My name is R.A. The Rugged Man and I am a world-renowned hip hop artist, originally from Long Island, New York. I am also a writer, filmmaker, and boxing analyst.

My new music video "Media Midgets" was released today: The track addresses how society is brainwashed and programmed by huge government and corporate interests. This is my most ambitious, biggest, most cinematic video so far.

Ask Me Anything!!


My latest album "Legends Never Die" is now in stores everywhere. Order now at:

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SirHotWad40 karma

If you could pick any producer, dead or alive, who would you like to have a collaboration project with? I'd kill for a Statik Selektah/R.A. The Rugged man album. Also, not sure if you remember, but you came and did a set in a shitty dive bar in my city awhile ago and when you started doing your verse from Uncommon Valor I started rappin it with you pretty loud and you had to stop and tell me to shut the fuck up. That might have been one of the greatest moments in my life so thanks for that.

naturesoundsmusic38 karma

Yeah, I'm an asshole. Telling you to STFU sounds like me. lol. Any producer ? I'm not sure. I like working with various producers on my projects.

DPgetsrad23 karma

R.A. The Rugged Man, is it true you masturbated on stage with cat's blood?

naturesoundsmusic42 karma

Thats the rumor. Never happened tho. lol

tnoce200416 karma

R.A., will you be featured on Tech N9ne's Special Effects album?

naturesoundsmusic25 karma

Hit him up on twitter , all he gotta do is reach out

TheUnRealTylerDurden12 karma

Uncommon valor (a Vietnam story) is one of my favorite songs ever, where did you find inspiration for the lyrics? What kind of collaborations can we look forward to in the future? I'd love to see more from you and tech together, hallelujah was epic. Thanks for all the quality art you have always given to us, making music for the shepherds and not the sheep.

naturesoundsmusic25 karma

Uncommon Valor is the true life story of my father. I just told it how it was and that verse came to life. Easy to write.

LordHellraiser12 karma

What(where) is the most under rated hip hop scene in the world in your opinion?

naturesoundsmusic42 karma

My apartment

Dracula_Gottfried11 karma

Can we expect to hear you collab with AFRO on any future projects? That kid is a monster.

naturesoundsmusic52 karma

The first Collab with A-F-R-O is on JEDI MIND TRICKS upcoming album with VINNIE PAZ, ME and A-F-R-O produced by STOUPE.. its classic. flows outta the ass. 3 beasts. one track

TywinLan9 karma

Will you and Vinnie do a album together?

naturesoundsmusic16 karma

we've been talking about it for a decade.

Lord_of_Jam8 karma

My friend showed me Legends Never Die just after it was released and I thought it (and you) was amazing. I play that album a couple of times a week now. Awesome work man!

My question is which artist was your favorite to collab with? And who's an artist that you would want to work with in the future?

naturesoundsmusic22 karma

Masta Ace was one of my heroes coming up so getting him on Legends Never Die was classic to me. But I enjoyed working with everyone on it. Brother Ali is probably the nicest human being you'll ever meet. Just nice nice good person

Gambition5 karma

Whatup fam! Regarding the supposed incident between you and Biggie where he said something along the lines of "He's the illest..." (referring to you). Can you clarify what (if anything) really happened? I've heard a dozen versions of it and also heard it was just a rumor. Either way, you really prolly are. So there's that.

Oh and here's the obligatory, "That Uncommon Valor verse changed my fucking life, yo!" (...because really, it sort of did).

Keep doin your thing. Peace.

naturesoundsmusic12 karma

The quote "I thought I was the Illest" is 100 percent fact. He was alive and living when he said that. He was a fan of my music and a personal friend. Any other "Version" of the story is made up or false quote

anoldp5 karma


Loved the last album. My questions are about battle rap.

What do you think of the state of battle rap at the moment, like it hate it, watch it???

Who are some of your favourite battle rappers at the moment?

And finally, being form the UK, do you have any views on the UK battle scene?

naturesoundsmusic21 karma

Battle Rap is part of the culture. Thats where 90% of us came from. Golden Era you had to battle or you couldn't make a name. I dont love the screaming in your face battle rap tho. I like the accapellas to be rhythmic still and soulful.. Thats why I like Locksmith so much

bungle1235 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this ama, I'm a big fan. Who do you think are the best modern rappers working today? Also, what are the best obscure horror movies you would recommend?

naturesoundsmusic13 karma

obscure Horror? I been doing a lot of classic German Silent Era Expressionism films again. I'm a nerd for nerd movie shit.

sadclowns4 karma

What's the name of that song you have where you talk about your rapper friends, and you give a huge shout out to Slug?

naturesoundsmusic7 karma

It's gone

ethericempire4 karma

When are you going to do a song with Preemo?

naturesoundsmusic7 karma

We'll see

13thApostle4 karma

When can we expect a new project and what should we expect?

Also, I saw Sady is going to be on Worldwide Choppers 2 for Tech's album and I realized there is a pretty good chance that means we will see Em and you on a track together for the first time. Is this the case? Do you foresee any actual collabs between you two on your own music?

naturesoundsmusic11 karma

Nobody invited me on Worldwide Choppers. I'd love to hop on that. I'm a bit of an industry outsider. BUT i obliterate a song like that.

hollowaydivision3 karma

A lot of the process of writing hip-hop has social weight attached -- whether a rapper writes their lyrics in advance, if, when, and how well they can freestyle, etc. There's an element of reputation to it. Do you find that this affects your creative process? How do you think it helps or holds back the game as a whole?

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

I dont fully understand the question. But HipHop is competitive. Be the best at whatever aspect you aim to do in the culture. Its a competition Freestyle, Pen game.. song making Live show all important

Vextos3 karma

Have you heard of Eyedea? And if so, what do you think of his music?

naturesoundsmusic13 karma

Eyedea is a spitter. RIP

atepper113 karma

Do you have any artists that you have listened to that you would say are your favorites. Like a top 5 or top 3 (any genre) ?

naturesoundsmusic8 karma

I'm an old school golden era baby. I like the Juice Crew. Big addy Kane, Kool G rap, Masta Ace, Tragedy Khadafi, Shan, etc… Thats all my shit.

HolyCornHolio3 karma

R.A!! Holy fuck I love you dude, I'm ditching a college class to not miss this AMA haha. You're such a cool dude for everything you've done for AFRO. Here are my questions

1: would you collaborate with immortal tech?

2: have you started on new material since the release of legends never die?

3: where's the west coast love? I'd fucking love to see you live. I'm going to see locksmith on the 14th of next month.

4: you can fuck any one celebrity that has ever lived, who it be?

naturesoundsmusic11 karma

1) Me and Immortal Tech will most likely doing something special for my next album. 2) Yes, I'm about 7 songs into my next album. I'm going to record 25 and use the best 17 or so. 3) West Coast just gotta book me and I show up. 4) Anita Ekberg just died so not sure if it would be my all time pick but she's on my mind. LA DOLCE VITA greatest movie of all time

bahaki3 karma

Rugged Man! Dude, so glad I saw this AMA announced on twitter. Also love the Cosby-bathroom thing. Anyway, a couple questions:

1) Is there any interview footage of you as Crustified Dibbs? Love your YouTube shit, but the Crustified persona really intrigues me. Was wondering if you could explain a little bit about that and the whole speech/retarded thing. Also, if there are any old interviews from back then, I'd love to see them.

2) You absolutely destroy it on tracks like 3 Kingz, Renaissance, Uncommon Valor, etc., etc. On other songs, you seem to go a little slower and less focused on ridiculous rhymes. Not "softer," but just not as crazy. Is there any particular reason for this as opposed to putting out records where you just deliver non-stop in-your-face rhymes?

3) Did you ever get a chance to work with guys like Big L or Big Pun? The Biggie stories are great.

Edit: and Sam Peckinpah might just be one of the greatest videos/songs I've ever heard. You and Paz are always great.

naturesoundsmusic8 karma

Man, No footage of Crustified Dibbs interviews on line. I think I got a VHS tape of some shit. I had lisp my whole life growing up , they used to say I talked like I had marbles in my mouth and then it ended up compliment my style later. As I got older I was able to teach my self to almost talk like a human now. lol

naturesoundsmusic10 karma

Question 2) Yeah, I change up flows through out my career. I probably switched up my flows 100 different ways.. Slow, Fast, multi syllable. Old School Kurtis Blow one syllable. To Chopper super speed, to soulful party less intricate flows

therealrhyno3 karma

Was there ever moments when recording "Luv to Fuk" you busted out laughing because of the lyrics?

naturesoundsmusic6 karma

I want to shoot a video with a lot of pussy running around.

LordHellraiser3 karma

Let's say you've got an unlimited budget. What would be the dream hip hop show you would perform?

naturesoundsmusic9 karma

Man, I'd have opera singers, and break dancers, and composers, and DJ Noize on the boards, like a non stop action broadway musical but HIPHOP.. but I'm fine with just me and a microphone. Thats what I do

Daemonbeats3 karma

Just wanted to say your flow is the sickest out there, and that verse on Uncommon Valor remains the most powerful and best I've heard in hip hop. Leads me to my question: Are you planning on doing another collaboration with Vinnie Paz or any of the JMT/AoTP crew? Cheers, peace.

naturesoundsmusic6 karma

I've done quite a few songs with PAZ. The last was a song and video called SAM PECKINPAH on my album LEGENDS NEVER DIE. The next will be a song with Me, Paz and A-F-R-O on the upcoming JEDI MIND TRICKS album

koalio3 karma

Who are some of your favorite new guys in the game right now? Any plan to collab with logic, joey or maybe even DOOM? any news on any future collaborations and projects? Can't wait to hear any kind of new shit from ya!

naturesoundsmusic5 karma

I saw Joey rock a show in Berlin recently we discussed working on something together. And me and Logic definitely gunna do something. Thats a good dude right there

rgsoloman50003 karma

Since your infamous argument with Floyd Mayweather, what do you think of him now?

naturesoundsmusic12 karma


philly_is_silly3 karma

Thoughts on Pacquiao vs. Mayweather finally maybe potentially happening?

naturesoundsmusic10 karma

Who cares. old men. they needed to do that shit when they were both in their primes

jannetsnakehole3 karma

Yo Rugged Man, I understand you have quite a reputation for doing fucked up shit like jacking off from a balcony on people or shitting on stuff. I know you said in an interview that certain stories like you diarreahaing on a sound board are fake. Which stories are true?

naturesoundsmusic6 karma

man, Why would I tell it if the public dont know it. lol.

quiteintriguing3 karma

Who do you listen to?

naturesoundsmusic5 karma

Chubb Rock and BRand Nubian and Heavy D. lol

MauritanianSponge3 karma

How much money did you make from your various underground singles on average in the 90s (50,000 heads, till my heart stops), and were these basically your main source of money when you had that fucked up deal with Jive?

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

there was money bak then for that because singles sold 15K to 25K with no promo, just the name.

OkiDokiTokiLoki2 karma

Your bio says you tour non-stop, yet your tour page is empty... whadufuq?

naturesoundsmusic7 karma

Yeah, My internet game is whack, I need better management.. lol.. I do tour non stop. 100 shows last show. 150 shows year before that.

Dah_Gnabit2 karma

Any chance of another Crustified Dibbs EP/album?

First I heard of you was that EP and it is some of the rawest hip hop I've ever heard and I'm sure a fuck load more would love some more of that gritty production with horrorcore style lyricism!!

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

Possibly. My next album definitely has more Crustified dibbs flavor than the last few albums.

RuggedMannumbawan2 karma

Hey RA, i've been a HUGE fan since 04. just curious, you have done a lot of work with various wu-tang affiliates in the past, but I dont think I have ever heard you over a RZA beat. Just curious, if you could pick one RZA beat to spit over, what would it be?

naturesoundsmusic7 karma

Incarcerated Scarfaces

lp87892 karma

what do you think about mike shinoda as a rapper?

naturesoundsmusic6 karma

I dont know who Mike Shinoda is. Should I check it?

Milk_sandwich2 karma

What ever happened with the track you did with hilltop hoods last year? Also, you wanna sell me a copy of Bloody Apes? it's your only wax release I'm missing.

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

We never did a track together. When I was at the Hilltop Hoods studio I was just kicking it with them and recorded a feature for a different project. We're talking about doing something for their next album

ittozziloP2 karma

Any plans to collab with Nino Bless or K-Rino?

naturesoundsmusic2 karma

Both are super dope lyrical artists.

DexihnoCZ2 karma

Hi, i'm a fan of yours! I really like and appreciate your music and subjects that you rap about :) 1) Do you like Asher Roth? Your opinion on him? 2) What were your influences in the beginning? Thanks for answers and keep doing great music!

naturesoundsmusic5 karma

I'm unfamiliar with Asher Roth music. I only know the college song. But I hear he could spit. Not sure tho.

LuciferJup2 karma

Hi R.A, which is your favorite boxing era?

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

I know its a cliche but the 1970's were unbelievable

Coltrane122 karma

Yo R.A congrats on all the success of Legends Never Die! I know you're a big movie buff so I was wondering who are some of your favourite directors of all time?

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

Federico Fellini Marco Ferreri John Huston too many to name

deakenjayb2 karma

Hey RA just wanted to let you know to this day your verse on uncommon valor still gives me chills down my spine, and I still argue it as one of the 5 best verses of all rap. Ok but moving on who would you say is your favorite/best underground and mainstream rappers of the past and right now? (strictly as your opinion)

naturesoundsmusic1 karma

So many dope artists in history my top 10 list always switches up.

justtemporaryra2 karma

if you do an european tour you better come to portugal... in all the live performence you saw wich one was the best? is there any rapper you would love to collaborate but never got a chance to? and who? whats your top 5 albums from 2014?

naturesoundsmusic2 karma

I'd like to work with REDMAN still. Or the producer TEDDY RILEY on some different shit. My favorite live performance was a show I did the day after my father passed. It was in Toronto, Canada and I was emotional and it was a smaller intimate setting and it was just crazy emotion and energy

MauritanianSponge2 karma

What's your top 5 albums from 10 years ago?

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

Hell Razah had a real dope solo album mid 2000's called rennasiance childand so did Killah Priest called the offering.

gimpisgawd2 karma

Hey RA, What's your favorite Cam'Ron CD?

naturesoundsmusic8 karma

not sure. But one of his lyrics on a DJ CLUE album he said "Back in the days they had us. whips and chains, today aint a thing change its still Whips and Chains.. that rhyme always stuck with me.

jannetsnakehole2 karma

A few random questions:

  1. You've expressed a lot of political opinions in your songs and seem to hate both the Republicans and Democrats. What would the RA the Rugged Man Party look like?

  2. Also, on Hell Razah you say that "The climate change is irrelevant The global warming fearmongers trying to bring in the world government." Do you actually believe that?

  3. You always tweet about film. What are your top five movies of all time?

  4. You also tweet a lot about how much better the Golden Era was compared to today's mainstream rap. Who do you think the wackest MC's are today?

naturesoundsmusic13 karma

1) I'd tell the truth and all of society would hate me for it. 2) If I said it I mean it. - B.I.G 3) I just rewatched LA DOLCE VITA for the 5th time and thats the only movie in my fucking head. Masterpiece. 4) Man, turn on your radio.

Jetk232 karma

what was your favourite album of 2014? regardless of genre

naturesoundsmusic5 karma

I like to bang bitches to ROBIN THICKE album named PAULA. hahaaha.. Serious tho.

shinytyphlosion1 karma

Never heard of you till your feature with jarren Benton smells like and I can say with 1000% honesty I'm a huge fan man

When I found out you were signed with B.I.G as you state in media midgets in fact it blew my mind someone as sick as you could flow like that back then

What is your next project/album?

Any other collabs you plan in working on?

And do you plan on touring any time soon?

naturesoundsmusic3 karma

No.. Co-signed. BIG didnt have a label. lol. I'm working on my next album but planning on doing 150 shows this year and knock out some more videos for LEGENDS NEVER DIE. Jarren is a good dude

DebDecatur007-2 karma

You describe yourself as "world-renowned" but how did you get that title? Can't say I have ever heard of you. Not trying to upset you, just curious if their is some sort of certificate or belt.

naturesoundsmusic6 karma

I never described myself as that.. But just because you're not knowledgable of something doesn't mean its not world renowned. The world is a big place. AND I sold out concerts all over the world in 100's of cities so whoever described me as that is correct