EDIT: We're going to be wrapping up at 16:30 ET. Thanks for being awesome, Pebblers! We'll try to check back in on the thread periodically. Feel free to share and re-post about the details we shared today. Spreading the love (and the word) is what Pebbling is all about. <3, Team Pebble

Hello, reddit! I’m Eric the founder of Pebble, here with the crew behind Pebble Time, our new campaign on Kickstarter.

We’re off to a great start thanks to the support of our community and couldn’t wait to do an IAmA ASAP!

We’ll be answering as many questions as we can starting now, and continue occasionally after we wrap up at 16:15ish ET. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer specific questions about future products...keeping our cards close to the chest on this.

Replying today:

We Tweeted about it! Feel free to share and RT!

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Scamp3D0g88 karma

Pebble Time STEEL? When?

erOhead71 karma

We've got some great stuff up our sleeves! Can't comment specifically on this kind of stuff though.

snowKFH188 karma

Suggestion for name or marketing slogan: "Business Time."

You're welcome.

TeamPebble135 karma

Aaaand boom goes the dynamite! Thanks for this haha.

racutt13 karma

Inb4 /u/snowKFH 's username shows up in the "about" page of the Steel

steppek54 karma

...and a rugged outdoor version called Adventure Time? :P

TeamPebble43 karma

Also genius. Whoa, crowdsourcing our marketing right now and y'all are just killing it.

TimStevensEng71 karma

Can you clarify the water resistance of the Time, specifically how it compares to the previous models?

pebble-andrew95 karma

We've designed Pebble Time specifically to be used in and around the water, especially for swimming because we love the swimming apps that are available on the Pebble app store! We're still finishing up our testing and certification so we're not ready to share the official water resistance rating yet. We have done additional testing, above and beyond what watches typically receive, that simulates swimming constantly for days on end - Pebble Time passed this rigorous test with flying colors.

Similar to the original Pebble and Pebble Steel we don't recommend diving with Pebble Time.

zexpe9 karma

I hope it's OK for shallow free dives...

TeamPebble23 karma

Keeping things as good or better on the water-resistance front is the goal, definitely.

Dagligen7 karma

Time passed this rigorous test with flying colors.

In other words, it went swimmingly!

TeamPebble6 karma

Upvote for punnage (i.e. pwnage when using puns).

johnsbuffalo70 karma

How would you respond to criticism that Pebble, a company whose annual revenue is nearing $100M, simply does not belong on Kickstarter, and it’s there solely to generate publicity by exploiting a system designed to help less established companies not only raise funds but allow backers to offer creative insight?

erOhead108 karma

I don't agree with the statement that 'we don't belong on KS'...and I don't think KS agrees with that either. KS is a platform for creative projects, I'd like to think that we've been pretty creative with Pebble Time :)

We decided that launching Pebble Time on Kickstarter was the most efficient way to get the word out. We're a small company, up against the largest company. We wanted to communicated directly with our core community, the people who use Pebble every single day and our original backers. KS is the right platform on which to do that.

UndeadWaffles90 karma

Just to add to that, Kickstarter released an article a while ago showing that larger Kickstarter projects often bring in more backers to the smaller KS projects. Pebble is only helping the Kickstarter community by running this project there.

TeamPebble41 karma

This is a great point. Have all my upvotes.

crazyg0od3345 karma

Hey Pebble!

Thanks for doing this :D Hopefully this will be my first AMA where some of my questions get seen / answered. While I do have a lot of questions, I boiled it down to just a few:

1) How does it charge? I saw pins on the back (during the strap switching gif), so is it a dock (moto360) or some other form of cable?

2) When timeline is finally ported to the older watches, will it be heavily watered down (no animations, etc.) or can the old hardware handle the new interface?

3) Is timeline something that could potentially be turned off? I don't often use a calendar, and while this may push me to use one more often, I didn't know if there would be a more classic looking interface option for those who just want their apps and nothing else?

4) This one is biggie: If we backed the original pebble, and we want 2 color combos this time around, and we back the 2-pack, do they both get the 'special engraving'?

Thanks so much again for doing this!

P.S. - just my own personal gripe / question: Why does this campaign charge $10 shipping to the US when the original didn't, and many smaller (not already a super well known company with 2 successful products) companies on KS offer free shipping? It's slightly misleading to think that I had backed for $159, only to find that $10 was just tacked on at the end. It doesn't even mention the cost of shipping under any of the reward tiers until you go to check out your pledge.

Oh well...still backed :D

That's all!

Pythe6 karma

I'd like to piggyback in your #4 - if I backed the original and backed this for the 2-pack, will it be weird to pass a special engraved Time to my friend?

TeamPebble21 karma

The special engraving will be cool and giving a friends and family the extras won't be awkward. They're gonna be thanking you, if anything :)

Hylian-Loach31 karma

You're trying to convince someone to upgrade from their current pebble to the pebble time, but they don't care about the color screen or microphone. What are your next selling points?

TeamPebble38 karma

We think all Pebbles are great!

Pebble Time is everything we love about Pebble now, so no compromises on that front. If you're looking for a Pebble that's even more comfortable, versatile, and—in our opinion—beautifully-designed...you're gonna love this new watch.

Vorror30 karma

Can we change the colors of the default ui? Maybe through the sdk or settings? I'm not a fan of the pastel colors. Also is it possible to have a "classic" mode to force the watch into Black&White.

TeamPebble36 karma

Design is definitely different strokes for different folks :)

We think the base UI design fits well with the friendly, approachable design of Pebble Time itself. With 64 colors to play with, developers will have a lot to play with when they build their own apps.

Moust4ki28 karma

Is the Pebble Time screen glass curved? On the pictures it look like the center of the glass is "higher" that the rest of the Pebble body.

TeamPebble40 karma

Yep, curved. You can tell how it looks in this photo (it's pretty flush).

jerryeight28 karma

Can you guys reveal the technical specs for the Pebble Time? Like the cpu,ram and such details. I have already backed the project and would love to know more about it. Also just wanted to add that the new color display looks really nice.

TeamPebble26 karma

Over the course of the Kickstarter campaign, we'll push a ton of updates—diving deeper and deeper into Pebble Time and the new interface. What's great about our Kickstarter campaign is that it'll be very dynamic, just like the new animations :)

nik0lla25 karma

Will there be stretch goals given you've hit 9mil with 30 days left on kick starter?

TeamPebble35 karma

It's gonna be fun—Pebblers are gonna see surprises and updates that are a little more creative than the average "stretch goal" ;)

hseldon1012 karma

Would you consider a Trade-In Program for people who own previous versions of the Pebble?

I own an OG Pebble, so don't know, but will the charger be the same, or will there be changes? Why not a use qi wireless charging or standard microUSB?

Finally, A lot of people have complained about the bezel size, color, and band. Will these be customizable?

TeamPebble27 karma

No trade in, but you could surely gain some karma by passing your original Pebble(s) to friends or family! Or Reddit buds :)

toypaj11 karma

Does the time contain a notification LED like the Steel?

TeamPebble11 karma

For Pebble Time, no LED this time around.

iidxgold10 karma

Hi Team Pebble!

I love the fact that using physical buttons is a primary tool for interacting and it helps with using music controls while driving but not looking at the watch. My question: How invested is the company on staying with non touchscreen controls for future models?

TeamPebble14 karma

We love physical buttons as well!

We're always researching and prototyping and keeping our eyes peeled for innovative ways to interact efficiently with wearables. What you're seeing with Pebble Time is what we feel is the best way at this moment. If it changes in the future, we'll be on top of it, for sure!

Our design garage is like a hardware Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory :)

weeii6 karma

I'm so exited I showed up on time to ask a question! If you were about to publish an autobiography, what would the title be?

EDIT: Spelling

TeamPebble18 karma

Bowties, Phrasing, and #SURFBOARTs: Tales from the Danger Zone

XaNgular6 karma

Hi Eric + Team, I took a look at your Jobs page and didn't see any Project Managers. Do you envision hiring Software PMs in the future, with the growth of the company? Thanks, can't wait for May.

TeamPebble10 karma

Even if you don't see a specific opening on our Jobs page, we are always on the lookout for people with drive and passion.

You can always email us at jobs<at>getpebble.com to tell us about what you've worked on, what you're doing now, and how you'd love to work on with Team Pebble.

Dunnion5 karma

That dog in the Kickstarter video is super cute, can we see more from him!?!?!

TeamPebble8 karma

Who, this guy? That's Humphrey and we love him.

Stretch goal for the PebbleTime KS campaign is to make him Internet famous.

Deggyy4 karma

As a girl, the original Pebble looks a bit large and out of place in my wrist. Plus, it's hard to find 22mm watch bands.

What are the dimensions of the Pebble Tome (in comparison to the Pebble), and are there any hopes for thinner watch bands or more feminine designs?

Thanks, and thanks for creating an amazing smart watch! (Even with these questions, I've already backed the Pebble Time).

TeamPebble11 karma

Now that we have Pebble Times here at HQ, the women and smaller-wristed on our team have been giving great feedback about how they like it. PT is the most unisex Pebble to date and we're excited because we think you'll find it to be awesome, so thanks for backing!

In terms of dimensions (full specs to come), it's like a Pebble steel but thinner/lighter.

There's no shortage of cool places to find bands and skins to customize your Pebble's look. Gotta show some love both the Pebble Forums and r/Pebble...two great places to chat up fellow Pebblers for recommendations about where to find the coolest Pebble accessories. Pebblers helping Pebblers is what it's all about!