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I'm actually in college right now studying a similar field. Clean energy has become a significant interest of mine over the past year. What is your favorite part of the job? And how should someone build their resume to acquire a job like this in the future?

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A lot of companies offer internships. That is definitely where I would recommend looking. I love my career choice. It's unique it's long term the compensation is fair. There's nothing in my eyes to not enjoy.

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Hey, thanks for doing the AMA. What role, if any, do meteorologists play in your day to day work? Or can you say something about the involvement of meteorologists in the planning phase of building a Wind Farm?

onelifenoregrets4 karma

We rely heavily on weather reports especially when it comes to pre-planning work. Wind, lightning, heat, and cold all affect our schedule and the safety of our team members.

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Hi, I have had a go at wind farming but got nothing back for all my efforts, do you think i could have planted the wind to deep?

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Make sure to use electrolytes. It's what plants crave.

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Do the The windmills break down a lot? And how much does it cost to repair?

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It varies, typical repairs are anywhere from $100-$10,000. Gearboxes are considered major components and you usually fail about one every year or so depending and they are a $500,000 job. Normal failures are about two a week maybe

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What's your favorite pokemon?

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Thanks for AMA! I went to wind energy school and graduated in 2009, I was 20 years old and traveling the US working on these amazing machines, making money I never thought possible, all with people generally my own age. We would eat out quite often seeing how we didn't have anything but a microwave in the hotel usually. I unfortunately got an OWI and losing my job. I was quite upset because right before I lost my job I lost my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years. Shortly after I got my license back I received another OWI/DUI (I know I'm a piece of shit for drinking and driving and haven't since my 2nd and both were under .11) I've grown up tremendously and straighten up my life. My question would a person like me albeit has 2 OWI's from 5 years ago could ever get back into the wind energy field? Thanks!

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Is it on your record or did you get deferred sentencing? No record and you're good. If there's something on there it may be significantly harder to get hired but not impossible. Look into Upwind Solutions. They are a good third part contractor and aren't the most strict when it comes to those types of issues