I helped push stage lighting on and back off of the field for halftime. There wasn't much to it really, but I learned and saw a lot. It was certainly an experience!


(I don't know if that's enough proof, but I can find more if needed)

Edit: Album the day of Superbowl

Edit: Time lapse of the stage construction My cart is a black lighting cart near the bottom left side at around the 15-20 yard line.

MOST IMPORTANT EDIT Turns out you might be able to get a shark suit soon.

Halftime Show by the numbers...

24 Cameras

5 Chapman Sideline Carts

2 Jibs

2 Steadi-Cams

1 Helicopter

90 26k Projectors

384 LED Tiles

582 Feet of Blades

765 Lighting Instruments

8 D3 Servers

10 Flame Cannons & A Lot of Pyro

25,000 amps of Power

1/2 Mile of Truss

18 Audio Field Carts w/ 108 Speakers

24 Stage Carts

1 24' Long x 12' High Lion Puppet

1 18,000 Square Foot Projection Surface

48 Golf Carts

1 Flying by Foy Rig

More than 850 Costumes

24,000 Sq Feet of Tenting

145,000 Flashlights

1,000 FM Radios

600 LED Orbs

11 12' Long x 6' Cloud Balloons

3,650 Hotel Room Nights

1,366 Pizzas

7,620 Boxed Lunches

750 Cast members

480 Field Team Members (Me)

400 Staff & Crew

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Pudmeister34 karma

How much did you get paid?

krap_tastic52 karma

I believe it was 8.09/hour. This is either the first or second year they paid for labor from what I understand.

transatlantic_foe33 karma


krap_tastic18 karma

Yeah I know. NFL is a non profit remember? eyeroll

est9426 karma

  1. How old are you?

  2. What is your dream job?

  3. Where can I get me one of those sweet shark costumes?

krap_tastic71 karma

  1. 35
  2. Not working
  3. If I knew I'd probably save that info for myself and dance around drunk while wearing it in my living room. EDIT: Show your interest here to get shark suits made

__headpool__23 karma

Did you get to fuck Katy Perry?

krap_tastic74 karma

With my eyes, a few times.

allons_y_19 karma

Was Katy actually singing live? We couldn't come to a consensus!

krap_tastic23 karma

She would speak in the mic right before starting a song. For example on Friday she said "Happy Friday everyone!" I have to think she wasn't because every rehearsal sounded just a bit different, including the Superbowl performance. In the end I am not sure.

allons_y_23 karma

Thanks for the honest response! I thought it was live because at some points she sounded a little off key (which of course is fine if you're singing and dancing live!)

myrptaway27 karma

She was definitely singing live but some songs had the prerecorder backing vocals louder than others.

krap_tastic13 karma

In the stadium sounded nothing like it's digital counter part, but there were definitely some recorded non lyric parts.

genericname123116 karma

Any wardrobe "malfunctions"?

Any special dress required inside the costumes?

Is Katy a Lizard or a Grey?

krap_tastic33 karma

1.The first time Katy went up in the air for the song Firework, she kept adjusting her dress. After the song ended she said on the mic 'wardrobe I need to see you ASAP'.

2.I don't know about the beach balls, sharks, or palm trees but the people holding the light up orbs wore full body suits.

3.She's a sexy.

genericname12313 karma

To get proper spacing you gotta do this:

Never heard firework (or much of her works), shame you don't know about the other suits.


krap_tastic6 karma

Thanks! I tried messing with it but it didn't come out right.

sexyamidala12 karma

Hi! How many times did they practice this show in full before they went live?

krap_tastic30 karma

The entire show with Katy, Lenny, and Missy was practiced 4-6 times. (I'm already forgetting it went so fast) We practiced setting up the stage and lighting four hours a day for eight days. On the first day of actual dress rehearsal a girl who was not Katy practiced all Katy's moves on the lion and the stage first. (I joked that this was because if the safety equipment failed, this random girl would get hurt instead of Katy)

sexyamidala14 karma

Were the dancing sharks part of the plan from the beginning? They won the internet tonight.

krap_tastic19 karma

I wasn't part of initial planning so am not sure. They were there for all the dress rehearsals. I liked the lion personally, although I wouldn't mind owning one of those snazzy shark suits.

SteveRodgers19453 karma

how did they put the lion together and stuff? seems kinda complicated?

RegexEmpire8 karma

Primarily it's just a rolling platform, the legs are not involved in moving it whatsoever. Lots of people in full black body suits to push it forward and attempt to move the limbs realistically. Large scale puppeteering!

krap_tastic1 karma


krap_tastic4 karma

All I know is the guy who made the props for War Horse: The Play made the lion. 4 or 5 people pushed it while Katy was standing on it. 4 other people in black body suits moved its legs to make it look like it was walking. I never really saw how it reared up at the end of the song.

Faalllccccooooorrrrr1 karma

It's not a joke, that's exactly the reason they use stand ins for that.

krap_tastic1 karma

Maybe, but she did the whole routine minus the singing. Headbanging Lenny's crotch, etc... Not sure it's all safety related, but maybe some of it.

mariargh12 karma

Did you get to watch the game live before/after Katy's part?

krap_tastic11 karma

Not in the stadium if that's what you mean. Before the show we watched it on TV right outside the stadium in a staging area. After the show we watched it where we parked our cars before being bused in. (We all met at a university and had police escort our buses to the stadium)

pencilrain998 karma

In a war between cyborg donkeys and lizard people you are asked to organize a show to bring peace how would you do it?

krap_tastic5 karma

Bring in women from Tijuana to calm the donkeys, thus creating world peace.

Schmutzli8 karma

Among halftime support staff, who (in terms of coolest) ranks just above light pushers and who is slightly below?

krap_tastic7 karma

It's all pretty cool IMO, being able to be apart of such an event. I was just doing grunt work, but to be a part of such a huge production in any way is pretty epic.

thombudsman8 karma

How did you get that job?

krap_tastic14 karma

My mom had found out about it somehow (not sure how). I applied via www.superbowlproductions.com There are people that travel and do it every year for fun.

Pelicansgirl247 karma

Did you get to meet or talk to Katy, Lenny, or Missy?

krap_tastic8 karma

Unfortunately no... Lenny and Missy were only seen when their part in the rehearsals came up. I stood about 20 feet from Katy at one point while we were practicing. She was all business and surrounded by cameras and boom operators.

PmMeNails7 karma

what's Katy Perry like in perfect lighting?

krap_tastic16 karma

She looks exactly like she looks on TV. I was surprised.

RJB13376 karma

What's your favorite type of sandwich?

krap_tastic4 karma

Turkey cranberry or classic turkey club.

RJB13374 karma

Like a thanksgiving meal

krap_tastic4 karma


VagabondTheMadKing6 karma

How is the movement of the stage on / off the field organized?

Is there a single person in charge of that or how did it work? (If you know)

Thanks for the AMA!

krap_tastic5 karma

There are people with headsets spread evenly along the line. They relay orders to cart leaders. The cart leaders then tell us what we're doing. I imagine the headset people are taking orders from someone both physically and literally higher up then them.

lmi66 karma

What was your favorite moment of the night?

krap_tastic12 karma

They never did the full pyrotechnic display during rehearsal, just bits here and there. Since that was the only surprise for me, that was my favorite.

Photo_Crwth6 karma

Do you know where we can obtain one of those snazzy suits?

krap_tastic5 karma


heather_mo5 karma

Is Katy Perry nice in person? Is there anything you can share about Katy off stage?

krap_tastic10 karma

She seemed nice because everything was going very well with rehearsals. I do not know if she turns she-bitch when things aren't going so well. When not in costume she wore her hair in a bun, had on a knee length skirt and black leather jacket. She had her dog Butters with her. She seemed genuinely thankful for us minions. She would wave and say random things on the mic before starting the first song in rehearsal. Edit: I have no idea how my reply became two comments. Thanks alcohol!

krap_tastic5 karma

I can only answer by what the higher ups say. She was excited for the show and happy that everything was going smooth. So because of that, I understand that she was pretty friendly. She also held herself well and you could tell she had command of everything. I did not get to speak with her in person.

Kurleztuhr4 karma

Have you performed with other artists/groups before? If so, which ones?

krap_tastic7 karma

I have not, but it did spark an interest in me. I may look in to it further.

VeniVidiFishie4 karma

Seahawks, Patriots or impartial to the whole thing?

Also, what's the noise like on a huge event such as this?

krap_tastic5 karma

I lived in Washington and Oregon for about 12 years, so I have been a Seahawks fan since about 1994.

As I came in to the stadium before the concert started I was actually surprised at how quiet it was. It felt like the crowd was whispering to each other wondering what the show was going to be about. For example, the lion came in hidden under black cloth. Being on the field I was very close to the speakers, so I may have just gone temporarily deaf. The crowd seemed the most responsive and loudest during the Missy Elliot songs.

eatinglegos4 karma

Was it hot inside the costume?

krap_tastic5 karma

I just had to wear a long sleeve shirt that was provided to me and dark pants. I think you might be looking for this.

tomkel53 karma

I noticed that some of the glowing balls were out of sync sometimes. Like, everything was red, and there'd be a single green ball.

I was really curious as to how those things worked... Did everyone have to turn them on at the same time, and maybe one person was just a little late?

krap_tastic2 karma

Each person had a numbered device inside the orb that corresponded to their position on the field. I am not sure what kind of technology was used for the wireless communication.

colonknox3 karma

Hi! I'm using my boyfriend's Reddit right now, but we stumbled across this post after I begged him to search Katy Perry for me

  1. Did you meet Scott Myrick (one of the sharks)?
  2. Do you know what the giant tiger was made out of? How did it move?
  3. Would you work this job again (for any artist, not just Katy)?

Thanks, I'm a huge Katycat.

krap_tastic2 karma

  1. I did not. The performers were staged in a different area from us.
  2. I can't say for sure, but check out my album to get a closer look at it
  3. Yes production is very fun and I had goosebumps for the entire show!

colonknox2 karma

Thank you so much for responding. As a Katycat you made my night!

krap_tastic1 karma

Of course. If the Superbowl ever comes near you, look into it. It's a great experience!

gloriouspenguin3 karma

How much did the set-up of the performance cost?

During costume changes did the wardrobe people meet her on the field? How long does a process like that take? Seemed pretty quick.

How long was the performance?

I watched a Youtube video but it was only 12 minutes long so I'm not sure if that's the entire video. Don't watch American football so...

krap_tastic2 karma

  1. All I know is millions of dollars. Check out my initial post for everything that was used.

  2. Wardrobe people were already out there. Outfits were stored under the stage. It takes literally about 2-3 seconds to change outfits. This was done in two ways by making the costume extremely easy to take off, or wearing the new costume over the old one.

  3. About 13 minutes.

Crayon-er3 karma

What does Katy Perry smell like in person?

Katy Perry if you're reading this...my wife gave me permission to leave her for you....maybe we could just go on a date and chat, see where things go from there.

krap_tastic5 karma

I have that same agreement with my girlfriend about khaleesi.

Crayon-er13 karma

Who does she get to leave you for? My wife gets to leave me for Tom Hardy or Channing Tatum, I get to leave my wife for Katy Perry or Channing Tatum.

quagsires1 karma

I totally understand handsome men but Channing Tatum just does NOTHING for me, but my GF disagrees obviously.

FckinNonsense2 karma

Woman here.

I don't understand the obsession with Channing Tatum in the slightest. He has the generic "hot bod" and a relatively average face. He is attractive, but certainly not the god that many women seem to worship him as.

At least not in my opinion, anyway.

krap_tastic2 karma

Such is the glory of our psyche. Diversity is the spice of life...

krap_tastic1 karma

Mine likes old men for whatever reason (Harrison Ford, Sean Connery,etc), also LL Cool J.


Somebody requested the shark to do a ama do you know them?

krap_tastic2 karma

No they were staged in a different area than us.

Ninja-Shibe3 karma

What were rehearsals like? Btw thx for the AMA! ;D

krap_tastic2 karma

We practiced pushing the stage and lighting carts outside on a football field for six days. We practiced setting up inside the stadium for the last three days, full rehearsal was done the final two days. Stage pieces went in first, then lighting carts. We walked to the AFC endzone while the electricians hooked it all up. When the last song started playing we ran back to our carts and pushed it out of the stadium ASAP. The first day of practice took 45 minutes to set up, the last day took four minutes, 45 seconds.

Jipz3 karma

Who was the sharks? Really who was it?

krap_tastic2 karma

College kids and Katy Perry's dancers.

sdfghs2 karma

What was have you exactly done during the show?

RedTerabyte2 karma

How big of a fan of Katy were you before you knew that you were working on her halftime show?

krap_tastic1 karma

Her songs are catchy and easy to get stuck in your head. I play some of her songs for my five year old daughter. With that being said she's not in my top ten or anything. Would I go to a concert? Sure...

FireBeaver2 karma

What was the weirdest thing you had to do for the show?

krap_tastic1 karma

Being that I was just a cart monkey (pushing equipment around), not much really. If I think of anything, I'll come back and edit this comment.

jvjv882 karma

Who were you rooting for? What part of the show did you work on specifically?

krap_tastic1 karma


I pushed a lighting cart on to the field and back off the field. You can see the cart in my imgur album.

jvjv882 karma

Follow Up: How many people worked on this total?

krap_tastic1 karma

Any numbers I have are in my original post.

awesomealien1 karma

Do you even like working here?

krap_tastic2 karma