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A1A5KA31 karma

How are you so awesome and what do I have to do to see a repeat of this majestic post?

AWildSketchAppeared27 karma

Probably a less rushed and less shitty-looking rendition of the same sketch. Whenever I feel like it. Oh now that's probably worth putting on a shirt....

A1A5KA5 karma


AWildSketchAppeared5 karma

Hahaha, my partner who is distributing these shirts wants me to redo it on a t-shirt.

I'm just thinking how embarrassing someone would feel wearing that.

prtyfly4whteguy24 karma

What inspired you to create such a unique novelty account in the first place?

AWildSketchAppeared45 karma

It was an excuse to start drawing again after, probably 3 years of not drawing anything at all. I drew a lot as a kid growing up but school and work got in the way. It always eased any stress I felt over whatever - just needed some motivation and ideas what to draw and have people see them instead of just for myself (as pretty much all my early drawings are for my eyes only). So that's kinda where Reddit came into play, especially during the artistic-novelty account craze about 2 years ago.

JoeyHollywood17 karma

What was your favorite sketch?

AWildSketchAppeared51 karma

A sloth passing a blunt to a Snorlax with a bong-guitar with a Celtic cross in behind and a marijuana leaf at front.

Would have LOVED to put that on a shirt. But... it's a weed-theme piece with a Pokemon on it, Pokemon, licensed by Nintendo, whose notoriously sue-happy when it comes to their IPs. So nope, too risky, can't happen.

findomistress17 karma

How long does it take you to draw the majority of sketches you make for Reddit comments?

AWildSketchAppeared22 karma

I can get a lot done in about 10 minutes due to impatience, but they usually come out as really rushed/shoddy. If I put real effort it can range from 15-45 minutes. If I wanted to be actually really serious, they can take over 2 hours to finish.

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AWildSketchAppeared51 karma

  1. Snorlax/Sloth blunting it out.
  2. The only penis I like is my own.
  3. Agnostic, came from a pretty religious but pretty liberal household.
  4. Hmmmm sex with gf as my mom. With the lights off, but my mom looks like 15-20 years younger than she is and still keeps a very active/health lifestyle even for being 67. So it depends, I guess if I happen to break my arms at some point........

thebageljew14 karma

What is the most disgusting sketch you've made?

AWildSketchAppeared27 karma

Hard to say. I illustrated the "Jolly Rancher" myth some time ago, so that's the first to come to mind, I'll try to see if I can find it. If I can't... well I'll probably just redraw it here.

JustPlainSimpleGarak12 karma

would you rather fight 100 duck-sized /u/shitty_watercolour's or 1 /u/shitty_watercolour sized duck?

AWildSketchAppeared25 karma

uhhhh.... 100 duck-sized Shittywatercolours but that's prbably even too much for me. Make them a lil smaller, perhaps jackdaw-sized, then we're talking.

sutiibu9 karma

Battle station... could you give us pics and specs?

AWildSketchAppeared19 karma


Lenovo with a quad-core 3.20 ghz processor, 2 terabyte HDs, 8gig RAM, and a GeForce GTX 750 graphics card. Have an additional 650 for support, but that was on a different computer (a total dust magnet) and this one's motherboard doesn't include a second express PCI slot so I'm meaning to replace it, eventually.

jcsimpson9 karma

Who's your favorite Pokémon?

AWildSketchAppeared21 karma

Speed-boost Blaziken.

kleer0017 karma

Are you close to being self sufficient with your art? Is that a goal?

AWildSketchAppeared6 karma

Nooooooo. Nope. I see it only as a hobby and excuse to make some money on the side. I'm hardly self-sufficient even with my current job in an area where the costs of living are borderline crazy.

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AWildSketchAppeared10 karma

It helped kicked my depression. So there's that.

As for the second question, it's still pretty flattering. But I'm usually way too late nor able to answer anyone's summons.

TheOfficialAvenger6 karma

Hello. What is your favorite salad dressing?

AWildSketchAppeared4 karma


*wait no..... caesar with honey.

Dillstroyer6 karma

What's it like being internet famous?

AWildSketchAppeared12 karma

Creepy since even my siblings and relatives know who I am.

swracerep15 karma

I use to draw a lot in my 18's. Its been 11 years since and I want to draw again. Any advice on any insecurity issues that may appear?

AWildSketchAppeared9 karma

I don't know about you, but I never really feel insecure about drawing anything. Weird considering feelings of insecurity is basically normal for me.

Can't say this is great advice but... just draw, draw away. Fill up a sketchbook. If you feel it's good enough, never has to be perfect, post it on reddit, facebook, any social media of your choice if that's what you feel like doing. Ignore any criticisms. The more you just do it, the less insecure you'll end up feeling.

SnipeyMcSnipe5 karma

Do any of your reddit drawings mean something special to you or provide a sentimental value? If so, what is the story behind it?

AWildSketchAppeared3 karma

Yes I surf reddit enough as it is since the past 4 years so these drawings really do mean a lot. In that it's literally hours/days/months/years of work that let up to that point. No regrets

over_and_above4 karma

What's something you've wanted to attempt but haven't had the chance to do so ?

AWildSketchAppeared5 karma

Go to Europe.

Mutt12233 karma

What kind of ice cream would be the easiest to draw?

AWildSketchAppeared4 karma

Vanilla. It's just...... all white.