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GenghisGaz10 karma

How different do you think western culture would be if cannabis replaced alcohol?

dschurer20 karma

Healthier....but I do not think alcohol should be replaced 100%...I like Guinness and good wine...I think cannabis can replace some pharma products...

dschurer9 karma

Forgot to add proof.

PolkyPolk7 karma

Any plans to make blue cannabis?

dschurer9 karma

Naw, just keep it real....

DelphineNiehaus6 karma

How did you get into science and specifically chromatography?

Do you think the legalisation of cannabis will benefit science? And how do you think it would benefit the economy and/or world?

(Sorry about phrasing, I'm rushing because I'm currently in a lesson)

dschurer10 karma

Born into science...Yes Cannabis has a lot of potential and do believe with all of it's unique compounds has a benefit to society...

BecauseChemistry6 karma

Can you talk a bit about how your Airzyme product "breaks down" formaldehyde in the air? What does it break down to, and how does it work? I'm an organic chemist who works with formaldehyde on a semiregular basis, and if there's a good way to knock it out of the air, I'll try it.

dschurer4 karma

The Question of the Day...thank you....the formulation for Airzyme is proprietary...what we do know is that we did a very intensive third party test utilizing GC..Here's some info: spraying 1% Airzyme reduced formaldehyde in air 80% within the first 30 minutes and down to background level 90 minutes after... If you require more info call us at 770-936-0323..

BecauseChemistry10 karma

While I understand the formulation is proprietary, I'm a bit disappointed that you can't say what the formaldehyde is turned into. Without that information, it's pretty unlikely that I'll use it.

dschurer1 karma

My recommendation is call into the office....

Suck_It_Trebek5 karma

One of the concerns accompanying the legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington has been the inability of producers and vendors to accurately indicate THC levels in the products they sell. Merchants are required to display that information on packaging similar to an ABV indicator on bottles of alcohol but accurate measurements have proven elusive for most, particularly with edible cannabis products.

Given your interest in cannabis and experience with industry - grade chemical testing machines, do you see your company moving to enter the THC testing market? Do you know of any companies that are?

dschurer6 karma

Testing for THC or CBD or other compounds needs to be done by HPLC...The company that's the best is The Werc Shop run by Dr. Jeff Raber...

jhard635 karma

Do you run chromatography tests for people or do you just make the machines?

dschurer4 karma

We supply product for chemists to use. Our core focus is bulk adsorbents but we offer the chemists equipment for chromatography and the lab...check our website: www.sorbtech.com

you_are_nerdy4 karma

Opinion on minors smoking cannabis?

dschurer4 karma

...per the last two ICRS meetings and information given, No...because it has to do with brain development...so the tests indicate...but I think a high CBD product has it's role...especially regarding head injuries.....

lovesamoan4 karma

On a chromatography scale-up of 1-10, how high are you right now?

dschurer3 karma

Not at all.....except on just being me....which is a high onto itself...

lovesamoan2 karma

Haha! Thanks the answer. Good to see a Beatles fan here. I live in Liverpool, UK. If you're ever in town, look me up. You'll have a ball!

dschurer3 karma

Thanks for the invite...never been to UK and hope to soon...

nakdamink3 karma

With GC On the decline and HPLC use increasing, how do you see the testing market continuing as more states become legal?

Thoughts on residual gases in hash oils?

dschurer1 karma

...if you are referring to testing Cannabinoids, most is being done by HPLC....

bubblesses3 karma

For those of us unfamiliar, what is chromatography, and why is it important?

dschurer2 karma

Chromatography is the science of separation and "chemikid" gave a good response...it is used in testing almost every type of product we use and also is a process for large scale purification of products we use daily...one of them being OLED, organic light emitting diodes used in your cell phone...

Basceaux3 karma

You mention you're a musician. Who would you consider your biggest influences? Alternatively, what artists are listening to as of late?

dschurer5 karma

A Beatles fan but include everything from Louis Armstrong to Buddy Holly to Taylor Swift (jus kidding)....

AnIce-creamCone1 karma

Do you like anything that isn't older than the average user on this site?

dschurer6 karma

wow, good Q....Foster the People...KT Tunstall...Royal Southern Brotherhood featuring one of the best drummers in the world and my close friend Yonrico Scott....so many others...so many others...

FallOutShelterBoy3 karma

What's your favorite song that you regularly play?

dschurer4 karma

Here Comes The Sun and of course one's I write....

FallOutShelterBoy1 karma

That's a great song!

dschurer1 karma

Great tune and one of the best albums of all time....

stizdizzle2 karma

Hey David-

 As a synthetic chemist that was in a broke group in gradschool I wanted to tell you we hate you and your products and allowing rival labs to buy them. I had to do soooooo many columns sans modern technology.  

Where is the future of separations going? And are you providing ultra-large scale products for industrial scale?

Actually awesome job man we appreciate your products and the amount of time you save us. If you have any laying around holler at me...for real.


dschurer1 karma

We are working on new technology for chromatography & purification....call in to the office...we do have some products we can offer you....Glad we have been helpful....

TheMetaphysics1 karma

What is more important, cannabinoids or terpenes, for shaping the psychological effects of cannabis?

dschurer1 karma

very good question, both are important....cannabinoids are the base and the terpenes are the modifiers...

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dschurer1 karma

orangejulius, I provided proof in one of my comments. The comment said "Forgot to add proof" and linked to the Sorbtech Facebook page with a message stating I was doing an AMA. If you reinstate the post, I can add it to the post, as well.


orangejulius1 karma

We don't accept proof from unverified social media pages. Could you change your website to include an indicator you're doing an AMA? Alternatively, you're the best judge of the proof you have available and you can review our sidebar for inspiration as to what constitutes good proof.

dschurer1 karma

I can send an e-mail to somebody from my Sorbtech e-mail address if you can provide me a recipient address.