I have been at McMurdo Station for 6 months now as a cook. Go....

Edit: Proof.. sorry, it is windy as hell and kind of cold.... http://imgur.com/ZpLk2xD

Edit 2: Sorry for all the late responses.. damn seals... Ill be back to answer more if more want to know...

Edit 3: Thanks everyone! Be back later to answer more... Be excellent to each other and party on!!

Edit 4: Holy questions Batman.. ok.. will do my best to answer all the new questions... Sorry for the late responses...

Edit 5: I really am in Antarctica and really will answer every question...

Edit 6: Really? Have we gone this far? Ok, I am good with that.. so.. here are some of the awesome pics that I posted in the most recent answers.... McMurdo Station (again) and Mount Discovery



Edit 7: Still answering questions when questions arise

Edit 8: Thank you so much /u/Dstroyrobotics for the gold!

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thatsimonis2 karma

How's the seviche?

AntarcticLuckdragon1 karma

cold as fuck

Tomatoface1232 karma

Are you cold?

AntarcticLuckdragon3 karma

I'm hot now that you are here

beaverdick3392 karma

Have you had any close encounters with the wild life? Good or bad?

AntarcticLuckdragon1 karma

Saw a seal at about 20 feet... we are not allowed to get close or touch any wildlife at all... like bad times if you do...

lazerfloyd2 karma

Have you eaten penguin and is it delicious? Is it greasy?

AntarcticLuckdragon3 karma

I hug those little bastards.... and like chicken

Rihannas_forehead1 karma

Can you shine a light on the theory of Esquimo pussy temperature or it that the other pole?

AntarcticLuckdragon1 karma

Sorry my friend... no Eskimos here... just seals... and penguins... and skuas... and wind.. a lot of damn wind.....

Leoncelli_33881 karma

Guy Sebastian or Shannon Noll?

AntarcticLuckdragon1 karma

Why not both?

eudamme1 karma

How do you make ice cream? Do you just leave it out in the cold?

AntarcticLuckdragon1 karma

WE have two machines that create everything called delicious...

Icenole1 karma

Is penguin meat as delicious as polar bears make it seem?

AntarcticLuckdragon1 karma

No bears here so can not answer that... but the penguins are pretty aweomse

Lt_Snuffles0 karma

how do you cook penguins?how does it taste?

AntarcticLuckdragon1 karma

I hug them...

cacoonm-1 karma

Will you ever get tired of eating penguins?

AntarcticLuckdragon2 karma

I hug those bastards

Nappiest-2 karma

Why are you in Antarctica?

AntarcticLuckdragon0 karma

I was lucky enough to be hired... really

ggnr20-3 karma

How does seal, whale, polar bear, reindeer, etc. taste?

AntarcticLuckdragon4 karma

seal is fat... whale is rare... bears are not here and reindeer are with santa... with the bears... north pole......