Hello reddit! You may know us as the people behind the Portal 2 musical that hit the front page of r/gaming and r/all yesterday!

We've also done large-scale burlesque spectacular versions of Star Wars, and all sorts of geeky theatre.

A ton of people said we should do an AMA, and we're super excited to be here.

Ask us anything, we have no shame. We're artists.

We are:

Davin Reid (Director/Cave Johnson) Fairlith Harvey (Geekenders artistic director/GLaDOS/Caroline) Graeme Thompson (Wheatley)

Our Proof: http://youtu.be/G5CYbqWsXmY

For more from us, here's our Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekenders

And our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3fbiN2Nm7tv-m-FJG4hZGg

The show goes up January 30/31 and March 13/14 in Vancouver, BC, and February 28 in Victoria, BC. Tickets: http://riotheatretickets.ca

EDIT 1: Davin had to go to something called 'job'. He'll be back.

EDIT 2: Fairlith just left at 4:17, will be doing stuffs with monies and getting me PIZZAAAAA. I'm all alone in the rehearsal space so please talk to me, hang out with me, you're so beautiful.

EDIT 3: Sorry it's been so heavily Graeme right now, I'm all alone.


EDIT 5: Fairlith is back and she's staying forever.

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crumpocalypse_16 karma

So after this show what is next for you guys? (ps- love everything you do - haven't missed a production from you guys)

geekenders18 karma

Graeme: Wow.

Fairlith: Lots of stuff! We're doing our first Star Wars burlesque spectacular again, but on a way bigger scale for a two-week engagement in Vancouver, and a BC tour. And we're doing a gender-swapped Princess Bride, and a Guardians of the Galaxy burlesque spectacular... and a Nicholas Cage-themed variety show....

Graeme: No I'm not being a part of the Nicholas Cage-themed variety show.

Davin: I will.

skonen_blades10 karma

Gender-swapped Princess Bride? I love you.

geekenders10 karma

Fairlith: As you wish.

shorthanded4 karma

how did you manage to get rights to princess bride? a friend has been trying, but didn't manage to get them in time for this year. any advice?

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: Alas, parody.

osi_iien7 karma

Gender-swapped Princess Bride ??? Wow. Definitely do an AMA on that one later on then please. Sooooo many questions...

geekenders6 karma

Ask away! We've got nowhere to be except rehearsal, and we're in charge, and at rehearsal anyway, so... Hi.

osi_iien6 karma

(POSSIBLE SPOILERS OF PRINCESS BRIDE) Will it be mainly based on the movie or the book ? I loved the fact that the narrator interrupts frequently the story in the book, which is by far less true in the movie.

geekenders5 karma

Fairlith: Little of both. There will be more interjections by Columbo in the stage show, reminiscent of the book. But because we're selling nostalgia and nobody reads anymore... It'll be really reminiscent of the film, costume and look-wise.

osi_iien3 karma

Damn you people are nice people :D

geekenders3 karma

We're really excited!

crumpocalypse_3 karma

I must admit I knew about the Princess Bride one (I am one of the turret's wife) but did not know about the GotG one, that so of made me Squee at work a little not going to lie!

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: Surprise!

crumpocalypse_7 karma

This isn't a question but I must tell you..Nick constantly talks about the show and for some reason thinks everyone in the world knows you Fairith. It is funny when other humans just look at him like WTF?!

geekenders6 karma

Fairlith: WHAT.

osi_iien4 karma

Well, nobody knows Fairith, but everybody knows Fairlith, that's why. Case closed.

... I should really head to bed.

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: Hahahah. Head to bed? NEVER. It's only 3pm, where are you? Also, nobody knows me.

teraniel3 karma

Bahaha, he gushes. Pretty well constantly. I tease him about being a fanboy.

crumpocalypse_4 karma

I tease him about it too...it's adorable.

geekenders3 karma


geekenders3 karma


teraniel3 karma

Oh yes. So much. The mocking is nigh endless. I thought he was excited with my being a stage ewok in Reveal, but I have heard so many high-pitched squeals of glee the further into rehearsals you get. It's fantastic when you get to see people that excited and passionate about what they're doing!

geekenders4 karma


But seriously, I walk through life fairly anonymous.

SunshineCoastCindy10 karma

Tickets are almost sold out for opening night and I'm sure Saturday will be gone pretty soon too. Will you be holding over the show? Will it be performed anywhere else in Vancouver?

geekenders10 karma

Fairlith: March 13/14 at the Rio! They told us like an hour ago? So... yes. And hopefully a longer theatrical run in the fall, too.

geeklebutante9 karma

Are you planning on touring?

geekenders9 karma

Fairlith: We're already touring to a couple of places in our home province... we'd REALLY like to tour, but can't afford to! If the show does really well, we'd like to. And of course, being Canadian, the whole... work visa situation is kind of tough? If things keep going as well as they are, though, we'll find a way. We're super obsessed with this show.

shorthanded4 karma

come up to northern bc!

geekenders5 karma

Fairlith: gurl where u at

th0masr0ss2 karma

Come to ontario!

geekenders2 karma

We'd like to! We're poor!

osi_iien9 karma

Hi ! Will you be releasing an album for the songs ?

geekenders17 karma

Fairlith: Yes! We're making a cast recording and it will be FREE.

osi_iien9 karma

So, free album, free video on youtube.... Come on people, let us throw some money at you, FOR SCIENCE !

geekenders11 karma

Fairlith: Virtual tip jar? We're too Canadian. I can't handle it. You all are so nice.

Davin: Sorry.

Graeme: No, I'm sorry. Beaver tail?

osi_iien5 karma

What's true though is that if you want to tour, you could ask what people on reddit think of it and then maybe try launching a kickstarter.

geekenders5 karma

Fairlith: I think we will, I just need to get drunk and brave first.

lottielibido3 karma

Do you need Alisha and I to make one?

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: No, but I do need rum.

lottielibido4 karma

I re-recommend putting a PayPal donation button on the Geekenders' website.

geekenders5 karma

Graeme: Right? I'll talk to da furlith HEY FURLITH GET A PAYPAL

Fairlith: nods

Graeme: that's the best I could do

timebomb_baby3 karma

is there like a mailing list we can join for a link to the recording when it comes out?

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: We will be announcing it on youtube and releasing it on iTunes so you can subscribe to our youtube or follow us on Facebook

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/Geekenders

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Geekenders

wacky3zaybxc8 karma

Remember when you tried to kill me twice?

geekenders7 karma

Fairlith: Oh, how we laughed and laughed.

wacky3zaybxc4 karma

Except I wasn't laughing.

geekenders4 karma

Fairlith: Under the circumstances, I've been shockingly nice!

osi_iien8 karma

What will you do if you get on stage and realise /u/gaben is in the middle of the front row ?

geekenders18 karma

Fairlith: Give him a lap dance while dressed as GLaDOS.

Davin: Give him a lap dance while dressed as Cave Johnson.

Graeme: Film it.

osi_iien6 karma

Perfect. Now, if I could just find a gaben costume somewhere...

geekenders3 karma

Graeme: Pinterest.

osi_iien3 karma

Boy. You really want to use that camera... ;)

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: He went to school for film!

osi_iien3 karma

Okay then. Aaaaand this'll be my final comment. TO BED o/

geekenders4 karma

Graeme: Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the test subjects bite.

osi_iien2 karma

..... holding a big cake...

osi_iien2 karma

...... with a big "3" on top of it ?

geekenders2 karma

Graeme: Now you're just being ridiculous

HostnPost7 karma

How long until I space?

geekenders4 karma

Fairlith: Depends. Are you space?

HostnPost8 karma

Space space space space space space space..... I learned my script.

geekenders7 karma

Fairlith: YOU'RE HIRED!

osi_iien7 karma

Based on a review, "With the use of huge puppets, beautiful human x-wings and tie fighters, and explosions of confetti, this was both mind-blowing and epic.", about your previous show.

Will there be (without spoilers, of course) "special effects" in this one too ?

geekenders9 karma

Fairlith: Yes! PORTALS!

Davin: Science.

Fairlith: There are two actresses who look fairly similar, have similar builds and the same wig, playing Chell. I hope that's not a spoiler.

Graeme: And they're both really nice and pretty. I get uncomfortable talking to them.

osi_iien6 karma

Do you prefer blue or orange ?

geekenders8 karma

Davin: Um, orange. Graeme: Uhh, green. Fairlith: Blue is more soothing. Also, Graeme is literally colourblind.

osi_iien4 karma

Haha ok :D Oh, I wonder if that's an issue when playing the game... Especially in 2-player mode, with 4 portal colours.

geekenders5 karma

Graeme: Um, no... I'm red-green colourblind. So that doesn't really affect me. It's more like dark browns and dark greens. I thought a chalk board was brown, my entire life.

osi_iien5 karma

Ah ok, thanks for the info !

geekenders3 karma

No problem! :)

lickalolly6 karma

Have you guys run into any legal worries since developing this show?

geekenders9 karma

Fairlith: Not so far. We wrote to Valve extensively when coming up with the show, and didn't hear back... and then Kim Swift said she's coming to the show, which is incredible. So I think they're kind of just ignoring us, which is fine with me.

The way the show is structured is that the 16 songs are parodies, mostly, so... that helps a little bit. We just love the story so, so much.

crumpocalypse_5 karma

It is awesome Kim Swift is coming (one of your cast members told me that not too long ago and we high fived like a bunch and danced around)

geekenders5 karma

We are DYING

osi_iien4 karma

KIM SWIFT IS COMING ? omg omg omg.

geekenders4 karma


venom200786 karma

Will you be filming and releasing the musical online?

geekenders7 karma

Fairlith: Yes! It'll be released in its entirety on youtube!

Real_Rubber_Ducky5 karma


geekenders3 karma

We just practiced it!

fishforbreakfast5 karma

Can you tell us more about the theater where this show takes place?

geekenders4 karma

Graeme: It's a really fun venue, I like the atmosphere and the audience that it draws out, you know, they get super gong-show wasted and then they just kind of hoot and holler and really support you. I think that's more of a credit to the Geekenders fan base, more or less? But I think there are also some really avid Rio supporters that go to everything, and there's such a great crowd and great energy. The staff is super pleasant and really fun to work with.

fishforbreakfast5 karma

What would you have to say to anyone who is concerned that you might not do the games justice?

geekenders5 karma

Graeme: Cometh at me, brethren.

Davin: Just you wait. Seeing a poster for Portal 2 might make you wonder 'how the hell are they going to pull it off?'... When you see it, you'll understand, and be very, very happy.

Fairlith: I would just tell them to think about how musical the game already is. And how quirky, and fun, and human the characters are even when they're not actually human. And there's the turret opera, and Want You Gone, and Still Alive, and everything. It really lends itself.

fishforbreakfast5 karma

Do you have any puzzles planned for pre-show or intermission?

geekenders6 karma

Fairlith: Intermission might come with a couple of surprises.

Graeme: We're gonna throw rubix cubes at you. Just you.

fishforbreakfast7 karma

I've had worse things happen with cubes. :(

geekenders5 karma

Graeme: Hey...hey...yeah.

garetare5 karma

When are you guys making Richochet: The Musical?

geekenders3 karma


elcucuey4 karma

How much time do you guys devote to this?

geekenders8 karma

Fairlith: Five nights a week, three hours per rehearsal, generally. I mean, the show opens in less than two weeks so now we're doing more, and the week leading up we'll be doing nothing but pretending to be Portal characters.

elcucuey3 karma

Thank you for the reply! Also Fairlith, will you marry me?

geekenders9 karma

Fairlith: Okay.

Davin: Nice.

Fairlith: Who are you?

Graeme: What will you give as a dowry? I want a goat. Or at least three. Or a hundred duck-sized goats. How strong are their necks?

Fairlith: Yes, I'll marry you, take me away from this.

elcucuey6 karma

The dowry is one goat and two sheep although she is worth at least 3 sheep.

geekenders9 karma

Graeme: Hi, Dowry Advisor here, we've got way too many sheep, we need wheat or bricks.

elcucuey7 karma

Due to the sanctions against Russia wheat is hard to come by. Would you like clay or stone bricks?

geekenders4 karma

Fairlith: Burgers.

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: How romantic!

abcdefghijklmnopq3394 karma

Hello, my name is Merle. What are your favorite plays?

geekenders5 karma

Graeme: Well, baby brother... I'd say... I'm a bad actor, I don't read nearly as many plays as I perform in. Some of my favourite plays would have to be Seven Stories, Dog Sees God, Into the Woods... that's a musical. I saw the Drowsy Chaperone, and that's easily one of my favourite musicals ever.

Davin: I kind of agree with Graeme when it comes to not... I mean, I have seen some shows, but what really got my into theatre was in university when my professor told me I could do whatever I wanted. And I'd seen Glengarry Glen Ross with my mom. So... And musical, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. Because Donny Osmond made eye contact with me.

Fairlith: I do nothing but watch plays and musicals because I'm not a balanced human being. Beauty and the Beast, The Importance of Being Earnest, Pippin, Cabaret, Little Shop of Horrors, I don't even... anything. I will watch any theatre. I have a problem.

intheothercastle2 karma

Did you know that there's a musical version of Earnest? It's called "Ernest in Love" and it's witty and cute and very fun. Watching your preview kind of reminded me of it, since you so effortlessly turned Wheatley's apple dialogue into song. That's the kind of thing they did with the Earnest music.

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: Awww! That's both super nice (effortlessly :D) and intriguing. I have written a note here... uhh... check out that thing.

fishforbreakfast3 karma

What would be the best result of word getting out about how good this show is?

geekenders4 karma

Graeme: Fairlith isn't here, and I find that this is more her domain, but I would love to see Geekenders find notoriety and financial success through it.

Fairlith works herself down to nothing to get these shows up because she knows Geekenders fans are passionate about their geek culture. She makes sure that her scripts have a solid story structure, emotional content, and comedy that respects each show's source material, and she still gives it spins to make it new and exciting for everyone to enjoy on top of that. I think, and this is my opinion, that it would be awesome if we could gain enough financial support in order to tour the show wherever we are wanted!

This is a great company, and it has huge aspirations, great content, and great people working for it, but it suffers from an independent theatre budget. I want to see people continuously going out and enjoying the beauty of live theatre, I never want to see live performance die because there is truly nothing else like it.

HostnPost3 karma

Space agrees

geekenders2 karma


geekenders3 karma

Fairlith here! I'm back. Honestly, just... tell your friends, share it on social media. But only if you genuinely believe the show is worth it, if you genuinely enjoy it. We would be honoured. It would be so kind of you to help.

nonplayer3 karma

Any future plans? Maybe HL3: The musical?

geekenders5 karma

Fairlith: There'd have to be a Half-Life 3 to make it into a musical...

Graeme: A moment of silence.

ismellliketuna3 karma

Is a Tetris burlesque show outta the question ?

geekenders5 karma

Davin: No.

Graeme: I don't see it being a good fit.

Fairlith: Nothing's impossible if you believe.

wacky3zaybxc3 karma

Without giving too much away, does the musical generally follow the plot of the game? Or how is it converting this game into a full-blown musical?

geekenders5 karma

Fairlith: It does generally follow the plot. Much of Act 2 involves flashbacks to vintage Aperture Science and the adventures of Cave, Caroline, and Black Mesa... I think Portal is a very naturally musical property. The score is so important.

Graeme: I had my doubts when you first told me you were doing this. I thought, 'how is this feasible, there are no characters', but you put the cores in more and you expanded the world and breathed so much life into the facility itself.

Fairlith: Thank you.

Davin: Coverting it basically with what we have at our disposal, everybody from different backgrounds and everything... we don't have the budget to do gigantic things, but with the stuff and actors we do have, it just... works. It really works.

crumpocalypse_3 karma

What is your favourite core?

geekenders2 karma

Graeme: They all give me a headache. But I've got a soft spot for fact.

Fairlith: The adventure core is dreamy.

Davin: I love working with all three of the actors, and what everyone's bringing to them... but the fact core just... his improv skills are very good. And he's absolutely hilarious.

Fairlith: What about in the game?

Davin: Oh! Space.

crumpocalypse_6 karma


geekenders4 karma

Davin: Yes.

SunshineCoastCindy3 karma

Where is the best source or links to find out the basic story, back story for people who love musical theatre but haven't played the video game?

geekenders7 karma

Fairlith: There's a really great walk-through that you can watch like a movie...


Or Wikipedia has a decent synopsis. Honestly, we wrote it so our moms would understand the show. Speaking of which...

Davin: Hi, mom.

SunshineCoastCindy5 karma

Hi Davin Thanks Fairlith, lots of my friends and family are coming and we need a quick debrief. And it is good to know that we will understand. We are all pretty pumped!

geekenders5 karma

Fairlith: Us too!

Graeme: Hi, Davin's mom.

MikeKnowsGames3 karma

Are you planning to focus more on burlesque shows, or musical theatre in 2015?

geekenders8 karma

Fairlith: Bit of column A, bit of column B. I'm working on 'Doctor Whosical' right now.

Graeme: I'm hoping that Portal picks up enough traction that we can keep on producing it and expanding it and actually run the show for what it's worth. It's so difficult to work for two months on a show and only run it for two days. So it would be nice to be able to run Portal like an 'actual' theatre company would.

Davin: I completely agree with both of their answers.

Graeme: And I agree with Davin.

Riovanes3 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

geekenders10 karma

Davin: 100 duck-sized horses. Lots of kicking.

Graeme: Yeah, like... a hundred is a lot. And they all have teeth and stuff like that, but how strong are their necks?

Davin: it's like running into a field of mousetraps, it's not that bad.

Graeme: Could you like pick them up by their necks and hit them with each other while kicking them? Or you could do, like, Resident Evil 4 mercenary mode and be Hunk and just like pop 'em all in the head with the TMP and then just... like, go on a neck-break spree.

Fairlith: I would tame the horse-sized duck and ride it.

Graeme: No, you gotta f*ckin' fight it!

Davin: Fight it with love.

Fairlith: Okay, I'll Care Bear Stare 100 duck-sized horses.

fishforbreakfast3 karma

How many songs are in the musical? How many are original pieces?

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: None are wholly original, as the show is built on parody... The lyrics of the songs are totally original. But... Act one has seven, act two has nine, though one is just dance.


Can you come to Kansas City?!!?

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: If we have work visas!

impulse13373 karma

I hear that the Adventure Core is not a blowhard nor a coward, and infact does not need to lose a few pounds. Is there any truth to this?

geekenders3 karma

Graeme: There are countless facts to support that statement, oh, and also, shut up Meg.

impulse13373 karma

Point taken 3

geekenders3 karma

Graeme: Point TEKKEN 3, we gotta game soon and smash some bros.

impulse13373 karma

All bros smashed ALL BROS

geekenders3 karma


HostnPost3 karma

I hear Adventure and Space get a little busy on the inside.....

geekenders3 karma

This is a definite Fact

fishforbreakfast3 karma

Did you insist that everyone involved in the show play through both games?

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: I asked everyone to at least watch a walk-through, but most people know the games intimately already.

Graeme: I played through both intensely.

Davin: ...They'll get it.

osi_iien3 karma

Just do a Portal-party, like I did with my friends : just like a LAN party, with each one on his computer trying to finish the game, and one main player on a big screen, going slow just to give the solution to the slowest players. You'll see players starting to compete to find puzzle solutions more and more, making it more engaging ! Also, if anyone gives up, he can still watch the others, and try to help.

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: That sounds super fun!

Davin: Holy S*it, awesome

Graeme: That sounds dope, we totally should have done that, but we have lots to accomplish before show date. Maybe at our cast party we'll get hammer face wastered and do this! FOR DA SCIENCE

lottielibido3 karma

Who's has been your favourite character to play so far? And who would you like to play in the upcoming Geekenders' shows?

geekenders3 karma

Graeme: Hard question, I get to play lots of awesome characters. I loved playing Scarecrow in Wizard of Bras but Wheatley has been a great challenge. I think he's my fav so far. I'd like to play a director for the Princess Bride Burlesque.

Davin: My favourite character so far is Obi-Wan, but that's the only role I've played in Geekenders so far. Outside of Geekenders my favourite would have to be a tie between Seymour Krelborn or Sir Andrew Aguecheek. I don't really know the upcoming shows, but I'm more than happy to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again.

fishforbreakfast3 karma

Are you capable of putting into words how excited you were to discover how well word-of-mouth had spread about this show?

geekenders3 karma

Graeme: It was a lot of "Da fuu...DA fuu!?...DA FUUUU-?!?" It's also now turned into a terrifying challenge for myself (and maybe all of us in the cast but I can't speak for everyone). We were working hard already because we just wanted to put on a show outside the realm of burlesque, not just a show, but a full scale musical. Now since there has been such a MASSIVE spike in interest I think we're feeling just that much more pressure to make it the best we can. It was so cool to see how nice and insanely supportive the Reddit community has been. I also pee'd a bit.

Davin: I really didn't know what to think about it at first, I've just been focusing like crazy on the show. But then I started getting messages from random people on Facebook, and then looking at the IMGUR that was over a million - then I started vibrating a bit. But holy diver its been an amazing feeling!

fishyguy133 karma

Will the show be recorded in any way? I'd love to see the play, but have no way of getting to it.

geekenders5 karma

Fairlith: It'll be released in its entirety on youtube!

fishyguy132 karma

Including Intermissions? WOO! Also, black comedy? I assume that's a non-american term.

geekenders3 karma

It is synonymous with "Dark Comedy".

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: Hahahah. No, not intermissions. Unless you really want that. In Canada and the UK, 'black comedy' is synonymous with 'dark comedy', and implies that it's a bit more adult.

Jynx33 karma

So you won't be anywhere near me ever. Can I have a poster an play bill?

geekenders3 karma

PM me your address!

destrike2 karma

I saw mention of a 'Doctor Whosical'. Any further details you're willing to share?

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: The TITLE is what inspires me. I have visions of a sort of highlights reel of the Doctor's life from the narrative viewpoint of the 12th Doctor, with a loose story around that.

geekenders2 karma

Graeme: I know nothing! the Artistic Director, Fairlith, probably has more to share once she returns! I am just a lowly actor.

fishforbreakfast2 karma

Just thinking of all the gels in Portal 2, is there a risk that certain rows in the audience may get sticky?

geekenders3 karma

Fairlith: Maybe. But not because of gels. ;)

fishforbreakfast2 karma

Why Portal? Were there any other video game stories that tickled your fancy?

geekenders6 karma

Fairlith: Valve is... a very understanding company. Also, I'm obsessed with Portal.

Graeme: I loved Portal 1 and I love Portal 2, they were both games with so much character and just in the environments, like when you see the graffiti on the walls, and you see the quirkiness inside the facility. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but the environment was done exceedingly well. Good job, Valve. Great job, Valve. EXCELLENT JOB, VALVE. Am I talking too much? I get nervous.

Davin: I was approached for the role of Cave Johnson and doing my character breakdown of him, I've absolutely fallen in love with the character. He's like... JK Simmons, obviously, I've thrown in some Dan Ackroyd, a soccer mom, but where it really stems from, my idea of him is Walt Disney meets Donald Draper. Working with this character has been one of my favourites I've ever done.

fishforbreakfast2 karma

But which came first? Did you consider making a musical based off of a video game, and then choose Portal, or were you thinking about Portal and had the thought, "You know what would make a good musical?" ?

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: Portal came first. I would also like to do a Bioshock musical.

Graeme: BOOKER!

Davin: I'll play the little girl.

Graeme: Would you kindly?

Friedso2 karma

Hey, guys! How did you get around the fact that Chell has no personality in the game? Is she still silent in the musical?

geekenders7 karma

Davin: She has loads of personality! In the game and in the show.

Graeme: There are no facts to support that.

Fairlith: She sings her internal monologue, but doesn't speak.

Graeme: I don't know, i think that if you look at her silence as a direct defiance of GLaDOS, like, she chooses not to speak, right?

Davin: Also, being the silent protagonist in the game and the show, you can relate to her more. Like in Chrono Trigger.

Graeme: I love Chrono Trigger.

Friedso3 karma

+100000000000000000000000000 internet points for mentioning and loving Chrono Trigger. Thanks for answering!

geekenders4 karma

Graeme: I was jamming hard to this yesterday, and also THANKS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpw6Lt6USrs

Davin: Oh thank god there's someone who shares affection and love for this GLORIOUS game.

Friedso4 karma

Graeme: well, now I'm going to have to stop everything and listen to the entire soundtrack.

Davin: Chrono Trigger is perfect in every single way.

geekenders3 karma

Graeme: I get so emotional every time I listen to wind scene and whenever I get to the part where all the robots lay the smack down on ROBO. MY FEELS MY FEELS OH ALL THE FEELS I FEEL.

osi_iien2 karma

Will there be cake ?

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: Yes.

Graeme: If you win the super-secret raffle you can come and eat it off of Davin and my chests.

Davin: I agree.

osi_iien3 karma


zedoktar2 karma

the cake is a lie.

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: Nooooooo it's not.

crumpocalypse_2 karma

If you know when your wrap party is I could do a cake for you guys like this http://imgur.com/gallery/MFjkjHL All you have to do is ask Nick Drake (turret and nerd husband) and I would happily make you a nerdy as fuck cake

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: Is that a lie? I've been burned before.


Fairlith: Wait, for real?

crumpocalypse_2 karma

Yes, for real! I would never lie about cake. It goes against all that is my pastry chef heart to lie about cake!

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: I might marry you.

Graeme: I just like cake. And Tiny Tina, go u/crumpocalypse_ !

crumpocalypse_2 karma

Tiny Tina is my spirit animal....I want to be her when I grow up :D
Fairith be careful...I might just take you up on that <3

geekenders2 karma

Graeme: Here Here, I wanna make Badonkadonks all day. squishy squishy squishy. Fairlith isn't here right now but if you leave your name, number, and a dowry, we'll get right on it.

fishforbreakfast2 karma

Will most of the show be lost on an audience member if they have no idea what Portal is?

(Compare it to, say, watching Charles' Ross one-man Lord of the Rings, having never read the books nor saw the movies)

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: I think it's clearer than one man LOTR because that's more of an in joke, we wrote Portal as a standalone so that even our mothers would understand!

fishforbreakfast2 karma

How large is the cast of this production?

geekenders2 karma

Fairlith: Fourteen!

EDIT: Wait... fifteen? WTF, I have no idea and I'm the producer. Wait. I'll check the FB event.

(Which is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/374045326081855/)