzzle Coke, you can guzzle anything.

frimframsc250 karma


Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA.

How is the Emerald Princess treating you?

John_Dunsworth133 karma

My beautiful motor-yacht was wrecked in a storm.

I was in Edmonton at the time.

And when I came home, to Nova Scotia, it was on a reef. In Southwest Cove.

I'm looking at her picture right now.

A beautiful boat.

Solid mahogany.

38 feet.

Built in 1958.

Looked better than a Chris Craft.

frimframsc219 karma

So sorry to hear that.

Although the memory of the Emerald Princess will always live on, I hope you can find a suitable replacement someday.

John_Dunsworth63 karma

I have a sailboat now.

And it's wonderful.

g8rade47 karma

John, what is it like working with your daughter on TPB?

John_Dunsworth103 karma

We hardly get to do any scenes together, dammit.

I have 4 children, and they're all involved in the business.

I consider myself to be really lucky, in that regard. Molly and I might be in a movie that might be coming out shortly. She played "Abby" in HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, with Rutger Hauer, and she's done 10 films since then. Sarah acts in TRAILER PARK, but her chosen profession right now is as costume kid for films. And she and Molly were just working together on RELATIVE HAPPINESS, a great film that screened here last Friday.

If you get a chance to see it, don't miss it. It's great.

queen_slug-4-a-butt45 karma

Mr. Dunsworth, thank you so much for your time! I became an avid TPB fan several years ago--it's been amazing to see the show grow and morph and take on a life of its own.

I know you have a great deal of stage experience. So what stage role would you still want to play? King Lahey-ear?!

John_Dunsworth72 karma

That's brilliant.

And you're absolutely right.

Dirty_D_36 karma

Are any of the cast members actually drinking/smoking during filming?

What work of yours are you post proud of outside of TPB?

My girlfriend and I always accuse each other of breaking the law, breaking it, the law, breaking the law. So thank you very much for that, can't wait for the new season!

John_Dunsworth48 karma

As far as I know - no.

I love the show that I'm doing right now, "Forgive Me." And on Thursday night, I'm doing a benefit for the Victoria Order of Nurses - the VON. But I love touring with Randy. I think I get the best feeling about what I do... when I'm able to make people happy.

Haha! You'll have to!

John_Dunsworth26 karma

And I bet you'll love it!

FrigOffConky36 karma

My fiance' and I are getting married on April 1st and we are HUGE fans. What advice do you think Jim Lahey would give us on how to have a happy marriage?

John_Dunsworth104 karma

"Don't try and change each other."

two_off31 karma

Who is the most fun on the set of Trailer Park Boys?

John_Dunsworth116 karma

I'd have to say Jonathan Torrens.

p.s. Mike Smith is brilliantly funny.

g8rade29 karma

Hey John, you are truly hilarious!!

If Mr. Lahey joined jroc's crew, what would his rap name be?

John_Dunsworth38 karma

I don't know, hahah. You tell me!

ShaolinPonk26 karma

Hello Mr. Dunsworth. Congratulations on your continued success. I want to take this moment to applaud your commitment to your character. At the time of the last TPB season's release my friends and I had a celebration where some of us chose to portray our favorite characters. I chose yours. It was that night that I learned to appreciate your skills, as falling on purpose is very difficult and painful (See image for source:http://imgur.com/KPJ8Ncl). I commend your ability to cross the shit-line and never look back. Is it ever difficult for you to cross that shit-line during a performance? If so, what shit-line from the show was the hardest for you to mentally cross?

John_Dunsworth55 karma

The hardest thing that i have to do on TRAILER PARK BOYS is stand back while stuntmen do easy pratfalls.

I get to do some really great stuff.

But often, the first assistant director tells me "I can't do that."

That's the hardest thing for me.

BigSeth20 karma

Holy Guac! John Dunsworth. I Mean Mr. Lahey I've been waiting for this all day to be first in line with my question. And you bet I'll be in line on Friday when the boys show up. I have a two part question.

  1. I See you touring with the boys so often, how do those effect you at your age? (if at all) and
  2. What is one line of TPB that you couldn't contain yourself from laughing at.

John_Dunsworth62 karma

"The only difference between and you, Julian, is a couple of drinks."

As far as being almost 69 years old, I think I'm in as good shape as any of 'em. Except for Julian. He works oot every day.

Ralph21219 karma

Hello John! Let me start off by saying you came into the Ayc in halifax and my friend was super ecstatic to meet you, personally I wish I could have been there that day. Anyways, my question is, how has the set changed now that Mike Clattenburg is gone, and how is Cory Bowles as a director?

John_Dunsworth34 karma

Cory is wonderful. He's just finished a great project, here in Nova Scotia. He's got a great future. Mike Clattenberg has flown the coop! I think he's in LA right now, making... more great TV. I think one of his latest is called "Black Jesus" or "Jesus of Los Angeles" or something like that, I haven't seen it, but he's doing, they're both doing great.

The set is different, withoot him. And I hope to work with him again someday.

ExtraAndroid18 karma

:D what inspired you to be an actor?

John_Dunsworth45 karma

I was at University clears throat in Ontario...after flunking out of University in Nova Scotia... and I took an elective course in my second year, and I was hooked! That was in 1968.

And in 1970 - I started my own theater. On the waterfront, in Halifax.

diablo108616 karma

John, thanks so much for doing this AMA. I'm sure lots of people here are as excited for the new season of TPB as I am! What was the best lahey-randy scene that you personally loved doing? You guys are simply one of the best pair's out there in television.

John_Dunsworth40 karma

Wait for Jim Lahey in the fur coat, hunting rabbits.


It's totally ridiculous.

JSKlunk15 karma

Hi, I only know you from the Trailer Park Boys, and I've only been watching the show for a few months, but you're already one of my favourite actors. I have a question, if you'd like to answer it.

What's your favourite breakfast cereal?

John_Dunsworth44 karma

I hate to tell ya, but I like Corn Pops.

Flawfinger15 karma

Which of the Trailer Park Boys movies was your favorite? Mine was Don't Legalize It.

John_Dunsworth27 karma

I don't have a favorite. I like them all a lot.

successful_abortion14 karma

Hi John, huge fan here, and i got two questions for you How has playing an alcoholic affected your opinion on drugs and alcohol? And how is your relationship with randy and the boys outside of set?

John_Dunsworth34 karma

He's 40.

And I'm old enough to be his father. So we don't hang oot, besides touring. Where I do all the driving. And he does all the drinking.

We're great friends while we're working.

mikehartii14 karma

What is your favorite Shit analogy that you have used in the show? Can we expect a few good ones in season 9?

John_Dunsworth48 karma

I don't have a favourite, other than the one i said before.

Oh, I don't know. Woof. "The shit-bell tolls" is the one i used before... but I have no idea! I can't even remember which shitticisms we have in season 9.

But you'll be surprised.

I'll be surprised.

cbh52313 karma

What's next in your acting career Mr. Dunsworth?

John_Dunsworth26 karma

In the next 2 weeks - we're finishing "Forgive Me." And Randy and I have a tour in April. And in May and June, we're shooting season 8. And I have a couple of other movies, small parts, in there. And some charity events.

JWStarfish11 karma

Mr Lahey! What's your favourite "shiticism"?

Also, do you drink at home?

Oh... And are you the liquor?

John_Dunsworth39 karma

I don't drink at home. I seldom have more than half a drink when I'm oot. I don't want to lose my license, because I love to drive. And I don't want to do anything stupid.

John_Dunsworth89 karma

And Jim Lahey is the liquor. Not John Dunsworth.

xx_ClaireVoyant_xx11 karma

It's so awesome you are doing this AMA, Mr. Dunsworth :)

  1. What character is your favorite on the show (aside from Lim Jahey of course) and why?

  2. What or who was the inspiration for character of Mr. Lahey?

Thanks again for doing this AMA!

John_Dunsworth31 karma

1.) I was asked that question earlier today, on my Facebook. I said it was a three-way-tossup between Randy, Bobandy, or Randers.

2.) We answered that earlier - it was a character in, I guess you could say, JP Robb and me and Mike Clattenberg, in our first movie.

xx_ClaireVoyant_xx6 karma

I guess I got those questions in right as others were too, so my apologies for asking ones that had been answered!

I do have another one though, if you have time. Since you have over 40 years in theater, you've played a lot of roles on stage I'm sure. Do you have a favorite one?

John_Dunsworth22 karma

Shylock in the Merchant of Venice.

hero0fwar9 karma

When you were approached with the role of Jim Lahey, did you hesitate at all or jump on it?

John_Dunsworth31 karma

I never hesitate. I always jump.

Ibrah1mMoizoos6 karma

J-Roc is your favorite character, right?

John_Dunsworth16 karma


John_Dunsworth15 karma

I don't really HAVE a favorite character.

[deleted]6 karma


John_Dunsworth20 karma

Silly question. Can't answer.

Ibrah1mMoizoos5 karma

Early on, did you find yourself studying the drunk people you came across in your life to incorporate their drunk actions/sayings into your character?

John_Dunsworth11 karma

Not once.